Pittige Bolke Tijden Part 92 -= Bolke Open AIr Edition =-

Uploaded by Alezz25nl on 17.07.2009

Episode translated. Thanks to Rodrigo!
It's done. I did everything. Of course. Laura always does it!
We still have to...
Laura hang up!
I found another shoe from Ricardo.
I don't want o hear that name -Sorry!- The name ricardo anymore!
I'm all stressed trying to control this party, the Bolke Open Air is here tonight.
And I don't want to hear anything about Ricardo again!
Ok sorry. I got rid of the shoe!
Nobody can know what I did to him! Now I have to go!
Oh! Stressful! I'm leaving too!
Stefan come here!
Meine gute also! And do it with respect!- Sit now!
So not chic also! There aren't even chairs also!
Hello Ms. Suriname
Hey my dear Inger
I brought someone with me, Stefan.
I see it
Mr. Gay 2007
A total cutie
That's not the point, Stefan has hallucinations. He sees things and they come true.
Inger, I said I do not want to talk about that!
I do! So sit now! Fun, isn't it?
Wait a moment, you are all now Mother Earth, Mother Suriname, Mother Shranam.
No eye contact!
No touching!
Let me summon the spirits, the air, the fire, the water
I see...
What you don't see, also.
I feel warm.
No contact
I see giant boobs!
Yeah cool isn't it?
What happened to your tits?
Michel did it for me. He's gotten bigger himself too.
I don't want anything to do with this anymore also.
They are many times larger than the last time you were here.
Laura's gone. She hasn't seen or heard me, but I heard her well.
I was here to sabotage this party at first, but then I heard information over Ricardo.
His death was not an accident. Laura had something to do with it.
And if I find out what, then it'll be a great party tonight!
Look at the size of my audience!
They are all looking at me. Aren't I awesome? I am so hot!
I'm going to entertain my audience. And see what more I can find out about Laura. Buh bye!
Een heteroman! Yes a straight man! A straight man!
Why's the door open? I don't know, but it doesn't matter.
Wanna do it sweetie?
Now you should say something!
Now I have to talk! Should we go ahead?
A straight man!
Let me see your house.
This is the bedroom.
Bedroom? Let's go!
He wants me already! I practiced so much! I know all the positions!
Always good!
He wants me!
I've fantasized so much, Finally my dream will come true! Oh wait
I want doggy style. Leonie dislikes cats, so I like dogs.
Is everything done ok? I had to help Laura, I am so nervous!
You had to help Laura also?
GGG and TTT! All of them at once!
But that was also a heat vacation also, in Holten. 300 miles above Paris.
I gained 1 and 1/2 pounds. Jenny Craig didn't help! It is horrible!
It's a tragedy also, but don't I have a respectable ass also?
Isn't it a respectable ass ladies and gentlemen?
But you're so busy with doing it again already!
For Bolke Open Air, Coming back from Holten in 1 day and doing it also.
I feel a little dizzy also.
You don't look well.
Stefan, act normal! We're in the city. People are looking!
Meine gute! I had a vision! Oh no, I saw black and white squares also! And I saw a screwdriver also!
Disaster! I need to see Mama Shranam. I'm gonna run to her, be careful!
It's totally; He is ugly! It's an ugly situation! Horrible!
Delicious uh? That Bolke Open Air! Even inside there's Open Air. It's great! I love it!
Tosh? Yeah?
It's horrible! Do you have that number yet?
Yeah of course I traced it, Alex's number, you guys know what I'm talking about!
I wrote it down here. Subliminal advertisement.
Great now I can; That's just a phone number! I need an address too!
I'm going to visit the cult leader!
Then you need to see Dave! He had an online boyfriend who works at Bi-Mobile.
I'm sure he knows how to trace the leader's address.
Then I'll go see Dave. Tosh, you are amazing yet again! I don't know what i'd do without you.
Oh lawd! It's horrible!
Seems there's a guest star here in the soap! I looked everywhere! At the mallshop Bijenkorf,
I just came back from there, but I can't find him anywhere!
The guest star must be somewhere! And you guys know what I do with guest stars!
I heard something! Oh no it's Tosh! He can turn any straight guy into a homo.
Will Ricardo be Guray's revenge?
His death was not an accident. Laura had something to do with it.
And if I find out what...
Stefan had another vision!
I had a vision!
Watch out Inger! Tosh can faggify any man!
That's Tosh!
Oh no!