Zinfandel Festival - Epicuria 2012

Uploaded by WineFolly on 31.01.2012

Here's the plan. We're at zinfest, there is probably about 500 people here. But we have
a goal. I have a foodie friend, and he needs to be fed the best zin and food pairings,
known to man.
We can't keep up you guys. We can't fill a platter! As soon as we make one up, it's gone!
This guy made an incredible BBQ sauce out of zin.
It's about one hour on the smoker. We do all our smoke with oak and almond, also, we do
a little olive wood occasionally. One of our owners has an olive orchard.
It's got a good flavor, again, it's fairly simple, it has the sweet and spice which match
well with the zinfandel. I think a little bit of heat, a little bit of spice, make each
other better.
Hello my name is Josh Bartels, one of the winemakers at Kokomo Winery and we do five
different vineyard designation zinfandels. And we certainly love zins, it's a beautiful
varietal as far as being a food wine, it's actually a wonderful food wine. At drycreek
vineyard we actually have very sophisticated zinfandels that we're showcasing here today.
My name is Michael Tuohy, I'm the chef at Dean Deluca. This is a Moroccan spiced pork
and chickpea stew.
That is actually a good pairing.
It's actually better than you'd imagine.
You're kinda right because, at first I hate it, because the wine gets super tart. And
then it washes your mouth out. All I'm left with in my mouth is cinnamon and nutmeg, it
makes me super happy.