2011 I Love My Librarian Award Ceremony

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Good evening everyone and thank you for joining us tonight.
This is a very special occasion as we are gathered to celebrate the great work
done by some extraordinary librarians from around the country.
Tonight's honorees were selected from nearly two thousand
incredibly worhty nominations.
It was inspiring to see so many qualified, passionate people
who are making such an impact on the lives of others through their work.
This is a night to congratulate and honor all of you
who continue to carry the mantle
of educating the public and advancing information that is so crucial to an
informed society.
We are also celebrating the hundredth anniversary of the Carnegie Corporation
of New York.
We'll be hearing from Vartan Gregorian, president of the Carnegie Corporation,
who has been a long-standing friend
and great supporter
of libraries.
But first,
we will hear from Caroline Kennedy
whose book, Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life
with John F.Kennedy is a New York Times best-seller.
Caroline had continued the Kennedy family tradition of public service.
Her commitments involve many nonprofit boards
from the NAACP Legal Defense
and Educational Fund
to the American Ballet Theatre
and from the Commission on Presidential Debates
to the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation.
Her work with New York City Public Schools, overhauling the school's
raising seed money to test new reforms
and persuading New Yorkers to get involved in the schools in meaningful
has been applauded by all.
So to is my great privilege and pleasure to introduce Caroline Kennedy.
Thank you for inviting to join you at this special celebration.
First, I want to thank you the New York Times for hosting us and
Janet Robinson, for your continued commitment to schools and libraries.
We all wish we could have had you as our teacher.
I'd also like to salute Vartan Gregorian, his passion for libraries
and learning
is unparalleled and contagious,
a very worthy heir to Andrew Carnegie and has been wonderful friends and my mother
into my uncle Teddy.
And finally I'd like to thank
one of the educator timeouts admire him here tonight Barbara
the Director of Library Services at the NYC Department of Education
Barbara has really transformed school libraries in the city. She is the general
friend, an inspirational leader
and it made a real difference in the lives of 1.1 million
students in New York City public schools.
I'm honored to join you tonight
to celebrate ten outstanding library and and the thousands more that you
This award is truly significant because the nominations received from across the country
show that libraries continue to play a critical role in our democracy
and the librarians are once again on the front lines of a battle that will
shape the future of our country.
It's a battle that fought largely out of view and the heroes
are people who didn't seek a career of confrontation,
but who live lives of principle and meaning -
understanding that the gift of knowledge that the greatest gift that we
can give to one another.
One of the hallmarks of the great civilization
is the preservation of and access to information -
We all know that the library at Alexandria with one of the Wonders of the Ancient
And we've all learned that our founding fathers believed that libraries were essential
to the growth of America.
Benjamin Franklin helped to found the Library Company of Philadelphia and Thomas
Jefferson's personal library became the Library of Congress.
This illustrious history doesn't explain why libraries are
so often under attack-
even in our own time.
Why did Mao's army destroy Tibetan libraries?
Why did the Germans target the medieval library in Louvain, Belgium,and follow that
with the sweeping destruction and confiscation of libraries throughout central
Why did the Serbs burn the great multi-cultural Bosnian National Library?
And here at home, why were nine people arrested in 1961
during the first Read-in at a segregated public library in Jackson,
And why did the Patriot Act
seek to obtain the personal borrowing records of library patrons?
Not only because libraries are important symbols of a civilized society,
but because they are, in a sense,
tabernacles the personal freedom:
freedom of thought,
freedom of expression,
freedom of opportunity and a true test of liberty-
freedom to dissent.
In times of great political turmoil, libraries are a bastion of civil liberties,
but in calmer times are integrated into every aspect of our lives.
One of the most exciting rituals of childhood is getting your first library
and last year, one third of all americans over the age of 15,
or 77 million people, used the public library.
There could be no more compelling statistic
yet once again, libraries are under attack
this time from an insidious adversary-
indifference and lack of funds.
Access to knowledge is seen as a luxury when times are tough.
So in a difficult economic climate, we know that people need and use libraries
more than ever.
Libraries are no longer hushed reading rooms but social hubs for the
exchange of skills and information.
They've become community centers in the very best sense
places where we build community and lead together lives and dreams.
The unemployed come to find job training and job opportunities.
New immigrants come to learn English.
Students use the library for college readiness and college access.
and adolescents can explore difficult social and emotional issues in the safe
space of the library.
I've seen this first hand in my work with the New York City Public Schools.
Classroom libraries play a vital role in students' intellectual development
and school libraries
fill a larger void in their lives.
A great school library becomes a part of the school
and the center of the larger community.
A great school librarian understands that kids can succeed without the support
of parents
teachers, business partners and twenty-first century research and
writing skills.
That's why we've made libraries the special focus of the New York City
school reform efforts.
Under Barbara Stripling's leadership, the D.O.E. has created a new curriculum which is a
national model
and trained an energized, creative
professional cadre school librarians to understand
that they have the power to make a difference.
They're no longer the person who just keeps everyone quiet,
but they are really one of the most important teachers that the students
At The Fund for Public Schools we've learned that when a principal and
a librarian work together to make literacy a real priority
a relatively small amount of money can make a huge difference
in the culture of the school
Over the past eight years we've given a half million dollars to schools in
225 small competitive grants.
These bring schools up to date technologically, support family literacy
build collections for English language learners
and provide comfy furniture work it can hang out with a book.
Now, as we move towards implementation of the Common Core Standards,
the role of the librarian is becoming even more important.
We need librarians who understand how to integrate technology into their
and who can help students learn the higher-order critical thinking skills
they will need to succeed.
The other library that i'm a part of the Kennedy Library in Boston.
In addition to preserving the documents and archival record of my father's
presidency for scholars and researchers.
Thanks to my husband's
far-reaching vision
the Kennedy Library ahs broken free from its Boston home.
To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of my father's presidency
we embarked on a multi-year effort to digitize his papers, correspondence,
memos, speeches, photos and film holdings.
The record of his presidency is now available online to a worldwide audience
in their own languages.
We've also created a website for students
JFK fifty dot org
with downloadable curricula and exhibits
where users can also upload their own testimonials about service
in the spirit of President Kennedy.
None of these efforts would have been possible
without dedicated, committed and visionary librarians.
who are excited about their changing role in a changing world
who are dedicated to serving others
who respect scholarship
and who understand that you are our guides on a lifelong journey
of intellectual collaboration and collaborative composition.
Your work truly life changing.
As Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote many years ago:
Be a little careful about your library
do you foresee what you will do it
very little to be sure
but the real question is - what will do with you?
you'll come here and get books that will open your eyes
and your ears and your curiosity
and turn you inside out or outside in.
Congratulations to all of you and thanks so much. [applause]
Thank you Caroline.
And now i'd like to introduce VArtan Gregorian. president of the Carnegie
Corporation of New York.
As I have said, this year Carnegie Corporation celebrates its hundredth
and VArtan and his staff have done a truly exceptional job
of planning the celebration of this important milestone.
During this year-long celebration Vartan has showcased the
outstanding philanthropy of Andrew Carnegie
and the fine work of the many institutions that they bear his name.
He has brought well-deserved attention to an extraordinary philanthropic legacy
and to the values of education, libraries
science and international peace.
He had demonstrated his leadership everywhere he has been,
from the University of Pennsylvania to Brown University
the New York Public Library
and now of course to Carnegie.
Vartan's message about all libraries
is that they are not a luxury
they are a necessity.
They have made lives
and they have saved lives.
This is very much in keeping with Andrew Carnegie's belief
that free public libraries provide people from every walk of life and
every socio-economic level
with access to the knowledge and education
that will help them advance in life.
Vartan is also a distinguished author and has received numerous honors including
the Medal of Freedom,
the nation's highest civil award.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Vartan Gregorian.[applause]
Thank you, Janet.
Thank you, Caroline, for coming
and gracing
this occasion.
Fellow librarians and educators and of citizens of New York and the nation.
It's a special year for Carnegie Corporation of New York
as it marks
the one hundredth anniversary of the foundation Andrew Carnegie
to carry out his philanthropy during his lifetime
and to carry it forward to the future.
During our century of work, one of the proudest achievements
is the part that Carnegie Corporation played in the first major cause
that Andrew Carnegie supported and that
was always closest
to his heart,
helping to build public libraries.
Not one, not two
not one hundred -
several thousand,
and most importantly,
that these have to be free
Mister Carnegie believed that libraries are essential to the strength and progress
of American society.
They are the critical to
the purposes they serve.
They democratize access to information and knowledge,
they empower local communities,
but most importantly they empower individuals who fulfill their
aspirations and their potential.
Libraries are among the first and most important institutions of our
They embody the concept
of lifelong education.
After all, nobody can graduate from the library
or wants to.
There are no
midterms -
there are no graduations.
Libraries do not give out diplomas.
Libraries do not have graduation ceremonies, and they don't give examinations.
The only condition the library
ask is users
to do justice to their own imagination,
their own curiosity and their own thirst for knowledge and in the process to achieve
their own independence of minds, spirit
and position in society.
Libraries are also bridges
that link the past,
the present and the future.
How fortunate we are to have these remarkable-
almost magical bridges
that we can cross back and forth
on as we explore the times
that have passed and dream
of the days ahead of us.
In the years to come
these bridges are inviting enough
for individuals to stroll across
and yet sturdy enough
to support whole societies,
whole nations.
And in that connection, let me remind us all that in America,
which truly is a nation of immigrants
libraries are among the most
important links that immigrants have between their native country
and the country they have chosen to join.
Libraries are a place of acculturation,
of civic integration, of learning how to be part of America
without losing the part of yourself.
that will always remember the place where you were born.
Hence, libraries are an invaluable source
of the materials
that helped immigrants
that help immigrants to steep themselves in their past
while also building their future.
Libraries enable immigrants to join in the life of our nation while allowing us
the chance to
universalize ourselves.
And for those who have become assimilated,
libraries are a way to return again and again to the banquet of their culture
and to have their children share
in that banquet, as well.
For all of us, libraries are both the symbol and the living expression
not only of culture and history and learning,
but also of the heritage of humankind.
Walk down the aisles of a library
and you are traveling through the record of civilization,
its triumphs and failures, its legacy of intellectual, scientific and artistic
Hence, the library represents humanity’s collective memory.
It is more than just a repository: it is truly an instrument of civilization.
The library is a laboratory of human inspirations,

a window to the future,
a wellspring of action.
The library is a source of self-renewal.
It is the link between the solitary individual
and collective mankind.
It represents our community.
The library is the university of universities,
containing the source and unity of knowledge.
Almost everyone’s life has been enriched
by a teacher or what they learned in a library.
But libraries would not be the wonderful
and learning places
that they are without librarians.
And that is why we are here tonight:
to celebrate libraries and their librarians,
who are the true keepers of the flame of knowledge.
Librarians are our guides to knowledge,
the ones who classify and clarify,
authenticate and actualize our desire
to find the tools we need
to educate ourselves and to become educated individuals.
Even in the age of the Internet,
librarians are the men and women who help us to find our way
along the electronic highway,
and there are no more intellectually rigorous, imaginative, and professional
tour guides
one could find,
for himself
in the world that librarians.
Indeed, that is the business of librarians:
to help us find where we are going in life.
and perhaps to go even further
than that, because they are also
in the immortality business as well
as well as the enlightenment business
and the learning business and the democracy business.
They are also in the equality business because everybody is always
welcome to occupy a library!
The many branches of a library
are like many stations of hope and imagination.
At each station,
there is always a librarian
there to welcome you and to answer your questions.
So tonight,
we thank all the librarians, and especially
the ten men and women who are being honored
with the I Love My Librarian award.
They are extraordinary people with remarkable skills
doing an irreplaceable job.
We extend our gratitude to them, and offer our boundless
Tonight, I would also like to pay a special tribute top of the Janet Robinson
who has been the brains behind this,
but also
from South Africa
who is living us
after so many
years of service
in order to serve his her country of birth.
So I'd like to thank you for keeping the flame of libraries alive
New York City.
And last, but not least, I want also to congratulate ALA.
ALA comes to New York
and we celebrate ALA because Chicago is not big enough for them...
...so they come here.
So welcome ALA. I welcomed you many times at the New York Public Library
and tonight I award you a public library card
so the one i gave you many many years ago
for you to see that we eemember ALA also
So ALA, Carnegie Corporation
and the New York Times -
what a dynamic trio!
So thank you very much. [applause]
Now, last but not least,
uh... I may be breaking the law but I don't think I am.
uh... because
December Board meeting I'll be recommending to our Board
that the best way to celebrate Andrew CArnegie's legacy
is to give 5 million dollars
to New York's public Libraries. New York Public Library,
Brooklyn Public Library
and Queens Public Library.
The grants
are for children,
in order to provide what Caroline mentioned-
to provide libraries
for our children because many schools don't have the libraries.
So with that I hope New York once again
will remember around the country and everywhere that Carnegie is well and
and still llikes books
and still likes libraries
and they like librarians. Thank you very much. [applause]
wonderful man
thank you back on the american life elibrary fifty eighteen of the largest
and most influential every thirty eight in the world
at the president of the a leg malli raphael worked tirelessly to ensure
equal access to information and education and lifelong learning
and who better to introduce their winning librarian
and someone who believes deeply an intellectual freedom in public awareness
of the crucial values of libraries librarians and literacy
please join me in welcoming molly raphael
thank you very much janet
this is the most
fun that
any other has as president of the american library position
that probably the proudest moment we have as well
because its recognition of
so work that people do day-in and day out
in different types of library all across country
uh... when i had the opportunity to stand in last year for roberto even
i with happy to do fail but i made sure
that i could be here again the president because
process special occasion and one that we wanna celebrate with all of you
um... the prime very happy to be here i wanted give special thanks again to the
new york times for too
heaving a bit idea
many years ago starting at in new york but then recognizing
um there with high value of spreading it across the country i would also think
that um... park and gregorian for that support that the carnegie corporation
have given to death
and really elevated this uh... recognition of librarian
and i want to get back to a prank to caroline kennedy for being here tonight
and uh... delivering remark
that really inspired i think everyone in the room thank thank you all for this
hein band here before you have
i'm president american library petition by represent over sixty thousand-member
of a l a
uh... and library users nationwide n_r_a_ uh... ingest absolutely delighted
to billy be here
andrew carnegie believe that library by providing access technology in education
to everyone where the foundation of the democratic sidi
we cannot say how many lives carnegie library and all the libraries across the
country now
have touched in the past one hundred years
but thanks to his vision
and his commitment
tonight these ten winner standard testimony to the different libraries and
from all types of library continued to make in the lives of their patrons
and in their community
we wish
the carnegie corporation at special
good wish at this centennial celebration so thank you again
before we honor this year's winner i would like to acknowledge that two
thousand eleven isle of my librarian
so i'd ask them to thing and you can see them hiking up from the bright light
uh... first uh... roberta even past president who chairs the committee
how do how did that attempt to hold your part of the end if i can
uh... repair by lapd about the carnegie corporation of arkansas' recognized
diane mcnulty from the new york times to represent the new york times in the
nanti everhard from the american at the litigation school librarian which is a
division of american library thirty nations
tential if
who is from the implication of colleagues in restarts library
and margaret warner from the public library thirty a fitting so can we give
them around
date kept it through over
seventeen hundred nomination although they had
some help
from from a life that that megan if i like to call them i want to recognize
megan humphrey and megan mcfarland for the tremendous work
encoding together
and i'd also like to acknowledge keep michael field the executive director of
the american library for the patient with here
as well as
mari and telephone with the president he left one of the american library
and hardly any longer with the treasurer of the american library sufficient
oliphant here
and now to our winner
idec i'd like to ask for birds even to join me here on the status we honor
tonight's winner
uh... yet
uh... or
i have a special honor because paper-thin comes from the library where
i think most of my career the district of columbia public library
through its adaptive services division and the d_c_ public library help the
deaf community
visually impaired community older adults
veteran pfenninger service people that are used for library
and head of the department veneta dampened and her team help instill
offense of the longing and competent
and children who participate in braille book club
introduce visually impaired teens to career opportunity
run game night for blind unloaded and gamer
and host sign language story hour
said one of her community partner
finish its work
create exactly quote but our library should be
safe haven for all
and a portal to the report that we need to enrich our lives
veneta deb
thank you carnegie corporation of new york
the new york times than the american library that the issue for this
wonderful award
of special significance
to me
what the doors that my nomination
my talented staff
and the community of people
with disability and the district of columbia
whom i have
the honor and privilege to
together we are transforming the adaptive services division and that the
people click library
into and inclusive community play
i think that the description up their uh... that with so nicely britain uh...
bite my nominate hers
touches upon many of the things uh... that we do in adapted services
but i would like you all to know is that the community of people with
disabilities our people not disability
they are diapers adv hours defy the at march with diverse needs and that first
all we need to do is making acceptable for them teach people how to use the
captive technology
and opened the door for them to freely and independently persecutor entrance
whether they be literary educational employment related or just plain fine
the library in and faith in welcoming community play
and adapted services we offer recognized that the library
is not only a physical plane
but it is becoming increasingly about increasingly it virtual play
so we in our programming in our meeting we attempt to include peopled by
electronica mean
from places
all over the country and in some cases all over the world
so i put that might attempt and my comments once again by thank thank you
very much
uh... that the word is not done much for me ad for the people that i think
so i'd like to invite the award recipient
to come up to the states
that uh... as you hear your name
from time to pray at the beginning sometimes that isn't i think it's nice
that people can
do you hear elsewhere i'm reading description
so marty therapy
set the tone that let
everyone knows they're welcome at the happily public library treasured
one hundred and twenty year old historic landmark structure
and in the field
certainly get the message in the past ten years the library has dean eight
three hundred and sixty five percent increase in visitor
in a county where fourteen percent unemployment
the library offered help with resume writing
an interview technique
senate business resource fenner kick-start dreamed of entrepreneurship
for adult literacy student
marty had created a friendly and quiet atm here
and she had partnered with local organizations to co-sponsor nest a
for high school students
a million dollar renovation campaign to ensure the library is ready for the next
of muskegon resident
marty therapy
without the public library is house
and having twenty one-year-old richard volume romanones
inspiring by childcare cleans reading
altogether caldwell into currently
the building up two dollars
seven fireplaces
the original would work
a glass portals to experience
he w_p_a_ murals in the children's department
luminal a stain glass windows and the word is maintenant
one day i was walking through the library and i thought child
looking around
open well all that multiple
lady you won't have library
now i pled
you do
the people of the gagan
well thanks
in depth of my blue here
the libraries those about people
cm back
about librarian
and that the brightest
and not the most knowledgeable
and circling that even the paula librarian
and i know that we can look like a lot of rain in my brother peter flaherty
internet you get me by two inches
and i cannot tell you
about the future library contained herein
or in five years but it can take it you book or even while public library you're
going to be like next year
i'm pretty sure about tomorrow
uh... like thousands of other people i'm just doing what i'm paid to do
i come in on the morning
i'll leave sometime at night
and doing what i'm trying to do till i strongly believe him
i'm the one standing here before you receiving this very home wing on it
the public library camp and because of people replied to me
the people that had their lining up at ten o'clock in the morning the people
that have to be reminded that the library clothing at night
the other people that work there
the front of the library that nominating me
the stress field
the contributor simple answer please
the people that pay their property taxes
god love them
the people that vote
i am thrilled and humble you've received this award on behalf of all those people
thank you kindly corporation of new york
thank you new york times
thank you uh... american library association
what does one need to be a strikingly intelligent business outreach librarian
according to jennifer cocaine nominate her
alan cart leads
who would be with us tonight
one need to take quote unique combination of outreach
information technology and restart skill and quote
as well as engaging manner professionalism and creativity
jennifer has used these gill
at this in a very public library to create program conservative
who'd excellent is known throughout the state
her program offered the unemployed not only a place to learn is skill
but a welcoming space to collaborate in network
as one local businessperson said quote
jennifer is one of the most brilliant shining gem
that support connecticut business community
set up her child
decapitated we're all um...
i know it into the other
nine books that we are all too intimidated to read each other's
and uh... threatened
this one to share that with you
thank you very much
about five years ago i got a phone call
because my dad
he was really really excited
he'd just come back from a trip to boston
and a highlight of the trip was a trip to the boston public library
yeni yet
it would still great if you're needing space
and i know real librarian there
needed dated me back a little
but it also got me thinking about
what is the real library
my dad recovering from the surgery and couldn't be here which is a real shame
i think he would've met a lot of real librarians tonight
i know i have
i think being a real-life wariness about caring maybe too much
he need around you in creating program services environment
to help people in our community dr
and to meet their needs and their dream
and deeply honored
and humble and humble
to be recognized for my work
i'm also thrilled to keep so many of my colleagues and friends come out and
support tonight
i work with many that some people
these patrons in clients and colleagues have become friends
they take the work
how did the job
and i've got to take an eticket is a great place to be a librarian
thank you to my director steven bullock our board of directors led by charming
clue are friends of the library
and my colleagues at the fins very library
every day i realised how lucky i a m
and landed at the seems very public library for my first library job
those guys are always willing to step back and let me do my thing
you not only go along with my crazier ideas but the even joining in and help
make them work
you are are yes people
in the best possible way
dual gotten into here tonight is the forward-thinking businesswoman and
she founded the growth of our business resource center
and alan partridge into the rosenthal my nominee theirs
the real prices than the being able to collaborate and get to know if it's
accomplished women
so much of our work supporting job seekers in the region
had been a shared after
thank you both
thank you could be a l_a_ emmy awards selection committee
i really don't and beer cannot get briefly if you could give me a winner
and thank you to the carnegie corporation of new york in the new york
times internet and new the new york times
any parallel libraries are struggling to get the recognition for the role between
their communities
it felt wonderful
that you've taken the lead and making sure
that we don't go on notice
and under were did
finally i have to think my friends and family many who are here tonight
my picture in my mama here and they are only two there for me
my wonderful in lifetime infusing her here my dad my brothers my sister-in-law
my nieces and nephews who all they wanted to be here but couldn't
and by may have to think my husband bill
who put up with my crazy schedule he continuously makes me laugh
anne helps keep me
thank you
in his nomination for dr rhonda rios crab
sacramento city college student roberto goodman
who is here with us tonight
federal rhonda quote
when you are around her
she make anything impossible
rahe shepherded student machine macbeth undergrad
all the way through their p_h_d_ program
and then on to employment
at that fellow academic
she also advises the caucus of undocumented students
through her guidance they have become impassioned advocate for public policy
that directly affect their lives
as one faculty member said
she is the most dedicated enlightened and progressive administrator and mentor
on our campus
educators do not get any better
doctor ratner real
between one of the taliban thing i needed to be one of the should driver
into upgrade
and podium belet ramirez intimidating to they would be like i need one of the
blue-black lift the ban about them
and in a letter and boulder you're hearing
and today i work
fortunately none oregon publicly-funded community college
tuchman city college department of california
i think very can and everyday basis
how important after
and how important library are
she liked it
might even cannot afford to buy their textbook
our library becomes a major wait for them access information
one woman
from on my team
and learned about hoc i have learned about two billion
and what it means you have a commitment to make a difference in the world
at the library and
and now the team
i feel fortunate to work in a profession
that anything he love me to address the achievement gap
to fight again inequities
and to work for equality
at the library and
i am definitely committed to forceful jeff
i know mom with many of my migraine colleague know that at beacon
and values matter
and that we work
for the common good
i feel deeply humbled by this award
and grateful
you have worked with so many outstanding individual
i really need to get at something
so all
and faculty are both batman b
and sacramento city college
and you all of the individual confirmed
including my dream is if you've heard for vertical month leaving the audience
who everyday eight barrier
the persevere
an also very grateful to another good public that the hull
it's good that impact in its ability
who work calif
that we need to do fell armpit
bacteria tried
molucca delivery
their accomplishment
i cannot
leave without thanking my family
my husband even in the audience
my mother
and my daughter and i have to tell you special story about my daughter
she got a first library card when she was born since nineteen eighty nine
we walked in the library and when we were in the library they would not quit
telephone conference with a quick
triathalon pay provide recurring in
would definitely
and earth-shaking and moving experience
i'm never ever
to be forgotten
healthy navibank alive rico colleague when the commitment to gain game
that we have graduated in nineteen seventy nine the fact that he can leave
remain colleague and friend in keeping with good protesting
any company all one on
the carnegie organization
new york times in american life here
for them
partnership and we are delighted to beijing but i'm really awful and i think
although special committee for that worked with over the years and
particularly the ethnic conflict is
and uh... have taken a proforma directly back to agree he taught me
like declining or do anything said that we are here
to do we'll and permanent good that we have a purpose
and that prevent can never be forgotten
again at the glove keeping all of them nine other
nominees in the way the
it's a infectious special even for me i would be grateful for the rest of my
for having the opportunity
motif you've gotten
jennifer ludden guard
unparalleled passion
for and dedication to her crap and hard work at the librarian at myrtle grove
middle school
made a true believer out of nominate her in teacher
take halo
jennifer collaborated with katona literacy research project that kate said
changed her instructional life
and the reading lives of her students for ever
last year jennifer spearheaded a pilot
he reader program
she put the covenant devices into the hands of struggling seventh-grade reader
who became a school to be readers ambassadors
the program change the students outlook on reading
and ultimately
major school a better place
jennifer a car
i don't think i could tell anyone in a trend that this is an attempt here for
that celebration that the war
the work of the nine people who i think that badly in the background
and the work of all the people who now are manning the reference after already
left the band instead of hobnobbing with caroline kennedy in new york any
uh... all of that confirmed for me what i think everyone in this room alternate
and that is that library librarians and most importantly our patrons are worth
fighting for
delicate that renewed sent the program
and i humbly but fight so we accept that the widest
on behalf of the infant ethnic group of metal pole
without whom my work would meet again
i have to think the carnegie corporation
in new york current the american library finished it at that peace and even the
may in time for didn't mention
and niki taylor who nominated me
my principle here all week that yes no matter what creepy idea i have
and all of you think you fell much but if the ward and finally my dear sweet
husband david who board from stranger even thought when i became a library and
i'd work u_s_ hours instead of more
i'd island
and now roberta and i worked which places and she will announce that five
additional recipient
thank you mommy
lengthy opening in two thousand two tel aviv mill elementary school in laurel
south carolina and despite continual budget one
at the long had managed to double the library media collection in creating
inviting learning bang
re-enactment of that to early twentieth century hello thailand
and up and how it's changed the students at a school in africa
are just to examples of how betsy enhances student loan
becky also created a morning exercise club for aplia too
with the goal of building there's self-confident while mentally and
typically preparing for their day
her principal and monitor ginger kato who live here with us tonight
third pepsi always innovative
creative in forward-looking
she is a fabulous hormonal for all of a said people
i would think we mixed up
now i have yeah okay
we will retrieve the plaque from launder i don't need that the warnaco
i can't even at
she was pretty great
if i think brother ed only by thinking on the shoulder of giants
that that the fight that they need by private meeting
the rock band r_e_m_ and many other staff victory could if that different
ecn especially meaningful quite gloomy because i have family died at bank and i
expect that the ward
i'd like to thank my mom and dad
he courted made the public library countless times as a child and provided
me comfortable at for our the reading adventure
then there's andrew carnegie
he gave a nation thought of it first public library
asap trekking on four th man who worked hard to establish libraries and public
finally amat get bank he supported administrators like my principal ginger
cake and
he tried but i know i do my job well
and encourages me to strive to be better each and every day that that more
children may witness the magic of good literature
i would also like to thank our d corporation in new york
the new york time in the american my belief that the asian they've made it so
that possible
thank you all for allowing me this incredible honor and thank-you to all my
children and every one of the month
you make me proud to be a librarian and loved being a librarian thank you
the library and you can in high school extremely a destination for active
engaged learning
thank you michelle middle-east open armed
arms open the attitude towards change and integration new technology into
her nominate her mccain student michael d nekia who live here without the
feeding said that michelle and her team make themselves completely acceptable in
the library entries social media and online course management software
michelle the bulk up off to the youth of people to encourage group collaboration
and communications school
she is a true innovator an impressive teacher talented organizer proactive
researcher and a bit about tech geek
michelle little
helped though
like that all of you propose
uh... carnegie corporation of new york
mac and i think that peace in the new york times
and michael been here
thank you for the fire
in the fall of two thousand annoying near time thought that columnists fruit
tom friedman wrote a piece called the new untouchable
it was about the role of education
in creating recession-proof workers
and he challenged
kal to grow larger
who could make them with the imagination to make them open touchable
uh... to invent martyr wave
of doing old job
greener ways of providing it services
new wave to attract old factory and combine existing technology
if that we don't need more education
we need the right indications
so one minute film that might arise standing here because they do things
right technique and hopeful librarian
but that's actually not it
we do a lot of things right but we're here because they are given permission
to experiment
and to make mistakes
if the beauty of true learning
learning it fun it's interactive
involves risk
it requires imagination curiosity
and prefer the rent
all of that that you can type cool
didn't think he should be like her committed that luxury the luxury at the
rate education
that my colleague christina repellent i tried to deliver applied for a program
that empowers memberid at the new chemical community to be better
self-directed and more deductible learners
we coach didn't to become their own teachers
it clear that week share in the collective responsibility for the
community is learning
and though this award belong to that community
for trapping in empowering it school librarian
q innovate learning with student
biking uh... few experiment
and to evolve into grow
and by granting teachers
the rate education u_n_ strip didn't and even better one
so this evening's recognition hot at that principle
librarian fund iraq border such enthusiasm for the norm
avondale neighborhood a birmingham alabama that when she talked about what
you doing in the community
renominated t excellent goal
sandra had turned the library which is in the middle of two public housing
communities into a valued
state learning fun
fender has lead
school comply giveaway
has started a group for young mothers
and dropped off both intrigued to home-bound elderly painter
north avondale community have demonstrated
and equal amount of enthusiasm for the library
during recent budget threat
one clapton collected twenty dollars worth of penn and donated it to the
library thunder rock
good evening
as i think before you tonight
i want you to know that i feel like the luckiest girl in the world
i feel lucky because i looked like it with a amazing award
i feel lucky because well-meaning people believed in me
to be recognized as a champion in your field does not happen often
i'm glad to be standing in the winners circle
i did not get to the point alone
yours so many people i want to thank
including carnegie corporation of new york
the new york times and the american library at the agent
i don't want to thank them with my biggest cheerleader
my husband
my family
the birmingham public library system
my patron and of course my nominated quindlin the after well
i think they own here tonight and tell you that i truly love what i do
i was born to be librarian
a librarian who not only a book let her community
i know it
my patron nellie indictment
he needs that need to take the path
attack that i look forward to taking each day i'd go to work again i want to
thank you for that opportunity
it could experience i won't forget thank you
rebecca trial has become one of the most valuable resources temple universally
with satellite campus of temple university in philadelphia
in addition to interdicting student two reports method
rebecca proven
student papers
and who did not have developed writing seminar turned up eleven or
so that the campers
has busy graduate student that can act of two anytime
he also developed a home in the library for
adjunct faculty complete with the death reference too boring impede valuable
part-time instructor through thick and thin
rebecca trough of the role model and integration provoke faculty and students
there's one back remember third is quite attachment when graduating student
recognized rebecca as one of the main reason they were fixed up
the back it wrong
i'd like to thank the academy haha
echoed one of my friend didn't warrington
it's just like when you come here in time for your category
but i really would like to thank the track record
corporation of new york
the new york times
uh... for their um... support and noticed up librarian
when my brain usally sort of quiet
and sometimes not too pushy but they'll recognize both and i think they do for
their patron and their students
have like to thank the american library for she said proudly is to inform
support an advocate for library and librarian
and um... of course the selection committee go back to other in
might to end the conflict camp leavitt
really a frail
but my father to think that your friend claudia therapy nominated me
we've been only been a librarian for five-and-a-half years my previous life i
no latin teacher
that library until at least each atlantic at the librarian
weird combination i think
uh... doctor do away claudia doing my nominate her who i hang up call
factor denominated
with it i'm just so thrilled itchy
noticed that the work that i didn't in the time that i've been there
and that she found other to with help from right nomination speak
speak uh... her nomination report
uh... that the other contributors too
i'm gay fair insight so that i could get this award and the director of temple
uh... link more
i don't like to thank
uh... my family
my beautiful daughter who is here tonight to
when i went back to my rates going to that in nineteen ninety-eight finished
in two thousand one she went to college e proofread my papers for me and he went
into my library story
i'd like to thank mike
her who
i met some of his senior year football game because i was going to either in
and i'd like to thank my husband
do with my new library our twitter the famous teaching our tech taken over all
of the cooking duties
pickets really like to come home and have them you know already for me
when when i got to temple character five and half years ago
the previous liberian had left five-and-a-half months earlier and had
been reasonably dark during that time
so if there was a lot to be done and i'm kind of a one-man band and the only
librarian there
on temple terrace ardent any shopping mall
with a lot of the government offices and write out my window at the track for
and integrated in and personal work
education and cyclic educational administration community regional
and on we have found uh... interned at the capital of harrisburg
so we have monthly eight night and we can't pull
uh... non-traditional student
who is a variety of people that i think that it has been a pleasure to work with
them vilified him yes i have to think
receiving this award differently loved a librarian i really love my library
thank you very much
during her each teen years declined the checked community college of indiana
barbara weaver has worked diligently to improve the life of a student at the
college it four campuses
she helped established
mythic michigan city campus library
which she is currently in the process of redesigning
and developed i detect
peer tutoring program which she coordinated for seventeen years until
her guidance
mated typical full-time department
she connects
the campuses
in their community through the northwest indiana one book reading initiative
book to bridge the region
she also would fight the passion for reading among the community under the
youngest members
by providing a collection of picture book for student children while their
parents he liked the report without the library barbara we
thank you
i grew up in the cornfields
central indiana
and then i went north for northwest indiana iowa i got to work and to public
and then the last eighteen years in a community college life
and i know that i was one of the ten winners nationwide electric
i thought i could have been crowned sienna
here right
i thought banks tried to
but i'd like to thank the new york times
the american library association
carnegie corporation of new york
you get a tremendous way honoring dedicated like world field
who are making a difference in my life
whether they are
and you constant like one
so many whether they nevada who could be out there a if you know what can i
so i'm honored to be here
an armored being there for them
indicate that i want to thank my nominate a at least accomplish
among the truck
who believed in you know
who want to nominate me
or simply transfer has been volume
invalidate what i do every day and my belief that i think a community college
one of the things that i've been involved with recently unconscionable
and has been focusing on literacy
but in a word about the power of the reading
leading when john mack
reading for expanding one mining leading to engage with other meaningful
discussions unimportant topics
whether what reading a novel
reading about someone's life story
i think that if you win in mexico group
booked graduating
this quickly voluntary group of my growing too costly seven counties at
northwest indiana
compo draft public school and academic life going
and to gather with them and ivy cap
we have been produced by college students to new levels of freedom
who joins us book distractions we have taken control field trip
thought opted for the college
on lay michael work
on the world
and on nightline
but mostly i want to thank all the tech community college northwest
the paper happy hour and other companies in the library bowl in academia
hooked on their support behind the life of the mission
and i would be a mess if i did not awesome thank the good knowledge but
many black change
wonderful and on time
when my parents
litespeed than my family themselves via an inch kale values that i thought it
hardwork respect for others
and not the book
another young packages leland i think that the only handicap is going on
micah never stopped mike them and whatever you want to will be behind you
whether we can only apply to pan out
reading books involving a drummer that turned out to be a lightroom behind
making others said there was anything that could stop him
believing going up again out
believing they are quite willing for the future in america's arteries
and discovered
argued many will never forget the flight we've all been part of it anti-buchanan
marketing beautiful city last october
wonderful evening
and i think everyone for coming tonight method of the most extraordinary event
i want bank marching on and then carnegie corporation of new york for
their generosity and public period
particular thank tou kanei corporation through kaya pallav
probit payment program i would also like to thank the megan even now i get a
method to mention them right
the megan for all of their hard work
we have a number of special guests here the feeling that i wanted to thank
demand as well for being part of the special evening kate levin commissioner
of cultural affairs for new york city
tonymar the new head of the neighborhood near public library and ten o'clock a
head of the queen public library
and linda jahn then head of the brooklyn public library
and i want to play once again congratulations
to this year's i love my librarian award winners
you have ever expect an admiration for all that you do each and every day and
for all that you have accomplished liam out grateful
thank you good evening and happy holidays