LES DRAGUEURS (1959) aka "The Chasers" [Eng subs]

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Mister Freddy ! Telephone !
One second.
Hurry up.
Yes ?
- It's me. - Oh, it's you.
Will you come tonight ?
No, I'm busy.
But two weeks ago you'd die for me.
- I didn't know you were married. - What's the difference, if you love me ?
I'll call you later, bye.
One more victim.
Rough Saturday night.
- I'm bored with women. - No, you're just like every other man.
- Let's go out together. - You want the car, don't you ?
- We're gentlemen. - The car's only if things don't work out.
There's a spider. Stay still.
The vermin is going down.
Excuse me, Miss, what time is it ?
- 5:00. - Then, we have to hurry.
Well, she's daring you.
- I don't know... - Go for it !
Not her.
Weird chaser. You can't fuck a Joconde all the time.
Look Riton, queens !
Cesarine and Cleopatra. Try them ?
Come on, Freddy.
Aren't these too heavy ?
Haven't we met somewhere ?
Miami ? Copacabana ?
Pécon-les-Bruyères !
Stop following me. You're disgusting.
Chasing ?
What ?
Looking for a girl ?
They're rough today.
Don't be pessimistic.
- Stop thinking and go for it. - I go for it, but they stop me.
You need practice.
I've been practicing every Saturday for six months.
Push me, please.
- I can tell you know women very well. - I do.
I know nothing, I've no experience.
You can't learn, it's innate.
- What will you do now ? - Try again.
- Go to the cinema, if it doesn't work. - Come on.
- Really ? - Chasing one or two...
- Bouvier Joseph. - Freddy.
- You're chasing with your car ? - I can do without it.
- Let's go for a drink first. - It's too late, let's go for it !
- Do you like them ? - Sure !
Let's go.
We'll get them ! We'll get them !
Calm down.
We got them !
Fuckers !
Fuckers !
Fuckers !
- Where are they ? - They came in here.
Maybe we shouldn't wait for her.
First, make a good choice.
Lonely, not in a hurry, looking for male presence.
- It's about intuition. - Like her ?
Go get her a taxi.
Aren't they professionals ?
- Act like me. - You've got some nerve.
- I take the small one. - I take the tall one, ok ?
- Thank you. - Thank you.
Just in time.
Students ? What can I say ?
You work in a bank. You've got brains.
- It's 6:00, what do we do ? - We could go to my house. It's nearby.
- We'll listen to music. - And we'll go to the cinema.
Engaged ? In love ?
Leave us alone. We don't know you.
- Pleased to meet you, I'm Freddy. - Bouvier Joseph.
Pleased to meet you.
You friend is pleased. We just miss you.
They're funny.
We'll be stuck with them.
How long will you follow us ?
Till the end of the world.
Go on. I won't talk anymore.
Got it Joseph ? Don't talk.
Peace ! I have a question.
Leave us alone.
She talked !
Can I ask my question ?
No, we know what men are like.
If you know us, don't be afraid.
Are you afraid my friend will rape you ?
Are you afraid I'll rape you ?
It's not my habit.
I never did it.
Even if sometimes I...
Excuse me, Miss, I...
Sorry, it's a mistake.
Freddy !
Why did you leave us ?
They stopped laughing and left.
I'll never succeed.
There are more girls.
Where ?
All over the streets.
I liked her.
She was always laughing.
I wish I could have one like her.
You're not very selective.
- You'll end up like anyone. - I am anyone.
All I want is not to be lonely.
- So, the first you have will be for life ? - Yeah.
What do you want ?
Do you know that Chinese proverb ?
"To each man his destined woman"
The only one.
That's the one I want, no other.
You may never find her. She may be in Shanghai.
She may be be on the next corner.
At the moment...
Chicks in the airport ?
You never thought of that !
- She's not the type. - Maybe.
- It's comfortable, you'll have a good flight. - Who ?
Tomorrow, you'll receive a letter from Tarapangana, it's alright.
Excuse me, is it true they always check the engine before taking off ?
- After landing, at least. - Engines worry me. I don't know why.
A feeling. Wings and rudder are always ok.
- But if there's no engine... - There's nothing left.
My deer is on the plane and there may be an incident.
My deer is my husband. I call him my deer and I'm his she-wolf.
When I say I'm worried, he makes fun of me.
When I'm flying, I'm not alive anymore.
It's like a giant hand twisting my stomach.
Good bye, see you soon.
- It's good to cry. - Yes.
- Your wife ? - A friend.
- Dakar ? - Guatemala.
- It's even farther isn't it ? - Much farther.
Engaged ? In love ? Free ?
Married. He was in this car.
Leaving... You hold somebody and suddenly you're alone.
- With your thoughts. - Yes.
Your desires.
When we're sad, we listen to military music. My deer loves that.
When he hears clarions, his eyes are bright ! You should meet him.
I'd be pleased to meet your deer. When you talk of him, it's captivating.
Good bye, Madam.
Well, good bye, Sir.
No, I'll drive you back home.
No, I have the Cabriolet.
I prefer an old car and a life with more money.
I wish I have a Dauphine.
But I don't want to bother you.
You know, I don't want to go back to my lonely room.
I'll go for a drink.
Several drinks.
I know how you feel.
I'm like you, don't be desperate.
Why don't we go for a drink together ?
We're both lonely, it'd be good for us.
We barely know each other. It wouldn't be responsible.
But it would be kind.
Well, I need to stop by my apartment. I think I forgot to turn off the gas.
It's very dangerous !
- You're accompanied ? - My friend's brother.
- Are you all set up ? - Yes.
It's in Grenelle. We'll have to do a detour.
Excuse me, since we married, it's my first Sunday without him.
Forget it. You're beautiful when you're smiling.
- He often tells me so. - Your husband ?
Raymond. He's young, caring.
Only fault is he doesn't want to go out.
Life is short, we have to take the most fun out of it.
He prefers to stay home, reading or listening to music.
- Military music ? - No ! What an idea ! Concerto.
It's temporary. We have an apartment in Neuilly, but it's being renovated.
Neuilly ? It's so luxurious.
We never go out. We need a comfortable house.
- You wait here. - What about the gas ?
I'll take care of it.
Have a seat while I change clothes.
- The concerto lover. - He doesn't seem funny.
He's far anyway.
We have one.
Beautiful, nice bit of stuff.
One, but we're two.
- Don't you want me to go ? - Don't worry. The second will come to us.
I saw her in the kitchen. Naked.
- She's gorgeous. - Calm down.
Be careful. She'll be suspicious.
Do you want some Anisette ?
Does your friend often travel ?
If she knew you were alone with a stranger in her apartment...
I'm not alone.
- What are you in ? - Interior design.
- Does it bring in money ? - Quite well.
It's nice here.
I wish I could stay.
To your love.
- To your love. - My love ?
- It's over now. - Don't say that.
I immediately wanted to seduce you.
- Where are you going ? - Buying cigarettes.
- Here. - Are we going ?
- Right, we were going out. - No hurry.
Do you mind if we stay here ?
- Me ? Why ? - Because of him.
What is he in ?
Import-export. Precision instruments.
Do you miss him ?
I'm used to it.
I love concertos, too.
Stay still.
Precisions instruments. Does he sell them in Dakar ?
Dakar or Carpentras, who cares ?
- He stays ? - We never separate. Do you mind ?
- It's bothering me. - I thought you had weird ideas.
- Men usually have different thoughts. - Women usually are not so easy.
- Don't you want to have fun ? - We're having fun.
Aren't we, Joseph ?
How long you been doing the airport trap ?
Airport trap ? I'm not the only one ?
You think you invented it ?
It just popped up in your mind ?
One day I accompanied Raymond to the train station.
There was a guy... he offered me a present.
You thought airport guys were richer. You were wrong.
How much do you have ?
- 1.000 - I have 800.
- Not enough. - Go away.
We were close to spoiling your night. It's still time to find a customer.
Why be upset ? I didn't ask anything.
You're a beginner.
I liked you. It's rare.
Beat it.
Thanks for the Anisette.
By the way, your phone number ?
A rich friend of mine could use it.
Sigur 19-11. Mrs Denise.
Say it's the hairdresser, to my husband.
- Thank you. - Have a good night.
Bastards ! I'll fuck you all !
It's not just about money. I don't like easy girls.
The others don't care.
- Enough, I'm going to bed now. - We're not chasing anymore ?
Go ahead.
It's no use alone.
- Good bye. - Good bye.
- Are you still offering me a drink ? - Sure.
Don't worry, we'll continue next week. I'll find one someday.
Of course, you will.
A Chrysler. Special body.
Girls offer their address for that.
We should have come earlier.
Look at her.
- Waiter. - Yes ?
We're going to the Echaudé, you come ?
Leave her alone. She's got problems.
Always the same.
- One token. - Smile or we'll never get boys.
Give me ten minutes. If I don't find him, we'll go with him.
Tilt, your turn.
May I ?
Can I offer you something ?
A Martini ?
- Haven't we already met ? - Where ?
I don't know.
Go ahead with your bullshit. I'm listening to you.
- Milk. - In a baby's bottle.
What time will he be back ?
No, no message, thanks.
- No luck ? - No.
- Engaged ? In love ? Free ? - Free.
Is that your problem ? I can fix it.
I know. And tomorrow ?
If it works, we'll just go on.
You dance ?
Don't hold me that tight, I won't escape.
Now that I hold you, I won't let you run away.
So you say, but soon as a woman loves you, you want to get rid of her.
Think you know me ?
Maybe I'm different.
I may be wrong.
- Looks like you're 20. - I'm not that old.
- You don't fit in here. - Where should I go ?
You're making fun of me.
Don't sulk. What do you do in your bank ?
Write numbers on forms.
Weird work.
- You ? - I do nothing.
Dadou, can we sleep in your room ? We can't go back home.
The key's on the door. Use my bed.
Don't wake Monique up.
Where will you sleep ?
I don't sleep, I just go out. You have a bed for me ?
I've already seen your friend.
He brought me here. We've been out all day.
I'm happy I found you. We were going to give up.
And now that you found me ?
We can talk...
Plan a rendezvous...
It will take some time.
We'll meet again and see if we're meant for each other.
I'll sew your socks, be bored and cheat on you. You'll cry.
- I only want temporary boyfriends. - Does it make you happy ?
Let's go.
Where ?
To my house.
What for ?
To make love.
Don't talk about that.
The two of you look good.
Is it happening again ?
- You found yours ? - It may be.
The Chinese proverb is right. Don't go to Shanghai.
- Which proverb ? - Don't listen to him.
- You don't remember ? - Come dance with me. You'll tell me.
Are you angry ?
You just asked what you're looking for.
I thought you wanted it, too.
That isn't it. Love is different.
Everybody seems dumb talking about it.
You know, I do believe in love.
Do you ?
I can wait for you to be sure.
I need to be sure. I can't stand being wrong.
I already tried to kill myself.
- Everybody's thought of that. - But I did it.
It's true. If Dadou wasn't here...
Is it this guy you tried to call ?
No, it was another, a long time ago.
- How many boyfriends between the two ? - I thought they were sincere.
How many ?
You never make mistakes ? Have you known only one woman ?
I wish I could stay with you forever.
He seems sincere.
How long do I have to sleep with you before discovering you're a jerk ?
I'm not a jerk, I swear.
I've already met one like you. I believed him.
- He was a jerk ? - Luckily, he died.
So, you don't trust guys anymore ?
Don't try bullshitting me. I know all the lies.
- I never lie. - I know that lie, too.
Let me tell you something, I'll never sleep with you.
Do you have a token ?
- I was sure you wouldn't like me. - I like you.
I don't want to damage you.
You want me to be sincere, but you're waiting for someone else.
- That's not true. - So, let's go.
- Not yet. - Listen, here's the deal.
You call him once more. If he's not there, you come me with.
Are you leaving ?
One out of two chances.
Let's go.
We could dance somewhere, it's not late.
- I'm not very rich at the moment. - I still have 500Fr.
I'd like to be alone with you.
Seems like we're too much. Let's go for a drink.
So, we don't separate now ?
- No, but don't get excited. - I'll tell Freddy.
- Hi, Dadou. - Go away, she looked for you all night.
You and your friends...
Marco !
Why didn't you come ? I called all night.
You found another one.
He doesn't matter. You know he doesn't. There's only you, Marco.
You don't get it.
You and me... it's over. Got it ? Over.
We didn't sign a contract. Leave me alone now.
What about us ?
Another day. She could do dangerous things.
Sorry, you just got her ?
You've had a narrow escape. She's sticky.
Dadou is different, she's nice.
- You got her, too ? - A long time ago.
Where are you going ?
Don't sleep, I'll replace them.
Saturday night, you can get girls in 30 minutes.
They're looking for it or they wouldn't go out.
No need to bullshit.
A look is enough, they know.
You already know.
Do you meet them again ?
What for ? When you got them, there's nothing left.
You'll never have a wife this way.
Why just one, when there are millions ?
To each her cinema.
Even if I hurry, I'll never get them all.
I don't get it. Do you Freddy ?
It's his point of view.
Lido's galleries. You can get everything.
There's opposition.
- Professionals ? - Cheaters.
I got on here. A countess.
- Nothing tonight ? - I haven't started yet.
Empty nights happen sometimes.
Totally empty ? No, or I don't go out.
Nice one. Excuse me.
He'll get her ?
He should. She's easy.
- She's beautiful. - Luckily. Ugly are more difficult.
What do you tell her when you attack ?
Anything. I improvise or I play a trick.
Someone's on her.
- What's a trick ? - There's the American trick.
Speak with an accent and tell her you're lost. She'll guide you.
- You lost this, Miss. - Certainly not.
- It's not mine either. Let's drink it. - 100Fr ? One Coke and two straws...
- That's the coin trick. - It works ?
Yes. But you have to pay for a drink.
A real ice cube.
I'm not chilly. My turn.
Good luck.
Will he get her ?
- Did I get her ? - You didn't try the coin trick.
You know this ?
- Marco taught me. - Tricks are for basic dickheads.
- I knew you wouldn't like her. - Now, you're a pro you don't need me.
Chasing together bothers you ?
- We're wasting time, we've different tastes. - Then, I'm going.
- That's it, bye. - Bye.
Here, for you.
But... why ?
No reason.
I found you so charming.
- I thought it would please you. - It's nice.
You lost this, Sir.
Wait, we...
Sorry. Did I hurt you ? I'm sorry.
No, thanks. I'm ok.
Let me come with you. This thug may keep bothering you.
Thanks, but I can defend myself.
Sorry mate, every man for himself.
Engaged ? In love ? Free ?
Tired of hearing bullshit.
So, darling, you feel lonely ?
- You lost 100Fr. - Thanks, it will bring me luck.
- Are you alone ? - Yes.
- What are you doing tonight ? - Can't you see ?
- Let me guess... you come from the cinema. - Right.
- You're lonely. - Yes. I'm looking for a guy like you.
- Really ? - Don't tempt me.
- Let's go for a walk. - Another day. Mom wants me home early.
Engaged ? In love ? Free ?
You're lovely, don't say no.
Sure, I am. Why would I say no ?
At your age, you should be in your bed.
- None of your business. - Forget it.
You said charming, are you attracted ?
Don't leave me. This old man keeps following me.
- I'll tell him a few words. - No need. He understands.
- Ok, good night. - Stay, he could come back.
So, come home.
Mom's out with the key.
I'm safe with you.
- Come, he'll be jealous. - What are you doing ?
He's still there.
- Is he so attracted ? - He may be a cop.
- You think so ? - Or a voyeur.
A what ? He's coming, kiss me.
It wasn't him.
- You make me do strange things. - I don't kiss well ?
It's the first time I kiss for real.
- It's weird. - Especially when you grit your teeth.
Another kiss ?
I shouldn't have, but you asked for it.
- Are you angry ? - No.
Really ?
I wanted to, but I was scared.
Why did you do it again ?
The second time was scary. It was different.
Usually when a guy kisses me, it makes me laugh.
But I have a woman's body. African women have children at my age.
Don't stay here or you'll have trouble.
- Take me along. - Where to ?
Your house.
You're crazy.
You're not interested in me ? But a minute ago...
- Will you do it again ? - No, I won't.
But, one day, I'll have to go for it.
- Where did you learn that ? - At school.
So, you're not interested ?
What would your mother say if you don't come back ?
Mom would be happy to get rid of me. She could bring her lovers home.
- You think I'm too frank ? - On the contrary, I love it.
I wish you'd never change.
I'm not as good as you think.
I lied, I have my key.
I'm so bored at home...
It's dangerous here. I'll drive you home.
- Where do you live ? - Porte Champerette.
Take a taxi.
Never come back here.
- You sent me home, but you'll have fun. - Don't regret it.
It's not that much fun.
Come see the real Paris. Not the tourists' one.
I know what you mean !
They're pretty, aren't they ? They want to go to a cabaret.
Aren't you ashamed ?! What will they think of us ?
You came to Paris to do everything that's forbidden in Sweden...
You're disgusting.
Well, if it's what you want, let's have fun !
Be nice.
- To Montmartre ! - You only have 1.000Fr left, remember ?
Swedish ?
- My girlfriend is Swedish. - Yes ?
Forget France. Forget Sweden. Have fun.
Love Paris.
Sweden... Utrecht, tulips...
I met her when I was a fighter pilot.
Understood ?
We'll get married.
When pigs fly.
She not happy.
No right fun. Only with Monica.
Me love much little French.
You know what they call girls like you ?
A girl like you ? Ask them...
to improve your vocabulary !
French love all kind of women.
- She's beautiful, but quick. - You're never satisfied.
You want mine ?
- My friend go. - I'll get her.
Tall French.
Paris, lights, pleasure, love.
You promise cabaret.
We're in Montmartre.
One hour ago, I didn't know you.
Now, I want to talk about love.
You don't understand everything, but it's better. I wouldn't dare.
That's the true language of love.
When you can't talk, you kiss.
Everything becomes simple and easy.
What do we do now ?
You've seen Paris.
Come to my house now, it's nearby.
You promise cabaret.
We have to go, Freddy.
You and your conquests.
We'll shake her off.
Follow us !
Will they like it ?
Don't move.
For once, I seduce one myself...
You want to pay 5.000Fr for the cabaret ?
- No, but I'd pay for a drink in a bar. - Where ?
Have you seen Shirley ? I've been looking for her.
Have you ever seen that ? Shirley's group.
The whole group disappeared.
Let's go.
- Damned weather. - My feet are wet, I'll be ill.
Watch out !
May I sit down ? The rain surprised me.
Jeanne, buy me some chestnuts.
His name is Frederic ? Mine, too.
That's funny.
Stay still, Frédéric.
Engaged ?
- Let's go, they'll find us. - Chestnuts, Jeanne, chestnuts !
Please, my friend loves chestnuts, too.
Go with him, he'll buy you chestnuts.
- And the Swedish ? - A double ration. And you'll eat it inside.
Inside ? Oh, yeah, inside.
- Are you waiting for someone ? - No.
I am. Always.
That's what you say the first time ?
- You don't believe me ? - No.
Don't be disheartened. Maybe I want to let you convince me.
I don't know what to say.
Say anything.
I like to escape, believe in impossible things.
Everything can happen. Be confident.
I always think of the same woman. In my room are portraits of her everywhere.
I was sure I'd meet her someday.
That's every man's dream.
But, afterwards, they're angry that life isn't like their dreams.
My life is like a dream now.
- You just had to see me ? - It's you.
Those lips, those eyes.
Are your eyes dark-green or black ?
- Dead ? - No, the villain gets up and shoots.
The sheriff falls.
What are you doing ?
- Playing. - Which game ?
- Hide and seek. - No ! I want to play in the rain.
Wait !
Sorry. You ? We were looking for you.
Quick. Me lost friend. She not know Paris and drunk.
We search.
I'm lucky to meet you while you're alone. That must be unusual.
I'm almost always alone.
You must be very selective.
I used to look for beautiful, intelligent, charming men.
All I want now is sincerity.
I know if they're sincere or not.
- I'm sincere. - I'll know later.
Will you test me ? What will I have to do ?
Nothing. Just look at me.
You'll read it in my eyes ?
Sort of.
Is this infallible ?
And me ? How will I know if you're sincere ?
I think you always are. You can't be different from my dream.
It's late, Frédéric must sleep.
- Put him to bed and come back. - It's impossible.
Frédéric !
- I beg you. - Not tonight.
When can I see you ? Tomorrow morning ?
Let's dine together tomorrow.
- Great. 7:00 pm ? - I'll come.
The weather's better now. There are no clouds anymore.
We haven't chosen the place for tomorrow.
Don't be embarrassed, it's alright.
Freddy, he won't let us alone.
- A taxi to Chez Ghislaine. - I'm not available.
No tip, champagne for everyone.
- Champagne for everyone ? - Everyone !
Come on in. Ready ? We're going to a cabaret.
Chez Ghislaine. Let's go.
- Catch her. - Françoise, wait !
- I've never seen such a cabaret. - Shut up, we finally manage to get her in.
Dear Babs ! We thought you were dead.
Come in, there are only friends here.
You're not French ?
Let me guess.
Enough, Charlie, you're impossible.
Quick, come see the room.
- How do you like it ? - It was funnier outside.
Are you crazy ?
Enough feelings, time to have fun.
- They took my Swedish away. - You have plenty of girls here.
- They look weird. - Take her. She's won't know a difference.
So, Ghislaine, who is it ?
She doesn't know.
It doesn't count. He's an unknown.
But a good kisser.
- Go on without me, I'm bored. - Who's next ?
What are you doing ? I can't see.
May I ?
My tip.
I choose my partners.
An advantage over whores.
You're not that bad after all.
When I'm drunk, you'll be my type.
You drink, too. It will be easier.
- You don't like difficulty ? - We waste time being demanding with women.
You slapped me, you owe me an apology. Who are you by the way ?
An easy girl who has fun at night, and disappears when the sun rises.
Isn't this what you want ?
What's happening ? My head is spinning.
Is that all you've got, Ghislaine ?
She was looking for a gorgeous male for her bachelor party.
But you can't forget me.
Should we go ?
You're worse than I thought.
We're not drunk enough.
Ingrid, wake up.
You can't stay here. It's me, Joseph.
What do you say ? I can't hear.
I'll find Monica and Freddy. We'll bring you to the hotel. Stay here.
Monica, wait !
- Stop. You must pay taxes. - Choose the most beautiful.
- Monica. - Later, my friend.
Freddy, come.
- Where is the Swedish ? - Drunk. We have to bring her to her hotel.
Are you crazy ? Take advantage of the situation.
You're drunk, too.
Help yourself, it's free.
Life isn't what we thought it is.
We have to enjoy it and that's all or we won't get anything.
You don't think so.
- Drinking alone ? - I'm with a friend.
Society women intimidate him.
They're easier to ride, they've a lot of free time. Haven't you ?
Careful, I'll be jealous.
- Who's he ? - My fiancé. We'll get married next week.
You're having your bachelor party together ? That's convenient.
- He's open-minded. - Our fathers work together.
- He can't get you the husband you want ? - Money may be inconvenient.
You can fuck a poor one from time to time.
We need an idea to have fun.
No ! Please leave me alone. Leave me.
I'm leaving her to you. She's not worthy.
Don't worry, he's gone. Don't cry.
- Leave me. - I don't want to hurt you.
- I want to go away. - So do I.
May I bring you home ? Let's go.
- They won't let me go through the room. - I won't let them touch you.
Your dress is unbuttoned.
They forced me to drink.
I didn't know it would be like that when Ghislaine invited me.
I wouldn't have come, if I'd known.
I always have a pin with me.
Five minutes to escape.
It's not tight enough.
Look, Françoise.
- It's kind of you to come. - I forbid you to touch her.
- She's found an escort. - We don't want her. You'll play with us.
Alright, but don't touch her.
- What's the matter ? - I don't want to.
- Haven't you agreed ? - You thought it would be easy ?
- Me, too. - You don't want me anymore ?
No, remember. I'm disgusting.
You're angry with me.
I've been angry with the whole world. I was wrong.
- You don't like easy girls. - Usually, I hate them.
It's too late to play the scared virgin.
Don't worry.
A woman takes a man to forget the last one.
But, one day, she's bored with those hands on her body, those mouths on her face.
Unfortunately, it is for you.
It's my fault. I haven't stopped insulting you.
I didn't know you.
I didn't know myself before tonight either.
Sorry to disturb you, but I'd like to take my coat.
Good night, Ghislaine, have fun.
Go away, it'll be better.
Go away, please.
I won't go. Listen.
Why do you keep living like this, if you don't like it ? You can go away.
- Where to ? - Anywhere.
Forget everything, restart from scratch.
Life isn't a novel. We don't dare do that in real life.
Unless... someone asks you.
So, come with me, I'm asking you.
I'm not the kind of woman you like.
I'm not perfect myself.
Could you forget what you know about me ?
I don't mind being hurt, if it's worth it.
Let's go, quickly.
I know! A dog licking his bowl!
- I'm not sure I can. - You can do it.
- No, lap up with your tongue. - And bark.
More ! More !
He looks like a real one.
- Please, stop. - Good dog.
You bastards.
Freddy !
- Damned dog. - Enough !
Good dog.
- It's very brave to hit a woman. - Don't touch me.
My collection. Vandals.
They broke your stuff.
Have you forgotten ? I gave it all to Gladys.
- What will you do with this one ? - I'll keep him.
Seriously ?
- And me ? - I'll leave you.
- Will it work ? - I'll try.
- Sincerely, are you surprised ? - If I were sincere, you wouldn't believe me.
You can come back anytime.
Let's go, we're done here.
- Banker ? It's a good job. - The wage isn't very high.
There's promotion. And if you get married, your wife can work, too.
If I get married...
I'm a nurse.
Here, we'll find a taxi.
- Are you sure you don't want us to come ? - No, I'll be fine.
- What you've done for me is very nice. - Don't worry.
Well, thank you and good night.
Good night, best wishes.
I haven't got your address !
- He can't hear you. - But he doesn't have mine either.
Come, we have to find a taxi.