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Pulse rate, heart beat, BP, everything is going down,
it's impossible for him to survive.
Though we are giving electric shock, there's no response from his side.
He's not dying, we'll die. - How come?
We got him admitted thinking he'll get better,
but even after 28 years no change. He's still in coma.
Looking at his background,
l'm scared to think of the consequences of his death.
Shift him to govt. hospital saying equipment is not working here,
arrange for police security and then inform his relatives.
Lord! Bless that atleast this marriage proposal gets through.
Please take your seat.
Why are you looking up? Sofa is down here.
Admiring the beautiful home.
House will be fine, servant will be fine, and grandma will be fine,
your future son-in-law will be fine,
if your time is good, you'll also be fine.
Greetings.- Greetings madam. - Please sit down.
Are you fine?
Where is Srimannarayana?
He went out after getting a phone call.
Phone call at this hour?
From where?
He's coming, go fast.
That's bus stop, go fast.
l said l like you, she said yuck, l said l love you, she spat at me.
They are catching up, go fast.
Why is she so proud?
She's beautiful, isn't she buddy?
Let's disfigure her beauty.
They are coming...go fast.
Open the door! Who are you?
Will you hire a goon to beat me?
l've decided to disfigure your beauty even if you sleep with me now.
We are on other duty.
Stop it!
Stop it l say!
That's not acid, it's just cool drink. lt's chilled.
Just thought of acid is making you scream,
they are girls, think of their condition if acid is thrown at them.
think about their future,
won't you think of killing anyone throwing acid on your sister? You must also be killed, right?
Chase beautiful girls, tease them, till they enjoy it comment till they don't get hurt,
love them, give your life to save it if they say yes,
what's this throwing acid saying you love her?
lf you do it again...
Go...go away...
lf anyone tells you l love you and threaten to throw acid,cut it off
l'll take care it.
Where am l?
Yes sir.A patient in coma for 28 years,
a patient whose pulse rate and heart beat went down,
almost brain dead man,
did he come to sense with just one punch?
His punch has power which is beyond science.Who is he?
Society has become very worse. - Yes.
lt has become terrible for girls to venture out. Throwing acid, slitting throats...
Are girls any less? lf they wear minis and micro minis...
What else can boys do other than throwing acid?
Wrong!The mistake is not in the dress. Mindset of the men must change.
Will you throw acid if girls wear minis and micro minis?
Why did you argue with him?
Come father...come.
Who are they?
This is known as getting bill for unused phone.They are bride's family.
You should've told me that. - You never gave us that chance.
Don't know when you'll get interested in romance forgetting the violence?
Grandma is sad, console her.
What's this grandma? Worried that brides' people left?
lf we miss this, we may get another proposal,
but l told you so many times to stay out of trouble,
yet you come home with blood stains.
l can't be a mute spectator of injustice...
Yet you mustn't interfere.
You mustn't interfere.
Okay, l will stay away. l'm hungry, grandma.
This proposal too failed, brother?
Look brother, you don't get proposals as we software people get,
farm or wife, set up when there's boom,
your youth boom is waning, her age boom is waning,
you'll never enjoy the bliss of married life.You too.
You eat brother. l think it's idly.
Have a go at it? Anyway you can't marry.
Here! What happened?
For your nasty comments, he just tapped you with his hand.
Just tapped? Had he slapped? You would've been broken into pieces.
Why are you so proud?
When software was in boom, banks gave you loans,
you build these homes with it, you bought cars,
you got yourselves wives with 100 acres farm,software boom is over,
cars have been seized by bankers, father-in-law is protecting your homes,
you're living by selling an acre from the farm brought by your wife,living a destitute life,
you're getting kicked here. Let boom go to hell,
if you want to stay alive,stay away from my boss. He himself doesn't know when he'll laugh and when he'll beat
How do you manage him then? That's why l'm always outside.Boss is here!- He's here!
That's better! Fear him like that.
You're new to this college, you're Mayor's son,
like in most films, Mayor's son will be arrogant as expected.
Now l've given you a memo. You'll tear it.This is also expected.
Think if l take action on you.
Your father will take action on me. That is also expected.
l can't get dirtied by your sins, so l'm sparing you,that is also expected,
but there's an unexpected thing here.
Name of the unexpected thing is Srimannarayana.
lf the complaint goes to his table by mistake,
you'll get shredded more finely than what you did just now.You mean he'll beat me?
You're class, that's why asking, will he beat me?But he's man of masses.
To tell you in local lingo, your ass will get busted.
Come to me with hundred mistakes,
but don't ever face him even with the thought of committing a mistake.
l've a doubt, why do you like madam so much?
Few like white... - Excellent!
Few like black... Great! Let me finish it.- Hold on boys
Few like white, few like black, but l like Mahi,
if you ask me why, l can't tell. You're Sanskrit, madam is English,
you both are east and west, how can these two meet?
l feel we'll the best if east and west unite.
l've an idea sir. - Tell me.
On seeing madam,in the corridor,
slipping on the floor, sitting on your knees,
if you present her a rose flower...
He barely reaches her hip when standing,
if he kneels down,he'll be this much in the centre.He's short...
Stop talking about my height, tell me some hi-tech idea.
Two dilkhush. No stock sir. No stock, let's discuss tomorrow.
l'll get it from outside. Please sit down, tell me the idea.
Tell her, when l saw you first time... - ...saw you first time...
Wait sir, it must come out from deep inside.- ls it gas?
When l saw you first time, l lost my heart,
second time when l saw you, l lost my hands,
third time when l saw you, l lost my legs,
fourth time when l saw you, l lost everything.
lf everything is lost, why would she look at him?
ls he Hrithik Roshan? He's just Venkatrathnam.
Sanskrit sir, madam is coming. Madam is coming.
l may come slipping like this only. What's this sir? You're on high.
Youth is like that now. - How?
lf possible few words, if it's okay, a cup of coffee.
Think about coffee later; tell me those few words you told about.
That's all? That's all.
This is what you call inviting trouble yourself.
l was waiting for you only.
But Sanskrit was boring me with his banter.Am l bantering?
ls he talking sweet? What's the matter?
lt seems you saw a proposal. - lt's routine.
What's your program this weekend? - Nothing.Come to my home for dinner.
Your coming.
ls he also invited? What do you say sir?
He's busy with a TV soap opera from 6 pm to 10 pm,- Me?
if he misses an episode, he may not follow it properly.
Moreover he's on diet. You need dieting not me.
Just words for me and good dinners for him.
Don't know what would happen there?
Please come in.
Closed the door so fast.
You look very beautiful in this dress.
Shall l open it? Open?
Anyone would say thanks if someone says dress is beautiful,
acknowledge appreciation as in Sanskrit, why is she asking can l open?
You've to open it anyway, so why not now itself?
l'm not able to open it, you please do it.
Just a small knot, pull it, it'll open easily. Pull it.
He's Rama outside and Krishna inside. How nicely he's playing the flute.
How is it?
l expected it'll be good, didn't expect it'll be so beautiful.
ltems are sensational. Shall we start?
Will you start?
l think you rush too fast.
Never delay when its hot. Just have a go at it. Come.
Just a minute and he's making her scream.l'm scared of darkness.
You say scared of darkness and hugged the transformer.
l don't mind not seeing the video, l can't hear this audio.
l can't take it anymore.
Food was great. The man marrying is very lucky.
Who else it would be? lt's you!
Lion like young man is on prowl...
Lion will hit the target...
Occupied this forest like wild beauty...
Lion will overrun you...
Catching something there...
Touching something here...
He's raising the heat and making me sweat unbearable...
Pinching you somewhere... giving you something memorable...
l'll fulfill your desires and play with you...
lt's love all through the week without any break...
l'll raise the heat and make it sultry...
He's studying physics in the physique...
He's mixing chemistry in the body...
l'll read psychology in your beauty...
l'll show you my technology in the darkness...
He's a scholar of love and romance...
l'll teach you the art of intimacy and abusing...
l've graduated in making women scream with happiness....
He wants to put his autograph of bliss on me...
He wants to write my biography all the night...
l'll take sweet photographs of you...
l'll draw beauty graph of you...
He's not satisfied with my intensity...
l want the best choreography of love...
l was born to make you squeal in love...
Tell me, where are they? l told you l don't know.
Leave my man.
Do you know now?
l know...some college in Hyderabad... But l don't know which college...
lt seems some college in Hyderabad, search boys.
How long will it take? - Some more time sir.
Get it ready and come to the campus, l'm going.- Okay sir.
What are you looking at? - Book.
Not the book, l know where you were looking.
What's this? How many more passengers will you take?
This is share auto, if we don't take as many as possible, it'll not work out.
You take passengers but don't crush us.
They fall when speed raises or brake is applied,
they'll fall on us even if turns the steering.
Getting full value for the Rs.3 they pay.Read.
Good respect in the campus.
Couldn't get her despite trying so many times. Try this time, she'll fall for you.
A man is harassing me. Harassment in this college?
Hey who are you? - He's finished.
ls it him?- No. ls it him? That man!- That...
Don't beat him black and blue. Just few punches are enough.
l think he's a goon.
l'm new student. - l know it.
You must increase the campus security. This is unexpected. Why?
A man has entered the campus and harassing me, sir.Who is he?
This is also unexpected. He's the security of this college.
Name is Srimannarayana.
He's the first man to help anyone in distress.
When l speak about him...
She's Janaki, she left BlTS-Pilani and joined here.
You don't appear like a professor.
l saw book only.
What did he see?
By the way who are you? Attender?
Do you go by appearances?
Any youth is not a college student, any fair man is not a professor,
there are many brilliant lecturers who are short and dark.Like me!
By the way, what did he see? - Book.Which book?
He saw your book only but he booked my life.
You must book him someway to keep tied to you.l know you've understood it,
l've understood that you've understood it,l know you can do it.
What's this? Go away!
l'm asking you what's that? Why are you pointing at me?
l told you to go.
Weren't you last year's college topper? - Yes sir.
What's that? - Nothing sir.
What's that? - l don't know anything sir.
What's that? - l don't know anything sir.
That No:6...Vicky sir... l don't know anything sir.
What's this? What are you doing here?
Are you doing this in college instead of studying?
What's this? What the hell are you doing here?
Why are you beating us? ls it college or elementary school?
Elementary school?
Sent you to study in college.. you want drugs...
Are you coming to college for this? Why are you beating us?
Not just beat you, l'll cut you to pieces.
Hey, he's beating me! He has come.
Young need drugs.
Go! Why are you staring at me? Go! Come with your father. Go!
ls it him? - Yes.
Why did you beat him?
What is he to you? - Nothing.
What is he to you? - Nothing.
Why are you beating us? Oh my God!
Why did you come without any relationship with him?
We've to answer to his parents only. Not to you.
Sir, he's beating us saying we are not his parents.
This is not a good college, they are behaving differently here.
He's beating us like school kids.
ls this campus yours?
Once if l decide it's mine, l don't know how far l'll go.
Your son has committed a mistake here, warn him not to do it.
lf he... - ...does it again?
Will you beat Mayor's son also? l mustn't speak like this,
Bastard! l'll strip and beat him.
When l speak only your ears must pay attention.
lf any other sense pays attention, you'll not celebrate next birthday.
There may be hundreds of rules for traffic on roads,
there's only on rule in this campus, l'll say and you'll listen.Listen!
lf l beat you son, it may hurt you, if he spoils my students, it hurts me here,
if l get hurt here,
l'll follow grammar only when teaching lessons, l'll not follow it when l beat someone.
l don't know myself where l'll start and where l'll end it.Black and blue!
Mother, father, Guru and God, they say, you failed as mother and father,
l'm doing it as Guru, if l fail then, it's up to God then.
Decide what you want son or his memories, and then send him to college tomorrow,
Not a serious injury, right? - No, l'll take care of it.
Your attitude to help others despite facing danger is good.
What's the matter?
l got admission and scholarship in Oxford University, sir.
Your encouragement made it possible, sir.
l'm going abroad, so a small party to keep in touch with friends,
you must definitely make it, sir. - No please.
How can you say no sir? - He's refusing, right?
What will he do there? Teach or beat up someone?
lf someone like me comes there, l can dance and sing.
Yes, you're the right choice, carry on.
Who is she? - My student, grandma.Greetings.
How did you get hurt?
ln college campus... - Her scooty skid and she fell down.
Girls must be very careful, dear. - Okay.
Will you tell lies? Grandma is scared of violence.
l'm seeing you smile for the first time, sir.
l'm a professor in college, outside the campus l'm just normal.
Can l move freely with you, then?
How is your wound now? - Healed.
Do you always read books only? That day saw book only.
How come you're here? - Came with friends.
Once if l decide it's mine, l don't know how far l'll go.
l'll use drugs or do anything, what bothers you?
You instigated professor against me, why would l leave you? Stop!
Stop...where are you running away? Come...come...
How dare you hold my sister-in-law's hand, bloody?
Sister-in-law, brother wants you, get into the jeep.
l think sister-in-law is feeling shy, stop her.
How dare you touch my brother's wife?
l'll rip out your skin. Give a try.
You'll die if you don't leave her. l told you to try.What should l try?
Take Vicky to the hospital.
Who are they?
They are saying brother, sister-in-law, you're his wife.
What's the matter?
We are from Vizag.
My father is Jagadish Prasad.
My brother is Anand Prasad.
My father had few problems with a man known as Gopi in business.
A patient who was in coma for 28 years regained consciousness,
got a message from Veera Kesavulu to my father to meet him.
lt's better to keep Gopi under control.
Don't you feel it's strange?
Starting from my feet, settling on my son's head,
you're asking me to keep my son under control.
One going up must crush another, it's not wrong,crush a stone, not a mountain.
You thought l'll die in coma. That's why you reached top.
Now that l'm back,'s difficult for you to be my henchman.
Do one thing, your daughter is of marriageable age now,give her in marriage to my son,
live here as my kinsman.
Tell her marriage is better than death.
l was called home from Pilani.
How can l marry him, daddy?
lf it's normal we both can decide,
a third person above us has already decided it.
What can the old man do to us, father?
Who do you think he is? lf we agree, it'll be marriage here,
if not, not a soul ill be here to conduct obsequies too.
We had to accept their order in fear.
You didn't imagine this in dream also, right?
You wanted my head at any cost. You got my legs, wash it clean.
Sprinkle it on your head, it'll cleanse you.
Greetings. 445 00:42:16,300 --> 00:42 :20,600 Are the arrangements okay? Excellent boss. Brother is great in groom's dress.
lt's my marriage, have a blast. Boss, joker is here.ln card game
You got it in card game, but this joker will come at my beck and call.
Come here brother-in-law.
Do you know what do they call a person hiding behind a woman?Eunuch!
Stop...stop... - He killed my son.
We can't o anything,they've come prepared.Kill everyone of them.
My father sent me away before l could see my dead brother.
But those rogues...
Everyone knows she's my wife, father.
l'll not let them live. l'll kill them, father.
Killing others is not victory to us. We must defeat them.
He showed his power by taking away his daughter.
Bring back your wife and show him your power.
From then on l'm living every second in the fear of them.
Don't worry about anyone from this moment,
if they dare to touch you, they must have the courage to behead me first.
There's a party today evening, right?
This is not campus, continue.
You too join them and enjoy.
Can you dance? l asked can you dance?
Do you've heart?
Do you've courage?
Do you've pep?
Do you've grip?
Do you know beat?
Do you've heat?
Do you've date?
Do you've that mate?
l'm coming and bring you the fun...
l'll give you the rhythm of lips...
Tempo is upbeat... you may get drowned...
We've hit the right chord... l must give myself to you...
l had tequila but no kick in it...
Because of your looks...
My words are pepper.. My dance is hot chilly...
My body is giving shocks today...
Your gesture is dashing... your lips are ravishing...
Your dance is sensational... l'm finished...
l'm your disco jockey... you're my Kawasaki...
Touch and make me lose out... let's soar into sky...
May l rock the clouds? May l give shivers to the stars?
May l fly into the sky?
Roaming with Sun... dreaming with moon...
l'm intoxicated with the romance of gaming...
Chasing the stars... Browsing in the sky..
Falling with that feeling... Let's come back to earth again with it...
Open the gate, Bill gates is here.
lf you don't open in a minute, you'll face it, open!
What's wrong with you, idiot?
Kicking me? l'll take you to task.
Are you so proud? Don't you want us to live around here?
Beat him! Will you beat me? l'll also join you. Will you beat us? Beat him...
Stop...stop...why are you beating him? What's the reason for woman handling?
l'll tell you. Girl, come out.
Who is she? That's what we are also asking you.
You've a beautiful wife yet brought a concubine,that's why we beat you.
Don't hesitate, give him another coating, it'll last for long.
Come on women!- Wait...wait... She's my husband's sister.
My sister. Check our blood will be red.
Understood? You can clear out now. Go...Bye...go now.
Though we don't have children, you've created a good sister.
l've the answer for that.
She's his student, she'll stay with you only.
Though your boom has waned,you still have the pride, right? That's why this.
What's my position in my home now?
The sofa you bought in boom is in verandah, right? On that...?
Can l send signals of whistles or gestures to my wife?
You mustn't toy with that idea. lf you do, women will beat you up.
lf you whistle, police will beat you.l think it's better to keep it off the police.Police?
l've given you a lot of trouble.
No need to say sorry but made a great fool proof plan.
Your problem is solved. Come l'll take you to grandma.
Grandma. - Coming.
Greetings grandma.
Hostel is not convenient to her, so she's a paying guest with our neighbour.
You've come while offering prayers, you're very lucky.Take it.
You're native of? Bangalore, grandma. What does your father do?
l'll get you coffee. - l'll also come with you, grandma.
Did l manage it well?
Excuse me brother, a small doubt. - Go ahead.
She eats there, but stays here,
she sleeps there but spend day here, why all this? lf you bring her here...
You can do it yourself.
You'll accept. Say yes. 555 00:51:29,300 --> 00:51;31,600 ls my house a massage centre to you?
lf l don't get it, boom of my nerves will wane. l'll not leave this matter.
What will you do? l'll not say, look there!
lt seems Sri has taken the new girl to his next door.
What about you then?l've a master plan. - What's that?
You mean...will you rape him?
Next week we both are going to Delhi for AlCTE meeting.So what?
We'll stay there in the same hotel.
This is my plan. - ls it?
Then, l'll stay with my batch mate's room.
How can you? We've to discuss all the night.
l may not feel comfortable...
She's doing all this for that, why would she feel uncomfortable?
Did you say something now, master?
l just said when sex desire takes you, there's no fear or shame.
Master is studying Sanskrit. You carry on, it's quite interesting.
lf women meet, do they discuss such things?
We'll freshen in the room and go to the restaurant.l'll offer him wine.
Do you drink too?
How nice it would be if it rains then?
l'm sweating out here and you want effects.
lf you don't sleep on the bed, it's an insult to me.
l've the habit of putting my leg on my partner in it okay to you?
He'll bear any weight. l don't mind if it's comfortable to you.
Finished! What will be left after getting together under the rug?
lt's song of romance there, it's song of tears here.
lt's not a festival today, grandma? What's all this?
This is not a festival celebrated by all, it's restricted to this home only.
Our family deity Lord Lakshminarasimha Swamy's marriage.
Sorry grandma, mother is calling. Will be back in a minute.
Mother...- How are you dear? - l'm fine, how are you?
No change, same fear and same horrible life.
You're not facing any problem, right? - No mother.
l'm a paying guest next to a good man's house.
When he's near me, l'll be safe, mother.
Who is he? Srimannarayana, my professor.
l'll call you later, mother.
Grandma...grandma...What happened, grandma? Grandma!
Who beat you?
Do you know atleast his name?
Brother, we saw sister-in-law.What? We saw sister-in-law.
Where? - ln Ameerpet.
Your grandma is very depressed.
Last year same day she fell unconscious like this only.
A person getting hospitalised for the same reason on the same day...
She doesn't have the strength to bear another shock.
What's it grandma? - Take me home.
l must offer prayers. - Your health is...
l must offer prayers and feed poor. Okay grandma, everything will go on as you say.
You take out the vehicle.
Hit the vehicle, so what?
l hit you, so what?
Take the vehicle.
What for we are here? Why are you picking up trouble?
Boss, he's unconscious.
His bone too is broken.
Don't know who he is but he's beating up your men similarly.
What? What did you say now? What did you say now?
He beat him also like the men he beat earlier.
l left him after almost having him. l left him after almost having him.l left him!
Grandma, offerings. - Keep it there.
Everything is ready grandma,guests will be arriving now.l'll change and come.
Please take holy water.
He escaped from me. He managed to give me a slip.
Brother, l forgot to tell you a thing.
What is it?
l cut a man's hand for holding sister-in-law's hand.
Bloody! Such important matter, are you telling me so late?
Search all the hospitals. l must find that creep.
That's BT brinjal. - l'll have it.
You've cooked such a sumptuous food at this age, this is unexpected.
No sir, Janaki prepared the food.
Though she lives in next house, she helps my grandma a lot.
You always invite us on this day only for a feast every year,is it any special day?
lt gives me immense happiness to feed atleast 10 guests.
Every year we expect this feast.
When will you invite us for marriage feast?
Grandma has all rights over it.
l'll marry any girl she selects. Why are you delaying?Select a girl quickly.
He must get a perfect choice of girl, right? Can't he get a bride?
You've to say just yes,won't she marry him? What do you say?
Eat without fixing matches, it is hurting me.
Not fixing, how can a debonair like him can't get a girl?
Useless guys are getting married.
Please don't mind me, she's your wife, isn't she?
No, my neighbour's wife,l invited her for lunch. What the hell you're asking? She's my boom wife
When he can find such a beautiful girl, how can he not a girl?
Please allow them to eat peacefully, sir.
Don't debate about my marriage. Please leave me alone.You carry on.
He's feeling shy on mentioning about marriage.
When Goddess Lakshmi is in your home in a silk sari, don't need anyone else.
Don't you like her?
Don't know what's her idea? We can't decide ourselves.
Sit down dear.
Though you came at the end of the lunch, your cooking is excellent.
Shall we wash the hands? - Okay.- Get up.
l think she likes her and he too likes her.
This couple is expected, what about you?
100 people apply for ajob but only one gets selected.
This is also like that only.
Every one in this world love Taj Mahal, because there's only one,
though there are so many girls,why are you after her only?Who will l get?
Lord Venkateshwara had two wives, Lord Shiva has two wives,
don't know how many wives Lord Krishna has,
let them come and make a try now, they'll not get even one,
our country has just 6 girls for 10 boys,
l mean 60 girls for 100 boys, 600 girls for 1000 boys,
most of the girls in that select NRl's only,
some fall for software guys, some for film heroes, some for cricketers,
when guys like me make a try,they ask about height,weight, complexion,
latest fad is 6 pack, 8 pack, and 12 pack,
mine is family pack,so if l leave her now, l'll miss for ever,l'll become a eunuch.
You go dear, l'll arrange it. - l'm not a guest, grandma.
Are your people finding groom for you?
What's your opinion about me, grandma?
You're like Goddess of Wealth.
But people wish Goddess of Wealth to be in their home only, right?
Will you be in this home only, dear?
l couldn't stop myself from asking you this.
Only if you like it.
l like it, that's why l'm hanging around here.
Had he shown the interest on me that he has on books,l would've been his wife long back.
Couldn't you see it until l wore a sari on festive day?
ls tomorrow auspicious day?
Don't be in a hurry, let me tell him also.
Grandma, everything went off well, right?
l want to tell you something.
Any one is coming with marriage proposal?
No need of it. Bride is here only. - Who?
l like her. You too have a good opinion about her.
She likes you very much.
Forget about likes and dislikes, she's my student,what would people say about it?
What bloody student?lf that's an hurdle, l'll quit studies this moment.
Grandma, l'm not attending college from tomorrow.
l'll spend day with you in kitchen, night with him in bed room,
just in 9 months,l'll present you with his replica.Grandma, out.
He knows she's in Hyderabad. He's there only.
At what time the Hyderabad flight leaves?
His name is Srimannarayana.He's my professor. The girl's name is Janaki.My classmate.
He lives in Ameerpet. l don't know anything else.
Stop! Beat me now!Come!
Hey stop!
Go inside! Go!
Stop Srimannarayana!
You spared the man who tried to kill you, who is he?
How are we connected?
Your silence is not an answer, grandma.
Will you tell me or shall get to know it myself?
30 years ago, around Bobbili region, no government's writ ruled,
a family ruled the region,
business, seeds, fertilizers, everything belonged to them,
even if it's adulterated, people have to take it silently,
if they dare to open the mouth...
You say the insects didn't perish, but your son died, right?
All the contracts went to them only.
lf anyone dares to defy them...
Take salary at the month end, if you want to get pregnant,marry someone,
if you want happiness, take lovers like me,
why do you want to work sincerely? Leave me.
They stooped so low to sell adulterated milk food too,
it took 60 children's lives,
affected parents went to police.
Do justice to us.Stop! What's it?
We lost our children to the adulterated milk food of Veera Kesavulu.
They are dead, look at them.
How are they connected with adulteration?
Accusing them for anything happening here,throw them out.
Clear out...move...
For the sin of going to police, they surrounded the entire village...
Please don't kill him!
How dare you go to the police station!
No sir...Sir, please spare him. - No sir please...
No man must survive.
lf you say this to anyone, now you've lost your husbands only,
this time... - You must live till then, right?
There's no man here to sleep with you,
who will dare come to kill me? God!- God?
Where is he?
Tell him to come.Don't yearn to see God. lf you see him, you'll die,Show me!
Death is fast approaching!
Will death come first or your God? Let's see!
Boys! Check if God is coming.
Boss, even God fears you, so wouldn't dare come here.
You wanted to see him, right? Here he is!
Boys, it seems God is here, hack him.
Brother! He's running away!
He mustn't live, he's burden to earth.
Kill that bastard, brother!
Do you know who l am?
You're going to die in a minute, why should l know you?
He's alive! - Yes.
He's alive... where's the nearest hospital?
Call the doctor immediately. Doctor is in operation theatre.He's dying.
Doctor, he's dying. Taking the last few breathes.
A man hacked him.
His life is over.
Doctor, its magic of your hands. God's mercy!
Cleared multiple blocks in the coronary artery,
give high power analgesics and antibiotic. Continue the anti-arithmatics.
Start that.
He'll walk happily in 10 days.
One descendent of Bobbili royal family was London returned FRCS doctor.
Though he had everything, he wanted to serve the people,that's why,
he converted his palace into a hospital for the poor,
he treated them free round the clock.
He rebelled against the tormentors.
He's ferocious Narasimha against the criminals,
people were happy under his rule,
He'll come...he'll come...
lncarnation of Narasimha... with the power of lion...
Walks like a warrior... his words ooze bravery...
When he twirls his moustache, enemies run helter skelter...
His mere name can send shivers down the spine of enemies...
He's Simha...Narasimha!
What brings you here, King?
Are you also scared of us? - Scared? Me?
Not even dog knows it in my home.
Why are you here then?
lf you don't go good for the society, its okay, but never do anything bad.You've done it.
You're still doing it. No. Stop it.
What if we don't stop it?
He said what if we don't stop it?
l'll give just two options to anyone. l'll treat if anyone is sick.
lf anyone commits mistake, l'll hack him to death.
Choose between option A or B?
Treatment or get hacked? Make your choice.
Doctor, do you think hacking means sutures or shot of injection?
See...only one side of me.
Don't dare to see my other side.
You can't bear it.
You'll be reduced to ashes.
Will you kill if we commit a mistake? - Confirmed.
lf you think let bygones be bygones, and won't happen again,
tension will ease,
heart will work better,
you'll live long,
not just sutures, l can stab too.
SP wants you to meet him. Where were you till yesterday?
How can a doctor kill others?
How a doctor kills virus if it enters the body,
l'll kill this human virus that's affecting our society.
Police is here, we'll take action.
Farmer complained of adulteration,
he was forced to drink that adulterated insecticide and killed,
after killing the contractors,
and raping the lady officer who opened the tenders,
when people revolted against this, they were killed mercilessly,
when 60 children died because of adulterated milk,
you weren't there to pacify those distressed parents,
they killed barbarically 300 people for going to police,
you didn't come then but came when l killed a criminal, why?
They too are influential family like yours in this region.Don't you know it?
lnfluential family like mine?
SP, don't talk about family history.
History is ours! We create history, or rewrite history.
They are nothing.Dirty scoundrels.
There's nothing to hide with you, l'm telling you clearly,
l'll kill the criminal, no police.
What did you do with him?You told us to turn blind eye to your crimes,
he says clearly not to see at all.
As your well wisher, one advice,
l've worked in Khammam, Kurnool, Guntur,
l've seen many people but first time l've seen a lion.
l've seen Lord Narasimha!
Either be careful or leave the place.
He's just a doctor, who treats people we hack,
how could he kill my son?
Why are you silently sitting like meditating?
l'll kill...l'll kill him, father.
lt's not our tradition to crib in our homes,
either enemy must fall at our feet or die in his own home.
Did you hear that, son?
He's 4 years younger to you,yet he's furious to kill him, but you?Sit here!
Look at her!
You must get angry, his wife must also become a widow.
Till then we mustn't live in peace. No peace of mind!
What would you like to have? Coffee or tea? Where's our son?
How is your health? l'm fine brother. How is your business going on?- Fine.
Arrange for their lunch, Gayathri.
Greetings sir. What brings you here, Priest?
Celebration of Lord Lakshminarasimha Swamy's marriage is nearing,
though you know it well, it's tradition to inform you on behalf of temple trustee.
Shall l arrange a holy sacrifice for the protection of your family?
lt's a tradition we follow every year, you said family protection,how can we stop it?
Start immediately after the marriage.
You must do another thing also, sir.
lt's difficult for a priest to eat three square meals,
you've helped my daughter to become a doctor,her marriage is fixed
she's like your daughter,
so after the Lord's marriage, you must conduct her marriage, sir.
May God bless you with long life!
Savithri, l like you very much. - ls it?
You're always with sir, what do you do in hospital?
When sir puts sutures, l'll do the balance work.
Will you kill if sir orders you?
He'll ask to put sutures, why would he ask me to kill people?
Will you kill on his order or not? `
You silly woman! Do you like killing so much?
What's there in you to like you? No hair on head,not even 5 feet tall,
only plus point is you're with sir,
if you give him the weapons and if he kills bad people,
the blood will spill on you,
when you come walking drenched in blood,
that will be a great sight to watch your majestic walk.
That should make me fall flat for you.
That's what you call as pride!
This is good to imagine but giving me jitters to do it.Aren't you a man?
When sir is knocking off people's heads, can't you atleast kill four?Four?- How about two?
How about two?! ls it cutting vegetables? Humans!
What ever it is, you must kill.lf every one kills,who will supply the weapons?
l don't know.- Did you read Mahabharata? l've listened.- Whatever it is.
Did Krishna kill anyone in Mahabharata? - No!l'm also like that, like Krishna.
l'll supply and have them killed.
Behead four people and come with their heads, l'll think then.
Four heads?
My fate, l joined doctor to help in operations, l had to supply him axes and sickles.
l wanted to marry her and she insists on bringing four heads.
Anyway, l'll marry you non-violently. l'll not leave you!
Where's brother-in-law? He'll not eat anything today.
You please advice your husband,
why is he picking up trouble with others going after their necks?
Do you know with whom he's fighting now?
They are not so good people, tell him to be careful.
You tell them to be careful.
l want to ask you a thing. - Go ahead.
How can you be so affectionate and loving with such a angry man?
You've seen only one side of the doctor,
do you know how many sides he has?
Sister, brother-in-law is here. l know.
Watch, how we'll play with him. - Please no.
Why not? He's a doctor. Let's see his reaction.
Please no aunt.
What? - That is....Gayathri...
Tomorrow we've a vow to fulfill,nothing for next ten days,close and sleep alone.
What? - Doors!
Oh God!
What's it brother-in-law? That is...Gayathri...
Tomorrow sister has a vow to fulfill, nothing for next ten days,close and sleep alone.
What? - Windows!
What's it brother-in-law? That is...Gayathri...
Tomorrow sister has a vow to fulfill, nothing for next ten days,close and sleep alone.
What should l close now? - Blanket!
Brother-in-law's face dropped. - Yes, didn't l tell you?
Doctors are like that, very coward.
Who is it? lt's me, your younger mother-in-law!
You? l thought it was Gayathri.
Brother-in-law! l'm not Gayathri! You? l thought it was Gayathri.
He's here!
What's that nasty hug? - You?
He's hugging every woman thinking it's you.
lf you don't go now, l think he'll do something with some woman.
l'm a strong willed woman, yet he crushed me in his hug.
What will become of you if he hugs you?
Sister, your husband is searching all the rooms.Go quickly, else he'll come here
They said you've a vow to fulfill, nothing for next ten days,why are you here then?
ls it okay to you?
My happiness... it's you, my dear...
You're the apple of my eye, make my life fruitful...
Can't breath without you?
Can't live without uniting with you?
Fill my lovely evenings with your romance... Fill my life with your love, my dear...
Little tiffs are cherished memories... Drown me with your flow of love...
Your path is my abode...
Your royal smile is my jewel of life...
Your smile is my property and treasure...
You're my holy hymn, may l chant it always?
You're my Gayathri hymn, may l chant it day and night?
Your ideals and principles are mine, l'm with you always...
Your heart is my pillow...
Your moustache is charming me into your heart...
Your touch is enough to make love flow...
My beauty and my heart is yours always...
You're my everything, shall l create a new world for you?
You're a man of character...
You're God of modern times...
Good after noon, brother-in-law.
How is you business going on? - Going on fine.
Are you doing it alone? - No, Veera Kesavulu is my partner.
You know about them, right? Business is different from personal differences.
Am l not joining with you for lunch after doing business with them?
ls it necessary to do business with such people?
You've vast property to last generations
you can do anything as you like, shouldn't l earn to catch you up?
l must have relations and business, right?
To reach my position, if your business deals kill few people...
How can l do business if l keep counting the dead?
lf laying a road knocks of few homes, we don't stop it, right?
We'll pull it down.
Forget about all that. l'm telling you clearly in one word.
You said you'll not bother about other's lives for your business.
l'll not think a second to kill you too if you commit crime.
One patient one treatment,that's my policy. Whether he's outsider or insider.
Food is ready. - l'm coming.
Come, your sister is a good cook, join me for lunch.
Are you here?
l'm sad to see you.
You must be washing my back instead of vessels with your tender hands.l'm sad to see it.
You get up, some one else will do it. Why someone else?
Why don't you do it yourself? l'll do it.
Killing people is difficult,cleaning vessels is easy.You come this side
How am l washing? - Very nicely.
lt'll be much better if you beat up people like this.
Beat up people?Be happy with washing clothes.l can't beat people.
Do it...cut it... Did l cut nicely?
You came here as compounder, now you're efficient in household chores too,
learn to cook quickly. - Okay.
Anyway Savithri is getting good proposals,
we'll send her after marriage. - Madam!
Why did l learn all the household chores?To marry Savithri.
lf you say that, my life will go waste. Aunt knows about this?- No.
First take aunt's permission.
Madam.- What? - l'm losing hair.
What do you want me to do? - l marriage.
Which country bride you want?
Country doesn't matter, anyway l'll marry a maid only.
l mean which country's maid? No need of country details.
l'll...- What? lf l marry the maid here...
She'll be with you, l'll be with sir.
Poor girl, she's too good. - Yes madam.
How can l ruin her life? - Ruin?
ls she interested? - l don't know madam. l've made a try.
Where is she? - Here!
You like him? - l like him, madam.
What did you like in him? How can she answer it, madam? She'll feel shy, right?
Why should l feel shy? - Don't you've shame?
He may cut throats but cuts vegetables very well,cleans vessels cleanly,
draws water from well, washes clothes cleanly,
l've a hut, l need security for it.
lf l marry him, he'll secure my hut and be my husband, madam.
Doctor, save my child, l think my child will die, please save it.
Bleached the entire area? - Yes sir.
All villages around here also.
l've given fluids to all patients.
Please save my husband sir.
l'm like your son, when l'm here no one will die.
Elderly man, nothing to worry.
l was waiting for you only.
You killed my brother for tormenting the people,
how dare you enter my area and get respected by my people.
This is not the time, people are in distress.
They must bear our scolding, beatings and killings, it's their fate.
That's my people! Why are you saving them? Chase them away!
You want me! Fight me!
Come with 10 henchmen!
lncrease it by 10 again.
Come ten times.l'm ready.
Don't torment people.Go away!
Bloody people! How dare you save them!
lf l beat you've to spend your property for tests only. Go!
Bloody kid!
Sir, my husband has survived.
Continue the fluids.
Give terramycin every six hours...
Sir! How dare you save him though l'd warned you not.
Are people's lives so cheap to you?
What happened, son?
l must be saving lives but hunting down people like beasts, mother.
When l killed a rogue in public, they were happy,
when l started eliminating such goons, people are afraid of me also, mother.
But l can't hold myself on seeing the tormentors.
Wrong son,
people committing mistakes too get scared of furious form of Narasimha,
those who don't commit mistakes will pray with devotion.
To make justice prevail, to eliminate evil,
show me one God who didn't pick up a weapon to fight it out.
God himself couldn't do without weapon, you're nothing.
People who saw Rama as just a King,
after he killed demon Ravana, he was prayed as God!
You're the epitome ofjustice for good people,
people will know that you're God of death to the evil also.
You needn't take a step back because they fear you, kill the evil,
it's not a mistake,
any mother will be happy if she has son who will look after her well,
but if she has a son whom the world reveres,she'll be ten times more happy,
Lord Narasimha Swamy himself has come as my son.
People used to think we were born to kill,
but after Simha's arrival, they think we are here to get killed.
ls this life necessary to us? Will he kill if we commit crime?
Does he think we belong to Gandhi family?
Actually we had risen to this position by committing crimes only.
We did crimes, we'll do it, we'll keep on doing.
Will he kill for that? Will he kill all of us?
One needs weapon only till he reaches a position,
once he crosses that position, he himself becomes a weapon,
we must stop him here,
if not people will use his name,and make our future generations also wet in their dresses,these people
Can't you stop him?
Only his death can stop Narasimha in this world.
l'm killing him, father.
What are you saying?
Once you get killed by Simha, he'll be scared to come back as human,
he kills so barbarously,
you've seen it twice,no!
l'm killing him...killing him.
l want to meet Dr. Narasimha.
He has gone for an urgent operation.
What operation? Saving lives or taking lives?
Please take your seat. l don't sit in criminal's house.
Tell your husband,
if you kill someone, people will start supporting you,
thinking it as heroism, taking law into his own hands,
hunting anyone he thinks is evil, he's going on a killing spree,
this is not right.
What would you like to have? Coffee or tea?
Do you know what is an encounter?
We've started it recently in North lndia.
You've started it just now, he had started it long back,
his system is also same,
do you really know about him?
lt's a divine thing,
do you how dedicated one must be to save a life?
Do you know how sensitive his mind and heart should be?
Do you how much struggle such a doctor will go through to kill a man?
He should be coming home after saving lives,
but he's coming home after killing people with bloodied hands,
he never sleeps that day,
but the entire region which trusts him sleeps peacefully, you know that?
The house which rejoices the day he saves a life,
nobody in home eats the day he comes after killing someone, you know that?
But people who trust him celebrate it like festival.That's what he wants.
According to you what he's doing may be murders,
according to us what he's doing is treatment.
lf injustice happens where justice should happen,
it gives birth to jungle justice, in your language it's out of law,
in our language,
this is history, Narasimha is born for it.
His ideal is greater than your gun. You can't stand him.Go!
What brings you here, officer? Are you not feeling well?
Nothing doctor, taken new charge, just to meet you casually.
Did you have coffee?
Son, get ready to conduct marriage. - Okay mother.
To killing evil demons... You came down to earth Lord Narasimha...
A demon's son who insisted your existence, you gave him refuge lord...
Love Narasimha... Victory Narasimha...
Furious Simha who demolished evil...
Apostle of peace... cleanser of sins...
Blessing the devotees with immense wealth...
Come, let's see this visual delight...
Your auspicious marriage with turmeric and vermillion...
Marriage of Lord Lakshminarasimha...
A celestial grandeur on earth...
Entire sky is the canopy... entire earth is the stage...
Your marriage is being celebrated as a great event...
A prayer that's not offered in any world...
A grand prayer which wasn't offered in any past era...
Reverberating with holy hymns... lt's divine to hear it...
When you see your husband with love, it great to watch...
You both are made for each other couple...
All three worlds worship the Goddess...
Auspicious events as relations... Dreams as the dowry...
As presiding deity of Kalvapuri, Yadagiri and Mangalagiri...
Your marriage here is a visual delight to the world...
Stars are falling as holy rice on your head...
Earth and sky become your marriage band here...
Balakrishna's mischievous ploy behind the screen...
While tying the knot pinches mischievously...
Playing mischief or pinching, the groom is Lord Srihari...
As presiding deity of Vedagiri, Antharvedi, Ahobilam...
Priest, entire family must die taking this poison filled holy water.
You must give it to them.
Priest, give them holy water.
Priest, give them holy water.
What happened, priest? l'm asking you what happened?
Please don't ask me anything.This sacrifice must carry on. Sacrifice will not stop,l've heir. Tell me.
l don't mind if my lone daughter is killed,
if you're safe, you can save millions of lives.
Boss, he has entered our area of attack.
Narasimha, you can't go back alive from here.
Who are you to decide births and deaths? God decides it.
Your fate must have it.
Why did you stop?
You will stop...its sentiment.
Any man would wet his pant to look at my home.
You came and they are pissing on my house.
lt's not your fault, it's fault of your blood.
Man is mad about money, power, but why are you mad for masses?
lf anyone says l'm in trouble brother,your blood boils up!
l'll reduce it.
Throw it...throw it away.
Come...come... Fall on my feet.
We got you!
Unless we cheat your eyes, we can't stab you, Narasimha!
That's why this!
Your son and the old woman are also caught,we'll not spare them too.
Are you really a man who hides behind woman?
Though sword has pierced through him, the anger hasn't diminished in his eyes,
he's the real man, if you've guts, face him!
Dear! Before l breathe my last,
not one of them here must live.
Mummy, get up.
Get up, mummy.
Mummy, get up.
Daddy, mummy isn't getting up.
Tell mummy to get up, daddy. Tell her to get up.
Mummy, get up.
Mummy, get up.
What's this?
l should've been consigned to flames by my son,
but my misfortune l had to see my son's death.
l should be playing with my grandchildren,
but had to take the responsibility of raising you,
why did l leave that place to raise you here?
l was scared you would also take to weapons for people like my son.
We don't want anything of this.
lf anything happens to you, l don't have strength to bear it.
Grandma, if taking on a problem is mistake,
its grave mistake to leave a problem that comes searching to you.
Let's go. - Where to?
Do you know why my father made me sit in his place? He wanted me to replace him.
You tried to wish it away, that's why the problem came to us.
They killed the hunter.
lf those man eaters have to die, the hunt must begin again!
More the man who commit the crime,
the man who knows it and yet doesn't try to stop is heinous crime.
l was mute witness to the killing of my brother-in-law,
that's the gravest sin l had committed in my life.
l had to pay heavily for it seeing my son die right before my eyes.
But God has given me an opportunity to correct my mistake.
Heir to the clan l thought had perished is alive,
l'll give your hand in marriage to him and repent for my sins.
Janaki! Where are you going?
Why are you after me?
Come behind the tree... l'll make your sari to sweat...
lf l say yes once... you'll ask it every day...
Don't hide your beauty from me, you devil....
l like your beauty and curves... Tell me the secret of raising it...Tell him...
Your hug is the tablet... the fever has vanished...
lf you make an open invitation... can l fulfill my desires...
lf you provoke me so much... may l give myself to you...
l'm the winner in any arena... - Close the door quickly...
You're the queen of my jasmine nights...
Lock my lip with your lip...trumpets of youth will rock the world...Lock it...
Keep the shyness away... lit fire to my sensuous place...
As your sari end slips, it's rocking my heart...
lf you're so hungry, shall l become your feast to satiate it?
Your beauty is ravishing... - Have a blast with it...
Any delay further will mar the fun of nights...
l'm taking my wife.
Take her.
Dear...dear...what are you doing?
You got our son killed,now want our daughter to die?He's not taking your daughter,
...his death!
Why are you arrogant?
Carried away by the protection of a college teacher?
Tell him to come.Let him step here!
Brother! What happened? Father...
What happened to father?
Took away our father. - Who?
Are you astonished, Veera Kesava?
After seeing son die before my eyes,
are you astonished to see this old woman still alive after 30 years?
lf anyone dies before our eyes, it'll hurt here.
But if it's one's own progeny, it'll hurt here!
You've been fated to feel that pain.
Who brought you here, father? He...this old woman!
She's not old woman but our trouble.
Once her son destroyed our power, l finished him here only,
now his son is here,same people, same place, same clan,same enmity,
he must meet the same end his father met.Kill him!
You escaped from me in city. l'll surely kill you here.
lf you want to fight a lion, your paw must be sharp,
if you want to fight with clan, your blood must be hot,
you must check ten times before taking on,
basically l'm a lecturer, if l start with the ring of bell,
it's my habit to finish lesson or killing before the next ring of bell,
no more words, come on! Hey get up!
Never give an opportunity to that family.
lf they get up, we can't stop them. Kill him!
Society doesn't need such a man. Kill him.
Hail Lord Narasimha!