Grouting tile and stone floor

Uploaded by vinkokth on 07.11.2010

Get few kilo of powder for grouting.
You need one clean bucket with water, also with clean water and you mix it.
Actually this mix should be just something thicker than I get, do not make the same mistake pour to much water.
Usually I do not do such a mistakes but if is not really thick when I pour it it is going to fill all holes between tiles and stones.
It is important that compound fill all holes so that water can not run between stones / tiles.
Also you need this tool for grouting you get it in your building shop , special tool for grouting.
Just before grouting you have to go with wet sponge over tiles you are going to grout, just to make them wet.
And you have to watch video on how to prepare surface for grouting.
Grouting is very simple, just to pour material and spread it with this tool.
And now you have to wait for some time, the best thing is to try this grouting on few pieces of tiles you do not need.
You just try grouting on some other surface, before you do it on your floor.
I usually wait for 10-15 minutes that material get litle hard, and than start doing this.
Also remove all grout what is on the top, just wash it off, and now wait few minuter and repeat it over and over again.
And good idea is to get clean water after some time, you have to repeat this process 4-5 times.
It is really important to remove all grout before it get to hard. after is hard is very difficult to remove it.
This is washing second and third time to remove all grout.
After 4-5 times and you change your water you get really clean surface.
And it is the same for walls, you get as much as possible between tiles, so water really should not run thought it.
This should be done very good, if case there is not membrane behind tiles you should prevent water to run between and under tiles.
And they are now some specially products for grout and stones example this one , it is good idea to spray stone and grout with it.
Stones and grout should be more resistant on dirt now, after you spray it dirt should not go on stones and grout easy, just spray it.