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and welcome to SEC Sports Roundtable this is your own host Shane Bailey, we
have an exciting week here in the round table got full group lined up here
a little later in the week but yet at the tradeoff is you got five of us here tonight
uh... we'll get right as an introduction do a little housekeeping and get right into some
four, We've got four of us Shaner
I've got 5 no wait I got four we lost the fifth due to
technical difficulties out I forgot about that
thank you for correcting me a Drew, It was right in front of me
the eye can see uh... of course that's Drew Young holding up the number 4
for those that are watching Drew welcome what's up Shaner
good to have you It's been a couple weeks and uh... there was a
does that help
I was helping UT with it's coaching search of a
we we've run out of canidates so i don't even know if there are now so i could
just jump on this uh... this podcast with you guys
you gotta get right back at it when you get off here and about the reconsider there's still a a
there's still a vacancy over there in Knoxville. You got that right.
we'll just keep going from right to left in say welcome Chris Gray to the podcast
chris welcome
hey, Thanks Shane, Thanks for having me on again
great to be here
we're glad you could make it
every week we get to have some new exciting stuff but that's it might here
the last
at least this football season one standard we had has been of course
myself but that the other host of the podcast
welcome back to the podcast Blair Smyly
It's good to be back. thanks for having me
we're glad you're gonna make it as well
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will for few minutes to take care of some family stuff
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couple of housekeeping thingsand we'll get right into
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will get right into things and and talk a little bit about something that
happened saturday night was by the s_e_c_ championship game down in atlanta
and i'll jist throw it out to whoever wants to to chime in their first but i don't
think it out
i think it's a was everything was all hoped it would be for an s_e_c_
championship game
i think you're absolutely right shane
i think you know we talk about it last week about how
we all expected georgia make a good uh... a good fight with bama and i think
that's exactly what they did
there is a guy I was listening to early in the week that made a comment about when you play
at the end of the game the other team looks physically destroyed and i think
that's what he saw as the depth of alabama
is as much as georgia hung there with them just the size yet why this is not acting
just wrote a failed at the end regardless
how young they work uh... i really was hated sales koppel over georgia
you know why don't talk about it later podcast i think for the support line
uh... the natin today will be much better p and of course is never going to
restore fan base is going at each other courses
georgia making it but
let's let's all those other isn't this sort of what we expect from georgia
everytime george is close to rise the occasion we see them fall flat on her
so i guess
you know what you guys think about that you think this just normal more correct
or assist just me excitedly annexation
uh... i think that this was a game
where i don't think that georgia's not living up to the big expectations of the
really mattered in this area because i think you can go away from acting
electoral complaint a good day
of course it comes down to the interest fireballs did this
uh... i think the thing that was issued to me was when i when i came out saying
i think the first twenty what twenty seven plays a red light tweaks
twenty two times
and you know every reporting
initial and all the rooms but uh...
you know me just uh... the yeah i don't understand i understand
you know where people were
basically saying you know what you should be fixed yet you got the future
he's like a ball
uh... it most likely scenario should give the defense an opportunity to get
says loyal
uh... india with the flexion uh...
it would have been
capacitive shortly but and i think that all of this man is for the last forty
seconds what were they
they didn't start the ball about thirty seconds left massacre trying all
and the you get that won't pass for you
and uh... i think you've got fifteen seconds and they've got at least two
shots of the insolvent
and possibly a third
yeah within a short period of time so
uh... ayatollah ali questioning everything
an area where her career again and uh... ours was better to use these origin up
dot without mentioning it started country
uh... apaul ripping them at them
plan well so
i would buy into it and that's the second day buses
well agree with you completely and i think that it wasn't situation of
georgia losing to gain as much as albarn alleles of really good team in an ipod
role to play a great day and you can say anything about what their offense
george's offense really can't avoid it and put it on you know what i consider
you know if not the best defense of the nation do you know one of the top five
at least
and uh... you know if you're a precise anything yet you can criticize uh...
department at the end of agri eliza
the pretty bad that they had with uh...
with not spike in of all the way you do a class to play the picket walt about
fifteen seconds of the last thirty
to someone run ronnell weather
the other criticism i would say is that it may be on a on george's deep it's a
little bit i mean that washed away up to those linebackers i mean it kinda look
like they were running away from contact uh...
after after lacey and and uh...
freshman remember now
uh... yelled yet yelled at just on the road room
so it's one of those things where appellate court appointed today in and
tacos rattled the cable business
i think the better to do with the a microphone to order for that game
one thing and we'll talk a little bit on the broadcast that you know it's not
about her talking any outsider the after the game it's all a bit about how
notion inspite all or for
what he said to the combat also recall why you know all those things but the
thing that really came back and
and his is statements call with about four minutes to go after they score
to go for ten
i mean i put to bed internet megan
tour to have to go for a test that is
if you take a whole scenario analysis of george with a verdict of the local
right there to go into overtime and who knows what could have backing
and that's something that there was talk a little bit of the broadcast but
you-know-what for for sainthood today actually that said something about what
he thought about the game in the way he thought george a good score
was that he knew he had to get it
uh... in a position where i was a touchdown may not be local wilson it's a
little bit different because alabama did that when they work down there till five
but the poorest in civil libertarian made a three-point gain
headquartered the particulate matter
network they were
so cell not confident in their own scoring ability and and and george is
that they knew they had to give it to a field goal
understate it was you know how well that is it for the second half of that what
what's the difference in the end down five and four
you know so go for two and three is much better to be down so yeah i agree she
has a huge born again
uh... that they got there would be too and they got it
i don't think it was is much statement saying hey
we don't want you to be able to get filled all the time played as he was
kind of play and the court of
we will be able to pick up your own hottest we have to admit a claim that
this court
yet you can be right but i think there's something to that in most countries
and save anything even and even savon
in most situations probably would have not
away for doing that situation uh... the thing is
it doesn't go back a little bit to run again
you know they fell so confident that running in the new that you get that to
enact the arts you know what it is that for go over to napa in college and a
yeah i think that complicated but i have your everyday
andy's any problem with the run again
telling you you are right as i do agree that i think that was the right cold
over to another collective just don't do that
pretty much of saving doesn't stay there was a castle make was a bit of the first
you know the clock management and
by heavy military so i did not make many mistakes and if you are not what it
looked like a
what georgia did by water i guess it doesn't really matter
ten point lead or low point lead in the
saying that uh...
and having a look at it but yes i did make the right almost on the lead in
that case does
and the other thing we look at the end hence kindly i don't think i'm not
talking sense you know
with a georgia get the ball that was our three minutes and thirty seconds of that
uh... exact
yeah and powerful i mean
miles operated set of uh...
thing with western eighteen and so they had no choice but uh...
ended up on the ball four down and distracted all that's that
yeah i mean i was a missed opportunity but uh...
you know it's just i mean for georgia fending for yourself and walks play
it just was
it was just so frustrated to see
and also i have all of the everybody how using also frustrated was
noon a whole lot because the defense he accept
they actually when i played a role
at that fifty second shot so they had actually hold the ball allow alabama
to stuff that uh... so
you know that it was just so messy employment in the balkans hilton that
you hear the kids never going to drop that ball reviewed xeroxed gut he wasn't
the one that's supposed to be
give i was where the ball was intended
initiative flight began
dumped straight into a man
you know me
if this reaction
uh... but uh... and i also think hebrew to the rural south field trip to the
field at breed offenders
onto players of what i had to two players on the other side
uh... but
is just whether things were
stack of all
drop into this for these yourself to shots
drug treatment it seems that message
uh... i just don't understand why good but guess that situation but still
just got correct your stats
tesoro agitator
that i think your keys of the game on the work were focus on the end of the
state which is by far we all know that
georgia had a chance that to take it over
when i see a lot of times it is
great teams especially defensive basins that you know well we have all our
there was one of the in that situation because they're gonna create turnover
side look at it seem like the pittsburgh steelers to i was a ceiling fan i'm bill
lady when this there was a rough and the defense is on the field a close again up
nine times out and this is a recruiter or they're going to sakta cormac they're
going to stop it
change that's is that
alabama held the ball fifteen minutes longer in georgia
in the second set is
they believe the ball
forty five times that you are running-backs
purses georgia only run the ball twenty-five times at year end acts
in you look at that joe
what they were physically control that day
and i and i really think that uh... is a chance to the fact they have so much
strengthen our defense that they're not worry about aaron maria due to gain
having it you know to try out the undergoing try dias mas with defense
which is the best part of our guide in i don't think anyone expected you know to
come out and run for one fifty three but
you gotta love the they had a anos your sweater deity in a decade in the defense
to be like a
we're just talking about what we're outward by territory which i think
without a doubt he's been
uh... outside a man sells been one of the best quarterbacks the s_e_c_
well uh... i don't disagree with that i may have been consistent the only issue
these guidelines won't file against
in a copy and teams and
and that's going to be something that's gone
gonna hurt his draft document
at one p israel and the first court first half
you know it was on the streets issue or at least you just didn't get enough
behind it i didn't think that there was never a question about his arm strength
with mari but you know that one day please read this beltway under threw the
analyst they say they don't understand what you're saying uh...
this is the same day and
i think your understand what you're saying chris i agree
that i think alabama has you know you with us which they have in their own you
know the robert point three national championships in four years which is
images doesn't happen in college football
and uh... i think they have the utmost confidence in their defense and i don't
think they didn't worry whether a situation like that and a lot of things
and always and i think though as religious purpose able to see
it was a lot of close games this year they somehow to win one alabama
obviously does bill clinton
and you know the brakes go your way when you have confidence in you play with
confidence and like you said you play with slackers so i think that um...
and i think george employees at by the way to this year so that they were lost
when they go into that so
you get to really good things
what's covered the better team won in
and i agree with what you said earlier chris said
well and i agree
i think it makes for a better of national change again but we are going
to go correction i think i'll bet was doing but twenty points because topic
notre dame's
within two or three touchdowns of that
tell-all alabama's
i don't disagree with that in most of that information yes
uh... bypassed
and anything else we wanna talk about about this game is going to stand up
before we close the book on this and go to the coaching carousel that's been
wild crazy this week
remember you talk about the carousel actually
you know if there is the reporter actions towards south east and west and
you know i think three of them have gotten fail if you look at it menu go
north in
and even last week kentucky was right on top of things and then they borrow
mark's kitchen for florida state
yugo in east
uh... what was get that right now does alcohol burn
macbeth well-thought
uh... taken the rains down there after years absence from the bro
uh... you go out west u dot arkansas and breasts out from was not brenda lee
uh... out there but then you know
the circus is happening out not to allow the east
uh... insult you know it let's talk a little about what we like to know we
don't like about the other three mostly into the harassment true sir
volunteered for at the end of this
will make you don't wait it out
uh... co i'll tell you i think that uh...
are really log all three dollars and uh... i think that more students in
kentucky was a really good r
the kentucky knew what they needed to get that they weren't in a position to
go after that
that well established big name co-chief to get a student you know
say which will obviously politicians that success in oklahoma didn't dislike
my excuse that much better
at arizona he didn't say he's not going to have the same color
uh... resume built that his brother has in oklahoma but but more kisses is is a
good gifted as a coordinator for for kentucky i think that that's a
a strong higher and that is our brought some assistance with an addict
you have that
last i heard or couple down there at the headed this way
as it is that is the open support letter uh... nowadays you know i decided i say
mission though objection
opposition charges that may come up but they were
their children yes fueling around reasonably islands accord may turn out
that she uh... but that is he from florida state psycho
which was a big
which was going to be a big big
to that can happen
and workmen would really help in kentucky is on the recruiting some
things already
i mean there's some three and four star recruits that that never had kentucky on
their radar that certainly is going to give them a shotgun to go up there and
see what i've got to offer and so you'd used on the record delegates in the
conversation that they were in before so it's it's a big hit up in a big win for
further please luna nation upstair north yet he did that that older that shade of
the if your kids i think they've got to be really excited and basketball
trucks everything
uh... but the seeds out of the spectacle of a prudent
to the press coverage of the nelson in the security company party
uh... got big time
uh... celebration that they put together obeys your kids like you said you got to
uh... i_b_m_ decided that they
it's it's it's a little bit of a different create that most people
thought that happens we'll be sent to
aureus or if they did that
about the details and wears these guys commitments that they're gonna put some
something behind the bar a little bit more than maybe what they did not pass
uh... subject for kentucky together exxon
and and i would just keep going counterclockwise mughal out west
uh... you want
was that when i left field with that on arkansas radar prior
i'd really do sorry sorry blair up and say that split up all your life a little
news out of it
i've you know i look at that higher and i go
white kit
one or two away perjury put encrypted what is it is like at the big orange if
someone like this weekend's when i i'm gonna make a prediction here as we will
all go ahead with the fact
four years of male at these three new hires
odd arkansas kentucky and not arkansas herbs arkansas kentucky however
i can see
the olympian their in four years
i look at what he did wisconsin ivy was next dot had started to itch i was
saying i believe the or i will
at wisconsin is a nothing but when you gain since he's been there could be an
nationally relevant
i'd buy statement you know i don't really get two miles on it but i think
to the states iris good in the short term i did read it uh... his assistant
defensive and coach is joining in
uh... but i think the building was it was a s was always a sneaky are an
object i'll give arkansas credit from really don't have their throwing money
at every single koji cured including money unless miles
in a couple other guys and then still winning assault coaching
now get back through that would be a positive note
for tennessee is
even with crazy arkansas their throw any everybody's name unhappy looking for
coach they actually found someone that i think can be during the long term for
arkansas someone it's gonna
taking of any retirement anger down you know he said that timing he's gonna
set-up at us
a system that is respectable he's going to go to the defense is going to run the
ball and he's going to be successful i don't know about
b_d_l_ issue an alabama but i_d_ you know he's going to a lot of the things
that i can see in there for
like i said for years and now he may be a lead singer these three guys well i
don't think that uh... i don't think that one of arkansas there isn't much
different than what this is that i think the differences
you know the the
person they flirted with the motion or they got the bill done and that's the
big difference
the reasons as you look so that is because that person for them was charlie
strong approach from prineville whereas people a month
you know said said yes or even organs of the same thing and they went to the big
home run hard trying to get less miles on and he quickly
you know turn that into a raise l_s_u_ uh... and then and then they flirting
with my county
that the same thing that you know i don't know if there was an interview but
that that was talked about
uh... as well
uh... but i know you talked to at least
and in the bill but they don't think they did the right way i agree with you
i think that they are and i like to hire a lot to i think they they reached out
there and said that you have any interest he said yes they talked about
his main wasn't out there which is i think what the coaches
you know that the eighties want they don't want
everybody another warning interviewed this guy because then if u gettign did
you get what you're supposed to do if you don't get them then you're big
failure so
they they talk to a man and quickly often he said yes i think that i agree
it's a great harm and that's exactly the way you should do it
you did you make inroads you try to get the home run with a less miles he says
no did you go to a solid roach
so i i i think he did a great job and and and didn't somebody that
that uh...
you know it's funny you know that that below is complaining about uh... you
know the whereby recruits in your last year he was like you know in the big in
the picture new notebook
we have an unspoken rule that says you know if somebody's recruited we'll
recruited many more twelve
that's not the way over my resume didn't like it the way are part of it i can
assure you won't like the way it's done in the at st
i think he decided that
hayat if that's the way they're gonna play here are my folder inevitably big
boy recurring up here if i had a chance to go the f_c_c_ aiken i'd be a big bore
them you gangbang overtake disguises
was upset about it in
mir's agenda
that is that
the service program innovating
but for best job
uh... state michigan
strengthening date but i mean
utah right now for four days in four years that the police fruitful
separately inside of me yours
i figured a nine best
s_e_c_ program
in the cuts
but those were the big tennis
uh... in in and easygoing willingly
uh... too
uh... programmers who would be difficult to ameen it's gonna be difficult
did you find that out and students how sticks
program india cc
i dispute others think it was a big stated from that sample
you know especially with him and i i don't know
occupied and for all i was going to be attending the amending the belgrave his
units warren
all the elements that go to a very angry and i think it's a
it is a
high-risk hiral
or movement and be alone you know had the balls to do it where other coaches
don't have the balls to to make that move they're just happy where they're at
i think that that was a berry
aggressive move on him but it's one that
you know they can pay off but i think he's confident enough in self-pity build
up a bit of resume
but if it doesn't work or cancel he's gonna be able to get a good job here
a fatality
and i'd like to piggy-back on what drew was talking about on the east side of
things and to keep things quiet
and i i think this is the big thing and that is what i didn't understand the
date for bill if he's not using the search for its tape for making the
uh... and i go back to
greater mississippi state who actually just made another hired a resolve every
truck alone
into a little bit of a different time line
but you know his philosophy and yes you got the nicknamed the ninjas because
nobody knew where he wants
in what was happening was he was the search guy he had he owned stocks
retreat is the eighteen allele in the s_i_d_ there's only three people that
knew about the search and wonderful lots of these words they've actually spoke to
a coach
and then let the commissioner
but if you hit the media they were not a kid
they always knew that if you got to the media only person that we did was to
and the contractual list i will talk to you
in most areas of both
but both the candidates if they actually of never talk to you because i got out
to the media so he did that in arizona is a little uh... and i think that's in
today's environment that's the way you gotta do it too
date for should never left
people know that those is number one choice
blow fat daddy i mean i think uh...
from the glitches but this time no talk about in the second
two miles on
from account to the following this as close as you can you know on the page
sites where i mean
beauty has said nothing
nothing the problem is that day here's the biggest winners and and and and and
the city state
there are twice as many eugene fans that or i don't have anything else to do good
just follow the stuff that's how it's just incredible how rather the fan bases
and excited
and when you say it all that stuff do you mean followed a part-time at houses
he's going the airport
you know it was a member of the border there was a cochran
promote all quest to
donna misc or intro to the airport to see have day part score was outside the
and therefore they yes uh... his core was out there that was hasn't splendid
into the loop or they are being traci you know
point that you know tail numbers on flights and and
i mean it's just incredible the rumors are out there would be blue was pretty
funny because whatever whatever else although them all in
deal any other than just a dedicated jumping off point after
you know they were going for my gut the or they were going over you know
amiga practices that are on sale
arkansas all when after got wisconsin said church without anybody about it
its own happy arkansas justice delusional this tradition he is but the
facts what's a little bit
categories is a
arkansas therefore they got out they were able to actually got a contributor
without everybody's
ordinal by abolish cottage cheese
about the heads of the key specially if you're not using search firm
but one thing about the wisconsin job ameen
isn't i'm in his timing is sometimes the the best thing and maybe it's time for
him to get out
you say is the third third-year aerobic may help that door into the between
fifty two
can you get with you know how stating on probation and painstaking operation but
look at are better record
only i did in the first time with filed a lawsuit actually planned last fall
and the answer
so if he knows it's not going to get any better over there
in wisconsin in mock money bosnians senior this year
there is still here
so you know i mean
maybe eight maybe that is the new york when i found my knees like this is not
perfect arcadia petty
stayed about the status of the white people wisconsin for the last three
city too
three years ago if they had anyone your shoulder
two years ago they have a whole
wilson's you know
thanking him for years
and this year was a mistake down
that had been there for five years of this kind of one another
with the job outlet upbeat you know that the quarterback it always thought that
was constitution
uh... to begin with in uh... but yeah i mean i think i think
and and and what we were actually
castigated the press conference today
uh... he one of the fans for sure is capital is a little bit of a character
it seems like i don't know much about it but it seems like each other people
with a little bit of uh... fires
had a little bit of
uh... panache idea she did say so pretty interesting
all of the fact that he grew up in harmonize scrotum aggressive acts
so well we'll head down south now closed the book out west is weak
we made our trek around the floor compass of the s_e_c_ and ahead on that
all burned and you know paul firebomb
not too far out couple
i mean well into last
you know they're calling for five days left and he was pat my mouth almost a
and uh... sure enough you know of one year
sabbatical will side over in arkansas state taken those guys turn around or
not and very and he's coming back home to be the head coach
bowl all of that are saying that i think it's a good higher
i think that always that blow but different position then
tennessee in arkansas
with the sanctions that could possibly come in and then the clouds hanging over
him so i i think instead of them really just flirting with a bunch of big names
they'd april jim of pressures may mean they kinda look to see if you had any
they really didn't they went and got a guy that you know that i think was
you know well
but here's the second most influential ga for one another
revved up for the first uh... international change of the first
weekend in the second deliver paid
to get them in their third would be a forty miles on it but i mean i i think
it's going to get hardly a good
if it doesn't work out then
i don't think it's at some back i think it's a it's a
high risk high reward
you know higher just like the other one i think you can work out for really well
uh... also think drew happy
the other thing that outside does is
you're in a state with makes a good as it were a lot like nobody several right
now yet and
in miles on it whole office everything that is
start around us because basically make it up for a get out papers
uh... or compositions and i think that's always oficial
if he gives added the s_ l's johnson which is what it sounds like you're
gonna do
which was is the
because for mayor
missus schroeder currently whatever the south carolina deduction at the southern
was there for years did for me to sit there too
he's a heck of a defense of coordinator japan where the guy like that
uh... that you can go and say
hair loss to take care of this uh...
i think it's a good higher and i think it's uh... it's an opportunity his
party's more fired up enough
oh quarterback
what's his name
uh... however only valvano sorry
for uh... oh
audiences the finest
the kids from our isabel phrases the act
you know jersey he was a complete disaster this year because an office
that battling for his or just put it this way i'm gonna go ahead and tell you
it does anybody think that changes that was really responsible for wynonna that
national championship
now i mean i don't think i mean i think that they they had a solid defense of
the mails on but not this together and of course they had him newton to run it
so who's to say
they got mails on again if they get a good defense if you can get a player
like in that make him a national championship they elected a few years
and what's what's turned out in the credit card for and exactly the
edited at the top it all through
me if you remember that our that opportunity
it was fun people twenty eight points their defense was not
unbelievable i'm easily lend was throwing up uh...
you know
me he was he was are reportedly living tomorrow that's only it was just a
moscow region one of the things that you know i think about possible at that
point newton
is that no amount dot can get a canon there like that that can be that is to
your call
uh... you guys
cannons already proven that once you understand who he is and what he's all
he's not a team player or up and charlotte
you know he's he's not make a lot of friends over there he's not doing
whatever he thought he would you can be great for some fantasy members but he's
not a leader he's got a leader in the clubhouse is not a leader on the field
i mean what would be down last last gaming
he gets a bird and he's been superman
an attempt to capture such that's no way yet to be on the field
there you go through thank you
and that he but you've got somebody like
house on in there and it's are used delivers copper
one two years and then getting mountain
and start all over again this summer in it
you don't have the time to let those things get entrenched so it works out
perfect for somebody like that
i want to put out there
i'm gonna play devil's advocate elite here uh... reading on miles on my desk
talking talking about how
you know maybe he was this big car of the national cheney chip it seems like
he's bringing people within that he had when he was on choose its eso
by guest if you are a parallel there
if you have someone from tennessee comment on how many tennessee fans of
the excited about
david cut could come back to be unfair charge i mean you're euros
but so i don't have a different subclans often when a national championship for
tennessee two years ago
of interstate there should be extended day because it was going back right now
aphasia a candidate
the that they have already
baby caught up with
uh... before building yet not all of the problem with that is also a good day
they were going to force is essential
yemenjian index akeli they wanted
mickey because he wanted to keep him cheney and they wanted to keep a uh...
some of the other the other guys they had a boys they were very good
recruiters whereas david cut but said he wanted to bring everybody in the staff
and acknowledges he wanted to see knows that they need to be done in a co-worker
team as well as having a good
you know texas as coach so
so i i think they're going to be ecstatic right now if a
if if
data de klerk was the you know his name was in the room
or i guess ill because of this way
outside attended which i'm a hundred percent agree shamed
kennedy is not earlier
uh... i think this is a guy who is a better person
offense young
um... i think this is a guided efforts thirty randomly
your he doesn't he's billed as a defense
a team that has a historically great defense like a case we're going to
then you're gonna see is true colors you receive this guy
brody is which is
pure talent no dedication to be in the lockerbie and filled room that sort of
so outside can you
why as far as quarterback says miles on place because that's my only reason for
supporting cheney if there was another close you come to be a head coach i
don't throw this out there because
when you're gonna addresses or not it's a quarter
i think that he would your colleges to have a coach
that his coaching n_f_l_ players
like we all know status but al how many l players or if you're looking at the
office which when i think that smells on i think offense
showed me a quarterback that you have group into the n_f_l_ and it's someone
that uh... and i'm trying to because someone recently from the s_e_c_ it's
all they have gone out there
now one cannot packet
or with the vampire this is a develops with it doesn't really matter of costed
or because
if i had to go to college
i'm there to win amie dr bennett three million dollars on their word football i
think we've got our our reach via
a reduction
uh... you know i think you know whether six five two hundred and forty pound
athlete take over the college level
is not prepared for their phillips
dot my issue uh... unfortunately
uh... if you're a christian college
i'm all right with it amount but i mean i mean that's the whole promise read
what you're seeing him
is that all here's a look like a straight-a talking about
demos for his moral its moral option
of stories about this money
apache attack are rockwell's
mean party three i mean you're seeing what you can actually see
but there's light at least what's happening is
you got six four six five because i a m center two hundred sixty pounds that
they weren't freaking four five and now you have an internationally behind there
that she hard enough
its decisions enough doesn't fuck space-age fred is making its way into
the operations of programs in indiana felt so
need for miles on sampling
obey his office to set up we don't really care his core package i mean are
explore here's a great example of that look at how many great collegiate
football quarterback cheese head for florida
uh... over it
x south carolina that don't translate to the n_f_l_
but you know you may yet heisman winning quarterbacks that men are doing anything
in the n_f_l_ amount and uh... you know dick
that well he's been out so long now
uh... but look at all those that went through their around and they'd give me
some names down there but i know that
if they did do the work was one of the civil rights issue johnson will go but i
just love it
let me let me pose it this way is that
if i go to get on a cheat or a high school
and i a m
a running back
the first place i think if i were to become been except already but is gonna
be alabama
the second would be l_s_u_
because i'm looking at were let go and then i look it
you know or what
i guess what even the s_e_c_ is really putting out not just corp expert
the most n_f_l_ players and i think alike is day with the way things are
all these recruiting early xylem
trying to do more than a strategic
companies are basically give videos for all these kids come out high school how
many kids do you think believe either go to play in the next level when they're
not that good and they'll have the solution to some economic promising all
kids i'm saying
role college in high school
off the team and i want to play for the best football team that i can to get me
to the n_f_l_
halide alabama yeah the problem with that chris is that there was innocent
bitterness toward the twenty five thirty at bir and back
if you're the eighty effort back in the country you're not going to alabama
you know hanging out on top and in in the fall and so
well what happens is
this api abhi marathon
it's already it's already found out of the hughes sizzled
is set up
to where he can take decade uh... you know this and i think i think he did
more at all
of the uh... she could have done in arkansas state original article
on you know for maximum or big
goldberg benefits
it's big enough for this got enough cachet behind it that
yet he should be able to work himself in the the biggest cheaper there was what
they could be from a defense standpoint because that's where they really
uh... the last couple of years
even under choose it was really the defense of sao paulo this year to office
which is a disaster
uh... coupled with the defense for that
if they did the defense lined up at this just up the above obviously but it's
worked in the s_e_c_
and and you are talking pres about entertainment for the most planes in the
well if you look at the two best teams of there clint allen i fell right now
the last few years has been number wise alabama l_s_u_ from the s_e_c_
and you look at their quarterbacks in a more photographs have been successful
it doesn't necessarily translate u_s_o_ you've got
that pen three national championships in the last five years coming from those
two teams
uh... and and you know just a matter of life like blair said that they know that
top twenty-five players they want and they don't come as a hey we want you
want our side
you're going to apply for because you're always going to be able to proceed for
national championship
and then you you have to think that you're good enough to go over the next
level it's not that
that teens
position to do that for you that point
i think you're right meaning
i guess what i'm looking at is
with mas only know p_c_r_ kits guy
is making sure that we talked and we talk about the slow but before the
before sorry didn't work out aren't
on airways
uh... howell
my biggest concern also on was that
he spent one year arkansas state
which are believed was office you freezes kids not as old m way in one
sunbelt and now he's back at auburn and i'm sure his kids that are still
some seniors in that are still going to be from when he was there but
i guess uh... i had these three hires i think this guy i think dream on to say
it's a high risk our work later with with masala this is a guy i could see
he may be off shortly starlight cheers applause
warming here's the thing i agree with you but here's the big thing about what
mills owns done
is he went to arkansas with
uh... with choose to not spoil your stand is all things work there and they
he went to in what the polls uh...
and uh... and those were his players and he walked
there and let the let the nation in santa office it was all over it with
doesn't he have recruitment put his offense and one there
and he goes to arkansas state
without his players it's just so strange to me you see all these guys comment
that may have this sporadic offense of this you know this crazy stahl president
they'll have their players it looks horrible look at how much champ
you know he was it was approached our guy trying to play with the spread
players slasher per floor in the boardwalk
and it took him a year to get his office in their around i know he's a defense of
god but i mean he he he didn't have that same
that same success of households and i think that's what's big storms for miles
on six one everywhere you go on i really hasn't been the head coach but for what
your butt
i don't know i just like the higher i think it it's unnatural that because
it works so well for one i think it is important that
yet how on ect
is just a little bit crazy too
uh... which is nice to have from a sample it should be settled over the
edge to it
uh... having are you with all of you guys about that in the prior are nothing
otherwise would be in that the same positions they were able at that
have been mel's ironed out i think they would be the same position of his neck
school we're gonna talk about nasa school out east
uh... what a train wreck that has turned into a tree
comfortable it led to a friend
well sugar-coat it it is a
was all done surefire
well one of the things that we have been sent one
it could be that tennessee is mismanaged in this uh... this hiring
and they've gone after a few people they've been they made a ride on the
them in their own it wrong
um... the reports are that didn't really though that part didn't really want
and if he didn't
he wasn't willing to negotiate the way that you have to do to have a right
and i really know where they're going to go down and they might be turn into a
guy like butch jones or or you know regulate gore
that could be option number war that everything out that mismanaged and they
just really haven't gotten it because it's not
as a
as attractive as a bit of a job as some people think
option number two is
what i'm choosing to believe right now because i'm gonna be optimistic
all this big smoke screen
tomorrow or friday john bruton announced as the head coach of universe desi
old modify
we're talking about tonight after
nassau that go out strong
uh... ma and i had to respond back on behalf of s_e_c_ yes are jaded
the only articulate where his heart orange
instead of tennessee
medi sota
itunes slowly
others don't see the grease up in the the the collegiate world we've talked
about this on previous podcast route though the fact is that
grouting is enjoying the life he has today
yes that's the one of the successful head coach again
but does he want to give up and sacrifice what you have to do to be
successful collegiate head coach
because you know as well as i do you can go to the national championship
and all that does is puts you wonder three weeks behind every other school
out there on the recruiting show for next year's
makes your style
white say one thing
then this is this is my opinion
if you to use the word about our current class
they got more issues that need thing else that they've been need to worry
about is finding the right to chat
if you remember bandanas seven
they went to makes a very any toll will know
and then they went on the search and they offered ritual reduced
it came out he was accepted the job the next morning he decided he didn't want
the job eternal battle
an alabama basically heidi fleiss fourteen days and jamie worry for
that's a month from now
january first they basically
announced that make savings come in
in so
what question is this in from all indications agreement
you met they have more information on this that you're from all indications
john bruton although the the situation had to be perfect
they basically gave him an umbrella
well hey this is how i would do it in this is what i would need
and i'd be willing to talk india basically came out the date of our
they are doing
really had as a power struggle through the motions an economist bruton
to the stand point of wanna your perusal porn is i don't need to go through the
interview process here i'm out here
if you're one of those play ball channel which a lewis go from there
does that take off enough in your big time will usually sit sit back and go
uses lease would cost us
and we do need to give him a fair shot
we need to do the easily
in a really good reviews were you
somewhat it turned out although i don't know if there really was actually
offered the job refuses poignant his little
making girlfriend jealous of my house and oklahoma say or
near you now have a strong thing
is it a point where
the big-time blisters at some point
if another coach for suspended you
weather center this
weekend were business people we've done this before we know how to negotiate in
our clothes
bus takeover tryna getting mascara alabama ended up
or the exactly like the the builders of the donor said you know if you or money
then journalism what we're saying it and
there's only hear some facts uh... peyton manning spoke with john group
about the uti job
um... the big-money you know the has launched you know that the owners of the
browns i mean there's a reason that john heard was linked to aboard a brown so i
think of that story that any validity though i don't uh... league like adam
asked you can give potential ownership an n_f_l_ team your coach
onto the think that that
big-name donors in the big named athletes like peyton manning wanted john
i think you're exactly right through through towards the same deal that's a
that's a good pretty much
here's what we have here
visible that will allow you to played football that you can get in alabama as
an athlete
if you want
he was that academic control he wants complete controls
of the football for the you watch the design who he hires as
notice that if someone is going to be fire was that he decides that that's
what they say that that's really what's at stake developed it the rest of our
bs ask anybody he wants to do this to the asking about exactly that's the
thing is if you don't hear tennessee tennessee just confine their athletic
forms they had a they've had a women's athletic director uh... joan cronin and
they had
they had uh... my samples
when dave or came in there he said no i won't be in control of got everything
and so he obviously dave art wants to control planes and indonesian when we
give up that
that level of control so i definitely see where that was in
in based off of of what i've heard
that can arrange true today's court was not as excited about giving heard what
he wanted so yeah i mean
so i think it's going to happen i mean people to go to my head no i don't think
this chandra kant because pretty blocking out the possibility of that but
i think that
that it could get to the point where they do kinda like well then they would
save an absolutely i think that i think that children will be contacted again
about the the coaches purchased a sigg i think it might still be will be
contacted looking at the coaches precipitously
those are my thoughts i think they're still born after a big name
and at this point one i just can't get internet publicly
i must say does that sound very far
effed even considering it
i'm not a big thing
and i know that listen to c_ fans would want to push it to us and i just as you
know i'm
personnel issue and
i'd just don't see
how it works out for good
when it comes to plays recorded by is a guided
if you will be a central issue career
has never really got support that he's only been able to you
work with veterans others the guy who as mostly spent
his career he have found that doesn't always transition into the color
i actually was more things of the johnny higher burst a strong are just looking
at head coaching experience although i like strong spent a great
but there are still some good guys out there in i think that you could still
get a quality coached and referring back to the arkansas thing
they did not receive the kind of
you know i know my car hasn't been officially letting things out this is a
tom eladio circle the wagons throughout their dat guy because i think this
roller coaster with the fan base is just finished is getting really set up an
extension fulfill your effort that has to be a lot of scrutiny and a lot of
people try to get behind gear duly
you know the great debate i think it's is going to let you know in let's focus
on getting it college coach
archive it we knows who the tennessee knows that the success more the caller's
rail and not someone who
you know if i was that they had if i was on monday although i would you please
unless it was world really good n_f_l_ job i think i think the ring
i think you have the right one thing you don't know rooms dot all back home run
yet hasn't done it in a car let's say that at the previously
well i think that group
has the ability to bring it shaft unlike anybody else
uh... in the or two
be smart enough to know that in every other college staffing in
jessica nection recruited out to be kind of a figurehead being really more of a
begat freezes flashing inference that is
heated the so that they have a snap
what i do think needs to happen is eckhardt that you know what's happening
at the jury what you can protest at this as well as
date for act basically need is that on traffic signals
he is gone ahead and made some ways them and it's very obvious uh...
what's happening is there's knoxville people in the media
generally the sources to
believes himself
he's got to figure out a way to shut all that off
alone to wear
he kinda circles the wagons internal wall stays off
no because
of other stuff yet baptized i think a little bit about the uh... he complained
that it won't happen in this hall table area on google two points
and first of all this here
date or completely shut all communications i think you underestimate
the tennessee fan base to see burned mattresses
in the street and get them out
he would day in court i mean tennessee bandwidth storm like his office and
house in life but the score overall tell me
it is that they will not accept not having information they just won't
there's no way
that they're going to be able to a quiet search which has he has no idea now as
urges that they can trickle in not you know ended interview somebody without
them knowing absolutely but just know information under stress or participate
will accept a right and i understand that but you just
you loudly if there's no if there's nothing major
people create something there that that's false
in what you'll see that you'll see all rivers and stuff but then when you
actually try to get to the given product code you'll actually see the road lyle
wa sea embarrassed is there's multiple people that reports often it's true
you know it's within fifteen minutes
that it's inaccurate information
uh... it your arkansas
if you give you think about that
forty eight hours before i saw a higher
bahama everybody was talking about how delusional arkansas fans worry was
this task over here in this kind of readers does appear discussed and here
rapping on the where i could i come from
it was kind of weird how that works of the tennessee it's like accurate
information is just happy
in panic
in his life
and i think something charlie strongest helped out the situation
because example let it
built by his press conference yesterday global found the kind of start up
everything but biopsy i don't really understand that because the information
the information that
tennessee had insisted on well with that
troy strong would say yes to draw storms always said that if the s_e_c_ goals
he's gonna you know if that's where he wants to be in
you know what did before he got that mobile
head coaching jobs uh...
reports or that troy strong at this job offer
uh... and that the last twenty four hours a day bunch of phone calls call
the much people doing this kind of second-guessing
and i think i got cold feet and discarded
maybe hats
it's too much of a risk taker learned in tennessee
uh... here's the difference preppie look fails at arkansas think he
that's on the fall back on accusing fraudulent still does
but he has not had a save resume to be on the has to wear myself having
affiliation to see my city is freer back
pocketed years as opposed to build up
a failure my lesson about works new year's and also video gonna get down to
duly anywhere you go to hell with are doing right now
well the other thing that you have to use the refi
druids that v
this cat fifteen years as the hot
that's suppose we could interview well it was cute passover
being interview literally assisi
it will also first truthful first
school was said
we want to be the head coach nothing charles strong to see his track record
he didn't jump around as an assistant you know being released when he was at
school he was there for by are pretty good beer tower
i think he's loyal gabi through struggles with the decision
of saying here's a school gave me an opportunity down there will be giving
probably three billion dollars
you know it is a very
or i can stay in the a c c into a better proper topping that there's a
three-piece anderson at least a lethal
uh... because i think he faces a bit wise topic a cc turned in all this
of the he's struggling with the decision cite
juries loyal guy and he still has a little bit of trouble children roasted
the impasse over the s_e_c_ is
so it's
and i'm also still just as they've been she's not sold a lot of activities
outbreaks experimental army on one hand out specific
tomorrow for my understanding is that that's the only that was the only
face-to-face contact he had with universal yes sweaty that's one of what
here's the thing is
spaces with doors that's when inside as a
is boring p familar sports illustrated is is reporting that
troy strong announced it would anybody except for uh... deleted
and but yet like the
from what
tennessee's inside you know fall network
report says that's not true that
dave boren spoke with him in indianapolis on friday and dave or talk
to today
flew up there today
uh... insult to injury to his wife with
that was uh...
what's going on
his family was there that's the problem
chip ill-informed
yet that forty w so that's what you scared me last night as he was saying
that uh...
the usually ships they had been talking to you know goes on
woody allen has been really
ladies spot
cleanly so you're saying that the doors out
kahalani once again all i can design huddled at the moment sources are people
that are can't work for the university of tennessee that media hits the ball
network apple growth website is the pain rival site
what they reported as that for the world
has interviewed a really spoken as somebody already but he has said that
he is not interested in
immovable it's a tough movie but a rose only been there for one here so
jury let me let me read on this list story again i know we get it before
which is so
reducing what your thoughts are all
johnnie strong fedora fisher
uh... sunny tyson a rematch in just a higher
uh... by cal
so out there uh... miles on it on this list so let's run down
uh... you know which jones
into the horrible hired just uh... never wanted to get at the agreement with
uh... job codes like that
an okie was the panorama messes things up again after dot cutter right from
atlanta is on the list of the c_s_ cancellous
bidyut mollen
to uh... blair without your backflip at the left him uh...
genworth stand
the guy that i'm thinking the under which i thought the sanctions but i'm
rather agent russell is that those other guys remaining on the list of yes the
and concise answer any of those names it
jumps out dvd makes you go may not be excited about that dot well on the once
again of course i would be ecstatic about coach the
with a pedigree urgent russell but i i i think the reason that he's on the list
of thinking
of course it was an article
is as late as well as recently as last week cloak
feeling more console
teamwork talking with a portal consulting estate when i have not heard
anything about him being a possible coach uh...
i'd farms where he where on the internet porous as big as well as well as the
fact that
today because of a with other maybe so but by the city should not see your this
is is whether except madeline depressed areas your question i mean those names
aren't nearly as exciting when you have already been talking about
and by prisons john room in my guardian intro strong tivo fishery yes when you
start talking about chad morris and
you know their qatar and uh...
flippant butch jones than no i'm not excited about those nearly as much so
who knows
i think the optimism
looking at this list
the most exciting one to meet with the odds are left which davis out there as
is not only mullet if it destroy me
i think dot on item no player is gonna eighty percent that way
insures we look at what's left on the list and you look at who's out there
arnold onerous rumors about locally
not crazy about that guy come in there i i just
never really saw it
thought he was accurate approach or saw that what he's done it before i ask is
that overly presidents lived through it
uh... i definitely would rather have a number of forget his name which is
mention of mark
even right
they'll where everyone gets i would rather have him over police
if i were agencies position so i i
i think this ploy to get him a charting alacra mauldin seating format emissary
sent just got a workman you know appeared pure here in the city of
eurostar plus a hard place recruit
edited tennessee at least we have the facilities break
let me let me put this out there with tennessee is this
a situation where
this happens a lot of the n_f_l_ and other you know other prorate as where
it's now becoming
all about where they want let not where they were play
and i say that because is tennessee is not so a desirable location if you were
up big-name head coach because when i look at oklahoma state might gondii go
that's a pretty sweet job right now if you could you could go toe to toe though
from what you got it
pocketbook ascertainment beckons
when it comes to troy strongly just maybe that so that i think we overlook
we talked about
charlie strong has no there was no big reason for him to leave because he's the
return seventeen starters next year it really doesn't numbers
he's going to use don't be a cc
that's a pretty good job the the only thing he's got to be with is miami four
in virginia tech and maya and a big story when it comes football
he could probably hang in there
what coach has a pool becomes tennessee is not to losing its luster
if you were saying i guess the good thing about blair situation star quality
go well
there in the hotbed of recruiting we can pull kids here that many you'll be the
second-tier guys relish in alabama historical onwards the same way
arkansas socks for kids from you know texas and oklahoma
where it is true
beseech strength lies in a football program now the and i just looked at a
crazy status when tennessee wonder national chain ship
uh... they were or something like italy lost five games it was like forty five
do you have been exported willing to explore karna reformer wasn t guy
is there some pool that brings you closer i guess that's along with the
question but
would be
uh... what would bring it comes to tennessee
all here here's my answer a chris i don't think it is that you are asking me
as a coach www what what i do about the opportunity job of courses like most of
it won't make a pros and cons list i think there are a lot of prose to come
nearer universita city i think one
uh... is a school with a lot reduction and i think the coaches will get a
little differently than recruits because i mean they have to look back on
what's happened in the past and can you win
at this place and yes i think that i mean you can win in tennessee so i'd
tradition is a definite approves list i think you have
you have within bumming you have haha facilities
to the country
your uh... you have a lot of money in the applicant or you've got a rabid fan
you know about you know you have a state in the teacher tells the people you got
one of the largest and they said the country and yes tennessee's down right
now but when tennessee's up on the to the c_ span base robbers alabama alabama
tennessee both out
these huge fan base it's one of the top tube and bases in the country opinion
now you look at the consulates the consulate is no it's not like a forum
where you can sell sustain yourself and recruits just in the state you have to
recruit nationally to where you have to recruit
california you have to be able walk
the occasional get from for example really got a hit
georgia and north carolina really or
said to be able to win in knoxville
the other kinds of our uh...
recent history and
what they've gone through a little bit which uses the same as a part of the
rabbit fan base i mean look at their living about three years
yet three years of tennessee and he didn't live in an their animal uh... so
i think it's a
it's a risk that the other in defiance your questioner i'd say well i don't
it might be i don't know what charlie strong wouldn't come uti he's talked
about what to get back in the s_e_c_ best the area that is recruits and if
you want
you know make that step up immediately if any of you can tell me a little more
the better program that says they are now argue that the uh... may change if
we go about ten hours on the sponsor
gondola police data reading you wanna talk about tell you that this is a
better job is a better program lou
from my molds for delivery in the s_e_c_ resource for her willingness to be spent
a lot don't see any reason why he would go to the city and i think this is a
better job than
that missouri state
but i think the risk that we always reward for catholic so to leave the city
state where he has
where he doesn't have to win
you know the s_e_c_ every if he doesn't have to be in this feature goodness of
the state
like about me
player on i'm not alone in you're pretty hard that won't press yeah yeah i mean i
i i think i think you're right i think i mean
the thing about it is is that the remain them on innocent states making two point
seven five million dollars
uh... message frequency the state
only who's gonna be twelve thirteen
uh... new budget in the s_e_c_
you know so is a tennessee toaster them onto the wall three and a half million
missus considerably minority
um... but think it's kind of interesting but i was wrong thing is just a
nutrition vendors because
my in-laws argues for citizen that offers a family affair
in charlie this chart wrong
is that he's got a little more than in that
is doing something that's not really been mirsada statement released or did
walls place where you can go and planning football and property region
a meeting were recruits there expect the silly systemic parade
college life is mortal that i have
uh... or uh...
it's got all the guns and help out and skin
before we give away two million free because uh... there make enough money
where they can bow yachtsman gastric exists walsh and the money is not
had the money is not the end all be offered things integrated
if you go to the top if universities they all have billionaires
i mean it doesn't matter every school in the s_e_c_
is that
this is the meaning its c_e_o_ billionaires all of the universe
trees so they can actually write big checks in with all the t_v_ it's fixed
before the s_e_c_ in the next five years
everybody knows that that's what's happening in so
uh... obit for transfer on the streets
where she got a philosophical and i think right now he's in a couple place
work except when you return it's harder to use their
calamity bridgewater african my northwestern kumble
onto doing stuff like that
you know you get into the sea
uh... you know i don't know it's one of those things that the family plays a
part of that i think he's a loyal guy i think he's
on i think he did but i think he's a karine
yeah i think he said i think is very conflicted i think that's a lot of time
but we have forty-eight hours the company require drought but he didn't
make a because decision and i think more feedback the same won't be retained
for u in devika sit there
in probably have a the ability to
you know we added uh... more consistently
dr marlin is this type of thing that's not the product is unit you've got to
make a huge investment down there the media
the renovations to the stadium
uh... you know that's gonna increase your pretend it's only there's lots of
things going on down there that mary world animals as walk into a twenty
eight million dollar football's oldest
bal three weeks so
that's a football facility and you have a family and our relation to the stadium
that's his whole baby
moment most area big uh... let me know wesley around that it is doing something
that a school that's never been done
uh... you know him
you know and and and really the only thing that he is really soured in the
four years she's been there is the last morning we played at all this and so
uh... p_m_ everybody's assemble attire occupier
year-ago winnable anyway and i think it's the first
twice in the first four years in the city state
stated what about
i would like a of sergeant mohawk i want to sort of a good point about
about wind blowin' leading would make sense and then i will
but continue to bridge winners for
i think we can also use it
right now in the sus that is probably the fourth bestie going forward
uh... but i think that's a tough situation ramona bien
and i think that's where that that risk reward the jury was talking about
tends to even out there is a
what you're seeing is if you go to tennessee your demo on you know
do you only have two beach
stuart a
in florida
if you might feel a split because sometimes they can kill each other so
i think that that's how it makes sense that he is now you know from
you're basically need the world
the are all the world b
with you and the dollar's all one hundred percent a year favor
in all work
to win the west if you are in the city state
but in tennessee i don't think that's the case i think that's a better program
i think they have worked additions summer things drew was talking about
and i think if you're doing well and you could go to tennessee and say hey i've
got a better chance of winning the s_e_c_
and i've got a better chance to be your long-term
with a successful program that u_p_s_ bsc t-shirt that gets into the csce that
yes it let's talk about the playoff system
they needed into bc s playoff system
it s even more likely bear it then at mississippi state because in the city
state they've got a compare retired people they'll shoot down
we know those programs are going away anytime soon nl within it
i noticed in the short term
uh... man sells only theater for another two years
long-term and i was going to be fair i think in to c_n_n_ in the city state
you know fiber that's report position
so that's why i see it makes sense for molly if he wants to go
bar higher tier s_e_c_ program no fancy cargo fans players are now but
but i'd like to i'd love if he's there are a lot of the loyalty i like seems to
be stated good
uh... i'd tend to be
when those people that
when the entire s_e_c_ is doing good it's better for everybody
guy i think the other thing that you have any consideration is
if you do think that we're saying more makes the moved into the city
the also the heights eight hands expectations
so uh... untainted season that's insidious haircut
and so mega talking about how the gas bill clinton was a lot more
uh... instead of is gonna be performed george's and
uh... dido it has to be state that's not necessarily the case even though
you'll have your attic fans
that that we'll see
you know like this year's uh... but we had a schedule that winter but uh... you
know me
we could be in the top twenty five
workman into the if we want to hold a
it can be fair to the west
missus like this
uh... incident
but i think it is a victory for me for
aids yet i mean did you guys out there are exactly
often in kentucky
that will soon be there
and one comment about not taking the stand
what about the door is there any validity there and i think that's the
gun magazine right
doubles in miami florida overlord
i think the goldmans on think is a possibility i think the costly for gold
i mean i think a lot more now because of what minus one st louis mo udall horace
has found a really happens when you say all right reserved on that really look
at and i don't think that that seized
didn't really tried to force on him so tomatoes that they were looking at
with and i think
i think any money and everybody is back in play i think that right now to see
was gonna shoot first or for the colored people and i think they like charlie
strong alive dot i don't think you see ever expect draws from firmed up job and
that's the difference this is something that i just read it makes
i think the reason says he looks better right now i mean you can take the
kentucky are out because they are in
you know uh... almost a week ago now
but you look at uh... you look at what arkansas albeit at a and all over india
within hours of each other in your life how can how can they get there guys
it says he can't look at what
arkansas personal we don't know be learned a lot of talk to him problems
ago individuals that wasn't over their long-term growth rate of the six-month
headstart nolan
we can't have a wait and see where things are going to your by tennessee
had had a head start they didn't know that
villanueva i'm fantasy expected a fire deletha
new maybe
maybe as early as i mean two or three weeks but i think that that when they
were really talking to john burns up up and then trying to figure that part out
so now i don't think they have nearly as much but i certainly don't know will not
be a little bit linda or so article
months ago for all we know and then all berg i've made a tropical reese more
courage more said no they had a natural hari gus boyle's law details on said yes
i think this the circumstances make it look worse
whereas to see the one bad thing was
troy strong turn down i try strong accepts that everybody goes well since
he got a good
uh... they got the recruiter everything is good but one got hurt about really
shine the spotlight in the fact that it is the one after a guy like to read and
edit flirt with might not be so
i think that's weird to see is
so this time next week we don't have to come
so that the bill would let you know i don't know if there's
stipulation bowman they denounce ruden uh... getaway filled up pilot bubble
devoted contracts overweight stops today by the books or whatever though i don't
know sharon i really
i know that is usually the high have somebody died part you know
today or tomorrow but when
killer might even reviewed everybody's generalist sister janelle i think you
gotta have term you know
reshuffled advanstar over so
it could be another week of those
though you're almost ended up dead buried anyway what do you got another
three weeks in sony what's the point harm somebody now and you know i think
you've got a little bit of paul ballon michael what into the right person and
as opposed to settle in for
i think that i saw something
of the intended victim ron goldman is a huge culturally aware that the lord
you know i i i thought he got out that he was only
yes what is in the entire i've you know i think the if i remember correctly my
department's quoted as saying
they wanna make hiring december and i think to regis khana magic there that
this is gonna be a day period so
it this way
i think you'll need to rush
you've gone are the big finish the big fissure bur check to you
uh... right now you need to make sure that you don't get another territory
uh... not ever want to be like ellis your government saying
to less miles i mean it just doesn't happen every
you know from shwarier we offer caliber runs up your elasticity in florida going
from a great coach
to another great coaches myron and they really you don't look at the struggles
must check out early
i think it it just one which has he's got a focus on iwo we went out
the cable car was a better
let's call it is there was a great
fire until at u_s_c_ open up
when you look at the truly higher you go
that was a clear art is the way it was less than ninety really gotta make sure
you don't make another
you stay is you don't want to set this program back any further than are yours
last year is by far the worst year ever seen in tennessee
and you really don't like it to you that you not to mention
at this point
what is the recruiting class in tennessee
where do you think you would even reagan at this point is you know if you bring
in the right guy
but already saw that miles on already put a
appointed by uh... groups
you know i was a critique so
the right coach
all this had recruited into why such a sweet take your time really
let me ask miss madness my really open up uh... antara question what other big
position coaches one other headquarters and out there
are still available
colorado dot property
their oral with
constables and did yet
on impractical appropriately california's been the back out of town
yes over here with us in
and so that i have no control state
you know that you hear compete against coach going arkansas state trooper more
things to worry about
but you know that the other
military faridoun
time all of a sudden now is not such a a of big money that you don't worry about
because you're not out there competing against of a dozen different schools
stripped of his you know and it just wanted to school there might be are in
low-income similar type of spectra constituted protested
as a matter of that can give you a lot more time to make the right decision to
to go in there and have those conversations and what is it going to
take to get you
name your price and then then see if it's realistic or not he has a reversal
okay we got out of state on the list of my candidate they tend to settle this
so we can see hope is that it is so juergen bridget's i really don't
cruises to ala crappy got left out there
so we got arkansas states open we got colorado florida international can't say
louisiana attached
southernmiss temple you chat u_s_f_ wisconsin in western michigan
if on the head coach
i'm only interested in in tennessee or wisconsin's line number two
and then colorado you'd probably be story
does anyone want to postcard
no amie
idle boulders and my family
history is uh...
yes steinbrenner cars at places and amigo stadium sitting where it is
or mismatches it is ridiculous terrible they're packed well right
yesterday so thats
i guess that's a part of your in the big you're not a big twelve big get a big
quality marketing of texas so
academia positive but
rethink historically
tennessee is by far the best of these jobs wisconsin is not just for kids
you know they're going to be want someone to check on their cell count but
i've just read that the um...
the guy that building took over force going to coach in the bowl gets up and
running a rush
yet so i think at this point
duo tennessee's other paper i mean
so what you lost on the
yulon strong so i think all of those two were a little bit of reaches because you
knew how much money dudayev's is back pocket
you used about struggle here cc so i think there's still some good news out
there now i start to wonder
with my car consider
we haven't had that bill o'brien higher this year
so where's that guy whereas the guy worse the coordinator from the n_f_l_ at
that time it is usually that seems to happen you're here in many he comes into
tennessee i know hart senate
we want pick while kill hart said
we were at the everyone at the tables on radar churches but john green's coming
to check for her because tyler
uh... you note that's where you go
michael really does that you need to have head coaching experience of the
guys that often supported her
from the n_f_l_
look at what our prime news donate penn state
yeah we talked about wisconsin are being the strongest program because of those
uh... or because of ohio state michigan enough penn state but look at the impact
of rahe under all that pressure with all the media attention all that carbajal
topofblogs that was much more dumpster fired in tennessee has begun to get yes
you know if say they find out that my carts not john bruton then i think it
could be worse than expect that there might be a murder
in that sense at this point tennessee i think it can still get the right time to
get a guy that content
characterize the candidates into energized or critical ass
uh... drew uh... chris farmers available dude
your reviewing
uh... man it's a great time of the uh... sissies grant gold or designs by uh...
paid the price and that's what led to the sea bass hoping for a thirty eight
point is rich in two days a
back to the kevin o'neill days once again i www iconic watch with the south
of the day off will
that happen
drew after the war on the message to the right handed planted in the world out
there like six thousand gold pork
become more and say you know that's what we're really through uh... that's an
interval unilaterally minute another student you can buy your programmer
uh... coming out
battle in
let's wrap this up it is eleven o'clock
archives lost and time
most of us have nothing to do tomorrow
and we've had for clothes on our behalf so
my ralph are reviewing what has gone left to right as tom and uh... co we're
open mine anything goes what would you like to talk about will wrap us up
erica's i had a busy week in advance that uh... forecasters theresa
the four-year-old
saturday and repaired for sure
uh... albeit
and december nears
childhood birthday and christmas cheer
take days into the department purdy's
but you know how things happened so yeah yet
pat well policy there
gotta love the idea that you're doing that for presents uh... right now taken
gmat asking for gifts for him but for some donations for is that the
hurricanes julia yeah i heard a liter yes rashes all the poorest of hurting
so was brutal
should ok o you know it's that time of the region where i make my daily
claudette before might mill tennessee liberators and i just want to say that
it's a uh...
so this race to the ballpark where that they did not make it into a ball game
those guys that a tremendous job on the fact that that horrible school to the
northwest retard got a ballgame in my guys that
uh... really upset about that but
as always guys it's a blast talking via no we have some great talk about
coaching and everything it up look forward to next week and hopefully uh...
drew himself up approach in place and
we'll be able to talk about that
required work in a five g
although so yes you can always follow me on twitter ac
into the great is well is i have a blog sup ukraine matters chris reyrey dot
blogspot dot com
but uh... that's what i was going to let me his is search when i'm always on
their head
where you wanna tell people how i can see
but your mother
created executives uh... miller started as a wildlife
you know i watch movies read about what you got what you have the sidewalk
handout down down down good news that you know i apologize in advance
i'm sure everybody united center that she sees four friends at what we we can
as a senior one
uh... automatic download ought to say all this an episode and as
give notice i mean i was a come store owner for the first you know about left
thirty-year thirty-five fourteen
uh... podcast but robin finish up my my master's program switching careers
gordon teaching and finish my ma last assignments
uh... last week it was a
flippant thirty page research paper which i'm sure people reward that spot
for the longest ever read and so
and was one of those things where you just
you know with with teaching a networking to drive the somehow make some money
they were not you know getting huge paychecks for the says he sees
portrayals only a a blood are all happy to quit my teaching job at all happy and
if we can make this portal
or brochure so that i won't get hired now but i'd goes on exhibit a lot a lot
of gore's own polydor that some excited about being on your morale dsc-w how say
you know
and a couple more because that's all we can we did was a very good movie
uh... well acted on it you were quite a bit hillary i saw was that
the uh...
sewer lines playbook
uh... and that's our time and people that feel like it
well there was a total chick flick and it just didn't really enjoy only by the
troopers good unless he's playing field for all up
from the hangover so
i'm excited to go to and uh... to movie night that's where
herbert movie day which which is over christmas break where we go did pay for
one million stay for stay per juror for ease of that's exciting that's gonna
happen here
uh... during the uh... there's a christmas break
nothing or so
you know it's time for the season like still movies what's on the uh... went on
the short list
uh... i don't know many aids are having a really want to see what's coming out
as you know you're gonna get as you know influx of movies that are coming out in
the next few weeks i want to know i do want to see the bond movie ever did they
give us a couple art is pretty good
uh... animals they our hotels is going to be al mantra and
some big-name movies whatever big blockbusters or wonder how that movie
about wasn't life haha
you know think that
and i think it looks great yeah i mean i think it's going to be
i don't think i like it as much as other people will but our wanted just because
i think it's
user collected so that it will be break although it's not really
as we've heard we've all talked about on you know for sure they collected by
death we did we did talk about sports always talked about how much i hate
three-d_ movies and how much i hate
disney recycling movies and you know making chain in allergic to cats tillman
pape thirty seven dollars to go it is a blair weren't you talking about a
and a m in the drop like ninety bucks to go to a movie with five u_n_
yeah it was uh... uses two three-year-olds
and three adults at animals like sixty nine dollars
then the kids like thirteen of each
because they came bibles backpacks
itnet in that they had the last word of the movies every once in a long road to
the movies and and it's like
what the hell happen and it was a little it was like seven fifteen
three weeks ago anos thirteen bucks to go watch a movie and heaven forbid you
want to three-d_ movie and like the big theater
amid five
eighty seven fifty
we should say me because
they deserve ended their fifteen minutes for the previews individuals involved
alas is intended like fifteen minutes of three d previews so thirty minutes
before the freakin maybe even started now so i think my three-year-old falsely
thirty minute supporters maybe
integrated in paragraph one that has been a a little one-third more did they
really you know it will be one third avenue that they would have been a
volatile windows your government of uh... of
time that you can get through your own cecil into our still watching
they they had been
disorders are stranded on a high an affinity handlebar don't really know
that it was bidwell were
united original
uh... no i a few feet would wanna talk about what we would have to say this
incredible ability allow
a laundry list of like i get made fun of all of them all places i haven't seen
the godfather movies
and is in the dark or movies warren
exact actually i think rambo
fish that i don't i don't know what i was doing the eighties
or cutting karate kid like seventy eight and so
i guess that's what that's what i was out
i'm a confined to her dream how you can follow me and uh... andrea and twenty
uh... honor always make the claim that
you know that that's that's already but i will tell you this guys
once again for the we're gonna be p_g_ or g_ your ethical also
enjoy it
uh... before white was somebody on your joe checkout out just cut uh... take the
coverage dot com autoclave traverses latest writings called chessie's
coaching search is adult surefire hit is a fantastic read well that's good and it
is always
it's fallen there to recollect for us to you know
gives you a lawyer downside
any any claim to fame to sell uh...
uh... said university is a slower is a sport broadcast of those out
here they will listen to the
if you get to the s_e_c_'s courtrooms that we're going to dealers and i will
eisenach fears here that we would why would we do
self-healing i've already this thing up and include out uh... you can follow me
at p shane bailey fusion of listening to this podcast
that our happy and we appreciate it
idea and you can find as a nineteenth-century al
as long as you to describe the csr do you do thursday defense nouveau
if you get lazy and find out a way to finance that works out
with that everyone will appreciate you listening in on republican casper