UofL Soccer Team visits Brazil

Uploaded by univoflouisville on 18.04.2011

The Men's Soccer Team, we decided to, or well had an opportunity to take a trip down to Brazil
and to visit a couple cities. The trip's purpose was two-fold
First, and foremost it was a soccer trip.
In which we were able to go down there to one of the founding soccer nations
and certainly one of the power houses, which is very, very exciting.
We got to play against some of the local club teams
and to play against these players who are young guys just like us,
but who are already professional players was just a tremendous experience.
Edge Outreach, it was, they're very good instructors.
It's like a school, and they kind of called a class for us.
And Edge Outreach does a good job of teaching
and really what they did was they put it together in front of us
and then we put it together.
There was two groups.
One was putting together water purification systems
and the other one, which I worked with all day, was a hygenine plant.
Which worked with youths who were poor and less privileged
and we educated them about having good hygenine and good eating habits.
And then at the end of the day, we put on little 5-10 minute clinics.
It was really special, just to see the smile on the kids' faces.
That you were there, you cared about them because these are really underprivileged kids.
You know, from cheek to cheek they had huge grins on their faces.
I would never of thought one of my college spring breaks would have revolved around having the opportunity to go to Brazil.
Much less, interact with some of the underprivileged people there,
and to really have a life-changing effect on them.