WCU Weekly- Welcome Back Spring 2013 Semester

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The Spring 2013 semester is officially here And computer labs across campus were
packed with students printing out all of their Sylabi
Hello West Chester University, Welcome back. I'm Matt Toal
and I'm Justin Sochovka. Brian Fialco is off this week. We want to start things off with a contest that everyone is going to go crazy over
uh... yeah i'm really excited about this one. I know your are going to want to take part in it as well.
it's a ten thousand dollars series shoot out
you've have the opportunity to win ten grand at all the home basketball games
this semester And you know it's so easy Just listen to this.
We are going to have it at half time during both the men and womens games.
So how do you win the 10 Grand?
Here is what you have got to do... Make a layup, free throw, a three pointer and a half court shot. You can do that right?
yea! How about in 25 seconds!?!
You have to do all of those things in 25 seconds, now Justin and myself, we are going to be hosting the contest, so
when you are at the games, just look for us
and we will sign you up. And next week we are going to show you how easy it can be...
Your first chance to win happens
this wednesday when westchester takes on Cheyney University
The games are at five thirty and at seven thirty coming up on Wednesday.
And while Students return to West Chester, several construction projects are occuring
both on north and south campus
crews broke ground on commonwealth hall a new dormitory building
being built where Sanderson hall once stood/. In addition to the dorm rooms there will also
be home to the new student health and wellness center
progress is also being made at the future site
of the new parking garage on New Street.the garage will be home to four hundred new
parking spaces that garage is expected to open this fall. And then down on south campus
Construction on what will be called it the east Village
is moving at lightning speed
all the buildings are up and they are expected to open
this fall
this will happen vishal two hundred fifty best westchester
as for the first but then i live on something has to be in washington i'm
korva of more than one thousand i would like to do about on thursday january
thirty first the martin luther king junior day of service is being held on
the site for room from three to five p m
answer to all this campus wide event is a chance persons and organizations that
come out indeed fleece blankets for local hospitals has threatened to break
into the apartment
well-thought communication study majors to come
the at your cup before winter break
athlete albert boehringer of amanda barr barrel pretty hairy and page kowal often
viewed against a team from going over university and as you can see they want
the competition require teams to make a public relations page
infront executives
from pico energy several questions on the screen
and coming up the release of the thought of that directs ever held their jobs and
talk to us a little bit about the amount bsl greatly isn't
it's for suicide prevention awareness
thaks alot of fun latest anthony two million people a plate electing inspiron
and his uneasily teaching
family ties in minnesota new
isn't held an experimental behind me its enemy in the last progress and that's
only half that spotlights so the guys to wear yellow enjoyment indian nations
that the much obliged
as many as you know there's a huge game on t_v_ this sunday and we do not work
we alongwith approved and clinton
culinary deliveries with all the party with you and barely with you because if
you like to be silly kathy's book and then i suggest
what you think that myself
should show up to your door to hand deliver of football feast to your dorm
room and the superbowl sunday
you just might win that way bargain-basement ravens
not how before teaming up with boys you just like i was a little longer obc
likelihood that your perkins i thought that this contest
on about it to you is just messages white
rishi why we should choose either three different so if you think you've opened
for off and we will come stop at your door or be live
and we have enough to defeat u_n_ nineteen of your friends who don't pay
tools for use of the women mission with your phone number and address the
interests of the rehearsals of other things that bridged absolutely and i
think you should say possibly dividends and i think that's it
well if you're a bad guy who's looking to compete mr dot use your applications
are now available on the door student activist council office
at three to thirty six a psych student union
being contested myself i highly suggest that you go out and try it competition a
lot of fun we be convenient
i will not be kidneys
no serious violative profile i'd say i'm not giving advice
who knows maybe transmitted
and dr
the on
from golden grahams
for work in their excellent kitchen
tremendous men promising sales associates were able to buy inventory
for the store and engage in local marketing efforts
on through the net
assisted to show dr skill in town are usually promoted the supervisory
they're currently hiring for management positions by positions and sales
associate positions
both part-time and full-time positions barbara bach
first profit exit is just a short drive from the e_c_u_ campus
if you're interested in the position have written their website
w_w_w_ dot peters fawcett extant dot com
and uh... this friday night is going to be a major comedy show websites after
dark comedian this hostility r_o_t_c_ stage
image zero minimum one
well-wishers grapevine she's awesome she's disease just south of the new it's
always sunny fall off the end of the little sewage is blowing from the round
table n_b_c_ jest
the insight after early because we respect your for house that night
and also your insights on tuesday wednesday and friday this week you can
actually enter to win v_i_p_ changes to the show
which included a catered dinner a meet and greet with the tasha ed front row
seats to that's awesome so that's for tonight and here's another free saturday
if you're twenty one of colour wanting to join me just uh... masa busy telling
kids you know
on seven according to the thing that he was walking back party for was just
persisted that's right let me say this for this virtual up and there will be
great music by j michael berry can't
unsurprising vegan way
these high tide including yankee tickets to michelle
u_s_-japan directly not via an insured that you guys decide at all
happens on saturday night at ten p_m_
swampy halfback myself in the entire group that issue weekly we wish you the
best of luck this semester and hope that you enjoyed all of your classes for
investors do it for this position of the recvd if you have any of us that you
would like redwood trees and to listen to these two weekly
activities you gave them you're awesome it really was on facebook
but if you need me follow on twitter at the museum with
further as an issue in the upcoming predicted but we're all over
see that's the