Orlando Lands 2012 All-Star Game - IBO's Channel

Uploaded by miaguess786 on 29.05.2010

it is my great pleasure to announce today
that orlando and the family sent that will host
the NBA all-star game in two thousand twelve
and it's really not just the game it's a week long series of of that
and waste center this is the first time I've ever been to a press conference with heart
to announce the most of the game but it's pretty darn exciting
and we sent there will be an extraordinary so
it's designed and constructed to meet certification requirements
for in and find mentally green building
it's anticipated that will be lead certified
and that will be joining what was rose garden grow report was rose garden atlanta's phillips
in miami's American airline serving and we're proud of that in India
eight hundred seventy five thousand square feet of space here
it's only twice size of the car and family arena and it's going to have
of course the state-of-the-art digital scientist network
with more than one thousand one hundred
high definition screens okay it
it couldn't be better
and the city could be better because the land though has first class
other entertainment options
and central Florida is a destination now for visitors from all over the world
up for me the all star game is a celebration and a showcase for everything about the NBA
for one week that week we're talking about orlando
will become the basketball
capital of the world thousands of hour
friends from around the world
tourists you name it they will all be centered here
and most of all it's one of my favorite events because it's part basketball showcase
part family reunion
we will have
local elections in
each Sunday morning at the legends brunch it's our best attend the event we get a chance
to tell
the people who brought us here
how much they mean to us and thank them for what they've done
%uh I just want to say that the entire
magic organization from onerous for boss haunt them
I sat next to a good example of giving back to the community
and we look forward simply to eating and building on that