Animal Farm (Crysis Style)

Uploaded by ComradeSlice on 08.06.2009

Hello There! I am JimboSliec.
We are the Jimbo-Ryan foundation, located in North Korea.
And we are seeing the latest phenomenon, that is happening at a farm.
It appears that several farm workers, have revolted against the farm owners.
This is definitaly a clash between the classes of society here...
We have turtles, and North Korean soldiers.
Fighting for this hammer and sickle.
Let's go up high to see what is going on.
It appears that the NK army is trying to take back the farm. They are failing.
Let's give them some help.
Oh my God! Destroyed...
What?! We are under attack...
Apparently we are not from the right society class.
It seems that every time Communism tries to prevail, they end up doing the same thing that the capitalists do.
Segregating social classes.
This is horrible.
I no longer want to live...