Qwanz Mobile App Demo

Uploaded by qwanz on 24.10.2012

Welcome to Qwanz!
A revolutionary new app that lets you get answers to the questions you care about.
Whether on fun or serious topics,
it allows you to influence friend, decision-makers
and up to 20,000 journalists worldwide.
To start, simply download the Qwanz app
and register or sign in with Facebook.
After joining, determine your own experience by selecting your favorite categories
thereby making sure that the information you receive will always be relevant and interesting
to you.
Questions are automatically delivered to you.
But if you click on the symbols of the top of the screen
you can change categories or check out the most popular or most commented on polls;
Or just search using keywords.
Click on Explore to instantly see how people feel about an issue or weighing yourself.
You can even encourage others to add their voice
by sharing polls through social media channels.
Make new friends and supporters
by connecting with and following others
while also earning badges and a reputation.
By participating, you could even become
a Qwanz World Opinion Leader.
To create a poll yourself just press "Create Poll".
Ask your question,
select the possible answers people can give,
choose the community you want to hear from,
then just sit back and crowd source opinions in minutes.
If the Q logo on the bottom of your screen is highlighted,
you can Qwanzit and share poll results with
a network of over 20,000 journalists,
adding further coverage and credibility to a cause!
You now have a powerful tool!
Use it to mobilize support for a cause you believe in.
Add your voice to the thousands of fun and frank debates happening right now
or use it to influence those that matter.
"... because one voice may not be heard but thousands together cannot be ignored.™"