Star wars the new experience (projeto integrado multidisciplinar [apresentação] )

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Some time ago in a university not so distant....
Multidisciplinary Integrated Project
Episode IV
The Final Project
The Graphic Design Students
From Universidade Paulista
were tasked by
Professor Rodrigo Ribeiro
to a great mission
create packaging
for a product.
A pair of students,
noting that
most people in society
hold their board games
on top of
the wardrobe, decided
to develop a new product
to solve the problem.
They began,
a research and development process,
until they,
after much effort,
reached this result....
-Hey, it's lunchtime,
how about play a match of clue?
- sure
- let's go? - take it there
Probably, something like this already happened with you.
During years the board game was a good way
to reunite the family and friends
today it's still work but in a fewer way,
by the fact of the technology it's taking over the world control,
today people prefer play together online,
each one in their own house.
The board game have your defects, many times we lost pieces,
and the most times the pieces are fragile
so, is very easy to damage it
Great parts of the people keep the boxes
on the top of the wardrobe, so, the game turns in obsolete.
Our jedi reporter Graziella Harumi , gone to the streets and make this question:
Where do you keep your board game?
Let's see what the people answered:
Where do you keep your board game?
Man, that's gone be in the loft, old there, dropped, may be there
Actually stay down of my bed, and full of dust, may be there
I keep it in my house's wardrobe.
I used to keep down there my bed,
It's inside of my wardrobe in my beach house.
Come here, come here.....
he don't want give a interview
As you saw, most cases, people keep there's games
on the top of the wardrobe or down of the bed,
with this problems as base, we create a new concept in game board:
the tablet game
with the tablet game we united the old and good board game and the technology ,
envolving the board game to a new stage.
With the new concept of game you don't need pieces,
everything happen in the tablet screen,
but, how about the individual pieces?
You can install a app in your smartphone,
that's gone be in contact with the tablet,
in this way, every player will gone have theirs information in their own hands
and can do the individuals choices.
We chose to stamp the face of the new concept,
a revolutionary franchise and much loved by many people,
then the name of the game will be:
Star Wars the new experience.
The tablet game has a lot of vantage:
how many times didn't you want to stop a match
and couldn't because of the numerous pieces?
With the tablet game you have the option to save your game,
and load later, and other options like make the download
of new scenarios and characters, play online with the whole world
or make the story mode playing by yourself.
The game happens in the time of the clone wars, you can choose be a jedi or a sith
they battle in a planet that have a fruit
that can rise the force inside of them
playing as a jedi you can choose:
Anankyn Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda
and play as a sith :Darth Maul, Darth Tyrranus and Darth Sidius.
The package of the tablet game is different like everything in it.
We choose make a reusable package,
and that wouldn't be in the top of the wardrobe.
The product comes with a leather cover with a closure to protect the tablet,
it's more practice and avoid the deterioration of the box
and with a wireless charger a new technology
set us free of the troublesome wires,
Inside of the box you can find two paper toys,
as your tablet will be protected with the cover, the box transform
in a great decoration or a toy, reusing the box
and solving the problem of the old game, when the box knead
and that make you lost the pieces
now the box can decorate your hall , room or office.
The box will gone be printed in paper nevada 400g,
it's a resistant and flexible paper, so can be bent for the paper toy
the dimension of the box opened is 84,14cm width and 74,93cm height
and closed 48,43cm width and 28,96 height.
The game come with a manual to help the paper toy assembly, in 10 simple steps.
This is our site, where you can know a little more about the game.
have News in first hand, some wallpaper and images of the games
explanations about the game's history and characters
and space to download new features
like new maps and new characters
This is the game's display for the exposition
with the classic characters C3PO and R2-D2,
they come with little speakers
so they can talk with each other with random sentences,
calling the costumer's attention.
that's our exterior medias :
The old and good outdoor
A totem on the most movement streets
ads in trucks and busses
- And that was our Project , we hope you like it,
a life long and prosper - No man, this is the wrong franchise
- that's right!!!...... may the force be with you !
- thank you
- Enough
- Do it in this way: hey , it's lunchtime,
but please make it naturally, no , " ...lunchtime"
- Where did you keep? - inside of the wardrobe
- how horrible
- thank you so much by be here with us, i hope you are ok with your debits in Báu.
- oh...i looked to the camera
- without laughs man, angry birds can fly
- to my dad, my mom and for you. - especially to Sasha ?
- no ,I don't like her.
- Life long and prosper.... - cut you...
-let me talk first, right?
-it's recording? It's recording? So, you can press play.
-I'm a good opera singer. I like it, I like it.