Lina Bejan embroidered picture

Uploaded by TomuzElena on 05.12.2012

Good evening
What is your name?
My name is Lina.
What is your occupation? What are you doing now?
I do a lot of stuff. But if you refer to the work I am doing now, then you should know that this is an embroidery.
A passion born of love, and actually want a piece of that love to go everywhere, all over the world.
Is this your work?
Is it almost completed?
Yes, it's the final stage. Just some retouching needed.
For how long do you make these kind of works?
For almost 2 years. This passion came from the desire to give a special thing to the people I love.
And it is not necessarily a thing bought from the store,
It can be something what will remind about me, something created by me.
So, in this way I've started embroidering, I got a new occupation which became my passion, and , why not, something I can earn money from.
Is this your only source of incomes, or you do something else?
I do also different other handmade stuff, such as bracelets , brooches, flowers...
How much time do you need for a work like that?
This one, "Sanatate" sign, I made in half of a day.
-Realy? -Yes, it's because of skills accumulated in time. And ambitions to make as much as it's possible.
What kind of thread are you using?
I'm using thread I find in markets. It is a simple thread, but my choice depends on what client wants.
If someone wants a special gift, I choose the special threads and special colors.
Do you make works on demand?
Yes, I do, I make much bigger works.
For me, it is more important to know how the person feels when he bought my work,
rather then the way or the time I have spent to make it.
Do you have a family?
Yes, I have two beautiful children.
How old are they?
My daughter has 10, and son 15 years old.
-God bless them! -Thank you so much!
What kind of technique is that?
For this works I use "cross" technique, that's how I named it. For this work I used "arras" technique.
It's made into a single direction with a number of colors. If this work needed some colors, this one was made just in one shade.
Where from you get inspiration to do these works? Where from you got these signs?
The idea with the signs came when I found what fanghsui is.
While studying about fanghsui I have realized that everybody needs love;
everybody needs to have a full house of health, wisdom or wealth, either spiritual or material wealth.
There is a moment when everybody fills that he is missing one of these elements and
when he decides to bring it into his life, he develops it within the help of these signs.
I see that these are zodiac signs, am I right?
Indeed, these are zodiac signs. I feel the same passion for this alghouth it is a little different from what I am during in general.
Do you create personalized things too?
Yes, I do! If someone wants to dedicate a thing to someone close to him I will do it.
Each person comes with his own dedication. Someone may want a dedication for "the bride of my life", others "for the love of my life".
I want to thank you for time you have accorder and I wish you all the best.