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bjbj, No Cloud Coverage Nate Johnson I decided to go to NC Sate because it was the obvious
choice. It was an in state university with a great reputation. Meteorology and Computer
Science as a double major was a fantastic marriage of science that was very technology
dependant and a major that allowed me to really explore the technology really understand it
so that I could really apply it to the meteorology side of things. I think going forward computers
are going to become even more integrated into the way we live our lives. I was working for
a company based in Huntsville Alabama. I helped develop the first prototype of a system that
will diagnose road conditions in real time based on the weather. First of its kind it
was really neat to sort of go in into uncharted territory and take the two passions that I
have and connect them in this way. To take the meteorology to use the skills in computer
science and to develop my passion for communicating weather information and really take it into
a place that it has never been before. I can t just point to one experience at NC State
that was the memorable stand out experience the entire time. I spent five years and four
summers I got two degrees so I feel like I got my money s worth. But I spent a lot of
time there and the whole of it was a memorable experience. I felt like I grew academically,
I grew professionally; I grew personally throughout my five years at NC State. I enjoy coming
to work every day. It is a blessing to be able wake up every day to enjoy what you are
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