Chocolate and wine

Uploaded by Tescofoodandwine on 10.10.2012


Chocolate is notoriously a pretty tricky thing to match with wine but if you
don't want to go for something like Port, something a little less sweet and different
then I would go for this Australian red sparkling wine, that's right, a red sparkling wine from
Australia. This one is a Brown Brothers Cienna Rosso. It's made from the grape variety Cienna
which is very special to this particular producer in Victoria.
It's really inviting, really fruit filled
notes full of blackcurrant and blackberry, dark fruits which is really inviting. On the
It's a little bit sweet, little fizzy, which will be great for the texture of the chocolate.
So if you want something with chocolate I'd go for the Brown Brothers Cienna Rosso Sparkling
Red from Australia. Cheers!