Sara and Lucas 102 (English Subbed)

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Yes, hello?
Excuse me, Miss, who are you?
What do you mean if I'm going to pay?
I don't understand you, dear.
Oh! A collect call! Yes, yes, of course!
Yes, I'll take the call.
- Shh, relax. - Lucas!
- Lucas! - Careful.
- How are you? - Good, good, good.
- Are you okay? - Yes, I'm fine.
Are you sure? All the stations are after you.
I know. There are cops out on the courtyard
and one inside a car, dressed as a civilian.
Listen, Sara, Sara.
I need you to go to my house early in the morning, okay?
What should I bring you?
I want you to bring me the unregistered Beretta,
4,000 euros, the passport the Interpol gave me, the fake one.
Everything's inside a cookie box in the kitchen, okay?
What are we going to do?
I don't know. I don't know.
I've spent all day riding the subway back and forth,
looking at my mugshot in all the newspapers.
Can you also bring me regular tobacco? I didn't even have money to buy tobacco.
You haven't eaten anything?
No, no, no, Sara!
- Sara! - Lucas!
I'll be right back. Don't worry.
Be careful.
- Sara! - What?
Be careful that your father's out there, okay?
- Sara, Sara! - What?
Bring a lighter.
That sounds fine...
My father was on the phone with my mother.
They're in Argentina and Carlota's okay.
- Eat. - Wait.
If something happens to me...
- Lucas! - Listen.
If anything happens to me,
Carlota can't come to San Antonio.
If they arrest me, if they kill me, anything...
she can't come to San Antonio, until they arrest Salazar.
But nothing's going to happen.
Don't worry.
I don't know where Allison is...
or Arrieta, or Salazar...
and until I find them, she can't come to San Antonio.
Lie down.
Then we'll have to look for another place to live.
- Really? - Yes.
Well, I don't know...
For example... a beach.
How does that sounds?
Sounds good.
A lost beach...
with white fine sand.
with white fine sand.
With palm trees.
Where you and I can be alone...
<i>sunbathing all day long,</i>
<i>dipping our feet in warm sand...</i>
<i>where the only sound around, is the sound of the waves...</i>
<i>nothing else.</i>
<i>With nothing to do,</i>
<i>or think.</i>
<i>Just you and me.</i>
You didn't sleep?
I rather look at you.
That's nice.
Paco, open up! It's Mariano!
Your father-in-law and the rest of the station are here searching my house. Open up!
Paco, open up!
I can't go inside my house because they're searching it.
There's only one piece of bread left?
Sara got up at four in the morning and took a bag to her room.
Damn that kid!
<i>Without proper education,</i>
<i>even a kid in diapers can turn to drugs.</i>
<i>Education is everything.</i>
Think a little bit! Maybe you can find where Lucas is.
Good morning.
Hi, honey.
Good morning.
- Don Lorenzo. - Good morning, Montoya.
Here are the things we found at Lucas' house.
Credit cards,
4,050 euros, the passport Interpol gave him,
this unregistered Beretta...
along with this prepaid cell phone.
Very good.
These are the calls made from Lucas' cell phone.
There's none since yesterday.
We've tapped Mariano, Paco, and Sara's cell phones, just in case.
Very well. That's all, let's go.
You tapped my cell phone?
Sara, honey...
It's only a precaution.
To be able to locate Lucas in case he calls.
But why would Lucas call?
If Lucas is on the run, he's not going to be stupid enough to call the cops!
And we are the cops!
- It's just protocol, honey. - Protocol?
Spying on your daughter is protocol!?
Why don't you also take my fingerprints, too, Dad?
Or search my room!
Who does this lighter with the marihuana leaf belong to?
It's mine!
- Sara... - No!
- Sara, honey... - No, Dad!
If you want to come in here, go ask for a court order! Okay?
- Come on, honey... - No! No!
Your kid sure seems cranky, huh?
Is she on her period?
How should I know, Mariano?
Besides, what do you care if she's on her period or not, Mariano!?
I'm only asking because she's acting odd. I've never seen her like this... screaming and...
- You're so disgusting, Mariano! - How am I disgusting, Paco!?
What? Is the girl made out of rubber that she can't get her period?
Half the station is searching your house.
They took your passport, your credit cards, your gun, everything.
But at least nobody knows that you're here.
Right, but to get out of here, I need my gun and my passport.
Well, I'll get that for you...
and a copy of Smith's video and the report.
But promise me that will not get out of here, okay?
My father and Mariano will be here all day.
Get in the trundle bed and stay there still as a mummy.
I'm going to look like Count Dracula, stuck in this box all day!
Here, my Lula cell phone.
In case I need to call you. Put it on vibrate.
And don't worry, Count, because when I get back,
I'll let you suck my blood.