Tazza Korean Drama Episode 11

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?I'm about to move out of here, take care of yourself
We will definitely meet again, Nan Suk
Is she an angel?
Are you Goni?
If it were you, could you do that?
Hurry and say it, If I'm about to die
Will you leave me alone?
Grandma, please open your eyes!
If this card is 8 gwang, it means that you will die
It can't be
"Goni lost all his properties because of the cheat of Dong Chun"
8 Gwang can't be in your hands, that's cheating
What do you think?
Do you want me to be your back-up?
I need someone to play card for me
Brother, please wake up
How much do you want to borrow?
30 million
(because of her brother's gambling debt, Jung Madam uses Nan Suk to set up gambling games
Your younger sister looks pretty to me
What are you doing?
You haven't heard from your brother?
He sold his young sister to get money for gambling
I want you to call me Lee Jina, game setter
It will make me more pleased
Ah Kwee wants Joek Do to sit in the game
(Go knew his father's death was made by Ah Kwee)
So he let Jeok Doo's friend be involved
The result is that Ah Kwee killed him
The son of Joek Doo's old friend
is me
I have to be a gambler
I will take revenge on the people who have crossed me
Play one game to decide who will win or lose
Even All in or bet on both sides
It doesn't matter who's at the table tomorrow, I will still win
Episode 11
If we feel that the practice game is enough for us, then let's start the real game
These cards are terrible
10 million
Follow with 10 million, and add 20 million
Follow 30 million, and add 50 million
So let's play 200 million
So the taste of winning is like this
It wasn't bad
This rascal
If we're not gambling right now, I would...
Lucky for you
Lucky? What luck?
It's my own ability, I only got one point
What? You dare to bet 200 million when you got only one point
That's unfair for me, I'm Gapoh
It's not your turn to regret
If you're regretful for that kind of cards then what should the other side do
He probably got a pair of Ja
Is that right Dong Chun?
Hurry and deal the cards
You knew that Goni would come here
And you still forced me to be involved in this game?
What do you mean that I knew clearly?
The opponent wanted Goni to represent so we let Jina be involved
If Jina is involved, Goni will be disturbed
So Young Min will have the chance to win
So you want to use me to make Goni lose?
It doesn't matter how much this will hurt Goni and me right?
Is this the time to discuss such matter?
We just need to win then you'll be free, have you forgotten?
Everything has its price, but you still said that I have used you
I feel that's unfair to me
What do you get out of this?
You haven't thought through this?
It's a game that could worth up to thousands of million
Just sit in the game and decide for yourself
Despite whoever wins the game, I won't prevent you
You will still not get what you want despite the results fo the game
30 million
Follow 30, add 50 in
Add 200
This rascal, don't bet that much
I'll take back some this time
Pair of 7
I got pair of Chang
What should I do?
Can this be enough to pay for your wages?
I heard that you're a pro
Then it's better if you join the game
We can change the player now
Hey, you...
You are still a newbie
Dong Chun, you are a boor
There's no distinguishing of age in the game
Skill equals age and rank level
Don't get mad so quick
It's still early in the game
Half an hour has passed
Let's rest for 30 minutes then we'll resume the last half
Why did you even trick me too?
My arm really got hurt
The best trick can also trick the people that is close to you
This isn't time for cheering yet
Do you know that we will play Poker for the last half?
Both of you only know how to play Go Stop card
I can play the rest of the game
I can continue to play, I got hunch that I will win
Also this person got a Ph.D degree in playing poker
No it wasn't, only a master degree
I'll do as you said
The result of first half hour wasn't bad
The device has been discovered, so our skill can't beat them
We will have to cheat
That is unnecessary
The rest of the game will be Poker, it is an advantage for us
Did you lose because you had a disadvantage?
Don't think about it too much
It's up to you, we can easily win this
You mean you want Nan Suk to join the game?
Cool down and compose yourself
You could win if you had a great card but you still lost
You can't save your life
Hurry and get out of here, this isn't the place for you
Ok, why do you want to be involved in this game?
Quickly come back home
The game hasn't ended, Joek Doo!
I don't care what relation you both have
But this game is very important
Don't say the useless words, GO!!!!
Why did you pull Goni into this filthy game?
That's enough uncle
I'm not going
Before beating Ah Kwee, I won't go anywhere
I want to avenge my father using this game
We don't need to wait any longer
I will leave after this game ends
I'm sorry, let's go now
Nan Suk!
You already knew beforehand?
That Goni will be in the game
But why didn't you say something
I thought I can stop him
I also didn't want you to get hurt
That's my intention
I'm sorry
How did we come to this?
Why are three of us here?
It's alright to think about yourself
It's easier that way
It is our last chance
If we're careless, we can lose everything
What about Goni?
If you only think about yourself, Goni...
My choice ended 3 years ago
Now it is your choice
Stay here
Or beat Goni then you get to leave this place
Is that all you got?
The game hasn't end yet
Then hurry and finish it before you embarass yourself in front of everyone
General Choi and I
We will let you see the result immediately
So you just need to wait for it
You have to take responsibility for those words
It's not too late to withdraw
If it were you, could you give up that easily?
There's the possibility that you will lose the most important thing to you
I have already lost something precious to A Kwee too
This will be the last time
If Goni loses
I will make him pay with his own life at the very least
Stay or win Goni then you get to leave here
The same rule, change Card every 3 games
Let's start!
Can we change player?
Who is the player you want to change?
A moment please
Nan Suk ah!
This is the new player we want to exchange
What is this?
Why are you here?
What does all this means?
Nan Suk, what happened?
This is our player
Everyone must have met already, then let's start
Who the hell are you?
What did you do after all?
Your performance before made me very happy
You should looking forward to seeing my performance
If not, then you should give up on it
What are you saying?
What are you doing in the middle of the game?
Game? Give me a break!
What trick are you playing on us?
Do you mean you are giving up?
Sit down or step out, it's up to you
Goni ah, sit down first
Let me
6 million
follow 6 million, add 10 million more
Nan Suk ah, why are you here?
Just like you, I came here to play cards
Play cards?
Goni hasn't follow any game since Jina joined the game
Let me join!
Let's wait for a little bit
Goni ah!
Bro, do you know Nan Suk?
I know, we've met at the hospital, she's my sister in law
But I don't know her at all
Nan Suk ah, say something please
What happened?
Why didn't you tell me?
You didn't tell me either
From now on, although we are distant, we're not really apart
We will always be together
What are you doing right now?
Have you forgotten that this game is related to the casino?
Do you want to take responsibility for this?
Manager, we have to change player now
Goni ah, do you really want to create trouble?
Is this what you want to talk about?
Losing the most important thing...
You knew ahead?
I have told you, you absolutely can't win against A Kwee
I'm sorry
Does that mean the game has ended?
You said it would finish soon, is this what you mean?
Why do youÖ
The one who betrayed our promise is you, not me.
What are you saying?
The one who wants to leave here is not me, it's you
Goni ah, no matter who I am, no matter what I do
You will always be by my side, right?
How is it?
One player left the game
Jina and Young Min are cooperating very well
Are you saying Jina is winning?
The game will be done in an hour
That's right, we have to wait 'til it's finished to know who's the winner
Who assigned you to be here?
We are both Flush
Mine is higher than yours
Full House
Nan Suk ah, answer me
Because I want to know your answer
so I stayed at this hell-like place
Nan Suk, who? Is it A Kwee?
Can't you tell by me sitting here?
What's the reason?
You know, don't you?
You know all the things I don't know
In the past three years, the one who was beside Nan Suk is me
You can't understand
Young Min ah, answer me
Why does Nan Suk have to work for A Kwee?
She is the gamble planner (reeling in the players)
Gamble planner?
So I'm also being
reeled in too?
Let's stop here
Give Goni Straight Flush
there's only this card that's higher in Poker
Royal Flush, the highest one
must it be like this?
please choose
even it's not because of me, at least it's for your own sake
100 million
300 million
All in
All In
say Call now and we can leave this place
Goni ah, if you do that I willÖ
Four of a kind Royal Flush
The winner in this game today is manager Park
You have worked hard
Goni ah!
Why do we meet in this situation?
You won anyway
Take her from A Kwee then leave for Pusan
Nan Suk led the game to a very high price then she gave up on it
Her cards was much better than yours
Is the result out yet?
We lost?
Why did you do that?
I'm sorry, Young Min ah
What would happen to you?
Your cards were Royal Flush, wasn't it?
Answer me,why did you lose to me intentionally?
Please say something that I can understand
Why did you do that to me?
That is the best for both of us
You had Royal Flush and still let him win?
You join the game for this reason?
You played to lose to Goni?
I have no choice
Before the game starts
Manager Park threatened me
If Goni lose, he will kill him
as long as Goni is fine, it's okay even you and I are in trouble?
It's because of you
Royal Flush are the cards no one could beat
You forced me to choose between my freedom or seeing Goni fall on his knees
Is it whether choosin you or Goni?
So what? Your choice is Goni?
I gave up everything these 3 years and became who I am now
Do you know what you've just done?
Just because of Goni, you ignored everything
Am I nothing to you?
My feelings for you are nothing to you, right?
I'm tired too.
It's not easy for me to come this far today
But I don't want to hide anymore
You gave up yourself
Because of Goni, you gave up your life
If that is hiding then what is?
Both of us have finished
No, it's not as you said
I have never given up my life
I will show them
the price they have to pay for turning us into this state
About what happened today
I'm sorry, Young Min
How is it?
You can go now?
He played as well as we expected
He already won?
That's right, he won.
Is this the result you wanted to talk about?
Now I can call One Go
Holding such a good card yet I still can't yell Three Go
this proves that the opponent is no amateur.
One Go?
You've lost in front of many people and still dare to say that.
How can a regular person sees through a tazza's trick?
Just enjoy yourself.
The real game has just started.
The way you played makes me feel like being in heaven one minute and then drop down to hell the next.
It's been a long time since I've witnessed such a great game.
I'll treat you today.
Let's drink while talking about your future.
I don't want to hear about it, don't worry about my future
I haven't got a chance to properly greet you earlier.
I don't need your congratulation.
I'll send my underlings tomorrow
so take care of all the House's business that needs to be transfered over.
I have nothing else to say.
Are you happy now that you've paid back all your father's debt?
I'm about to explode.
If you don't want to get hurt then go.
Our destiny won't end so easily.
This guy...
Where have you gone to?
Hurry up and tell me.
I need to know where you're going so I can decide whether to follow or not.
I don't even know where I'm going.
Goni ah!
Where are you going?
You face doesn't look too good.
I heard that you won.
Did anything happen?
I won.
Even though I won, I've lost everything.
Gambling is like that.
Let's return to Pusan.
Just forget everything here and return to your mom.
I will, but not now
Goni ah!
There's one person that I have to meet.
Before I can meet that person
I won't go anywhere.
Uncle, I won't gamble again.
I promise you.
There's nothing else for me to say.
I'll take any punishment.
Boss, this is not the face of someone who has nothing else to say.
just use this opportunity to teach him a lesson.
Dong Chun ah, do you have any cash?
I have around 30,000.
Young Min and I need to go somewhere so you go ahead and catch a taxi.
This guy, you still wait when you don't even know when she's going to contact you?
You should contact her first.
It's a man job to call first.
I'm afraid.
I don't have any confidence.
I don't know what she's going to say, I'm so scared.
I don't have any confidence to call her.
This punk, stupid bird flies first
You haven't heard this phrase?
The beeper is broken.
Don't move.
Shut up!
It's nothing.
Who broke the chair?
Is it you?
My beeper is broken.
You think you can do whatever you want just because you're drunk?
You still didn't follow even though you got a Royal Flush?
I didn't know Jina is a weak person like that.
What do you mean?
You hold the upper hand and still didn't follow. It's really clear, isn't it?
You lost because of Goni.
Young Min is so pitiful.
Lost to a friend
and betrayed by the woman he loves.
Isn't this what you want?
You are the one who drove Young Min and I to the edge of the cliff.
In this business, who doesn't stand at the edge of a cliff?
Maybe you're right.
I have a feeling that you're now also standing at at the edge.
Mr. Park threatened me to lose to Goni
You know that, right?
What are you talking about?
Your acting is quite bad.
How can you work as a game organizer like that?
Are you challenging me?
That's right. I want to challenge you.
Mr. Park gave me a present.
This is the present Mr. Park gave me.
It's the contract for your share of the casino with Mr. Park.
You can confirm it yourself.
I asked Mr. Park who's the person that betrayed me
and he confessed right away.
I asked him for the thing that can prove the relationship between you two.
and he gave me this.
Why do you want this?
I want to have a deal with you.
How interesting.
What kind of deal do you want?
Isn't it clear already?
To be free from you.
both my brother and I.
Seems like our contract is finished.
I'll leave then.
I feel a bit tired.
Oh right
I'll move tomorrow.
Do you know where that is?
Even though it's a residential area now
but it used to be the first House that I've worked at when I came to Seoul.
The House where I got beaten everyday and got ordered around like a servant.
It's the one.
It took me 25 years to be where I am today from that position.
But after tonight
I'm afraid I have to go back to that place.
I'm sorry.
Do you know why I took you in 3 years ago?
There's nothing that you can't do.
You don't posses anything and so you have nothing to protect.
That's why you're not afraid of anything, right?
If it's not because of Jina
then you would have swallowed this business a long time ago.
You did a great job winning one game after another.
But you gave Jina the Royal Flush
so that she can choose between you and Goni.
The casino is gone because of what you did.
Someone should be responsible when a game is lost.
I would do anything.
Just give me one more chance, I want to try it again.
I've learned one thing in that game today
What do you want me to throw away, President?
Have you thrown away all those useless things?
if it's true
then it's your turn to yell a Go once again.
What do you mean?
There's a game where you have to yell Four Go.
This is just the beginning.
Getting Bulgom and Goni into the game is One Go.
Now it's time to yell Two Go.
When you're driving, if you car slides on the snowy road
what are you going to do?
If you hit the brake immediately, your car will turn over.
That's why you need to step on the accelerator and go forward.
You have to go forward if you can't stop.
What should I do?
Finish off Goni tonight.
Hyung, this is strange...
I think my head is clearer now that I've got beaten up.
You sure have a strange taste.
Have you gone crazy?
No, it's not like that. After the beating, I feel that I can think straight now.
What exactly do you need to think about?
I can't live without Nan Suk.
That's all.
You crazy bastard.
I'll make a call to Nan Suk now.
Nan Suk ah!
It's me, Goni.
I'm really sorry about what happened earlier.
It's nothing Goni ah.
Just say something to me.
I canít control my mind now.
Please explain simply so I could understand.
I had many things to tell you
but I donít know where I should begin with.
I will explain to you clearly later
I'll tell you everything when we meet 524 00:47:40,804 --> 00:47:43,667 Just seeing you makes me happy already
Nan Suk, you know the Bimuyu restaurant, right? I'll see you there then. 526 00:47:49,612 --> 00:47:54,432 No matter what happens, I will wait for you
Just get ready and come, ok? 528 00:47:58,458 --> 00:48:00,163 Ok? 529 00:48:01,487 --> 00:48:03,467 Alright, Goni. I will
Young Min!
Nan Suk, I wanted to see you.
Just now ... You are so mean, you know? 533 00:48:44,501 --> 00:48:48,197 NoÖ. Its all my fault.
For three years, only because you stayed with me for all those times that I can be who I am now
Thank you!
You have something to say, right?
Nan Suk, I canít turn around now
I should have given up everything three years ago. 539 00:49:23,821 --> 00:49:26,348 I have no right to be with you now.
Iím terribly sorry
Young Min!
I found goni
Tell your guys to wait there.
Fire Bear is also ready, isnít it?
Finish it well, ok?
Donít be like me. Donít regret later on when you miss the train. 549 00:50:50,313 --> 00:50:51,757 I know
Put in a word for me when you see Master, ok?
Lee Young Min
I always wanted to have a drink with you
but it seems you had enough already
What are you going to do?
I bet you you want to know alot of things
You Ö
You made Nan Suk sit in the game, didn't you? 560 00:52:03,314 --> 00:52:04,982 I bear some responsibility for that.
How can you do such things?
How can you treat Nan Suk and me like that?
How can youÖÖ
Did you forget that Ö
Ö itís all because of you
What? What did you say?
Only if you didnít come, there would be no incident like this
Nan Suk and me too
Because of you, we lost everything
What do you mean Ö
'Cause of her brotherís debt, she was sold to the House.
She became a game piece in Jung Madamís game.
Itís been 3 years already.
She WAS sold?
Only if you lost the game todayÖ
she can repay all her debts and retire
She especially arranged the game todayÖ the last one.
So now you know what you did right?
'Cause of your revenge, Nan Suk and I were brought back to the bottom pit
Only if you had stopped then this wouldn't happen
3 years were ruined in your hands.
Say that againÖ my responsibility?
You already know her story
but still ignored and didn't do anything?
I have regretted
I only wanted to help her
I should have had her
or let her go earlier
What did you say?
In the endÖ you took her away
all the protection that past three years
We cant go back and change the past
The beginning or the end is the same
Itís too late
I think so
Kim Goni
You always helped me in highs chool
Iím sorry
I also want to repay your kindnessÖ
but I donít think I can now
Sorry, Goni
Just seek the right moment and end it.
You are so great
Let me pour you a drink
I bet A-Kwee is having a terrible day
Not only the Casino, he even lost their bowl of rice as well
Being sad is not enough,
their mind go unrest until they can't stand it and seek death
Hold on, let's have fun today
Just have some fun, this place is yours
Director, you have a call
Itís me!
I heard
You want to abandon Jung Madam
If you see her, tell her to cheer up
Director Park!
This business is like that
Jung Madam, why are you so naive?
We'll meet again
I'm hanging up now
Hold onÖ
What about General Choi?
You know General Choi is also my man, right? 627 00:56:52,524 --> 00:56:57,854 Surely you want to regain the trust you lost?
Go on Ö
I will help you to reconcile
It doesnít sound interesting to me
And A-Kwee?
Will he acknowledge the result today?
Iím in front of the hotel.
Lets meet, ok? 636 00:57:17,874 --> 00:57:21,687 Hello, Director Park, Director Park
Isn't that Young Min? 638 00:57:42,123 --> 00:57:45,150 Why did Young Min come here?
What if he gets caught?
Why did he close early?
I can't stand him.
You're giving up?
Itís the best solution for both of us
Dad, those socks are Goniís
Just use them.
What is your plan after arriving in Pusan?
I would cut off all the ties with the business
no matter how bad or good
Are you going with Goni?
As long as you're living under the same sky as A-Kwee
you have no other way
But you don't need to do that
Iím sorry
Itís possibly my last chance to see Pyung Kyung Chang
before I die Ö contact me at least once
They should be here by now
Hey, can I borrow your lighter?
Kim Goni
I've finished it all
You've worked hard.
No matter what, you should finish it well,
thatís the most important.
I know
Two Go is completed
Next round would be Three Go?
Where did you go at this hour?
Did you Ö see something you should not? 670 01:00:56,139 --> 01:00:58,349 Your face looks pale?
I went to see Jina
I got something to tell her
Really, so am I
Ah Yes? How is Fire Bear?
How is the Casinoís share?
As I predicted, 5%
If things go well
Director Park Ö Director Park
It's not me Ö
Not me at allÖ
Call the cops now.
Itís not me.