Kiwifruit growers trial new PSA virus fertiliser

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Maori kiwifruit growers currently contribute $95 million
to the $1 billion generated by the kiwifruit industry export annually.
Almost 90% of that money comes from Maori growers in the Bay of Plenty,
who are hoping that a new fertiliser
will fight off the vine-killing virus Psa-V.
The fertiliser has been trialled for the past two months
over 25ha of badly affected vines.
The fertiliser is mixed with compounds of silver,
copper and iron, which improves the health of the plant.
The method has already been tested with positive results in Italy,
where scientists have been fighting the disease
since the country was hit by it in 1992.
TJ Marsters has been involved in martial arts since he was young.
After 35 years in the logging business,
he decided to put that experience to better use.
TJ opened up his own gym in Rotorua,
and he's now using martial arts as a teaching tool for young Maori.
Here's Hinerangi Goodman.
TJ Marsters always wanted to focus on teaching martial arts.
It's been a year since TJ began teaching martial arts under the name
Pacific MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), involving all forms of the sport.
Many of the young people who are drawn to this type of sport
are usually the naughty ones.
The goal now is to follow in the footsteps of the nation's heroes
who have all pursued and fulfilled their dreams of reaching the top.
Hinerangi Goodman, Te Karere.