CTIA Explains How to Set a Password on BlackBerry Devices

Uploaded by CTIATheWirelessAssoc on 22.03.2012

There are millions of blackberry users out there
and if you don't have a password on your blackberry right now,
then you should take a few moments to do that.
Great way to protect that device
just in case it falls into somebody else's hands.
In the event that you lose it or its stolen,
having that password on your blackberry will keep it safe
and keep somebody else from using it.
It’s real simple to do.
Let me walk you through it.
You go to the home screen and come down here to options.
Simply press on that. Scroll down to security, press on the security bar.
Password comes in at the top,
so I’m going to press on password.
Now I'm going to go to set password.
So I’ll go in. I won’t show you exactly what I’m doing with mine.
Of course, that defeats the purpose of having the password in the first place.
I type in the password, after ten seconds the screen will disappear,
there will be an enable box that will come up on the screen.
Press on that box, it will check it and it will activate your password
and you’re all set.