Google Apps @ NC State - Configuring Gmail for BlackBerry Tour

Uploaded by NCState on 02.06.2010

Go into your email settings, located in the Setup folder.
Under Add an existing email account click Add
then select other
For your email address type your
For the password field, type anything but your true password.
I know that sounds odd but an incorrect password here
will make it possible for you to adjust the server settings later.
Try something simple like NCSU then click Next>
Ignore the error message at the top.
Scroll down and select the second option that says,
I will provide the settings to add this email account. Then click Next>
On the Select Account Type screen
Choose the first option, This is my personal email account then click Next>
Stay with the default that says I will provide the settings to add this email account. Click Next>
For the User Name field enter your email address,
For the email password field, include your correct Unity password.
For email server, type
Then click Next>
A confirmation screen appears once your email account is configured.
Click Ok.
A new icon for this mailbox has been added to your Home screen.