15 сентября 2012. Марш миллионов - 3.

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Valeriy, from Borisoglebsk
We came to Moscow to tell about the decision to extract nickel.
We are protesting, but our protests are hushed up.
Yevgeniy from Novohopersk
This nickel brings us death. It is dangerous by itself.
Everybody knows from school, that during extraction
Arsenic and sulphur also rise to the top.
If the enrichment plant is built, all of this will be in the atmosphere.
It turns out, that the entrepreneurs do not care about people?
They do not care about lives. If this happens,
The greatest national park Hopersky, will be ruined.
People and animals will die and soil will be ruined.
Our soils are feeding practically all the country.
We could get extinct like the Hazars, we do not want this fate.
We are absolutely against any extraction of nickel.
If only this nickel was for our country.
95% of it is planned for the export.
Even from Norilsk Nickel, almost everything is exported.
Cobalt is also exported. We will see nothing of it.
So, it seems that the country is being used
almost as the occupied territory?
They want to extract profits, line their pockets, and just leave.
Leave for better countries and we will be left with ruins
To die, together with our kids and grandkids.
Oleg Nikolayevich, from Uriupinsk
The most important is the river Hoper.
It flows into the Don, then into Azov and the Black Sea.
They are going to dig the 600 meter deep shafts,
it will all get into Hoper, fish will die.
Then Don, then Azov and so forth.
In the XIII century Batiy invaded here, in the XX - Hitler,
But there was no such danger as this one.
It is threatening our nature, our people and our lives.
The nickel extraction decree was signed by Putin.
He practically has sold our land without asking the people about it.
We labored on this land as our ancestors did for centuries.
We wrote lots of letters, but nobody wants to hear about it.
If you are fed up with unaccountability of the authorities,
If you do not like the reign of lawlessness in Russia,
Welcome to Moscow, to the March of the Millions.
If you could not make it here today,
I am am inviting you to walk together with Politvestnik TV.
It is nice to see guys from the Navy reserve.
What made you come here, to the March of the Millions?
Alexei Tulayev
We do not agree with politics of the government.
We are not happy with some things going on the contry,
Like some recent court trials and the yesterday story with Gudkov.
It is just a political pressure.
We know situation in the Navy very well. The river fleet is no more.
All the fleet is over 30 years old, which leads to tragedies, like Bulgaria.
I was involved with the Northern Deliveries to Kamchatka
And Yakutia, the situation with the river fleet there is bad.
There are no ships younger than 20.
And the government does nothing?
They know about it. All ships are mortgaged twice.
Northern Deliveries are managed horribly, through the third parties,
Their owners are local government members.
There are two or three middle men and this is why
Petrol there is 42 rubles per litre. This leads to high utility prices.
Bedlam is everywhere. Like the situation in Rostov.
They do not talk about it on TV. We find out on the internet.
Lots of national projects are in ruins.
Do you think that Marches like this one can change things?
Yes, that is why we came up. There is more and more of us.
People wake up and start understanding what is going on. It is inspiring.
Konstantin Krylov
While people are still in prison and the political system
is still a shameful affair, we would be a part of the protest movement.
Perhaps even longer, because we have our political program.
Sergey Nefedov, a Hero of Russia
It does not matter, whether it is a hundred,
or a hundred thousand peole.
What matters, is concentration of will and aspiration in the society.
When the authorities compare protestors to bedbugs, it is a cover up.
They are cowards, they do not want to talk
to the real people, anarchists, nationalists.
Everybody has the right for a place under the sun,
including a homeless and a president in Kremlin.
They both have a right to live. They both are entitled
To what is written in our great Constitution.
What is written there, is not being followed and we can see that.
This is why we came here to talk.
It would be great, if the authorities came here to talk to the people.
If they could just get over themselves, over their arrogance.
It would have been the best change, it could
Get some steam off and accomplish something real.
Sergey Udaltsov
If the dialog does not begin,
The people will not be patient forever.
Sooner or later the notorious million will show up
And then there will be no negotioations, just an ultimatum.
We do not want the confrontation.
We will be here for a long time today.
We will be waiting for the federal authorities,
So we could start negotiations on live camera.
Michael Vistitsky
We would like to protest the thieving government and thieving authorities.
Like many others, we want democratic changes in the country.
Natalia Chernysheva
I am protesting the reckless robbing of the country,
I am here because I love my country.
We came to say that we are in power here,
We have our opinion and we need to be heard.
The Authorities were prepared. Unoriginally, but reliably.
They gathered up the police, the special forces and even the military.
The Kremlin hysterics are understandable, so much is stolen,
That loss of power can endanger their freedom and lives.
Free person does not do whatever his left foot wants.
A free person does what he believes in.
Hello, you came here, does this mean that you have changed?
Mishania, Surkov's propaganda man
Excuse me, I am not going to answer your questions.
Oh, then you have not changed. All the same.
Will you make more wonderful films?
I have answered your question, that I will not answer any questions,
Why are you asking me again?
It was a different question!
Do you know what it looks like?
I do not care, I do not watch NTV.
I will not answer your questions, do you nderstand?
Why are you here? Are you making another film?
What's the name of it?
Have you heard me? Nobody will answer your questions.
Good Bye.
He does not answer, because he is being shy,
Must be a masterpiece in the works.
I want fair elections. I want smart peole to rule the country,
Not the crooks.
The person, calling himself the president, likes birds.
Opposition loves them too.
By setting the white dove free,
The people were freeing themselves.
That's not just a symbolic gesture, these days calls for freedom
in Russia can spell real prison time.
No matter, how much the authorities tell the people,
that they can't change anything, that it is dangerous,
People do not believe those threats anymore.
People do not believe authorities, people stopped being afraid,
They willingly went to the March of the Millions in Moscow
To tell to the authorities their «No! We are fed up!»
«We are the power! We are the power!»
Yesterday, you being thrown out of Duma,
Will that break apart the political elites in Russia?
Gennadiy Gudkov
It has already started. The head of the Putin's electoral committee
Was the only one who voted against my removal. It means a lot.
You mean Govorukhin?
Yes, I mean Govorukhin.
I was approached by people from the United Russia,
Govorukhin, Hinshtein, Boris Reznik, they do not need an introduction.
«Freedom to Political prisoners! Freedom to Political prisoners!»
This is the Solidarity column. There are many others.
Putin's propaganda men often talk, that all these protests
Are paid for by the United States State Department.
Tell me please, how one can buy this number of citizens?
What kind of money are we talking about?
I doubt, that the budget of the State Department would be enough.
The merging of the Left and the Right columns
Happened on the Turgenev Square.
The authorities are afraid of precisely such unity.
«Putin is a thief! Putin is a thief!»
I can change things, by bringing up my children,
so they know that freedom is the most important inalienable right.
When there are many of us, all together,
We can chage things in this country.
In other words, the State Department does not pay you?
No, I could pay them instead.
Election observers are needed for the United Election day.
Thieves and crooks are stealing our votes.
We need to observe the municipal elections in Khimki,
Pushkino, Ryazan, Saratov region. People are needed everywhere.
Please, tell me, what made you come here to the March of the Millions?
Andrey Mikhailovich
I am protesting since the end of the 80-s.
I have the Russian flag from when it was not the state flag yet.
It was gathering dust, I never thought I'd use it for protests.
Are you unhappy about something going on in Russia?
I am unhappy about lies, lies and lies.
How to prevent this? What should be done?
It is difficult, because Russia watches mostly the state TV.
It is not mass media, it is mass propaganda.
Because of that most of people do not know all the truth.
We should fight for the freedom of speech and for glasnost.
We should take the responsibility
And change what we can everywhere.
If you do not agree with something,
You should say that aloud, it is important.
The more people would be like me,
The sooner everything will change.
«Away with the police state! Away with the police state!»
«Putin must go, hey-hey! Putin must go, hey-hey!»
We must come and show that we still
do not like what is going on in our country.
And we want to change that.
People came here not to listen to speeches.
We just need to be here and show that nothing
has changed yet from the last winter.
There were a few similar protests. Is it true,
That nothing has changed? Should we carry on?
Boris Akunin
The authorities have decided to scare us.
They could make the idiotic laws, they could throw a few people in jail.
I think that people came here to show that it is not so.
One has to negotiate with the people.
And if the authorities are not willing to negotiate?
Then the authorities ought to be changed.
There is no other way.
To change how?
The peaceful way. If the whole country would come out
Like that, the next day the authorities will be changed.
«Equal rights without compromise! Equal rights without compromise!»
Nina Yevgenyevna
We are all people, we have different opinions,
Not like in Duma, where they are voting to orders.
When was the beginning? With the Duma election.
We sort of woke up.
You were sleeping before that?
No, I was not sleeping, but stagnation was everywhere.
And then it was so shameless and disgusting, it became too much.
You were fed up with livivng in stagnating atmosphere?
It was becoming worse, militaristic.
And trying to divide people from above,
That was the most horrible.
Here all the faces are so alight.
There are very few bad people here, like in every society.
We came here to state our position on the healthcare,
Particularly in the regions.
We represent a few cities from the Central region.
There is a horrible lack of human resources in the regions.
Some places lack up to 50% of medical staff.
Those who do work, our deepest bow to the doctors,
the nurses and the caretakers.
Half of them are already the retirement age.
Another quarter is getting close to it.
Young people do not go into medicine in the regions,
Because it is easier to go to Moscow and St. Petersburg,
Where wages are good.
The local authorities are lying to us about the doctor's wages,
They inflate the real numbers a few times.
We are standing for decent wages for medical workers
And for decent healthcare.
Where are you from?
I am from Bryansk.
And you?
From Smolensk.
I am from Bryansk, from the Civil Movement
Together for Decent Healthcare. Stop the decline of healthcare!
In spite of all reassurances from the authorities,
The wages of the fully qualified doctor in the regions
Is less that 10 thousand rubles ($330).
How do you live on that?
One has to survive. It is a dependency on relatives
and additional income.
Night work, side work, all that affects the quality.
We apoligize for the falling quality, the organizers are to blame.
People are leaving medical profession.
Those who know how to handle the sick
Would always be able to handle the healthy.
They leave to sales, to business.
We are losing the medics and we are losing healthcare.
Education is in real trouble in our country.
And these people have come here to declare
That they do not want to live in a stupid country.
Hello, what brought you here to the March of the Millions?
The mutual interests. My occupation is of importance
to the millions and the millions of their children. I am a teacher.
Where do you work, in which school?
In the Moscow Lyceum.
What problems do you have in the Moscow Lyceum?
All the old ones plus some new ones.
The reasons are the changes in the teacher wage system
And horrible administration of this field.
Teachers do not have time for pedagogy,
Pedagogy gets exchanged for economy.
Today the education priorities are purely economical.
The word «pedagogy» is not even said.
It is harmful for the children and it is harmful
For the future of the country.
September 15th March of the Millions has brought
The federal workers to the streets.
It is a serious wake up call for the Kremlin.
Dissatisfaction is simmering even where just a year ago
People believed all Putin's promises.
Today nothing has left from the faith in those promises.
Michael Novitsky
We are in the occupied territory. The people in power are illegitimately elected, they are in fact not elected and we are in the occupied country.
Over empty streets
Black car is flying
It carries nasty tsar,
And he is gloating.
Everything is blocked,
The city has died out.
Anything could happen!
Putin is afraid!
Afraid! Afraid!
He is stepping over carpet,
Afraid to misstep,
Afraid to make mistake,
Afraid to piss the pants.
Enemy faces
And handshakes all around.
A shaft may fall or a brick.
Afraid! Afraid!
Money and the daughters
Shipped to foreign lands.
Doubt that any migrant
Would want to marry them.
The principal nation
In Russia is Police.
Whenever there is a protest,
Putin is afraid!
Afraid! Afraid!
Moscovites and guests
Of the scared city
Are looking from behind
The curtains in the madhouse.
They look and decide,
What’s best to throw?
Maybe a TV, huh?
Or perhaps an iron?
Afraid! Afraid!
No dogs, no cats.
No bird is chirping.
Everybody is arrested,
Putin is afraid.
The third term in prison,
And he is gloating.
Nobody wants to play with him.
His words are just water.
Afraid! Afraid! Afraid!
Vladimir Vladimirovich, do not be afraid!
You are in a mask now, maybe soon you will come out without it!
The opposition leaders did not listen to the guests
From Novohopersk and Uryupinsk.
It is understandable that the protest effect
Was on everybody's mind.
But what is the point of gathering the people if not to listen to them?
September 15, 2012 March of the Millions has gathered
From 60 to 100 thousand people from the different cities.
The main lesson of this March is that the civil society in Russia exists.
And it is capable of unity in order to get through
To the authorities with their demands.
So far, in a peaceful way.
Sasha Sotnik, Dmitry Melekhin, Politvestnik TV.