Produkt Crew Summer Tour 2010 HD (1080p)

Uploaded by sunPROcrew on 30.12.2010


What's up What's up

Produkt Crew's on tour in Croatia. I am a tourist.

It is a trip, adventures

This is how we are living. It is a beatiful country

There is sea behind us! Wooooooo I am a tourist

Parky, Does Matus drive well?

This country is beautiful

Tell me Is he a good driver?

Matuš is not a driver yet

Put them higher!

Like that

Hold the wheel like that and look at road

And keep both hands on the wheel all the time

Wait. I have to turn left right now

And pass your one hand after the other!

Did you see that sign?

It is 10km/hour sign

And the previous sign?

There was Hotel Biokovo on the previous one

Alright. Where the f*ck is your hand?

You bugger!