2013 Fischer Hybrid 10 Skis Review

Uploaded by skisdotcom on 01.08.2012


Hey I'm Brad I just got off the Fischer Hybrid.
10.0 this ski gets a 2 out of
5. Super
heavy, like really really heavy and for a guy
that doesn't weigh a lot it's a little too much ski to handle.
I guess the rocker and the camber mode on it is kind
of cool. Makes it ski a little bit different. I just found
it took forever to get up on edge. Held
fairly well underfoot so if you're a bigger burlier guy you might like it a little bit
better but it just
didn't ski. It skied like blah
for how wide it is i think there are better skis out there. It's
too heavy, it doesn't hold like I was really hoping it
would so not the ski for me.