Amazon activist Zé Claudio predicts own murder

Uploaded by TheGoodBlood on 28.05.2011

It's a disaster for people who, like me, do extraction for a living.
I extract nuts from the forest since I was 7.
I live from the forest, I protect it however I can.
That's why I could have a bullet in my head at any moment.
Because I confront and denounce the loggers
and the charcoal makers
and that's why they think I can't exist
The same thing they did in Acre with Chico Mendes
they want to do with me,
the same thing they did with Sister Dorothy they want to do with me.
I am here today, but in a month you might get the news I "disappeared."
If you ask me if I am afraid, I'll tell you, yes. I am a human being.
I am afraid.
But my fear won't silence me.
While I'm able to walk, I'll denounce
anyone who harms the forest.