East of Eden, 52회,EP52, #07

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- That's Jacky? - Yes, sir.
Lee Dong-wook.
Why'd you come here?
To give you this.
What? You came all the way here to give me a subpoena?
This isn't for you.
It's for Guk Young-ran.
What're you talking about? What did SHE do?
I'm sure we'll find something.
You know better than I what kind of man her father was.
As president of the casino, she inherits her father's crimes.
Tax evasion, kickbacks, everything.
Am I getting through to you?
After the funeral, she'll be summoned.
- Lee Dong-wook. - But...
knowing how your trashy little... no...
knowing how you cherish your precious little love affair...
I'm giving you advance notice.
What's this really about?
The tapes?
Dong-wook, it feels like I'm talking with Shin Tae-hwan.
And you want revenge on his son, is that it?
How can I call you "brother" when you're trying to trap me?
You say I've changed, but you've changed, too.
Truth is, I don't think of you as a brother anymore.
So now you're here with a subpoena?
You thought I'd just sit and wait?
Before I let that happen, I'll get all of you.
You, Young-ran, every dirty member of your dirty casino.
Fine, do whatever you want. But...
Leave Young-ran out of it.
THAT I will not forgive.
Forgive? I don't want to be your enemy.
But it's not me doing this...
it's you.
Dong-wook, did you really think I'd release that tape?
That I'd really ruin your career?
Alright. It's done. I'll give you the tapes. But...
Young-ran is off-limits.
I'm running the casino now.
After the funeral, I'll answer the summons.
Fair enough.
And one more condition.
Release the Macau people.
I'll consider it.
And who's this then? My very own son, the prosecutor?
No doubt off on some important national business.
Shin Tae-hwan...
how dare you show your face here?
Lee Dong-chul, don't be uncivilized.
I've come to light incense for Chairman Guk.
Would you chase away a man in mourning?
So which room is it again?
I'm deeply sorry for your loss.
The financial world has lost a brilliant star.
Tsk-tsk-tsk. You look exhausted.
I doubt he'll rest in peace, leaving behind such a troubled and beautiful daughter.
Get out.
And you, Lee Dong-chul, must bear a heavy burden.
Shouldering the weight of the Daehwa Group.
Get out now.
Some great men have come out of Taebaek.
My own son, the star prosecutor Lee Dong-wook.
And his phony brother, Daehwa Group Chairman Lee Dong-chul.
Get. Out.
Lee Dong-chul, want some advice?
You're not showing loyalty to the chairman by taking over Daehwa.
It would be greater loyalty to accompany him on his final journey, don't you think?
Why are you disturbing the other guests?
They say a man behaves according to his position.
You're clearly the exception.
Bye now.