IGN News - Iron Man 3's Chinese Tech Product Placement

Uploaded by IGNentertainment on 18.01.2013

Product placement is nothing new in movies, but one Chinese firm -- electronics manufacturer
TCL -- is going all out with for Iron Man 3.
Since we last saw him, Tony Stark has apparently become a big fan of TCL's TVs, mobile phones,
and cloud technology. The company is currently the world's fourth largest television producer,
after Samsung, LG, and Sony. Many of its products are sold under the RCA brand in North America.
TCL has announced that its products will be conspicuously displayed in Iron Man 3, which
is set for release on May 3 in North America and China.
Iron Man 3 is co-produced by Disney-Marvel and the Chinese outlet DMG Entertainment.
DMG also worked with Hollywood on the recent film Looper, which, if you saw it, you'll
remember brought China into the plot. Back to TCL, that company also recently acquired
the right to rename the Hollywood landmark Grauman’s Chinese Theatre to the TCL Chinese
Theatre. So it seems that China is making a big play
to be a big part of Hollywood. Here's hoping the product placement in Iron
Man 3 isn't as conspicuous as the Sony product placement was in Casino Royale.
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