The Rescue of Rose : SENAC ALECRIM'S Cultural Day 2012

Uploaded by clecioanderson on 18.11.2012

In the meantime, at somewhere on the ship….
Hello Jack!!
I've changed my mind. They said you might be out there...
Shhhhhh...give me your hand.
Now, close your eyes.. Step up..
Hold on.
Keep your eyes closed, don’t peek.
I Won't.
Do you trust me?
I trust you.
Now, open your eyes!!
I’m flying, Jack!...
And now…. What will Jack do to save Rose from King Kong's Claws?
In the meantime Jack is desperate on the ship..
trying to find someway in his mind to save his loved Rose…
Ohh Man!! What can I do now to rescue my loved Rose????
Ohh Lord!! I can’t do it by myself!!
Don’t cry anymore... spoiled little child...
What!!!! Who are you to call me “Spoiled Little Child” Man!!
My name’s Bond.
James.. cof.. cof.. cof...
James Bond!!
And I will take back the young beautiful Rose!!!
Let the dirty job with the professional here from now on... Loser!!
And now.... the Rose's Destiny is in James Bond's Hands…
Could he rescue her?
In the meantime, King Kong continues taking Rose to the ship's stern...
Wait, wait, wait.... Wait a minute..
My cell phone is ringing.. wait, wait...
Hello! Who are you?
So... didn’t you die in Titanic huh?
Don’t worry baby... I have something for you now...
Have you got something for me? What’s it?
I’ll kill you today!! hahahaha!
Help me!!! Help me!!
And now.. Rose's life is in danger…
Could Bond rescue Rose before the murderer find her?
Help me please!! Help me!!
Hey.. guys? Is She Rose? From Titanic?
I have to take her authograph.. Let’s help her...
Harry.. Let's try that special spell...
ehhhh... practiced enough..
Doesn’t matter.. This is a critical situation.. Let's try Ron!!
I will try....
Expecto Petrum...
Nothing happens..
Expectooo Paetruumm!!
I can’t guys! I'm sorry...
I told you Harry...
Are you sure that is a real spell Ron?
Well.. It’s not good enough..
It’s my turn now....
Expectuumm Patronooomm..
I can’t do that as well Harry..
You are the one who can save her...
Go.. Do it fast!!
Ok... I will try..
Expectooo.. Patronummm..
Will Harry defeat King Kong and save Rose?
Hey Rose... I’m your fan..
Can you autograph my forehead, please?
Sure... It’s so kind of you...
Don’t worry... spoiled little children!
Let the dirty work with the professional here.
Come on Rose.. I have to take you to Jack... I promised him.
Who are you? Why are you taking Rose with you?
I have to take her to Jack...
Do you wanna know my name?
My name is Bond. James Bond.
Will bond really take Rose to Jack? As he promised before...
Rose.. I always dreamed having you as my new bond girl..
I need you on my bed.. ops.. I need you on my film..
I love you Rose...
But I can’t.. I love Jack..
I don’t wanna lose you...
come with me
Actually, James Bond tried taking advantage of the situation..
and declared his love offering to her a role on his bed.. ops… in his film…
but with a quick reflex Rose threw Bond out of the ship…
and This was the end to the 007 agent….
So… suddenly something wrong happened with the ship….
OH My God!!!
The ship is sinking...
OH My God!!! Someone help me!! Pleaseeee!!
Jaackk! Where are you Jackk??!!
Pleaseeee!! Help!!
For me..
a given task is a done task!
What the hell is going on here? huh? huh?
Ask to quit!! Ask to quit NOWWW!!
You miserable HUMAN BEEIING!!!!
In the end, Ghostface killed Rose....
in revenge by her escaping in the other movie…
But no one saw that coming huh?
Even Ghostface was killed by Captain Nascimento…
And now guys all our heroes died in this shipwreck….
Hey guys… Look at the beach….
Are they our heroes??