Ron Paul 81%, Rick Perry 19%

Uploaded by RonPaul2008dotcom on 16.08.2011

Male News Anchor: An update now from the campaign trail. We know Rick Perry is not the only
Texan hoping to take over the White House. CBS19's off-screen reporter, Jennifer Black,
shows us Ron Paul supporters say he gets no respect.
Jennifer Black: It looks a lot like your typical movie trailer, but, complete with direct punches
to Rick Perry, it's a campaign ad for Ron Paul. Don Zimmerman started following Congressman
Paul in the early 1970s. He went on to fundraise for the presidential hopeful. He says Perry's
entrance into the race this go around will give Paul a chance to distinguish himself
even more. Don Zimmerman: It further dilutes the traditional
establishment Republican vote. Jennifer Black: Paul supporters say they have
a strong candidate, but are frustrated with the mainstream media.
Don Zimmerman: It's a sense of unfairness, because you have somebody that finishes second
in the straw poll, and the media goes out of its way to ignore the result.
Jennifer Black: Ross Ramsey is the managing editor of the Texas Tribune. He says Paul
has simply been crowded out. Ross Ramsey: Bachmann kind of moved up, Pawlenty
moved out, Rick Perry moved in. Jennifer Black: Despite that, Ramsey says
Paul should be taken as a serious contender. Ross Ramsey: He's been ideologically in kind
of the same place for a long time, and he holds his ground. I mean, he's famous for
sort of voting his ideology and sticking to his guns.
Don Zimmerman: Ron Paul really stands behind his rhetoric and I'm not sure I can say the
same for Rick Perry. You got to give Rick Perry credit, he's a great campaigner.
Female News Anchor: A fact sure to present a huge challenge. Austin, Jennifer Black,
KYTX, CBS19 News. Male News Anchor: Ron Paul's TV ad hit the
airwaves in Iowa and New Hampshire this week. Female News Anchor: And earlier we asked you
to visit our website and tell us of the two Texas candidates, who has your vote. Let's
look at the results tonight. Male News Anchor: 19% said Rick Perry and
81% said Ron Paul. If you'd like to vote, kick in your opinion there, go to
and you'll see our daily poll right there on the home page.
Female News Anchor: Surprising results. Male News Anchor: It is surprising.