Make the Leap 1

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keep on believing
preachers keep on preaching
world keep on turning til I reach my highest ground
til I reach my highest ground [narrator] get ready to take a quantum leap as Bishop Jones helps us to
take control of our thoughts as we make the leap
[Bishop Jones ] we have been dealing
uh... i would say
extensively with the whole concept of
of what i call and we will call the series the quantum leap
and that is having the capacity to jump from
uh... where you are
and the conditioning that you have experienced
to where
wants you
psychologically and mentally
the whole concept surrounds transformation not
and the edict that we should not be
conformed to this world but transformed by
the renewing of the mind
and uh... obviously we are sitting in here tonight having
uh... spent our time dressing and putting
uh... gas in our cars and driving all the way over here
because this is part of the process of renewing of the mind
you know initially you get saved filled with the Holy Ghost and fire baptized and
and speaking in other tongues as the Spirit gives utterance falling out and
and and you still
to be transformed
and transformed as a process
see oftentimes we don't commit to the process
that you're looking for results
very quickly
and like you know my link
when i'm working and and uh...
just aren't working out
if the pounds would fall off
immediately after one session and i've been in the nineties a guys
innocent and look at me and the changes one time and then cut them up already
but but you have to commit yourself to the process
even when the results aren't visible
and often times and i walk with god and and and the truth of the matter is you
can transform your body a lot quicker than you can
your mind
because the mining there has been formed
by series of negative experiences and worldly inclinations
and maximum zand tenants amit any given time in the world with the you proceeded
or you'll feel it
diverse certain impulses and certain receptacles that you have the receiving
certain attitudes and dispositions
and sold because i've become a product of all of these things are floating
and i'm i'm sorting them from childhood and making them a part of my mental and
cerebral experiance
ait end up being something
as a part of
all the things that have come into me
no here comes cheeses
and what he says he's i want you to leave
from we do our and from called you have been for
with walter disappointments with all of your board expectations
with all of your negative experiences with all of the vestiges of the worst
things that you have had to go into work
and i want you
two-way i want you to be and i cannot only bless you
when you've change you with pink
it'll be there around june
in a beat
at your hands reach
and you will pull
the distance from
to ownership
amitag another way
what god wants me to do
and me with the ministry completely
in stockholm
what he doesn't want me to do is to be silly
two situations and circumstances ends
that that is living
you from iran
indie sometimes become slaves to things
to what habits
and anything you can say no to
and you're not in control
which i did talk about that
its acronym repairmen element to it all this
in it and you can see no with thing is that she
if you don't have t
and many times we brag about all the things we can do and how we'd lived
but at the end of the day we had not leaving
in abundance because we did not have control abundant life means i'd come
lol my destiny
and in order to kuch
rolled my best to make
i have to calm from slavery to all the ship
and uh... i and i'm talking not about owning themes
among the bomb owning myself
we ship
because at the end of the day
mostly around to me to make it forgive me peace
i have to internalize peace
heaven on and big he was existence and not collecting strike me
most situation was made for me i was not made before my situation
gave me
london's over my space
not giving my space dominance albany which means my space cannot dictate
how i feel how far more or how long rejoice for colin
towards got
garrard custody aidid
arc receiving control of the pan am responsible to put things in their
plight place
effects any other way
and i'm not in control
and so now
i can't be transformed
if i am conform
because what it is controlling me dictates
how help
right with that in mind
we have to move to another
and today he i wanted to take on
the woman with the issue
because i sent over there and i heard
so many different renditions
and then it came to mind
that in order for anybody to greek into
we're going ones and
they have to break more than simply
and generational
propensity sample kit
we don't know the problem
not just on
fifty eight years in this
but i've taken orally
my father's chunk of my father's file chunk of my father's father john
assigned to a young man with the indelibly amma try and set up the when
we come to know controls on trying to
deal with that
and when he got on the phone is father's day of his brothers did
i said yeah
effected know better
i would think that i was talking to
which means that
something in his vocals
with genetically top
and if you didn't know better
knowing that it would be
sale gaba
still makes sense
but now he has a product
boxes firearm in his father was a product of his father the product of the
product of the product
and so the stronghold is not just
fifty eight years old
the stronghold is generation
and when you go to break a generational stronghold
that's been indicted tinubu
sing-sing generations before you
you've got the handsome power from the outside
you cannot be
in the world and i thought the world
unless you have another studio
you're going to be getting straight from somewhere else because
you cannot change
if you don't change your source
i'm struggling with this over here
you g_a_t_t_ moline
into the scene please
and expect to be touched
things that teachers from making this move
of the on no
and v
the controversial
himself into the same in people
uh... and don't want to be there
yadav of hopes the equipment maker
and would leave because
dino trouble-maker
yet you know what kind of mystery
and and
since i have never gave it my squeaked through
the old days
and might not be group for the new mix
use videotape because again now you are a victim of lowering your expectation
social economic struggle for calm all is well
into booking
and what we have to overcome in order to make that quantum leap
and moved to the next level
lakota march up to five man approached this way
approaches i thought i'd do a different at night
uncomfortable with and what not
now you know
story of the woman with the issue
and we've heard it many times and i've
priest in many different ways
but i want you too
who companion
mark chapter five verse twenty five
whitley because
and we'll go to ninety you know we don't
uh... as i said i'm not paula white so
amo handle this
as carefully as i can see just come out with but it's it's just too it down
mohandas as carefully as i can over here in the tickets now
if you would be good for me because now we have more and we have the
of uh...
overall discovered before dawn on me
there's no
accidents in the game
uh... here we go
was in nineteen trades
and he says it's a woman have been issue
and her and she wouldn't have slash the blood
she shall be depart seven days and who whether to go to the uh...
shelby unclean and to be
and everything that she lined up on in her separation shelby on clean and
oldest in her
everything also that she said that the punch out to be on campus with a touch
of carpet
shelled washes schools beat himself and water and uncanny
who sort of a touch of anything back she stuck on child most schools and began
self impl
and the unclean and dirty
and on her bed to on in keeping records she sits at the when she touches shelby
and the from an allied with her all
and also i was built on the invention of the aren't really seventies
and all the bed where upon he lied shall be unthinkable woman eventual but maybe
subtype of separation of the brain beyond the government as a personal
buildings of the children admissions
as could be sofa separation should show
it's another thing is crying need to be transformed
by the removal of my mind
from my gmail written generational properties
from my
in behind the of the world's maxim swaps scenes
tenets sconce
if i have to be transformed from
vestiges of mine associations and my experience is that lips ka
shouldn't have pain
but it does remind us that we were wounded
and many times we have to be delivered
even from the memory of having been wounded
because most of us associates
with somebody
particularly if it's psychological and some of the simpson physical uh...
and delivering test come from that i have to be transformed by the ruling of
from a place of bitterness to a place of forgiveness
particularly if you have a disposition for certain things
and you already have an inclination per clip it to you may be a production
for certain things
and to be transformed
to the place where you can't even controlled
little old
discussed just you that there is a
transformation that brings to a place where you don't want it
but there's also a transformation that don't quite get
to the place where you don't want it
but you can control it
talk to some real people you know
him and i can go too far to go out of line somewhere
am i doing alright i'm within the parameters of
and i will run like a good last week so they can keep up with me
noticed if you will there is a transformation that has already begun in
your life
because there were some things that were
so much a part of your
that you just couldn't
walk away thes
c many times we've read about the stuff that really didn't have a hold of a city
accurate what happened in the cockpit voice that that we have recognized what
it meant it
but wouldn't bother me anyway
uh... years ago years ago and and and i'm going to take the next government in
two years ago
is bishop in uh...
uh... he's dead now both of them
you talk about people after did
came here to came today
he was a prolific preacher with the whole world all
inoperative student comes churches preaching
he's the intestine
this testimony this night wives
cannisters about was away on the road and somebody got sick
when i came back command or
you open the door and of course the system gutsy
you know we should c which jenny which house
to see she guys
and he said well praise the lord for a good to see
bless god
and god's got more for you
i'll see if he was about to close doors she put her foot in it
and she said
i have sent no sissy
and that is
i want you
and of course you know how we do anything to accomplish
he was the preaching in columbus ohio
the late great comments meds
and he left that custom
and college students that to him
satire to testimony and i thank god that you had the strength that got delivered
you and brought you look at that and i character test
we you talked about it and expressed
he said but they're is
going to be a woman
that she won't see anything about
few years later
things when arrive
and he had to start another church
because what happened to him broke up
but first
and he still went on to be one of the greatest prolific preaches wounds
haven't heard and seen
appointment can use it so what
toolkit over who won ci
what your stronghold is always with
who would you want
when and
or everybody got a whole lot of stress
when it come to what they don't want
when you consider the indian tent city
goes the transformation
you understand that even transformation is a process
several things in moneyline
unless some miracle takes place
i will never be transformed into the place where i don't want it
you you know
and the trench is some stuff
i'm gonna have to come true
and did just strange for me to the place where our can control it
i will have the victory arshad about that
came in last shot about the fact that i just barely made it to through but i
made it
how sharp about the fact
that long i was there lookin' them almost about to buy the
but i didn't touch ice
stomach problems
house shot up tommorrow dot looked at it dot class because i can't that extract
for talks of real people men on the
so what i have to bear
in terms of making the quantum leap
from where i am generationally
approach to the two tendencies
in wellington shaping the quickly
having been get triple-dip double-dip in all of the things
data binding habits
and i have to make his sleep into that place where god wants me but not another
not only do i have to make a movie in my mind
from the world and its maximum sentence and from my old precluded decent
wants and desires that are not michael
ice home where
becomes a place
that helps to cheaply
from making the movie
uh... we lead
what his role in the tax or what's going on although into texas
is that this will only decision will blow over
has to do you know what's immoral
little lol
she has to be separated from before
general body sick even where she said
having to watch themselves in some instances and being unclean
onto the
it would seem to me than anybody
somebody who was in the situation that is now what i had to find as abdel
because the more was literally written
for more situation
which separation or not so you could call
called do we deal
which is situation really becomes
the rural masarik
somebody who was going on at least you protecting
uh... well if you would be here
out into the store before technique
as a young lady in here
she was a little
and a little high projects
it was a lil
like she said
besides somebody
who was spiritually
she would've so
some compassion
even in our style allstate
what she said
besides somebody
who was related
miedzian yesterday
awful she sat beside
because the president was more concerned about their rules
non-profit individual
an ecologically friendly connecticut
what date did you
this religious groups
was that
what she had fallen
was said
was more coal
then she and all
since friday
because of the casino friday night she was terrific
if you saw saturday night
she was stripped
what's dad
place you can go
where somebody
via which you without judgment
and talk to your house is awful here
stops by the pick up whatever she cool
and comes to get to the police and runs into somebody
puts house mayfield you should dress
a problem if you are
and so now every dog is bringing her here
stranger from the inside out
but critics of the baltimore much danger with somebody out
start here
it's still holds
has not only got to break his rule
balmoral to jesus
three and sometimes have to break through
from the charge to jeans
because chart it opened the blinds you would have roles
in check