Trailer: Cidade de Rima (City of Rhyme)

Uploaded by kgshaw on 11.05.2009

Where I live is the center of everything.
Left right, up down, it's favelas at war.
The war is about drug trafficking.
Like "City of God," where each gang tries to take the other's territory.
3 Favelas at War
12 kids doing hip-hop
Mom, I didn't value the way you struggled for us,
Working as a maid so I could get an education.
I didn't give you pride as a businessman,
I became a thief who kills coldly.
I don't deserve that tear that runs down your face.
Tears that fill the pressure-cooker as you prepare the beans for lunch,
Even as you could only afford rotten fruit at the market...
1 dream of peace.
So here's the idea: to make an album with your music.
And something about your lives, too.
City of Rhyme
Walking barefoot, my mind processes everything,
I want to overcome everything, everything that hold me back.
I'm drowning in this endless sea
But I won't let violence defeat me.
There may be a lot of bad people here,
But it doesn't have to be that way
That's always in my head.
Peace and unity, love and hope,
Enough violence, enough vengeance.
Have humility and solidarity,
and repect the people from your community.
Peace and unity, love and hope
Enough violence, enough vengeance,
Have humility and solidarity,
and respect the people of your community.