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Seiken Densetsu 3 聖剣伝説3
Main Character: Hawk(eye) Partner: Kevin Partner: Lise / Riesz
Seiken Densetsu 3 is the third game of the Mana series, only released in Japan.
There is an unofficial English translation patch for this game at
Note on names/transliterations: ORIG=original name (romanization), TR=translation patch name, HoM=Heroes of Mana name.
The story begins with Hawk (ORIG: Hawkeye) and his role in the Navarre (HoM: Nevarl) Guild of Thieves.
Where there is light, there is shadow. In the world of darkness lives the Navarre Guild of Thieves.
Everyone's name was shortened to one character in this TAS, so Hawk's name is now ホ (ho).
Without doing anything really, Hawk steals treasure, and insults this guy for taking money from the poor.
With that, Hawk and his accomplices leave Sultan (this town) and go back to their fortress.
Sand Fortress Navarre
Navarre Guild of Thieves, the so-called "Desert Storm". As the servants of Lord Flamekhan, they lived in a fortress in the middle of the desert.
As Hawk returns, Isabella and Flamekhan announce that they will invade the Wind Kingdom of Rolante and set up a Navarre Kingdom, with Flamekhan as King.
Of course Hawk is not pleased, since a lot of guys here hate monarchy (and rich people). So he gets in an argument with Jessica.
By the way, Jessica is Hawk's girlfr... one of Hawk's life friends, the other being Eagle. Both Eagle and Jessica are children of Flamekhan.
So Hawk is trying to find Eagle now.
Eagle, like Hawk, thinks that Flamekhan is acting strange. So he is suspicious of Isabella, and decides to investigate.
Hm? Who is that other guy talking to Isabella?
Hawk and Eagle confront Isabella. After Eagle threatens her, she possesses him. Also, the mystery guy disappears.
What is Hawk going to do now?
Hawk hit Eagle back to normal without killing him. So Isabella decides to kill Eagle.
Isabella frames Hawk for Eagle's death. He is taken away.
Of course, Isabella now tells Hawk that she gave Jessica a cursed necklace, so that she would die if Hawk ever told the truth.
Hawk: ****! Let me out!
Jessica doesn't believe at first that Hawk killed Eagle. So she asks who did it. Hawk stays silent.
Well, Nikita (the cat/human guy) is here to save Hawk.
Nikita tells Hawk that Jessica is wearing the "Death Necklace", and if Isabella dies, then she dies too. He speaks of going to see the Wendel Priest of Light. Hawk asks him to take care of Jessica.
Sometimes, Ninja enemies are hiding.
Hawk: Eagle, I'm your friend. And Jessica, I must show that I can save her! But I must dare journey today.
Hawk: To defeat the enemy, and to protect Jessica, I must come back here. Jessica, until then, remain safe in any way.
Having lost his friend, and in order to remove the curse from Jessica, Hawk journeys to the Holy City of Wendel.
But at this time, Hawk did not know that the struggle for the fate of the world would soon involve him. The story has just begun...
So, yeah, this is the beginning of Hawk's story. Note that the other two team members don't come into play until later.
Each one of the six characters you can select has their own problem. Except for one, they are all told to see the Wendel Priest of Light, and they all head to Jad at this point.
Each plotline is reflected in all the other plotlines. In addition, there are three main forces of enemies, each causing one nation to attack another, and which involves a pair of characters.
Fort Jad
The sailor notes that something is different about Jad.
Of course. The Beastmen have taken over Jad. No boats can leave now, and no one can leave.
The only way out is at night, when the Beastmen assume their beast form and leave for a while. So we rest at the inn until night.
Wait, is that Angela? Oh well... Also, it's Mana Holy Day.
Are those the guards? Heh.
Rabite Forest
Rabites are these recurring rabbit-like creatures in the Mana series.
Note that it is not possible to run when enemies are nearby.
Lakeside Village Astoria
The pushing is due to waiting for the dialog to trigger.
This person says that there is a protective shield in Waterfall Cave that prevents passage to Wendel.
This person insists that there is a strange light above the lake, and is looking for it again. These two are required to trigger the next event.
Now to rest at the inn.
Hawk: ... m.... ... W-What's that? That light!
Time to play. Follow the light.
This fairy asks to be taken to the Wendel Priest of Light. Also, she briefly talks about the Mana Holy Land, not that Hawk knows anything about it.
Suddenly, something happens at Astoria. The fairy decides to rest in Hawk's head. You read that right.
Time to go back to Astoria.
Something happened. Looks like the Beastmen broke Astoria. Wendel might be in danger.
Huh? A Beastman? He wants to go to Wendel, but for a different reason.
I had a precious friend, little wolf Carl (TR: Karl). Neither Carl nor I had a mother, so we were always together.
But, even though he was my partner, Carl suddenly attacked me! Afterwards, I don't know why, but my whole body became hot.
Then I realized, I... did it to Carl. I am a Beastman, but I am different from those who attacked Jad! My body is half human. When I met Carl, I learned about warmth and gentleness.
The Beast King set a trap so that Carl attacked me, and the Beast in me killed him. Knowing this, I challenged the Beast King, but I was no match...
Of course, he heard about the Wendel of Light. Maybe it could bring Carl back? Anyway, he joins. He is Kevin. In this run, ケ (ke).
That's gotta hurt. Anyway, the fairy takes down the shield.
Waterfall Cave
Note that, now that there is more than one player character, often one of them will fight and the other one will shuffle towards the room exit.
The game gives Kevin a speech impediment. The translation patch goes even further, and gives him bad grammar as well.
Hawk saves the "girl", Carlie (ORIG: Charlotte). Now for another life story.
A priest of Wendel, Heath, protected me, who had no Dad or Mom. He was a young man. When Gramps asked Heath to go see what happened at Astoria, I had a bad feeling.
I loved Heath so much that I would follow him in case something happened. I kept a secret from Grandpa and left the palace.
But, when I saw Heath, suddenly a strange old man appeared and took him away!
Note: The "priest" referred in this story is NOT the Priest of Light. The "priest" here is a 神官 (head of a shrine), whereas the Priest of Light is a 司祭 (minister of sacred rites).
I wanted to go back, but I couldn't enter the cave, until you removed the barrier...
Then I went the wrong way...
and I fell...
and you came to save me...
Anyway, turns out that Carlie is the grandchild of the Priest of Light. So she is the only one of the six not searching for him.
... wait? You mean she doesn't join? <_< Well, she would, if you selected her as partner, which this run didn't.
Apparently, Kevin did tech damage on a hit here. May be a critical. Not much is known about critical because it is apparently glitched, and has almost 0% chance of occurring.
Level up Power
You can choose the stat to level up. In this run, level-ups raise power (strength) first, then anything else once the cap is reached.
The game has Carlie speak in a childish manner and with a lisp. The original Japanese reinforces this by spelling all her text in kana.
Holy City Wendel
Temple of Light
Here is the Priest of Light. Hawk asks the priest about the Death Necklace. The priest says that there is no way to remove it, unless the Mana Goddess...
Kevin shoves Hawk aside and talks about his own problems (Carl). The priest says that nothing can be done, but Carl's soul still lives in Kevin's heart.
Now the fairy speaks. She says that she comes from the Holy Land, and that the Mana Tree is withering. The priest sees this as a terrible sign, and starts talking about the Mana Beasts (TR: God-Beasts).
Hawk goes like o_O. So the priest tells him he is destined to pull the Mana Sword from the Holy Land. The fairy needed to connect to someone or else die.
Hawk doesn't want to do that, and curses the Mana Sword. But the priest says that the fairy cannot separate until death. The fairy says that the Mana Sword grants wishes.
The priest starts to explain the Mana Sword.
The Mana Goddess used it to for the creation of the world.
The wielder of the Mana Sword has the power to rule the world.
This Sword currently lies in the root of the Mana Tree.
Now, Hawk asks how to get to the Holy Land. The fairy does not have enough power to open the Gate. Around the world, there are 8 Mana Stones that seal the Mana Beasts.
The energy released from these Stones connects the Holy Land and the world, so that the Gate will appear. When the Mana Goddess falls asleep, the entrance will be sealed, as well as the energy.
Long ago, a form of magic allowed control of the energy. As nations warred over this magic, the Mana Beasts were summoned, almost destroying the world. The survivors cast a spell to kill those who used the magic.
Anyway, there are spirits near the Mana Stones. With their power and all the Mana, the Gate could be opened. First up is Will O' Wisp in the Waterfall Cave.
By the way, the name "Mana Beast" (神獣, God-Beasts) refers to terminology used in previous Seiken Densetsu (Secret of Mana) games.
Time to head back to Waterfall Cave.
Of course, Carlie wants to follow and look for Heath, but Hawk does not agree.
Carlie keeps crying about it though, but you don't even have a choice. You only get this if she's not on your team.
The fairy detects something.
(Hurry up!)
Apparently, she detected a Mana source from up there.
You'll be seeing level-ups a lot.
To cross the gap, just call Fairy.
Hm, how does that happen?
Another level up.
Got Dream Herb.
Uh oh, no way out! What's that? It's Full Metal Hugger! (Haggar, Hagger, Hagur, etc., bleh)
To defeat Giant Enemy Crab, hit its weak spot for massive damage.
Oh yes, it's Will O' Wisp. Apparently, he was sealed in Full Metal's body. Time for him to join. The Mana Stone is not reachable from here, but it's safe for now.
A convenient shortcut appeared!
Let's call the fairy again.
Fairy's pathetic response: "What are you doing!?!?" The Beastmen thank you for opening the shield to Wendel. And they do it by pushing you off a cliff.
Here comes a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG cutscene. Here's a super long subtitle to make up for it. Have some popcorn ready.
Basically, the point of this cutscene (if it isn't obvious) is to show what happened at the Holy Land before the fairy arrived.
Fairies: Oh no, the Mana Tree is dying. We must find a hero to pull the Sword and wake the Goddess. We must tell a priest as well!
You know what happens. Three of them die. At least they were nice enough to hand off their remaining power.
Great, now we're in jail... again. (Hawk is the only one who is jailed twice for his troubles.)
Hm? Who's that?
This person introduces herself as Lise (ORIG: Riesz) of Rolante (HoM: Laurent). She's the third character (in a moment). In this run, her name is リ (ri).
She gets you out of jail like this: "Hello, there's a sound coming from the wall in here. Someone might be escaping."
Lise: "Oops, you took too long. ^_^"
There. Guards in video games are stupid. Anyway, Lise has a plan to escape the city. It's by boat. Apparently the guards are too busy invading Wendel.
Oh, and yeah, this is Jad.
There's the boat. Time to get out of here.
Well, there's the whole group. Hawk of Navarre, Kevin of the Beast Kingdom, and Lise of Rolante. Have fun.
Remember about the three main antagonists mentioned earlier? Well, the force behind Hawk's story set up Navarre to attack Rolante. That means the two characters involved are Hawk and Lise.
You'll learn about this more when we go over the next life story which, if you've noticed, was absent so far.
Anyway, the fairy pops out just to tell everyone to find the other spirits. For some reason, this scares Lise. Then everyone starts talking about their story. Lise heard about Hawk from the Priest of Light.
Lise: I am the princess of Wind Kingdom Rolante. After my Mom died, I served as leader of the Amazon Army.
Then, some Ninja Soldiers from Navarre tricked my brother Eliott to go in and stop the winds protecting the castle.
Lise: Then, the enemy put sleep powder, so the Amazon Army could not fight back, and they set the castle on fire. And Father... Thus, the kingdom was destroyed, and Eliott was taken away.
Lise: I want to save Eliott from the enemy, get rid of the bad memories, and restore the kingdom, in any way.
But, I can't restore Rolante alone. Not even saving Eliott...
Lise: Father told me of the Wendel Priest of Light. I thought I could take good wisdom from him. That's why I'm here.
Lise offers to help with the mission. The fairy promises that the Mana Goddess will grant her wishes.
Free City Maia
Set it to night. Kevin can use werewolf form at night, and it is strong. Oh, it is also the Day of Luna.
This guy, who also escaped on the ship, describes how the Priest of Light cast a shield to block the Beastmen, but became ill. Furthermore, Heath can cure him, but his location is unknown.
Golden Road
Note that the game has a day of the week system based on the elemental spirits. On a day of an elemental spirit, element magic power is increased. But this TAS doesn't use spells, so no need to worry about it.
Another Dream Herb.
Dream Herb is used to switch day and night. Some areas also force day and some force night. This is abused in this run.
Cleft of the Earth (Chasm)
These Altena soldiers think that you guys are Forcena guards. Oh, and they're mages. They're also not pleased with Hawk's attempt to be funny.
Hawk: "What!?". Seriously? Those are Machine Golems.
Yay! We win!
Hawk: ?
(not really) Seriously, that's one big truckload of fail right there.
Hawk: "We all suck". OK, he doesn't actually say that; he's just wondering how to get to Forcena now.
What's with all the level-ups? Do they gain stats from being dumbasses?
Golden Road
Another Dream Herb.
Free City Maia
This guy, Bon Voyage, is the cannon inventor. Unfortunately, he forgot some gunpowder. So we'll have to get it.
Although being launched from a cannon doesn't seem like such a good thing.
They're wondering where to find gunpowder. Hawk is not pleased with the mad scientist.
The guy helpfully points out that the dwarves have it. They are in the Cleft of the Earth, prior to the bridge.
Back on the Golden Road... again.
Examining a save point to trigger the next event? Anyway, the spirit Wisp will do something about it. All he has to do is play with light.
Now to enter the Dwarf Tunnel.
Dwarf Village
Buy some new weapons. Needle Glove (Kevin), Framea (Lise), and Baselard (Hawk).
We have to find Watts. This dwarf says to go outside the village and to the right. Then he becomes a shopkeeper. Buy 4 Magic Ropes.
Time to equip some new stuff.
This dwarf opens the tunnel for you. Heh.
Dwarves love explosives, it seems.
There's Watts. He wants to sell gunpowder for 5000 luc, which is too much. But he starts talking about the spirit Gnome, then runs off to find him. The dwarves treat him like a god.
Watts is here, looking for something. But he sees a hole which wasn't there before. After some banging sound, he is scared and runs away. Also, you become trapped.
It's Jewel Eater!
Yep, the exit doors only open when you beat the boss. Then the coward comes back and is surprised that you beat the "legendary creature" that comes once every 1000 years.
Here's Gnome! He likes to joke about being carried away by the Jewel Eater. Fairy appears and asks him to join.
Watts apologizes and gives you the gunpowder for free. He even lets you use a Magic Rope.
Cleft of the Earth
Golden Road
Back to Bon Voyage. Apparently, he forgot who you are and for what purpose you got the gunpowder. Hawk is mad.
Time to use the cannon.
Seriously... how does one survive that? Apparently, they're more concerned that the aim was off and they fell in Molebear Plateau instead of Forcena.
Molebear Plateau
Holes? I wonder what they do.
That's... Duran?
Duran is one of the six playable characters. Apparently, his nation, Forcena (HoM: Valsena) is attacked by Altena troops. Then he runs off.
Some almost-dead Forcena guards. They say that Altena troops attacked them.
And here's the visual evidence.
Kevin's group finally arrived. Forcena of the Meadowlands took the sudden attack by the Magic Kingdom Altena.
This is Guren (TR: Koren) (紅蓮の魔道師, Crimson Lotus Wizard), who sides with Altena. Not satisfied with the result, he calls for monsters to be summoned inside the castle.
Hawk makes an offhand comment about Guren.
Yep. Some antagonist behind the scenes made Altena attack Forcena. The two characters involved? Duran of Forcena, and Angela of Altena, who is irrelevant in this run as she only appears once in a bed in Jad, if you remember.
Guren is evil enough to freeze King Richard (英雄王, Heroic King) in place and go on a rant about the Mana Stones. King Richard happens to mention Valda, the Altena Queen of Reason.
By the way, the name "King Richard" refers to Duran's vision of the past in his story. In the Japanese version, you're not supposed to know he is called King Richard until then.
And Guren leaves. What a jerk.
Now that everything seems back to normal, and the Fairy is excited, King Richard reveals that he was the one chosen by a fairy back when fighting the Dragon Emperor. But that fairy died to the Dragon Emperor.
Now he talks about the Mana Stones. There are 8 of them, Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Light, Dark, Moon, Wood. Near each one is a spirit.
Already we have two, the Light Spirit Wisp, and the Earth Spirit Gnome. (Your call on whether Fairy is the "9th Spirit")
Now he says that there is a Wind Mana Stone in the Rolante Mountain Zone. Go to Byzel and boat to Palo. When you get Jinn, come back. OK.
Turns out that the upcoming Rolante story is really long. A whole lot of fighting and plot and stuff, and you only get one Spirit during all of that.
Use a Dream Herb to trigger someone's appearance. Day of Salamander.
Yes, you have to both wait, and talk to this person (who talks about a huge cannon), to activate the cannon from here to Maia.
This guy is Bon Jour, Bon Voyage's younger brother. He'll launch you back to Maia.
Right on target!
Now head to Byzel.
Trade City Byzel
Let's boat to Palo.
Fishing Harbor Palo
Buy some stuff.
Road to Heaven
Rolante is up this path. It's a long way up.
The Chibi-Devils like to blow Chibi-Balloons that turn you into Chibi status. Being in a miniature form is not a good thing. Unless you need to do so (see later).
Apparently Lise wants to go back to Rolante so bad that she left the others behind.
Hawk (who is nowhere): "What? Sleep flowers! Ngngngrh roflmao ... \(^o^)/"
This is the Rolante Hideout. The Amazon greets Lise and explains what they're up to. They're planning to take Rolante Kingdom back from Navarre.
As an aside, if you don't have Lise in your party, your main character wakes up first and Lise will greet you instead.
Rolante Hideout
Lise talks to the Elder. He mentions a strategist, Don Peri (TR: Don Perignon), who is a Corobokkle (a group of super-small guys). But to talk to them, you need to be in mini-form, which requires the Chibikko Hammer.
This is Bon Voyage's cousin, Merci. Time to launch to Byzel.
That's a long launch.
Now to buy some stuff from the Black Market. It is only open at night, and sells a lot of good stuff.
Buy 3x Cerberus Claw (add Fire to attack), 7x Drake Scale (Strength up), 5x Poseidon Claw (add Water), 2x Siren Claw (add Wind), 6x Molebear Claw (add Earth).
This person gives you the Chibikko Hammer, required for the next part.
Go to Jad.
Rabite Forest
Use the Chibikko Hammer to become mini-form, to access Corobokkle Forest.
A Corobokkle confronts them, since he smells humans. Lise has to make up a story that they were chased by humans. When asked where Don Peri is, the Corobokkle tells them to try looking for him.
Now to talk to everyone here. They all say he's not there.
The last one comments that there's someone outside.
This guy is actually Don Peri. The joke is that he was moving around, so since he didn't stay at one place, he wasn't there until now. In Japanese, "to be" and "to stay at" are the same verb いる (iru).
Hawk gets mad, then gets owned. Kevin now lies about a mice invasion and capture at the Rolante Corobokkle Village. Sorry, I couldn't have made this up.
Don Peri now goes in depth about Jinn and the Wind Stone.
At the end of the road branching from the Rolante Mountain-side is a place called the Wind Corridor.
If you change where the Wind Idol faces, it changes the wind direction and a path will open. The rest is for you to think about.
At the end of the passage is the Wind Stone. Somewhere is the spirit Jinn.
Don Peri concludes that Jinn's power of sleep flowers can be used to put the Navarre troops to sleep. Yes, he seems to know everything. There aren't any other Corobokkle Villages anyway.
Back to Jad we go.
Boat to Palo.
Road to Heaven
Note: This place is blocked off until you talk to Don Peri.
Wind Corridor
The Wind Stone? Anyway, Fairy comments about if the Mana Beasts were to be released, as well as searching for the spirit Jinn.
Lise notices some fresh footprints... not that there's a hole right there.
The Darkshine Knight is doing something to Jinn.
When confronted, this Knight disappears. Then Jinn detects something strange...
It's the boss Tzenker! Time to power up (Molebear Claw to Kevin).
That was quick. Here's Jinn. After being revived by Fairy, he's quick to take up the cause.
Magic Rope time.
Heading back to the sleep flower field.
Time to make Jinn work his magic.
This is revenge for what Navarre did. What goes around, comes around.
Now to attack. Eliza (the Amazon squad leader here) warns of enemies in the castle that are not affected by the sleep powder.
Wind Kingdom Rolante
Wait? This is a boss? Oh well, here's Jenoa (TR: Genova). Use Poseidon Claw (Water).
This is Bill and Ben, Hawk's former friends. They deny knowing him. Instead, they use ninja art of "join together".
Yes, they were controlled by Bijuu (TR: Bigieu) (美獣, the Beauty Beast).
Who is... Isabella! Anyway, she reveals herself as Bijuu. Hawk then tries to kill her, but then she reminds him of Jessica's curse. Hawk gives up, and she disappears.
Anyway, Lise thanks everyone, but still wants to avenge Bijuu for what she did. Hawk pleads not to kill her right away because of Jessica's curse. After some more plot-wringing, Lise decides to stay with the group for Eliott's sake.
Now that the Rolante story is done (for now), Kevin reminds everyone to visit King Richard again, since he is the only one who bothered to remember.
Road to Heaven
Nikita is being pushed by a bunch of guys. It turns out he was possessed. Hawk begs them to forgive him, and they leave.
Nikita now explains what happened at Navarre while Hawk was away.
Anyway, it turns out Bijuu took control of everyone, and had a summoned demon kill everyone who defied her.
She tried to possess Jessica but couldn't because of the Death Necklace. So she locked her up instead. The earlier wall was fortified so Nikita couldn't get her out the same way. Soon Nikita was possessed.
Hawk urges Nikita not to go back to Navarre to protect Jessica, since he is in danger and Hawk doesn't think the Bijuu will kill Jessica. Nikita agrees to hide in the Rolante castle.
Wait? This ship is free? Something's wrong here... Oh well.
Notice that the sailor doesn't even say where you wanted to go. I guess it's Byzel.
Wait? It's not stopping at Byzel? Where's it going???
Only now Hawk realizes that it's been taking a while.
Scary, huh? Kevin thinks so.
Hawk suspects it's a ghost ship. Then Fairy pops out and says that there's a Mana spirit on this ship.
You're supposed to go somewhere else to find the right sequence of books: "Blood, Death, Curses, Death". But it's not necessary, and it's the same every time.
Hawk opens the log book. Inside is 85x Death. Well, 86x, since the 誌 in 日誌 (logbook) has been replaced by 死 (death) which has the same sound (shi).
Who's this? Mataro? Apparently he's the paranormal guy from Byzel, not that we saw him before. He seems to be in ghost form... He not so politely passes a curse to Lise and hauls himself magically off the ship.
The Fairy explains that Lise is cursed, and whoever is cursed can never leave the ship without passing it to someone else. Anyway, you can only use two characters from now until the boss is beaten.
The next boss, "Shadow", speaks. Hawk asks him to release the curse on Lise and he challenges Hawk to a battle. The Shadow is Gorva.
Use Drake Scale to raise Strength (Kevin).
Yeah, Gorva doesn't do much. Must be the TAS.
And here's the Dark Spirit Shade. He releases the curse on Lise and joins the party. Lise arrives so quickly.
Now the Fairy is interested. Turns out that Shade is nowhere near the Mana Stone of Darkness. In the previous Mana war, the Mana Beast of Darkness were released, and almost destroyed the world, before disappearing.
No one knows where that Mana Stone is anymore, or where the Mana Beast went. Shade was forced to stay on this ship. After speculating on where the Mana Beast is, the ship starts to shake. Then it disappears.
Hawk wakes up first, then notices shaking. Since it's a volcano about to erupt, he urges everyone to hurry.
Volcanic Island Bucca
Who's that?
This place seems mysterious... That person (whoever) tells you how to get off the island. There's a person in a cave to the west, but it is blocked off by a boulder that fell due to an earthquake.
No problem... Gnome will open the cave entrance.
Riverbank Cave
Just shuffling through them. This doesn't get old.
What's going on? It's Jagan (邪眼の伯爵, Count of the Evil Eye). He speaks of the Dark Prince (黒の貴公子, Black Nobleman). Hawk recognizes him as the apprentice of Bijuu at the beginning.
Hawk immediately asks him who the Dark Prince is. Jagan laughs at them and leaves, and then the volcano starts to erupt. And then...
Too many of these silly explosion effects.
Now what?
A beach near Maia? Anyway, Hawk thanks the giant turtle, and he leaves.
Now to head back to Forcena.
Golden Road
Free City Maia
Try the cannon again. This time, he'll get it right?
On target. 10/10.
Time to visit the King.
The King sees you have four spirits. There are four more. Time for explaining. Fortunately, the last four won't take as long as the first four, one would hope.
Close to Altena, in the Sub-Zero Snowfield is the Water Mana Stone. Undine the Spirit is here. The Altenans use a lot of Mana energy, since they are almost exclusively mages.
Close to Navarre, in the Blazing Valley, is the Fire Mana Stone. Salamander the Spirit is here.
In the Moonlight Forest close to the Beast Kingdom is the Moon Mana Stone. The Beastmen are strong, so a class change is recommended (not that this run does it until the Holy Land).
The Wood Mana Stone is in the Wonder Forest. Dryad the Spirit is here. It is not accessible from land. It must be accessed from the sea to its south, and through Diorre, the elf nation.
For some reason, the King knows about Booskaboo, the turtle that saved the group. He gives you the Pihyara Flute, which calls said turtle at any beach. He kept it secret until now.
Back to Maia and the beach we go.
Hawk is the only one here who plays the flute.
Head towards Navarre first. Even though Altena looks closer.
Sand City Sultan
Buy new weapons. Fiend's Claw (Kevin), Glaive (Lise), and Misericorde (Hawk).
Equip stuff.
Scorching Desert
Hawk calls for Jessica, who tells him not to come, then Bijuu controls her and comments how she removed the curse.
It's Bill and Ben. Hawk again pleads for them to remember him. But they use their super ninja method which joins their bodies.
Even after that, Hawk still thinks about his former friends.
Blazing Valley
Bijuu threatens to throw Jessica into the fire if they come any closer. Then, some ninja comes to save the day, sort of. All it takes is a "dart". Bijuu runs away.
Nikita comments that Bijuu removed the Death Necklace and Jessica is becoming weaker as a result, not that she was any strong to begin with. Nikita takes Jessica away.
Wait... what??????????????? That wasn't supposed to happen.
OK, it's glitched. You're supposed to talk to Bijuu, but for some reason, you can use the Mana Stone. Result is that this scene happens twice.
Well there, Salamander joins you. He'll do it again.
Anyway, this is the same speech. Fairy comments on how every antagonist is trying to go for the Mana Sword. That's not good.
The Spirit Salamander shows up (again). He seems to be upset at what Bijuu did to the Mana Stone (not that we saw it). He then performs some type of ritual, then joins the group (again).
Now to head back to the beach.
Now to head to the Sub-Zero Snowfield, close to Altena.
Snow City Elrand
Sub-Zero Snowfield
This route is insanely long.
The Darkshine Knight is here. He flat out states that they are planning to open the Holy Land and give the Mana Sword to the Dragon Emperor. He leaves and traps you with three machines.
Use Siren Claw (Wind).
The Fairy comments that the Mana Stone must be near.
Ice Wall Maze
The energy from the Mana Stone has already been released by the Darkshine Knight. They speculate on the bad guys' plans, then repeat what we already know about needing to get the Mana Sword.
Here's Undine. She joins the group.
Now to go back through the Sub-Zero Snowfield.
Now to the Moonlight Forest.
Bright Moon City Mintos
Moonlight Forest
It's always night time in this region.
Got Moon Coin, send to Storage
Lugar looks over the bodies he has presumably defeated. The Death Eater (TR: Deathjester) (死を食らう男, Man Who Eats Death) comes and magically consumes their bodies (after Lugar leaves).
He mentions the Masked Monk (TR: Masked Mage) (仮面の道士, Masked Monk).
Kevin demands the Death Eater to return Carl, but he says that his soul is already consumed. Kevin attacks him and is hit with an attack so that he cannot move.
Before the Death Eater consumes Kevin, Hawk comes in to interrupt him. Then Lugar comes in to interrupt Hawk. The Death Eater escapes and it's time for a battle.
For some reason, Kevin is able to move again. Anyway, use Drake Scale to raise Strength.
Lugar talks about how he, as a Beastman Soldier, always wanted to be stronger than Kevin, and beat him in battle, even if he has to be reborn again.
And now Luna, the Moon Spirit. She turns Lugar into a baby, so that he can eventually fight Kevin again. OK.
And of course baby Lugar wanders off into the forest. And yes, no need to worry. Beastmen are raised by animals. :|
Fairy now asks about the Moon Stone. It's in the Tsukuyomi Tower (TR: Moon Reading Tower). But the Death Eater has already entered.
Tsukuyomi (月読み) refers to the Shinto moon god.
Tsukuyomi Tower
Looks like the Death Eater is gone. With nothing else to do, they comment on the last (known) Mana Stone, the Wood Mana Stone.
Moonlight Forest
Moonlight City Mintos
Now to head towards Diorre and the Wonder Forest.
Time to use Luna.
Who's this? Carlie? For some reason, she's here to find a cure for her Gramps. She got here by cannon. Anyway, there's a secret to getting to the Elf Village that Carlie knows, but she won't tell you. :(
Wait... is that... ? Oh well.
To get to the Elf Village, just follow the red flowers.
Flower Kingdom Diorre
The Elf King. He tells you to go away. The Fairy begs to differ. Then Carlie storms in, because she is upset you left her there.
They talk about how the Priest of Light used a form of ancient forbidden magic to make the protective barrier around Wendel. He is incurably ill (but not dead, it seems).
The discussion moves to Leroy and Shayla, Carlie's parents who died after she was born. It was a forbidden union between a human and an elf. The Priest of Light took Carlie from the Elf Village, and now the Elves avoid humans.
Now the discussion moves to the Mana stuff. The Elf King says how to find the Wood Mana Spirit. So off we go.
Time for more buying.
Head to the next boss.
Using Luna again.
This is Gildervine. The game doesn't really say so though.
Use Drake Scale to raise Strength.
Silly bugs.
Put Lise to sleep.
What's with all the status effects?????
Now for the Spirit Dryad.
Fairy says to go to the Island of Oblivion. I guess it's time to open the Gate.
Now to the Island of Oblivion.
Island of Oblivion
The Fairy now calls for the power of all the Spirits.
Since the first attempt failed, Hawk and co. urge Fairy not to give up.
Turns out that the Gate opened by itself due to a total release of Mana Stone energy and the energy that the Spirits used only made it go in the air.
Since Guren knows what he's doing, he heads off to the Gate in his cool airship.
Oops, time for some explosion fun. Guren comes along and laughs at all these fools for releasing the energy to open the Gate. He thanks them by dropping another one as well.
It gets worse!
Now the Beastmen and Death Eater want to go to the Holy Land too.
They hitch a ride with a lot of giant birds.
And of course, Bijuu and Jagan.
It's a balloon boat.
Fairy wakes everyone up (sort of). Since it's in the air, no one knows what to do. But then Lise mentions that the "Father of the Winged Ones" can get them there. Whatever that is, it is at the Rolante Mountain-peak.
Time to go to the beach near Palo.
There's a secret passage at Rolante Kingdom leading to the Mountain-peak. An Amazon will open it.
Here it is. Apparently, this "Father of the Winged Ones" is both a child, and a female. So it wasn't pleased at being called a "Father". Lise now changes its name to "Flammie". Time to take a ride.
The only purpose of this ride is to show off the map. Maybe Flammie is drunk or something.
Now in the Holy Land. This is fun.
Apparently, there is some major carnage here.
Mana Holy Land
This Goddess Statue is responsible for your class-change needs. Here, Hawk and Kevin take their Lv18 class changes.
Hawk chooses the class Ninja!
Now, it's Kevin's turn.
Kevin chooses the class Bashkar!
Note: You get one of two choices for class change. You can't go back after choosing.
Retrieve the Moon Coin, and put a couple other things into storage.
Time to pull out the Mana Sword. Except the Fairy laughs at Hawk for being so hasty. She wants you to talk to the Sword. So yeah.
Time to call the power of the Mana Stones. It's Stone recap time.
The Light Mana Stone is in the Ruins of Light, a completely unknown location near Wendel.
The Earth Mana Stone is somewhere near the Dwarves' Village, but in a very different section.
The Wind Mana Stone is in the Corridor of Wind in Rolante.
The Fire Mana Stone is in the Valley of Flames in Navarre.
The Water Mana Stone is somewhere in the Sub-Zero Snowfield near Altena.
The Moon Mana Stone is in the Tsukuyomi Tower.
The Wood Mana Stone is... somewhere on the continent where Diorre is.
And the Dark Mana Stone is... oh wait, we're not supposed to know that yet.
Hawk: I did it! I have the Mana Sword! Uh, Fairy? Where did you go? What do I do with the Sword?
Mana Goddess in. Turns out that Fairy was taken away by an antagonist, and she asks you to save her. Of course the Mana Tree is about to die. So she says no more, and leaves one present, a Wind Drum to call Flammie.
Something serious here. Looks like Guren is either dead or half-dead. The Darkshine Knight says that one of the enemies killed the Dragon Emperor. He takes Guren away and leaves.
Remember the three antagonists? Two of them are defeated here. The one which succeeds is the antagonist which involves your main character.
The Death Eater has some news for you. Apparently, the Masked Monk was killed and the Mirage Palace destroyed. To avoid being killed, he has to tell you this. Then he escapes.
The real antagonist is here. Bijuu taunts Hawk and tells him to come to Navarre with the Sword of Mana to save the Fairy. Since they couldn't just do it here.
It's a trap! But obviously we must fall into it as part of the plot. Right?
Time to get out of the Holy Land and go to Navarre.
Oh, but wait. We'll glitch Kevin's attack in the Rabite Forest, since we have the Wind Drum. This will take a while.
Yep. This takes a while.
Finally, it's done. Now to Navarre.
It's obviously a trap. But Hawk wants to fall into it anyway. Jagan takes the Sword, then something weird happens...
Anyway, the Sword is supposed to reflect the heart of the person holding it. Anyway, these guys are bent on releasing the Mana Beasts, because they want to resurrect the Dark Prince. With that, they disappear.
Fairy eventually wakes up. Hawk tells her that the enemy is going to release the Mana Beasts. She then shows Hawk what is happening with the Mana Stones.
Sit back and enjoy! It's the end of the world... OH ****
Well, since the world hasn't quite ended yet... time to fight the Mana Beasts, before they join together into one abomination.
Go defeat the Fire Mana Beast Xan Bie first.
Well, here's Xan Bie. This is a weird boss... Start by using Poseidon Claw (Water).
Well, that was fast.
Now back at Rolante, going to face the Wind Mana Beast Dangaard.
The Wind Corridor is still the same.
Well, Dangaard is in the air. Furthermore, the game forces you to fly on Flammie here. A sign of something to come.
Hm... Interesting battle.
Anyway, Dangaard comes in four stages. Each one must be defeated. Molebear Claw (Earth) is used four times to beat him quickly.
Go to the Ruins of Light to fight the Light Mana Beast Light Gazer (that's its name, seriously).
Got a Papa Poto Claw. I wonder what it does.
Hmm... a cryptic message.
Here's Light Gazer.
Use Drake Scale (raise Strength).
What's with all the explosions?
Now to go and fight the Moon Mana Beast Dolan. This is a really hard battle.
Let's travel through the Tsukuyomi Tower. For real, this time.
These rooms all look recycled.
Finally! Time for Dolan.
Time to die?
Well, that didn't seem so hard after all, did it?
Now to fight the Earth Mana Beast Land Umber, south of Molebear Plateau.
Here's Land Umber.
Use Cerberus Claw (Fire).
Now to the Ice Wall Maze, to fight the Water Mana Beast Fiegmund.
And now to fight Fiegmund.
Use Cerberus Claw (Fire).
To the Wonder Forest, to fight the Wood Mana Beast Mispolm.
Here's Mispolm. A weird boss.
Use Siren Claw (Wind).
Just one Mana Beast left. However the location of the Dark Mana Stone is unknown. Hawk says that the cat-person Josephine (who?) said to go to the Ancient Capital Pedan (HoM: Pedda).
We'll go to Pedan then.
Jungle of Illusion We'll go to Pedan then.
We'll go to Pedan then.
Ancient Capital Pedan
A scholar who studies stuff about Mana Stones? Interesting. Well, he says that north of Rolante is a Castle of Light on an island where there is also a Cave of Darkness.
Buy some weapons for the last time. Roton Knuckle (Kevin) and Sheol Knife (Hawk).
By the way, that scholar says a different place depending on your playthrough. Because the Mana Stone location depends on the antagonist.
Finally, the Dark Mana Stone. But before they can say anything much, it releases the last Mana Beast.
This is Zable-Fahr.
Use Papa Poto Claw (Light).
Now the REAL battle begins.
OH ****
Nope, Hawk can't do anything anymore.
... ok
Wait! Now the whole Mana Beast thing was a trap! The enemies absorbed the power of the defeated Mana Beasts. Because they were suicidal enough to release them anyway. What kind of plot is this?
OK, time to find us Jagan, Bijuu, et al.
Because following him down the cliff is a good idea.
Now Jagan gloats over what Hawk and the others have done. Of course, his aim is to create the underworld and resurrect the Dark Prince. Time for a battle.
Use Cerberus Claw (Fire).
Well, there you go. Jagan just dies. The developers never really cared for his character.
Dark Castle
Now to kill one of the minibosses here, and use a magic rope after that.
Another miniboss.
Apparently a skull contraption opens the door. Time to rope out again.
Wait... it's... Full Metal Hugger!?
OK, so RPGs are now doing Mega Man-style refights.
Sorry, the crab still sucks.
OK, now Jenoa again. Use Poseidon Claw (Water).
And this thing dies again.
Hmm... it's Tzenker again! Use Molebear Claw (Earth).
Now to kill Bijuu. Then a transformation occurs...
Use Poseidon Claw (Water).
Bijuu is cornered; now for the brutal beatdown.
The castle is now collapsing... what a surprise.
Wait! The Dark Prince? And he has Eliott too! Well anyway, he plans to use the power to rule the underworld, by becoming the new Archdemon. He also bothers to offer Hawk the chance to serve him.
Time for the Sword.
Nope, turns out the Mana Goddess is interfering with his plans. Which means... the Dark Prince is headed to the Mana Holy Land.
Now Hawk seems to want to give up. Fairy then unleashes a tirade on him. Because fairies are rude. And they care.
OK, looks like it's time to go.
Hm... Something horribly wrong seems to have happened...
Apparently these enemies here are really weak.
Passing by the Goddess Statue for the last time.
Oops, looks like the Mana Goddess died. The Dark Prince is ready to end the world.
Fairy pops out to counter his words. Of course, he starts laughing at her since she is weakened from the death of the Mana Tree. The Fairy tries to attack and is killed.
Now he turns to laugh at Hawk and the others. The rest is staple bad guy stuff. Time to die... I guess.
Now that the Dark Prince has turned into the Archdemon, it's time for more words. And... actual devastation.
It's Fairy (or rather, Fairies) again. There's magic everywhere. Enough to revive Hawk, Kevin, and Lise.
Moon Coin. Lowers Max HP.
Drake Scale (raises Strength).
Another Drake Scale, this time for Hawk.
Wait... a spell??? Hawk's Thunder God Spell. It lowers Defense.
(!!!!!!) Movie End. (!!!!!!)
Wait. There's another form???????????????????????
Dark Prince: My thousand-year magic kingdom... why...
Dark Prince, no one cares. Also, thanks to the game's AI for fighting even after movie input ended.
Hawk: Fairy!
Fairy: Thank you for not giving up hope all the way to the end. But unfortunately the Mana Tree is dead.
Fairy: And the Mana from this world will disappear. I am fated to disappear along with the Mana.
It was only a short time, but I thank you for everything. I will not forget what you did.
Fairy: Lise, I rescued Eliott during the battle, and sent him to Rolante Castle with the last of my power.
Fairy: So you don't need to worry.
Lise: Eliott is safe! Thank you, Fairy.
Fairy: No, I was able to save him because all of you did your best. Don't worry.
I saved him before my body would completely disappear.
Hawk: Don't leave!
Fairy: No, don't worry. Since you all believe in the future and fight for it, I can be born again. As the new Mana Goddess...
Hawk: Huh?
Mana Goddess: Fairy is one type of Mana Tree. The time for the people who come to truly believe and understand to meet... a new Mana Tree and Mana Goddess will be born.
To return the Mana that was lost once more, I must become the new Mana Tree that produces Mana, and go to sleep. To return the Mana to the root, it will take a thousand years or more.
After a thousand years, when the people who will be your children will still remember the Mana Tree, I will awaken and surely I can come to help.
But, even if you do not require me in the future, I will always watch over and protect the world from here.
Mana Goddess: I must leave now. Hawk... Kevin... Lise... Goodbye.
Mana Goddess: May the Sword of Mana, which is in your heart, continue to shine forever.
Flammie flying around for the end.
Eliott: Sister! Lise: Ah, Eliott! You're not hurt? Eliott: I'm all right!
Lise: Sorry, Eliott. I...
Eliott: I saw a dream. During the dream, Dad and Mom seemed to be very happy.
Eliott: Then, they told me something. "To restore the original Kingdom of Rolante, you must help out Sister."
I must not always depend on Sister. I'll do my best!
Lise: Eliott!
Lise: Father and Mother in Heaven, Eliott and I will restore the Kingdom of Rolante to peace, as in the old days.
Lise: Then, together with my friends, the Mana that was lost in this world will be... Father, Mother, somehow, watch over us.
Kevin: Beast King! The enemy of Carl!
Beast King: Fool! Why are you angry? Since you jump to the wrong conclusion. Behave yourself so you can see what happened to your partner.
Kevin: What?
Beast King: You must have believed that you killed Carl. Look at this!
Kevin: C-Carl?
Kevin: Carl! You're alive! But, how?
Beast King: The Death Eater made an illusion, and it was only an apparent death! Without making sure, you buried him. It's pitiful.
After that, I personally dug him up to save him.
Kevin: Beast King, I misunderstood you.
Beast King: It doesn't matter. It is better that way. When you were a child, living without your mother, you soon showed weakness. Rather, you had to be shown strength.
You believed that your mother ran away, but, during the illusion, they died from disease. But, since you were not informed, you wanted to get angry with me.
Beast King: With anger and hatred, you draw out power and strength, which can be used. But it is not true strength. True strength is when you have passed through it.
Whether we are second to humans, or whatever about the Mana Sword, does not concern me. Even when we built this Beast Kingdom, the Beastmen were too miserable.
We have always held a grudge for humans who oppressed us. While we were irresolute, there was nothing we could do. About the invasion of the human world, the Beastmen used nothing more than courage and hope as an excuse.
But the Beastmen finally began to have confidence, and somehow were able to gain independence. I do not forgive those who are weak. I only believe in the power of a strong heart that cannot be broken.
Beast King: Kevin, finally you have begun to walk the path to independence. For the sake of your belief, fight! Kevin!
Kevin: I understand, Beast King! Together with my friends, I will continue to fight for the lost Mana, and the future!
Kevin: Then, Beast King, one day I will surpass you!
Beast King: Haha, how so? I will never lose to someone like you! Go! Kevin!
Kevin: Carl and I will always be friends. Then, every one of you will be friends with Carl. From then on, there will be more and more friends. Good!
Jessica: Hawk! Hawk: Jessica, are you all right?
Nikita: She's completely all right. Now everyone in the Thieves' Guild who was scattered everywhere can return to the Navarre Hideout. Let's all return.
Jessica: Dad! Flamekhan: Jessica, and Hawk... For a long time, it caused me nightmares.
Everyone heard about Eagle. It's too bad. For the sake of Eagle, I will protect the Guild which he loved.
The Mana from this world is gone, and I hear the desert water is drying up. If so, we've decided what to steal. We will take from that which is natural, water, and grass!
This desert was formerly a plentiful grassland. If we make it rain once more, the grassland will return! That must be done for certain. So then, let's do our best!