Chestnut Cake the character was written お絵かき 栗まんじゅう Kuri Manjyu

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“Kuri Manjyu” Chestnut Cake the character was written
Compote of chestnuts
Warm eight candied food of a chestnut lightly with a microwave oven
Wipe honey firmly with a kitchen paper.
Make nine balls of white smooth sweet beans 20g.(a total of 180g) Eight pieces are rounded for the business which wraps a chestnut. One piece (20g) is taken for the business which makes the skin.
Wrap a chestnut in the rounded white smooth sweet beans.
Prepare to make the dough for wrapping. One egg is divided into an egg yolk and an egg white.
The tablespoon 1 is divided to another container as an object for glazing from the divided egg yolk.
The remaining egg yolk, an egg white, 20 g of sugar, and the measured 20g of white smooth sweet beans are mixed.
The cake flour 80g and the baking powder tsp 1/2 are mixed and sifted.
Mix with those which had been prepared.
Cut into eight equal parts and round.
Lengthen the rounded dough in circle form with a rolling pin.
Wrap those which had been prepared.
Make it The form of a chestnut
A little “Mirin(Sweet cooking rice wine)” is added and mixed with the divided egg yolk for glazing.
Paint egg yolk for glazing the surface with a brush. Opium poppy seed is attached. After getting dry, paint once again.
Write a character with a brush.
Bake for 15 minutes in the oven preheated to 180 degrees.