What does it take to win the World Series?

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the push that comes to shove a larry is what do you do in the world series these guys were
great full season pitchers but when they came to the world series
they ratcheted up one more level the way beckett did it he ratcheted up the way schilling seems to
be able to do it I mean
reynolds was seven and two in the world series he had five saves in these he did everything
rashey was the same way of the twenty games that the Yankees won
in the five world series rashy reynolds and lopat won fifteen of them
so they were the world series pitchers
and that I think that's what you don't see today because if you look what the red sox
did to sabathia and carmona nobody would have dreamed that they would have
battered them that way well when the world series came no matter how good the dodgers were
and the brooklyn dodgers of this period were the greatest team in organized baseball
hands down
they were the greatest team this was the red this was the dodgers of snyder hodges campanella
reese nukem
preacher rowe jackie robinson they had everything going for them
and they couldn't beat the
yankees it's amazing
they couldn't beat the yankees they went in with three hundred team batting averages
but the pitching made it all happen branch rickey genius that he was
could never build an effective pitching staff