TL;DR - How We Got our Scottish Fold Kitten in Korea

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Fiquane3 asks
Can you tell us the story how you came to find
and own your new adorable kitten?
For those of you who don't know
We've got a new kitten
This is Dr.Meemersworth
She's a kitten, she's full of energy
She's like "I'm a kitten"
She is like everywhere
She's coming to my shoulder
she has claws and I'm not wearing a shirt
Hmmm mum!
Why does the kitten have the Spudgy voice?
I think she's going to make a ...
Can you just grab her?
So four years ago, when we moved to Korea there were
Four years ago~~
She's just like running around and hitting things
So when we moved to Korea four years ago
there wasn't really a big pet culture, right?
Not at all
At the time when we adopted Spudgy,
we rarely saw any dogs in our neighborhood
In fact, people seem very inexperienced with animals
lot of people who saw Spudgy was deathly afraid of him
For those of you who doesn't know Spudgy
He's our little Pekinese dog
and he's like this big
and we spoke in Korea and explain it to people
that he doesn't bite and he's really friendly
but people will actually try to like
scale walls and climb elevators
trying to get away from him
One of our neighbors actually was
when we got in the elevator with Spudgy
she actually physically try to climb up the side of the elevator
And Spudgy, after a long walk, and was exhausted
and lies flat down on the ground
he's not threat to anyone
I wanna give an impression
I'm gonna be Spudgy,
what Spudgy looks like in the elevator with that woman, ready?
I'm gonna give an impression what that woman looked like with Spudgy
In fact, one time I'd got really annoyed with her
I'd pick up the Spudgy and
"OH~Gi yeob da !!"
which means cute and like
which means you should kiss, and she was like
oh~~ no...
and we waved his little paws to her
and Spudgy was like this the whole time
I'd never saw her again in the elevator afterwards
I think she just decided to take the stairs of the 13th floor from then on
Don't jump!!
You can't make that jump!!
Aham! Where were we?
And even with cats, people are like deathly afraid of them
Our local coffee shop have 2 cats in it
and they are really friendly people cats
all they wanna do is lie in your warm laptop
and have you pat them
People who comes to the shop first time
will like smashed against to the glass door
and when cat jumps up to the table
they are like
they actually physically cowardly go to the corner
and the people in the coffee shop will explain them the cats are ok
and the cats are sitting there like this
That's right be afraid of me, human
I think the point that we are getting here is that
people in Korea aren't comfortable with pets yet
as in are in Western countries like North America or England or Europe
I think that they haven't been exposed to it in households
when they see an animal
think as if it's a wild animal
rather than something like loved, snuggled and dancing in Kpop video
If any of don't you
So speaking of Spudgy we actually got Spudgy in an animal shelter in Korea
We did a video about it long time ago
we're gonna link to it so you can check it out that as well
But don't if you are sensitive because you're gonna cry
I'd cried the first time when I saw the video
and I was in the video
and I cried the third and the fourth time, it was very moving
Dr.Meemersworth in the other hand
we didn't get her from a shelter
But we didn't got her from a pet store
and we didn't get her from a kitty mill
We actually don't support that kind of establishment
so we don't buy any products from there
we don't buy animals from there either
Now we were thinking of originally adopting a cat from an animal shelter
but we've introduced to cats that are fully grown
they handled being around with dogs a little bit worth
Now we didn't get a cat from a shelter
when we tried to introduce Spudgy to older cats
Spudgy was ok
he was like, I'M THE SPUDGY
But cats that were exposed to dogs that weren't grow up with dogs
they were so uncomfortable
We actually took care of our friend's cat for a month when they went back to the States
And she really didn't like hanging out with Spudgy
I don't know why, he's such a chilled dog
But it was pretty funny
because Spudgy will be lying in the room
and she would be like
So we decided to get a kitten instead
for hopes that if the kitten grow up with Spudgy
she would be a lot more comfortable with a dog
now the second problem was that we really wanted to get a Scottish fold kitten
because we heard that they were really relaxed with other animals
they really have a chill attitude
We thought that breed will be the best hanging with Spudgy
They sound like the exact same animal
My animal experience is lazy, what's yours?
We should be best friends
We were really super lucky because
since we didn't wanna buy a Scottishfold from a breeder
we happened to have our Korean friend find online
a super normal Korean family who had a Scottish fold
happened to have kittens
and they are not breeders or sellers or anything
They couldn't have so many cats in their house
so they were getting rid of their kittens
So we were looking for a cat looking like this like a long time
and as soon as our friend said that
"This is the perfect place for you to go"
We've got in a taxi right away
and picked up Dr.Meemersworth instantly
And the home was really great
they raised her really perfectly
We were really sad to see her go
They gave us a little snuggle blanket and some food for her
and she already loves us so much
Snuggles in my head in night time
and she nibbles my ears when I try to sleep
No seriously when you have a cat sleeping in your head the entire night
I actually would have a warm blanket on my head
than my ear gone in the morning
Hey when I wake up, she hugs my entire pillow
Here's like my pillow and here's my head
kitten wants to snuggle
I don't have any real estate in my pillow
Kitten in my pillow
There's a kitten in my pillow,
puppy in my feet
and a giant manthrowky man warrior
And I have this much bed space left
You so fuzzy and cute
You so fuzzy and cute
And that's my cate meowing
Isn't that heart breaking?
Please get me in the video again
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I'm a doctor you idiot
DR, Stop speaking in Spudgy's voice