Coyote Insider #1 - Happy New Year, Admissions Holds and Transcript Deadlines

Uploaded by CSUSBAdmissions on 09.01.2013

Hey all you Coyote fans! Christopher Bohse here; an admissions counselor
for Cal State San Bernardino. Just letting you in on our latest social media
project that we are working on here. "The Coyote Insider"
Where I myself and others are going to let you know the latest things
that are going on in the admissions office. So you can stay informed about the things
that matter most to you! So Those of you that came back for Winter
Quarter 2013... Welcome Back!
For those of you that didn't quite make it in,
don't worry we're going to get you all the information you need
in order to be admitted for the next available quarter.
In the mean time, lets keep you updated on what's going on in the admissions office right
now. For those of you that didn't quite get an
application in, I'm afraid we have to tell you that we are
indeed closed for Fall and Spring 2013. For those of you that had cancelation holds
on your file Don't panic.
Everything is going to be okay. Just, pay attention to why it's going on.
It's not that you've been kicked out of school... It's just that, right now, you're missing
somthing that makes you eligible to attend. Say, maybe your transcripts.
So make sure you call the admissions office... Or, check your Mycoyote to see what it is
that you might be missing, so we can get that hold removed.
Because students for the winter quarter were required to have
the "Associate for Transfer Degree"... We need to make sure that you turn in your
transcripts so we can verify the fact that you have that
degree and, therefore, admitt you fully to the University.
So make sure you turn in those official, sealed transcripts
by Friday the 11th to make sure that admissions cancelation hold
won't cause you any trouble. Some of you guys out there got those happy
holiday messages and kinda thought that maybe since they were
from the admissions office that you were admitted to the university.
Guys, I'm really sorry about that. That was not our intention.
That wasn't an admissions letter. So you haven't been admitted yet,
but don't worry we are working on those applications, and we will get back to you as soon as we
possibly can. No admissions decisions have been made yet
for Fall 2013. so just hold on for us because we are working
on those. Hey guys, thanks for watching.
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