Transition and arrival of Christ -English

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Transition and arrival of Christ
"We will speak of the transition to the fourth dimension as well as the arrival of Christ
on this world.
This will happen, as you say on Earth, in a flash. Not really going to happen, but it
will be terribly fast, and when you will not even conscious of having completely changed
size (and level of consciousness).
The event will happen at the time of its passage, because the arrival of this considerable energy,
this energy of love conveyed by your Big Brother and all the hierarchies that will accompany
it will somehow an important impetus to the elevation of your planet and yourself.
Will not help a bit that he is 'a bit sooner or' later, that he should be manifested at
the precise moment when the planet passes in the fourth dimension. We can not even give
you this very moment because we know it. For us it is considered in a few seconds, as time
is not the same for you or for us, we can not give you the precise moment.
Prior to this, the 'current your system will be obscured.
We told a few years ago that your country would be ungovernable, that everything would
collapse because you can no longer be run by laws that are not more laws, that you can
no longer continue to live in an energy that will no longer be yours with the 'conventions'
that you'll never accept.
We can not show you this time for one simple reason: we have neither the right nor the
desire to tell the precise moment where everything changes, when your civilization to come tumbling
down, because you have to leave work until the end, because everything you do to transform
the transform yourself and your world will be an important card in the transformation.
Hope is a gigantic force, and I hope we have to leave until the end so that everything
can be achieved. As things change in your world, because your vibrational frequency
transforms everything in you and around you, the desires of human beings are transformed.
They are stimuli that can not control. Humans no longer think the same way, their priorities
are not the same, their desires are not the same.
How do you want that humanity can endure when everything changes in her and around her?
All the ancient laws will be short-lived, may no longer exist, are obscured by themselves
because of their inconsistency, their lack of fit, the priorities are those of the powerful
of this world but which are no longer those of the immense mass of humanity!
Anyway, you are at an important crossroads, we'd like to say at a crossroads in your life
wonderful land, a crossroads where you can no longer prevent the transformation.
The powerful of this world, whether human or 'aliens', will no longer act for a long
time, they read now, their last moments of existence. 'S why they want to make the most
of their power. All they have established, all they have tried to shed on this world
in a sprawling collapse like a house of cards.
Tomorrow life will not be that way today. Tomorrow your life will be in permanent relationship
with your brothers the Universe, with your cosmic brothers. Find your real family. The
doors will be open Universe.
All beings who have not been able to adapt because they wanted to stay in their domain,
so childish in their power, all beings who have been misguided by entities that do not
belong to your world, can no longer live in the new energy will die, just . Will go out
with them and the house of cards will collapse they had built.
I'll say it again: tomorrow it will not be your world what is now! Enjoy the last moments
of this world (which we would classify as stupid as it is stupid), this world that no
longer recognizes the human being as Divine Being, this world that does not even have
more respect for life!
This world has experienced so many centuries, many thousands of years! Now all this will
have an end, and this new century will see this end and will also see the beginning of
another world, this world you call with all your heart and with all the strength that
lies within you, this world of peace, brotherhood, beauty, love, this world of the fourth dimension.
In the modern era, you can all see how you changed them. All you can see that the time
is accelerated more and more, you have less time to do your work, both at work that allows
you to "earn" your life is your level of distraction. As you say, time slips between your fingers.
Will be to accelerate a little more 'before the transition. He has not yet fully reached
its point of no return, that is its climax before the transition point.
If the world accelerates, is that everything moves! Everything moves at the level of your
cells, your life energy, energy that inhabits your body, your outlook on life. Everything
is moving and will move faster and faster, and nothing and nobody can now change the
process of transformation. E 'provided for in the divine plan, and Hierarchies, at this
time, shall apply it in this world and other worlds, the transformation plan of the planets.
Everything will evolve in your solar system, galaxy and in your in your universe. But the
plan put in place by the upper hierarchy (much superior to us that we speak) is a special
plan where everyone will have a place where everything will be different but because the
source has willed it so.
At this time, the source must have unity, beauty, needs to rethink its creation, limarla.
Hierarchies that are the executors of the will of the Source have, too, need to transform
the setting for the greatest joy of the Creator.
Each of you is also a part of this creation, and because everything changes, you must change.
Whether you like it or not, you can stop in this process of transformation. Can sometimes
be painful to live, difficult and unstable. Sometimes you can do to live the moments of
grace, the absolutely wonderful moments that you would like to extend in time. These moments
of grace are small hints of what awaits you, your preparations are becoming.
For every second of your life, get ready to become this extraordinary, full of beauty,
peace, joy, brotherhood, where you will become in this report with all your brothers who
live in your galaxy, and in your universe.
It 'important that you aware that you are cosmic beings who belong to the Universe,
the Universe and that the doors will be open to Find Your brothers.
And 'one of the most important messages that we would like to give you. When you have fully
integrated this notion of universality, you're ready to live not only in the fourth dimension
but to accept all forms of life without prejudice. You can accept all forms of life with love,
even forms of life that might surprise you today, because every form of life will live
in accordance with divine laws.
In the present age, you are subject to human energy, human behavior in very different that
I'm not in harmony with the divine laws, and this makes you turn, there rages, sometimes
puts you in incomprehension.
You will not completely solve this problem with the beings that come from the Universe,
so that all who are ready to work with you are beings with a great evolution. You will
be "the little brothers to last forever," the little brothers who ask only one thing,
namely to learn more and to go faster and farther.
Here it will be tomorrow for you. However, sometimes it will not be easy to accept what
is unacceptable, because it will have another open-mindedness, another consciousness, another
awakening. Do not need you to stay closed in your cultures.
Above all, whatever happens, do not be troubled! Instead be happy, because the most difficult
time will be short. We'd love to tell you that you live today one of the most difficult
moments. There will be others in which there will be many departures from this world, this
very display it your feeling, but you have to understand that when there are departures
in mass is because all beings who leave because they chose this departure did not want to
live transition or simply because they had the chance.