110418 - Hyper Report

Uploaded by HyperReport on 18.04.2011

Hello, this is Scott... And this is the Hyper Report for April 15th
of 2011.
Gold is currently trading at 1483.54 Silver is at 42.89
The Silver to Gold Ratio is 34.59 Oil is at 108.53
and the US Dollar is at 75.21
World Finance Chiefs Chastise U.S. On Budget Gap
World finance leaders chastised the United States for not doing enough to shrink its
massive budget deficit. They are also concerned that Central Banks,
like the Federal Reserve, are monetizing their countries debt.
It will not be long before countries expell U.S. Treasuries from their financial holdings
like the plague.
Consumer Price Index Summary
The bogus Consumer Price Index increased 0.5 percent in March.
Let's take gas alone. On March 1st, the average gas price was at
$3.37, and on the the 31st, it was $3.60. This is 6.8 percent increase in one month
alone. Simply put, anyone who believes the CPI index
is a fool or a fraud.
Republicans Will Make US 'Third World' Nation
The empty suit-n-chief, in the beginnings of his relection campaign,
has the chutzpah to voice the dire consequences of passing the Republcian budget.
Although not good enough to address the 1.6 trillion dollar deficit, at least the Republicans
have put something forth. Get ready,
there will be no lie too big for Obama bin Lyin to insnare the gullible, resentful, and
envious for relection.
20 Signs That A Horrific Global Food Crisis Is Coming
Here are a few 1. The world is losing topsoil at an astounding
rate. 2. The commodity price of foods, like corn,
is up considerably. 3. 3 billion people live on 2 dollars a day.
4. Water tables all over the globe are being depleted at an alarming rate
5. The price of oil is skyrocketing.
The REAL Silver High
There is so much mania about silver reaching 43 dollars; however, when one accounts for
inflation, for silver to be at its real high, it would
have to be $132 dollar an ounce. It will get there, even with pull backs and
financial shenandigans by Central bankers backed by the governments.
So keep stacking.
Gold-Shortage Threat
Kyle Bass, a fund manager in my home state of Texas,
has decided to take possession of physical gold worth 987 million dollars.
He said that if the holders of just 5 percent of contracts, at the Commex, opted to take
delivery, there wouldn’t be enough to cover the demand.
So, Keep stacking.
Hydrocarbons Could Form Deep In the Earth From Methane, Not Animal Remains
A new study demonstrates how high hydrocarbons could be formed from methane deep within the
Earth. Scientists at Lawrence Livermore National
Laboratory, using supercomputers, found that high temperatures and pressures
forces methane molecules to fuse to form hydrocarbons. With the earth creating oil naturally, can
we now stop calling them fossil fuels?
Obama Administration Unveils Internet ID Plan
The Commerce Dept. unveiled a plan to create a national cyber-identity system
that would give potential victims who opt in a single secure password and identity
for all their digital transactions. First, we know how well government, like the
Department of Veternans Affairs, is good at keeping people's information secured.
Second, what is optional now, will become required in the future.
Finally, Please prepare now for the beginning of the
economic and social unrest. Good Day