Rower, Kolej, Góry... Lubię to!

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bicycles, trains, mountains, the video memory on the road.
Our journey begins on the second platform Sosnowiec Główny
In Katowice we go to another elf (EN76), this time towards the Wisła.
The first point of the expedition, the railway viaduct in the Vistula Głębce.
concrete railway bridge with a length of 122 m and a height of 25 meters, built in 1931 by the stream Łabajów the 1933rd The planned extension of a line to Zwardoń - Wisła, but work was interrupted by World War II and thereafter, the project was abandoned.
This object is a fantastic view of nearby mountain area.
From June 2012 operations on the route to carry out "Track Śląskie"
Point number two is known kubalonki loan, where the wheel without treading on the Convention reaches 65 km / h
third point of the presidential tour is a small castle, built between 1929-1930 as proposed by Adolf Szyszko-Bohusz.
head of state comes to Wisła, use the rail position
Czerniański reservoir, created for preservation purposes and as a reservoir of drinking water at the confluence of black and white Wisełka Wisla in Black
And here is the other side firewall and joined both Wisełka.
Mountain streams are something that attracts the human eye, namely Black Wisełka here for a few yards before connecting with white Wisełka.
On the way we pass the chapel on the tourist routes, next to Stecówka.
Clearing the Koniaków choose the perfect place to eat sandwiches, and enjoy the beautiful view of the eyes
After lunch direction Istebna
The region is rich in many cycling routes
We went on hastily Pub Istebna eleventh in 1900, Paul Stalmacha a memorial church.
Good Shepherd parish in Istebna, founded in 1793 and a year later the building was built by the present parish church.
We are further to the south
On the way we decide to visit the church of Saints Peter and Paul in Jaworzynka.
Inside the church are decorated with numerous wooden ornaments typical of the area.
As it turned out a few yards away, was a day of indulgence parish.
And we go on to the junction of three borders, so. Trojmezi
Obelisk of Poland
Czech Obelisk
Obelisk Slovak
Until the accession of these countries to the Schengen Agreement, it was at this point triple border: Jaworzynka - Hrczava - black.
at Czierne Czadci stop turn right on Slovak Trojmezí.
I peel Zwardoń direction, and so Skalite place.
This Skalite pięciotysięczna the Slovak community in the country żylińskim, 1 June 1992, after decades of continuous running rail pass here Zwardoń-Skalité.
And that's the main station in the rock. Polish dachshunds ET41-118
And we come to the Polish border in Zwardoń, visit the office of school holidays in February 2012, Borders Hotel.
Church of the Visitation in Zwardoń has an interesting architectural design.
The view from the station platform Zwardoń in advance and waiting for departure, our train.
And after about three hours for flights landing station becomes a reality.
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