Metalbaby Live Music Concert Episode : CIMU

Uploaded by Cimu2 on 19.09.2012

Hi I am Jeannine. And I am with Laura. HI. We are host for the new web series CIMU - Columbus Indie Music Union. And right now we are here with metalbaby at Vaughan Music Studios at Columbus Ohio.
Hello Guys. Welcome. We have 6 of them. So, Jason why don’t you introduce your band here.
On vocals - Fran Littersky (vocals, electronic snare drum). On synth base we have Jeff Bass. On plastic slide trombone and electric plastic slide trombone, and lead electric plastic slide trombone – Mr. Evan Oberla.
On drums Daniel Zwelling (acoustic drums and cymbals). On guitar - Aaron Quinn. And I am playing plastic trombone and the microkorg and I am Jason Branscum.
What are you guys going to play for us? 2 songs. We are going to start off with Knockout Ned and then we are going to play a song Got Something. Awesome. Let’s listen.
WOW that was great. So I noticed you guys like Weezer because you played it before. Any other influences of music?
I think we kinda come all across the spectrum from really super poppy like Adele to Albert Ayler and really really avant-garde music. and hip hop.
Do you guys have any Columbus, local bands that you like to listen to? I like the Evan Oberla Project and Aaron Quinn. There are so many good musicians in Columbus. Its startling.
So what is the second song that you are going to play for us? Got something. Lets listen.
Great performance. What is next for metalbaby? That’s a good question. Are you working on new music, new gigs? Yeah recently we just finished a pretty new arrangement and I hope you guys will be able to hear it soon.
Where can we hear that and find metalbaby music? We are on itunes, facebook, bandcamp and other regular websites.
Great we are going to post that in the comment section below, so that everyone can find you and become your friends. So that you will have more friends.
And you can like us on for updates as well. Check us out on your channel and we will see you next week. Thank you metal baby. Thank you everyone for watching.