FestivalTV 2012 - Episode 4 - Stockholm International Film Festival

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FestivalTV is here at cinema Skandia where the iconic, legendary actor Peter Fonda
is here for a Face2Face session and also a screening of his cult movie Easy Rider
The movie we're about to see is Easy Rider from 1969
do you want to say a last introductional word
before we screen the movie?
Yea, you'll see this enigmatic look on my face
all the way through til the
last part of the movie, it's the last thing i say

this important, at the last campfire,
and there was a tremendous argument about how that scene should be played
in fact we even forgot to film it.
We'd wrapped the film, two weeks later we realized we did not have
the last campfire, so i had to go back, and
Dennis wanted me to say all this stuff about
how we ruined our heritage, we ruined everything we started for when we
sold out for big money and all. I said "nah"
No you've got to see you go to do.. Dennis is very passionate fellow, was..
No, you've got to! No, I don't want to.. This was going on for
forty minutes
finally i said: Dennis
I wanna play it like Warren Beatty.
He said: What!?
Warren Beatty!?
Can you hear what.. Man? I mean man!?
What are you saying, Warren Beatty? What the fuck are you doing man, you sound like a fucking child!
No, Dennis I really want to play it like Warren Beatty.
He said: Why man? I said: Well, you know because Warren takes
the words he has to read, he cuts them in half
then he mumbles the ones that he says
and I like that style
I like Warren.
Do you hear what you're saying? You sound like a child! I can't work with you!
We are somewhere inbetween
in a middle place
thought that was you. I'm Brian. How is he?
He's a convicted fellon
Please don't patronize me, sir
It's not supposed to be like this
He's doing good time, there's a chance!
You can't see two feet in front of you. Missed you.
We got something, don't we?
Next case. Derek Murray.
for a long time that I
what was behind as a filmmaker because i'd didn't make my first film
until i was thirty three
and.. So I wasn't straight out of
film school twenty one-year-old, and I thought that I had wasted all those years as
a publicist but what I really found is that every single, you know, skillset
and experience i had in publicity and marketing is helping me as a director
helping as a distributor
in ways that i couldn't even imagine so it was really the right path, and
they did inform eachother
And i also think it's ,you know I really praise that, you know, female
director who also writes the scripts and also portrays women, i think that
you know the film industry needs this. Yes we do!
And I know that you also been working a lot on organizing african-american film festivals and
theatrical releases for black independent film. Yes.
Wish also resulted in new funding, if I say correctly, "African american film festival
releasing movement". That's right. Basically it's a new idea in America
to allow black independent filmmakers to actually release their
films. We have a real difficult time in America
getting independent films that are of color,
whether it be latino, asian
african-american, it's hard to get those into the theaters,
to the studio system. So this is a
a kind of outsider way to get them in. "Ladys and gentlemen. Please welcome"
the recipient of the two thousand twelve
Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award
Jan Troell
When you got your first still camera in your hand, as a fourteen-year-old,
did you feel like
this was your medium, that picture was your medium?
from the point where I
got my own camera, or borrowed my parents'
still camera, and took pictures,
I felt that picture is what I want to do.
never that I thought as far as
making feature film.
In almost all of your films, except the last three,
you've handled the film camera yourself.
Has that been important to you, to be the one filming?
Yes, it has been mostly natural
everything else feels unnatural to me, really, because the camera is the tool
it is the brush
when you paint. You shouldn't have to
tell someone else: put a dot there and a spot there.
But have the fact that you decided to stand behind the camera also
been a way to hide a little?
I wish I had a camera here.
But why did you want to hide a little?
Well. I was shy when I was young
I've made a short film
about two lady bugs and a cat
called "Peeping Tom"
and we know what a peeping tom is,
peeking and
I am a peeping tom
that's why I like to hidebehind the camera. Aha,
this is revealing
To present the Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award please welcome
Stina Ekblad
Thank you everyone, and thank you
the audience
because without you, there wouldn't be much of this.
This episode a FestivalTV has included an awesome entrance when mr Peter Fonda
was escorted by choppers
just like a scene out of Easy Rider to his Face2Face session here at Skandia
and also the film poet of a director Jan Troell was awarded the
Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award for his outstanding performance and work within film
Do join us next time when we give you more coverage and in-depth interviews
from the twenty-third
Stockholm International Film Festival
Okay, so I'm here was one of the cool dudes who actually escorted Peter Fonda and
you were actually on one of the choppers right? Oh yea!
So how did it feel?
it was awesome, because he meant a
great deal in my life
he also signed my bike
so that is like..
That's iconic! I'm a very happy biker today!