Adding Metal Leaves to CrissCross - Kevin Caron

Uploaded by kevincaron on 15.05.2008

(Working on CrissCross sculpture)
The Voice: Hey, Kevin. What are you doing?
Kevin Caron: I'm playing hopscotch today.
I'm trying to dance around in between this thing, trying to lay out all these leaves.
This is a vine sculpture I'm making. It's going to go on the wall right outside the front door of a house.
We're laying out all these leaves, trying to figure out just where we want them,
so we can get the welder out and tack it all together. And we can stand it up and see how it looks.
But we're just trying to figure out what shape we want where and we've got right hand and left hand leaves,
you can see right here.
So, we're; and we've got some other little ones we may cut off, just to get a little different;
you know, a little half-a-leaf kind of shape out there.
Give you a little curlicue like that, just cut him off right in there.
Ah, he may go on the other side.
And then we're going to weld them all together and see how it looks.
This is made out of solid steel rod that was textured at the factory to look like tree bark.
These are solid steel; no, they're hollow. Hollow steel.
You can see where they put them together inside where they just took a flat piece of steel
and rolled it all over to make a big coil out of it, or make a stem out of it.
Then they hammered that piece down to put the little leaf pattern and the veins in it.
It's all done on a power hammer, probably.
It took maybe three or four minutes to form it.
These took maybe five minutes altogether to form.
And then we're going to take it to the powder coater and have them clean it up
and have it spray painted some kind of a greenish tint to make it look kind of like a vine, and then we'll go home.
This is called CrissCross, by the way.
Well, I've got to get back to work, so you guys have fun. I'll see you next week. Bye!