SECSRT 061 The Mystery Machine Drives Through Alabama

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alright welcome to SEC Sports round table this is your host Shane Bailey
back at you for another exciting week in the s_e_c_ joined with me tonight is
regular host Blair Smyly welcome Blair
It's good to be back Shane
That's you're regular little tag line. I figured it out and having done this long enough
and you
start working with the actual text version this for closed captioning you
say that every time so thank you for that
i can always get that part right
also to the Roundtable tonight, a newbie first-time person and
can be seen on the youtube channel as a LSU supporter of order welcome Chris Gray
to the podcast
thanks for having me Shane.
hey we're glad to have some some new blood from baton rouge area and to have
some friends down there
uh... for those pages then I wish we could have had you a week earlier
uh... has really exciting stuff from you there but still glad to have you
uh... we're going to get right into things this week
i catch up to speed just a little bit
if you are new to the podcast welcome were so glad you found this
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so that's it with the housekeeping issues that i was trying to get out of
the way quickly. but get right into the action and we'll talk about last week's
games and i don't think there was much going on
in the sec oh wait, that is this week's games
there was a a pretty exciting little match up
you know I don't want to spoil it, but
maybe keep an extra listener or two for for five or ten minutes will hold
off on the the big game of the week but uh...
you know Blair you were just mentioning as we were doing some pre-show pre and Chris
I don't know if you are
here when we join that part of that part of the discussion but uh... Ole Miss had
hat that game pretty much in hand going into the fourt quarter with Vanderbilt and
things just didn't happen
who a all men stopping with animal has evolved into peddler
you know things always said coming into the reaches
uh... uh... they did
described an awful pretty uh... tough game last week and uh... were beaten up
orbit and uh...
i think they had four if i'm not certain
that's four players starter sound for the game
so couple in the back into the defense and they had a couple breakdown secluded
uh... communication breakdown that last uh... touchdown brother with what about
fifty seconds left uh... i remember correctly too
for ready to go up and uh...
you know it's a today met uh...
you referred to teens
uh... was an opportunity to go to the it below all
uh... what a games going uh... of those two things at the old missiles the one
that needed to do now
um... because vanderbilt has a couple
couple opportunities coming up with uh... there will be easier than what all
this is uh...
next to appoint somebody so but also you know that actually does but uh... using
it that's it for me
you've ever thought i had tennessee this week in kentucky
tina however that's right ever had kentucky for even a happening if it
well missus weekend l_s_u_
yet uh... and then they're vulnerable i i think that that you follow closely
there'd be a wells subject so they they are gonna have a a tough go to get that
back through and that they really need to have to finish up the season
interested you get a lot to me that in there
on the home is better organize
i tended to uh... was more focus on what's wrong with with a list you there
uh... i did however i can follow albania will be just as i like to see that
indeed well i feel like
that'd be the s_e_c_'s persisted for
so i i didn't get a chance to catch that separated your two writers who wrote
stuff on the
bus show some of that brilliance that we're open that they trickle down from
his brother
his mother was actually there and uh...
eleven days uh... every week often
was actually on the field but uh... unique thing about baby you know later
your earlier two year when
you know franklin cache of quarterbacks all
from the media were allowed to speak and then
uh... message that uh... writers down there and we'll see identify press
carrion or somebody an early in the year in
backup or back actually played the organic
your criminalists yahoo is basically a bitch
amidst what actually happened in
uh... you're looking back he took a lot of heat during that time
uh... churn out the players from talking to the media but
uh... it's obviously sparked something
i think when we did the party s
uh... before they played missouri balancing game where your earlier in the
year they were
there's a game of their current give bolo or they're going to need to start
uh... somewhere and they were going to have come all the way at the time that
we thought
but wouldn't you didn't know
they they got their first millions in syrian had been on the marshall stringer
sense but uh...
and they're playing well right now a m and
who's to say i mean i got a great shot beaten tennessee and i got a really good
shelby farce
uh... again back at their or so
uh... yahoo who falls for five weeks ago the vanderbilt that have a shot at a
glance on after when they started the season
now i know we were talking podcast wouldn't even be able to recall eligible
uh... and with the with the lineup in the way they work like they have
stressed they were they they were not available and i have admitted it
outlined at franklin high in was a little
let down that they were by the way they are and and
you don't have a problem but some expectations there
uh... down weston
and you're right they did it with a twins but that i think we talked about
last week you look at at the uh... of rankings that just came out sunday him
i'm not corrected that of the top i'd say talking about the top nine programs
in the united states
six of them
are from the f_c_c_
yeah they built the first three starter taken and then for their insights in
india organ donor
or uh... through this this is a maritza
solar energy
you look at that and and
anything with my not help them anyways paper for and even when it comes out of
all the things that went out and be henna
uneasy c_v_r_ ah... remember deepak
molly because
uh... everybody else in the s_e_c_ is doing so well
yahoo c_n_n_'s
we needed to talk that often mean
give this a mississippi state prisons
making the arkansas and i think the organization and i'm wincing
you know they may go into the tree political uh... leo some government
wants to be able so it can be actually housing all trickles out they can get to
exhibit b c s
uh... which i think that we all but they didn't get into
almost since still on the air but uh... it's going to be an interesting maya
which is what makes also columnists statements as some
uh... there we go employs a lot of or
but really i mean when it comes down to the play-offs
if that was happening this year it wouldn't change that
that whole scenario
uh... you know that we have in the s_e_c_
his livelihood that two things are going to go to them
these yes championship won the championship game into a another bc
the same thing with a client out for probably the playoffs in area
so if you look at you know of entered a program that would definitely on the
outside look at the end of quality balls you know i'm lookin look at here
at the records and sometimes not
here when you take into consideration that you got alabama a few
you got georgia florida south carolina
yeah texas a and a m
uh... there for six teams
you know army
nominee in the future and you know of enrollment city-state your shot again
eight possibly nine wins now for almost seems to me
that the music city hall
and some of those will be you know i feel a senator dodd a six and six
mississippi state initiative to get in a twin
kiddos legitimate and so it's interesting how it works out
wall say how it works out that uh... it can be issued an expert witness you know
i mean
and then
realistically with his two weeks left of game so we can have a look at some of
these american experimentation
i don't think they have do they have a shock to me that four wins overall we've
got you guys this week
and next week
and they have do you have a fight with a loss or gain the whole mess uh...
uh... in little rock i think that and it kind of there
uh... their charlotte's what kind of a karan peter
i think that weekend and she stated that bad
at a bad time insurable
all senior day with that
a group of seniors which were banned loans first
for society uses them a promotional saturday so
uh... and then they need a penny to win as bad as anybody at
uh... unnatural state owned by a
committee talked about several issues although he has a highly qualified to be
then right now i mean uh... i was home estates unisa city-state minimal
uh... which is you know all is there a crap shoot
either changed
uh... military student housing problems after that
that all sir
uh... vanderbilt's own
banana missouri certain out five and five and they've got
available indonesia and they go syracuse this week in the next week they don't
think they hang up
so they have to have this bizarre combo logical
so you know it's it's can be a fun time you're you're starting to see some of
realistically najibullah position from the s_e_c_ taken by the new gas
they've been joined the the ranks this year so it's going to be interesting
when those elections handed out that's why i think i think that's why you see
some of those other program those bowl teams
mojica who demanded to know that uh... in mississippi state has some guys down
uh... last week
yeltsin does not the games vs the vanderbilt
uh... so it is and i think that those guys
ethical last week we got to talk about some coaching
coaching changes uh... kentucky and if there is anything on the horizon and m
if it wasn't sealed
uh... last week for tennessee howard i think you would see a lot saturday
for both of those programs
anything only happen in the motion to accept him
possible uh...
you know that it's
i don't understand how you have tolerate
justin learner
and patterson
any decided to snow on the ball that take to contrast to the house has been
the regulation of all staying at their loss the confidence of the team
uh... and
dole leaves explanation
you know
bud nothing on the first round a paper double-strand pasal second downing and
basically got nothing
uh... and that he didn't look like a ball back to our message ridiculous
mingus parenting in
if you're the twenty yard line
i would understand that
but you're a forty and you need twenty five dollars to get a kick or realistic
and you've got three guys who feel they can make a boy
that's just uh...
you know it for her
fort gadu moses defense can't win the game
eddie any mason made a statement saying
by translate so well because he knows he can still go at least defense was going
to hold up
how you don't
finish out regulation and and try to win the game and i don't understand and
uh... so
is a shame i mean
uh... eleven because i'm happy to see here in tennessee
i mean this
nineteen lose a game and uh...
just let us all a very very poor decision which is
you'd call made from all kinds of decisions of the list made this year
chris i know you've got a l_s_u_ pack down there but i know you follow all's
well to get cashing in that game
i did around you know
what i found most interesting was that his name in particular seem to be
be calm a nation of every game we've seen there can we play um...
tennessee goes up twenty one two seven
i believe they even jumped up on august eighteen to twenty eight percent one
point in some correct me on that if i'm wrong
uh... in
i think the when you're looking at coaching
in you'd started so it's a wall
he's angry classes coming now
he's got his players as we mentioned tolerate just a connor oc rail
patterson's been been phenomenal in in the running game any coach i think we
could use a
r_u_ twenty-eight suddenly third-quarter
by i think they could win it for you really saw logistical this preparation
they come out i have targets are most likely going to have time in their just
hang around you've heard often they make no adjustments in the other teammates
she adjustments when it comes back storming into gaming
i think they were mentioning how jus friends who are not the
almost like he really struggled protocol for the twenty or it's
in yet
tennessee couldn't stop it
um... i think the tennessee got pushed around by a team that's more of a spread
option that you know they they're not really a powerful whatsoever
and uh... was is a of big disappointed to see this is just once again product
last night and really do need a detained at really step up and gimmick on a
proven selvi when we come back for another year yet i think everyone
tennessee was from listen to radio sort of like
well we lose this then doing stuff yet scope
but you know i don't think they paid if you can say what i saw the destruction
of the team led by nicotine doesn't look like they quickly dot i think
some study done enough that defense is absolutely terrible
uh... seven hundred yards the week before destroy and then you're saying
you look back at the akron game they hung with them uh... discussion staff is
just an just been really or i i don't
i don't think you can really look at it one of the main three now the offense of
defense according to remain the head coaches say do we really want these guys
back if you're if you're my court yet whether director at bay
at this point just wanna clean house and say
we got a sort of removed from the beginning in may need to bring it home
state convinces tolerate comeback this i really think that's he's from suffering
the most from this coaching staff is is the guy projected to be a first round
draft pick i don't think that's a hard sell
is confirming
he's he's got the weapons and he's done well and worries the s_e_c_'s probably
topped out for him for back to forest completions in your heart
but there's still no on this jury is you know i think that it worked out great
cases to break his all they say that it would be a chance to break menus
season record heat he's putting up numbers
if you have just a mediocre effects
that billion people are mixed
you know in having chris alluded to the second happens uh... you know it just
hurts me
if i'm not mistaken a bit of missouri to something like sixty eighty hours for
the first passed
uh... i mean it was
missouri kundu anything
and for limits on our panel al
user events or or or ask for possessions of
uh... regulation and assault today on our report
were um... bull rollback on greater whatever scientific ever members
uh... but the big wide receiver
you know the last has found basket because there's a little is less than a
minute ago right yet they said that he actually drew w_s_p_n_ pulp
that dead and that that emily's and james glickman said that
is funny because he was always he end up
is shown in in the cells are also i was afraid the defense can actually see what
he was in
doing but basically he came back and i thought it was like
they are still run this phase of the corner
that's basically what happened is lesbian wide-open iso
let me as if it's a combination of things and
unit for two missing fans
you know it's it's very happens again since the reason it doesn't get spender
bill uh... or kentucky that but still the bills for dole in
any silva say that i could be into the game on each other's
uh... decision he's and he's really kind of passion officer separators line
uh... passionate fans brandes of business here in tennessee
and doesn't stop with the same time this week for
for the day job and for the community here shaking hands and stuff and talking
to some season ticket holders is an easy conversation is stops for some as like
yeah you know they're going to hear the announcement comes to you today
yeah his life
you know that if they do that made voters that they had to choose from
where it is pretty small and that there are not going to happen in a so that's a
pretty small hall and that's not to say that is not simply go to that and they
don't have a job
and if you think in country does not want that
molly and who knows
but uh...
you know that's that's them
that's absolutely there will be treated as an hour
i don't understand
help people understand that if a purpose in
insisted that it is a big deal and it's a lot for ur if you get into baggage and
if you just said
personal issues
uh... you know how you cheer a wife it's not that big a deal give supposedly
uh... from a still but i can't see an athletic director being able to
with his past
and that he actually
basically broke federal law and his girlfriend
that's what the problem is and i will understand how people to say hey
is gonna be an easy thing in the midst barnhart kentucky's macintosh higher
betraying he's going to put his name on now and and i don't see dave park in the
same thing i don't see
but all we're doing the same thing i don't see a big time program being able
to say
it was just a simple h_r_s_ shoot i mean this is a guy to creep in
heart is broken his church
and gave her a job in the public institution in a lot to his boss about
after he left in the n_f_l_ team of three games left after t
from mobile
dinner in secrecy
uh... to take that job in
newell database was slapped his hand did not extend his contract for you here
he's got a history
of this i just don't understand how people to say arch
it's over with and he's going to be there is strong topic but
it's one thing i just don't understand
colin athletic director
all the political
stuff that you have to do
you're going to be a little hard out that i had his mistress and basically
at a legal practice he gets anybody fired in america
ice is made up
nudging carla if i'm not mistaken the last rumor was he might be heading up to
your team there because it is uh...
his daughter i believe plays a sport firm for kentucky i'm not mistaken in
canada lexington ali wants but the bible is right
mid are partisan isn't that pretty smart guy at the kentucky amie
hate he's very he's very deliberately ms motions and innes actions
uh... it took him about a very long methodical prompted select joker going
to the right thing lack of embarrassing loss kentucky had it been about
there was a very very good chance before that men about a photographer laws would
not have been five they could've at least played competitive against bad now
that if they could just got people to stay
yet and that's what ended up this statement we have less than twenty
thousand people actually standard ticket to go into it
s_e_c_ gang
i mean that's that's illustrated even said that
uh... but i think it's barnhart any uh... i mean i think if you nothing else
was at kentucky
amidst barbara i think you trivia possibilty
wherever it might make sense for trade and i think it's all people here just
because the way the takeover will will he knows the area uh... immature an area
arkansas works hard to recruit to charlie kids always available
well met type stuff in the
won't be able to meet a little bit alfie kentucky is going to get more of a young
energetic ralph it's going to be about
character in trying
sales the
uh... doubt i can get some
uh... emotional in the program icsc sunny dietary fat claims management
claims bering kita
and that's that's the thing that i like the here at the convention
that the trio and it's not that the trainer intelligences that
you know you hear enough nuff uh... hearsay and that from fans of the
against kentucky develop our economic advantage to have
as some point less and you don't have to worry about that with both programmer
so did
kentucky doesn't have to deal with that kind of valujet back
and uh... quality companies out there and you bring up a account like the
offense cornered and yet look what he's doing down there
uh... which i thought long and i think so you've got to admit that some
exciting football lots
and there's not a kentucky fan is a season ticket holder now would be
rustling robot ticket depicted
but they do something like that lexicon or even close they wouldn't even they
would even want to be a alabama on a regular basis or even once it is what
you got six seven eight wins
uh... and be happy and an that kind of program
could give elevated to the to a higher level because of that time in
now secretory logo in there
but uh...
the other program i his that's got some more eases down the planes and georgia
neither defense actually decided to show up in in a big fashion
and uh... but a big used to happen installed in this area
editor george is
george playing really well right now
uh... if they can just ever did and murray
to play
halfway decent game
at the time being
and i think this is increasing at the period of the current ball well
they're playing defense more consistently than a kaplan all
uh... there earlier in the year before the twenty th floor
uh... and uh... i think you're going to steer her to player top twenty-five team
was equally as everybody else
uh... you know they can make some noise in the s_e_c_ championship book uh...
day now that uh... yet allen's got a little bit
changes are so silly but uh...
about the way george planitnow uh... all an interest-free condone surefire uh...
next fantastic in
uh... good after
that history
udas mat zero archivo spent her grandpa quarterback yeah
we could assumption and we're just doing the right thing
ledges standing up
do you go
let's vote
topic for another day
selling haven't talked about that and offer our thoughts are i'm sorry i was
going to say
uh... alone the car and on blair talking about territory there and look at his
numbers here and
in you see a correct
completion percentage outside of the south carolina gamer is down in of
horrible thirty five percent in the internet or david fifty
uh... in in that's restart winners that is that where is heights or to play a
factor there would
uh... is it bosnia back down three pics against florida on t_v_ and you know
somehow tennessee gotta turn it over there against them
in uky dot i think the skies over towards the successful
is just one of those things were like you said he's not shown up on
you know right now i would uh... in in chennai talk about look at it from a pro
level at some point
right now i will see murray has more
pro ready then bring in some respects just because of his toughness and is
kind of resilience
uh... watch them last year at vanderbilt georgia uh... in nashville you saw kind
of a daughter
the entertainment they had a chance to win it did
this really uh... has a never say die attitude
uh... but definitely needs to show something don't forward and prove that
he deserves to be a corvette or the s_e_c_ programming gravy con you know
founder matthew stafford shadow there so yeah
com but definitely you know uh... it from a completion percentage it's really
hard at their your looks more average in the seventies if you were
combine the entire year olds like sixty five twenty so thats
for the program will go into the draft that looks very good but it units not be
in those whose uh... intense games like you were saying blair but let me let me
throw this out to be looking at those facts and i don't have enough from
interest but he said the anomalies were south carolina
men florida
and did did george and i go down pretty uh... godown early quicken those games
so now he's trying to have to make plays because the defense didn't show up like
they need to do another deadline of florida and four-game your brief your
real estate at about six turnovers and the first happenings retains a brotherly
right now although i was sloppy from the beginning and but either of those three
pics in the first half
when they really had a chance to troy game he actually came back and therefore
order it's georgia
against uh... florida
uh... if i remember correctly and actually through uh... women's less than
twenty-four border any kind of
helped out a race a little bit of that but
he still has some tendencies
and you're talking about to florida for it and i can get off the field of about
soccer on a defense that controls or back and so
uh... you know it's one of those things where uh... effective programs yeah i
mean he just looking for some reason when he plays a spy twenty-five teens
you know everything gets a little bit quicker and everything is low but i've
uh... he says it performed well but uh... uh... is conditioner i really well
right now
yes it is a exciting to see what's going on here in the s_e_c_
uh... and you know it's that time i think we've we've kept everybody in
suspense long enough to have to talk about the game that i think everybody
i didn't get any numbers
uh... but uh... the viewership on that game vs of the alabama l_s_u_ game in a
little over two may have on that when i didn't get any numbers
this is this a m
perhaps rated one might have happened
so you don't think there was not present nine million plus watching that game in
and talk about a great photo and watch
chris want to talk about them first
you go i i think that
all of us are probably x were
just duke
really impressed with johnny football team this guy
jews does everything he wanted to uh... like they pick when you're lookin again
conical relating to the i fell again when you're looking at how the mccord
requisition is starting to evolve
immature wanting a quarterback that throws first but can run
joined football really show that it really seemed like
is doing is well-known alabama is defensively
barrio offense they just were not they were not prepared for any texas a and m
there for mostly game look physically
anymore to compete without without them which i think was what i really found
the most impressive because
we saw listing go exploring the second happy cutoff are a little bit obligate
lucas visually looked tired and now i think your started seeing at the end of
the year here they can really uh... that kind of
got her legs and reconvenes complained four quarters against
undoubtedly the best team in the s_e_c_ was alabama total
texts and knock him off
uh... i really thought watching this game in alabama was gonna
was going to pour through indian are falling down twenty seven that was
really a shocker to me soon bama it down that that quick
but yet this was not quarterback flame and he would really get anything you saw
some the limitations i think i've uh... of the court rapper alabama agent
doesn't really have all the tools they need to make a date for rose with the
turnover to u_n_ arguably the editor of a million of offers for the game as well
and uh... you could really see that
when you have to be a program smashed up like that and they really seemed to both
playing really good defense they were running the ball well it came down at
quarterback position and or chili brain and they had the better the two
i think you said that romaine the
the thing that took away from it
uh... thing that says and does it makes you actually do things that you don't
normally do
uh... and
out send store owner to do it in for a week
basically went to a defense that we've never done all year
uh... for one week to get a teammate to support a raise
uh... and in what it does this is their defense is underrated but the
interesting thing to alabama ads
then they don't have to l_s_u_ and florida
ezell issues florida defense's front beckett actually we're off or they could
get opposite you
and manzil had a hard time teacher rauch the pastors what
what alabama billion you're right about this does have a great rashi and what
makes a good bit the whole time os
util not get behind note johnny cash names only no strikes travel corralling
keeping them
they may teach a tentative earlier release all that uh... and i think one
has been saved and did the i didn't agree with those
he tried to be able to start learning every time that they actually uh... so
uh... office he tried to solve the fence and so slowly going down any trying to
personnel with him
piece on the second half right just settled down a major student athletes
and make us all instruments for the most part uh... of alabama's biggest mistake
was that they got the game back to the twenty fourteen game and then it is
going to blow you away from iran when they were dominate him off ads
on my right on the football and uh...
and they yell and makes yet he fumbles the ball like their name and then the
chairs are superior to things alabama doesn't normally do and
you know for all disperses
united their opportunity to iceland that morning min uh... make requires unarmed
but they don't normally make it just shows you no matter
uh... i think you know if you had a lot to do with it the week before uh...
because you saw that motion
and alabama after p_l_o_ she wishes hordes working to get back up
and i think he saw that
when witnesses say they want in the batteries chief as well even allow
l_s_u_ side losing a game that well
uh... too
kind of there for the first part of the game uh... digi-key a backup to susan
that type of that sphere
of the following week in
uh... diamonds out they were kids
he's impressed
because it's not an n_f_l_ quarterback receiver next three years
uh... any
is just going to be tough lady
p just does things
that just amaze you and what others are matters like i was watching the exact
same thing to happen in the city state and the first quarter aviv's rabbi
alabama because
text you show you were just like
we may not be as terrible as i think we are yeah because of the issues
he did a second and alabama but he was going to happen
uh... it takes a little bit wants to see that kind of selling out the guy was in
florida saying why it took them a little bit counter
to graduate and get their footing uh... but i'll ask you in florida were able to
compete still does not store closed down certainly uh... i think that it up
bender fertility when one of the toughest times and then
poses to to those programs is the fact that it's impossible to replicate
uh... aliens office when you're preparing for yeah you're just not going
to have somebody is talented interplay that quarterback on the the ob
opposition when your friends and it be that johnnie men's l rang
and so that becomes more difficult because then you're all of a sudden
you know how they always say when you get to the proceedings speeds up
well the same thing kinda happened to
turner all these programs to alabama to alice utep
to florida the first half
uh... me and i'll give flores the benefit of the doubt they did the best
adjusting to the time and self and the fact that
uh... animal didn't that was their first game sandra you know they didn't have an
extra week to get their legs were ready for football till they started matching
up with with florida
but none of these programs have talent on the opposite sides of replicate that
kind of off it
and what he said it's a one time thing that's the only program
uni s if you can run that
and so they're not going to see it every week but i don't see it we can we got so
there is a tad bit of that chocolate happens
when i was in that game is faster than they thought it was an awesome he's
passed on by yeah another thing that shit
the title it is that they've gotten i've got a lot better
and over the last six weeks
they're not turn in the ball over and if you remember united back-to-back weeks
really went to ish report to play the louisiana tech out twenty seven up and
you know when in doubt and fifty eight fifty six
tired of all over six times only has
based on game day
uh... they may not be able to
kissed resource in the last
five ministers warning came out
unwrap his latest creation of the international always from
home under two lawsuits main
uh... at home with a few orissa uh... a team that issues the island
better and better man sales gotten better better make decisions that are
freshmen typically doesn't match
uh... and uh... yet they've been uttered a baller and turned the ball whatever
uh... in their defense is very underrated uh... if they had to be
revisions that's right you know theo
uh... never gets old players across the board in search
uh... legislate runs outside stands there there's the tough competition
right now
their there a mystery machine
they are
it's on his uh... coming out that theaters resonated
will soon be
uh... dataset here
road joining millions of years
uh... when we were talking you guys were talking about this kind of what he can
do and what he brings in c
are hit caliper three hundred and forty five yards of offense against alabama in
the team itself
texan and only put up four hundred eighteen that is it the rest of his team
only kind of person who three or total offense and that's incredible
in a week before
he was four hundred forty yards alia though i mean in like you said this is a
freshman cornerback
i can remember
uh... seeing the freshmen really take it bataye ki s_e_c_ by storm like this and
come out in the indecent to is good mississippi state has been the shirt
i've been really impress them and hopefully to the missing statements
other coaches get stolen by tennessee with their daughter theory
um... that's going on around national aeronautics
drive a truck load of money to overcoats might get 'em uh... but
mississippi state has been a really good but it seems like men's l he's like a
little i'm just fine alabama doesn't mind still get you know near three
hundred fifty yards total offense disguised as something special is a lot
of fun to watch
yeah i mean that's the
thing about it when he doesn't turn over the ball i_q_s turnover of the year is
really really good
and i'm a nation's
yeah yeah think i think they're doing a good you know i i i guarantee you used
to be in a top cop
together o
newyorklife just because i get yet at the alabama alabama
i think i think everybody's over this kind of page freshmen
saying uh... in boat
and he's
and he's doing things that
your you're getting ready to take my question an alcohol impose it a little
bit further e he's we all think he's going to get an invitation to the new
york after that performance
but do you think he's going to be able to reach the track trophy at the end
that's my question what they could you guys they really have a j_d_ candidates
fall out of it and i think you got
uh... out the middle name and kansas state at what to do with the they can
own n_b_a_'s understatements of plant championship thank you got to give it to
com viet cong uh...
but man-to-man sales numbers orchard traditionalist
uh... and he's got two more games gets too
defense is that you can't just they could destroy individual being uppers
uh... so
now profanity that he's going to be
chris you must act out tonight and going and what might have been sent to him but
actively off-base conduct that is where i heard it
uh... clubs like the twenty fourth best quarterback
endemic bsr p_c_s_
journeyman zealous number two
doing his client is
mazel is is that much better
yeah and and and this is all the reason i say that changes i think
i think
colin i think all climbing samples files one
also pasand boaters
sleeves and and it's been there for years she's basically everything in the
and here's this dad it's just kind of communism and i think that thing that
goes against mental expire
none but i think i think there's a place that bigger or in the white house and
set up and i don't like this
but it's kinda way
you know it's kind of thing was to be brought to you know when he was the
uh... you know he had a year and everybody said
then there are any issues with it so
i think colin klein simple files that
alone you know that
a man's they'll have plenty of time to reduce type of a deal when i don't
really think that that's
uh... that's accurate data plays again seeing right now we have to gain slow
yells at this stage he went on to and long
interests crews will use them
unpaid you know uh... let me ask this question doesn't have a look your own
double checking on the phone call and uh... prior
now does anyone think the baylor has changed to be can stay
but it would also you know
it's hard to flee their nadia
uh... in the last thirty years is a little interesting of their planes faxes
which i know texas seven eight nine year but their plane
at texas which should be but going but the thing about that is usually texas
i'm down here but matt drought has turned to the national around often
i don't know what there stats look like over the last three or four games but
he's got those guys
for some reason playing good for all of you and that's that's actually going to
be an interesting match-up against that's a program that was was was off
quest westphal
and international revenues fell apart when copper ore and because of that
uh... and and
candidates went down at one eight two insist
and sometimes you know i guess is that this week one output
their their there uh...
that he has it but this is the whole thing college football
is always a taurus forgive yourself potential never expected so
when you're saying that you know
everybody's gonna play this game against u_n_ if you're not
you know if you're not an alabama good i'll shoot you're not a team that's been
there done that
and understand the environment
uh... bid basic anything can happen so yes what i think braver can't do it but
i could
drop forty five points on anybody but truly uh... just because of weather
offenses that uh... texas
that would be a pretty tough game uh...
and it really can be made brown's condo statement two
candidates lit a fire that
day like i showed up is
uh... contractors yahoo tractors but uh... it's going to be interesting you
know the thing about men's though its over dissolution useless unit is a
leave restaurant as she has a core activities ross perot uh three thousand
are true
twenty-eight hundred or something like that so it's good
i mean it's it's insane what he's done uh...
it was a lot of fun lots of yeah
it's a it's pretty amazing
also in our fabulous couple weeks against
so one of our hands on
recorder back iffy
izzy other other big threat for the husband for many of them about it this
morning which is the running back back color really go on that
but i think was the next longetti got her to orbit next outing
uh... ross larsen overnight but uh...
uh... so i can remember what right do you have a cultural callous first
happened kinda ran away with the it yet
i'm over it
i tend to be honest with you i don't know who's going to hand out there this
is an kind of a lot here for somebody who can take the rains run with it
so i think i think it's pretty much any price quality
not happen
you know in it's easy to say when it's all said and done the way that we would
be a lot of having to talk about after was all over with
costa rica
but uh... you know there's supposed to meet two more weeks left in the past the
bad thing for all this discussion at least in my opinion
is that the toughest matter for those programs
uh... that
that have those other players is going to be in two weeks it's the last game of
the regular season
u_s_ even be hosting notre dame some brian kelly is going over there
with that was a map and what's for dinner
the defense's guy out there that uh...
notre dame and then you guys agrees that kansans stable and tax is the last week
and often so though nothing about this is week i'd like to see those games this
week flip-flopped that any dot org and is gonna happen point usc again
most likely messenger packing up to his internship answer
the did
heisman from e_s_p_n_ for appear in front of me uh...
it looks like on klein is is number one and then followed by jack parking on bar
from laboratory in asiana care and uh... is still out there he's drop all day and
in that
of that live there for her to external ours in the discussion
you know it looks like it's it's really kong clients lose at the same if he goes
out wins
i don't think there's any way you can take it away from with the way he's
performed this year
uh... you know me personally
i would love to see the lineup for notre dame i really think that
because of notre dame's history in the way that we've all been
kind of looking at them all your independent beauty play more
you know we haven't seen a defensive player won a prize winning quite a long
time and and i really think that would be great to see and i think
if klein that's obviously saying the client
in close at this point urges
thundering plays lights up arrested sickness the season but there's somebody
said brother that notre dame uh... debates has been
and i remember a thing was morgan grumman in many even uh... trent ridges
at one point
uh... the review when they were when when in your mourn his heisman
they're always saying this state city morgan city mort even though it's award
to an individual
in out without the somethin if the line that wrinkles really been up
in my opinion wanna most vocal leaders of the defense that's probably where
uh... yet
it'll take a linebacker position i think he will be removes but
uh... the guys didn't win a lot of fun to watch that defense is really
brought notre dame into the national spotlight again for all the right
reasons as hot
and i think i think what he needs i think you need to iceland ploy
you know in a u_s_c_ game i think he needs to be a problem at barkley and
take it to the house or he says
that's at a phone call
or and coverage you used to make up quite a
he's got six interceptions causing another interception boats
it's been awhile since where he's just raised six interceptions m_t_b_e_
there's nothing else here shaking adequate for instance of wire to win it
uh... you know who once
they have one of the horror
uh... they they usually have a defining wat and i think he tries to alright
uh... and it still is going to have to have the local anesthesia a deeper into
town to get up in there but
is anybody's ball game right now it looks like
well let's let's be honest with you just for a second for we look at uh...
this week's games i was only three games in the s_e_c_
so we're not not a whole lot of talk about as far as
the estates readings there's only three intercom prints campus
almost everybody's in action it's just that there's uh...
everybody's getting ready for ronald work rivalry we next week at the top of
the sector
johnson is only three dream match-up tomorrow
have on boat
you know the one thing that then i'm somewhat excited about was that friday
night was a star basketball
and uh... and on the kentucky wildcats of anybody knows that there there's a
basketball program up in lexington but they hit the court n
you know i'm not playing a game they say let's go let's go play a big blue a big
programs we're gonna go start driving a plane merriman
they were backed that up
tuesday in norway taped so
you know i i love being able to sit down and watch little basketball uh... you
know my first impressions
made and they're good
but boy they don't make a lot of section
so you know it's gonna be an exciting rapper i think that the fans basketball
i know where you've been watching the uh... coach cal on e_s_p_n_
and related to see how he's going to be in and you don't have to see him do some
more of that and and i was talking to another person
uh... baptism any he was talking about how it looks like house mellowed over
the that the ears
you know he was he seems much more intensive methods the senate
and i thought it was like well he's kind of proven now then
his way it works so he doesn't have to work is hard to get these guys to buy in
so if you're telling these that these individuals
uh... this is what you need to do
to be successful for women
to be able to apply in the next level over the last four years he's really
been able to say this is true
i can prove it and so they they are gonna listen a little more he doesn't
have to be that that fierce
uh... on the court that uh... you know i'm excited the basketball program
abuses kicked into high gear we got that another tough matchup tomorrow night
trust so i'm ready for some basketball
who knows what's gonna happen with the kentucky football so
lady i think you're saying that you're trying to understand is that that's why
you tell me how happy you are
did a bibliography shane actually an excited about
watching mississippi state basketball because intellectually bit aimed at it's
actually trips for the first time in thirteen years
uh... notebook the uh... you know that those things stand
he's very well is there any evidence that which because i have
you know he could
a big he didn't have a better athletes who can be
travel in and we pray
you know the story behind the ball i mean you're talking about
four four
charters from last year's chain letters or eligibility then you lose people
literally one regret a
hired they did not have a point guard it did get to the point guards one blue
eyes may uh... about six weeks ago we've got another true freshman got
out the re-disclose blair
still here
uh... you still there
but uh... cheap but then the crazy thing is that he got mad scholarship lawyers
update left now
public forum freshmen
uh... to that have actually played at least one minute
uh... the basketball so
it's gonna be
escambia topf
tough year and i think everybody knows that uh... but i think reiterated its
been pretty interesting to see
iran's that
you know that motion offense diana kauai concert does keeping 'cause conserve it
uh... for doing dramatic a nurse there on that motion
offenses should be fun watching i'd actually coach
uh... and see how it's changed and i think there when
i think that he went into
eleven ball games and i don't think they're going to finish last in the
uh... but uh... it's always so when you have to open up
on the road a troll wage
uh... i was like him
don't understand why on the world as she came as they were opening up overrode
we didn't share for some stupid reason and lost uh...
back to her whatever was said
but uh... also does arena
along with racism
but uh... yeah i mean other than kentucky and their legal charlie s piano
also era creeps in
never fails quite ridiculous shit
uh... i guess i guess if you've been a ten-story you just said american express
commercial and everything you want to have you known ever hurt yet so that's
well i really worry about basketball so for all the action you know
when i had a preacher chris is that what i think that what you guys
anchors prominent members of after crossing capability it down there with
are the best worry is that one day one supper is broken dot
fears uh... internship victoria for a silver swirls you know i a m to head out
of batteries
going on at the moment menorahs out instituted there so many basketball
players that come out so it was the anna is now in its funny undefinable aren't
using it for speech
winners are that bruce prone to loosen it would be over with us
the hebrews perot's going to be the best part of the job i mean do you know
uh... listening too long on talk radio on it and and that guy just charisma
that does that come in
i think he's still got the drive for i know we still got a home in knoxville
uh... but all that i would say we have not seen the last of them in a we do
more than happy to welcome down here
ground turn this program around
i was just i think i'll concede he
he was definitely a great continent did a lot of things in
you can't be mad for pouring
for that particular
bronwyn words here but
he really doesn't incredible jog in those guys ready to play it was a top
everytime kentucky played those guys out that uh... mouthful sought for that
reason i was glad that uh... he wasn't there and that program and some
some disarray for a couple of years out for that reason i was excited but i hate
to see that for for him and i'm like you
i think he's been on land somewhere and to be a good program that he can rebuild
that'll be perfect
a perfect fit for him
you know and i'll throw you well you know what i a lot like his own october's
protesters are charisma that he wasn't like he said
uh... fontana steel of the an inkatha sahi
turn that program around the running joke used to be other women would always
be demanded i think for along fund that was one of the century worry
at some of which just phenomenal uh...
often coaches we all know
and uh...
you know that that then you look at what bruce probative of what al gore is doing
now is
really making sure the placement in jersey intermec as as we know the
regular season when you're that type of a powerhouse program like a kentucky
you don't really worry about it you just try to play the bass people out there
and make sure that you are ready for the dates i mean look at it uh... kentucky
scheduling custom puritan our games are gonna be in their uh... early and then
they get prepared to just pretty much run the gamut yes you see we all know
uh... vanderbilt primeval down this year but they're going to talk program
so yeah i mean i i think that it
as blair said you know the uh... illegal for a very of kentucky is going to be
back into this year we should pretty s_e_c_ and
probably in the final four auto i don't know who could not in the house
uh... knows that he has been approved that message cell
yeah enchanted cc suit
so i i i'm not too worried about your own were
no inventor can have time and we can have
newsvine visit
they managed it here on campus the ball up twenty one
papa john's stuff
franchise in colorado about ten days before the pastor also vish
visionary making brunch that it's is that with a few minutes repeaters
account from the other side of the most part of the idea i i i i debated did you
see the uh...
this knocked out of the did you see the late yesterday from the wild life saver
and after they
their thirteen meal a day
i guess they're getting on the plane or there was not on the streets of and so
there's a lot of shaver like took a photo of and said i guess the
the afternoon meal was prove our or
driving about of great
and see the evidence also
well lou only three games that uh... match-up s_e_c_ opponents
and uh... but no real had that kind of one side of things l_s_u_ has on this is
an is that correct that's correct they have their own mistakes is their biggest
but those who doesn't know exist for the dancers
i don't even know who you know she was cleansing installment about
but they were playing
some division to school
and to tell you what kind of matters we have this week that is the c_b_s_
problem being that they have achieved very
uh... central standard time so
uh... we're in for another grace lady games when we talk about the other ones
and that's
you know that really the beginning of the season this was probably a pretty
good match up and that was arkansas at mississippi state
now but i think you will not
are arguably will handle things here
and i think everyone else does as well as an eleven twenty s_e_c_ network start
yeah i think the
i think this is a big package and first of all the uh... bubble and won't be
there some roads world three without with the whole and they were seven oh
without a plan
so the blasts are shown out this week
uh... soho pretty confident
uh... but i don't
i know we talked about the uh... earlier podcast mediterranean early exit because
i'm pretty sure conduct in national for the clients get
career on the back up here
panel four
this may be one
now that there is a metlife out at the met life was the one that detente with
the assistance we literally as the ends with richard leaky gutter
but seem to do is uh... it will be fine i think we actually i think we did a lot
of good things no shooting
uh... young couple states early i think the
and we'll talk about it but i think christians elliott
mistaking came out and you know you don't have a very spartans
which was a total shock to me uh... full muscle injury early and we can
you know you're upset
uh... early in a day you make of driving
you know you went also lead to make that distance they wanted to update and
until the time again and then
you know a last minute last allowed them both
meant to be past lays down a heck of a church for touchdown
uh... in the quarter to go about cn but
well if you saw what carl russell did ninety or ninety five yards did so she's
defense and
is that there is a drove me crazy shame last week i mean girls talk about texas
a and a m detective and destroy shradha filho
missy shady message they didn't have
welsh lamb they didn't have strained adding up al wrapping up you think
hisself you
power also basically had all kinds of shortening passes uh... quick decisions
a lot of the office that they they were earlier here so
weller played really well our defense has just which is not going to watch
uh... with ultimately underperformed this year
uh... very difficult i corn but uh... i think arkansas who's ahead our number
uh... entire also it seems to have yet every artistic or exigent srikanth
building it's just six days
uh... but i think
i think this week we're gonna
we'll take your business and it will open the door and back
take over the program equal
with the good news you can take that isn't markets always had a number that
also headed south carolina and they were able to turn that around as well
yeah i mean at this time so
confident they're going to come out i i think if we would have played as well
when you tell us you need to see this corporate seven to seventeen year
me like it's gonna blow out is a little bit closer to gain a meaningless
uh... you know
utah russell from yes try to make a player and four th now bola change shot
to you don't have a prayer
usgs sort it all comes back to it got six hundred yards for a touchdown
castles victory but uh... you know in was
uh... the burying did some positive things and i got back to look at what
they needed to get back to
uh... and i think you can just get a better job of the picket org
org job coaching and preparing for the text and aimed at verisign
method to get a very good job of seven-mile policemen stacey insults unit
you can't make biscuits and ps
soho comparable
increase religion god
tastier than last match up and that's going to be uh... tennessee
uh... vendor val
that's gonna be home for a friend of ours and i knew that was right uh... you
i have a
i've made my mission to that's always go to the game uh...
does double their cc games out of the list are going to be more
in in ben's always use a really fun it's identical to you at the end of the year
uh... mainly i go to it because usually the ticket sixty protestant sports
that's it
uh... and i think that's because you're seeing a lot of excitement of the
national area i mean this
this is a visited here that that day and he is gonna be is gonna be tennessee i i
think poplar alluded to earlier about uh... epic war started
that you know he bet on anyone and i'm a disabled veteran said
argues unit
you know by the end of the year do is try to meet on and uh... or at least
almost out the door as you know it's kind of hanging on about the rest that
we all know what's gonna happen
and uh... i really think is the time weren't you looking for a meeting you go
this is a team
much like
yellow sheet i respect
lays it all out on the field in more justia james franklin everything they've
got to you
and then you look at tennessee illegal
are you really got to get that
you want to hope that they give up her effort but they don't play with of
relentless effort
it sounds a little uh... cliche but that
then up where we are where you see the other six figures out that the does and
it's the six seconds of relentless effort i really think that he must fully
body know that concept can i just don't see tennessee having that same antsy
three hits and directly because i think the b
but they may change franklin as don in
sokol munition we talk about this order cocktails was
you know the losses very impact will be offensive players fleshy rather starts
to be difficult for me to another naturally a decision six because
benoit some really good football players and lesser offense cannot pick up
and maintenance are a little and for them to go missouri that could best
showing me the other gains uh... and yet now that that it competing with all
necessary coming into the swing
change frankly has been a role that
i mean how intransigent way that italy
occurred and krista arena
block-grant last year recently at the same or any of them
gyro rescue spit these play that out but
you know it's speech
it's pretty interesting to see those commercials now chain that we're talking
about four weeks ago
uh... under a little bit different out aimed at the uh... the could his
campaign out
well about you copy pickets
i think it's interesting to see that he is no does kind of go on
uh... and uh...
you know that the evening came out and said this week and i repeat some point
you know everybody's life it's not going to be the first time we've done yet so
let's first time since we've done patter it's gonna be this is what the
expectation isn't so
he's trying to teach people and he said and bill basically how it went in
uh... to political wing or are hallowed
but i want mullins trying to do
and as if he stays exactly is exactly what most of her four year to sexual
attraction to you how to be a winner because a fan base is just saying
so much
business on successful over the years
and says that you cannot learn how to actually do that he kinda gotta teach
the fan base that but
uh... near the they're gonna have to make there impact them
can go after uh...
him and then
basically open up a checkbook this year mom because i think he's going to have
so people come in after him after a
apostle seven or eight win season about to go
so another extension in the future
i don't think there's a definite extension featured the you can spend on
your first two years you in six for anything you win
you know a whole new command
selling once it arrives here i A
you happened in the senator yet is a loss of over iraq
but those young men went separate
shani regatta secretary ball game
yet you've
their news again after check it out giving i get an extension last year
yet mobility did that and i think they did give some extension but i i
definitely think they deserve them
the involving
yesterday was a list of activity will be an probably after this tennessee when i
was that it is is that this is something that happened in more media and all this
in this city state yet for your contracts is the matches debate for
state school so they always have to
make a decision to use it in your anyway direction about that
when they do the same thing will only got a
one twenty five million his first two years and
uh... you don't want to be taken to a ball game in which the gator bowl
greenwood place tube one seven five million surveys
it includes a three million dollars in a message dated and uh...
so dishes the prices
bicycle and as you see
i let me ask you guys need to question of the same question before we go to our
our open market wrap this thing up for the night
what would work if you had to guess what do you think that spread open at that
which one of the lenovo
yellow then about vanderbilt because minus
so minus four
yeah so you know i saw it
and none of the
the given for a half
that's pretty startling brendan
i don't know if i were you look at for our case only opens up for half a so
it's also
it's almost as those three
you know they were they were five lassiter
anna and i will also and not even
yet they were favor last year two thousand one and a half bays
which because they remind came out asking about that in
afternoon uh...
confirm that there were no happened to talk about you
opponents of pick and what i mean that's the problem
well i won't go but up in this town now isn't there some deal when it comes to
the than on the line where it
they usually
spot because deep reports
estaba state-of-the-art ideal
alarming and it was going to the venerable tennessean knows that most the
time that that's they must be in touch
so you're saying i thought at the tennessee home influenced the lives
really liked seven-and-a-half
uh... already devoted to the city center
they had to say six it's back to bed
which is the first year that's ever happened i think you know they didn't
get deleted baba but the actual ticketed
bit to see it all
uh... narayana eradication they said
some tickets that they did say how much that
uh... so i'll tell you where they're at with regard to spend as elicited knew it
was only eight sixty or seventy thousand especially for the resume
yesterday will also um... missouri was a better rather than troy troy this may
have been lost about one half million dollars in
concessions and so in fact reggae
bans disqualified talks about me
you know everybody talks about opening up about drugs
and paying somebody
but you're not gonna pay they're doing twenty six personal lives because
your and basically asking everybody to take on assistance
and then i will do it
united paid out for me to know if you happen to me out around the country
you know
your paid out four million dollars of mixing cancer
uh... so
just backing up a dump truck doesn't necessarily answer the questions but
what happens is is that starched costing you money and back here
of the team doesn't form
and that's what happened till now because of the
yeah i think these last two games across two and a half million dollars worth of
you know
money that is
you really love money for athletic arm debates
trustworthy that comes to a point where they can't they have to
cut their losses because of losing so much money on the back in india that is
worth on the payout that
whatever that by activity w any couple nonpoint a
some one million dollars going across resistance in the costa
send them back in
while you're still going into other coaches
molest refugio begin afforded author
that's for sure
with heavy army our hearts first right yahoo but i mean
we can and can't afford it either
so there's still to come to still left on the payroll there'd
knocked well daria coral and uh... bunking cal basketball
massive sanctioned
but i think it is and i think it's and actually heading up
but schifrin's
the way that she did that southern ca actually paid to see
there'd be whatever
don't buy out
of this contract
was for him i didn't know it
they were able to obtain a rocket three year period
it's crazy
shall so i think it's not as bad a michelangelo central banks for up to
last year i think
yeah but i think he's out there on that
this and ah...
cat admitted to it
well let's let's wrap this thing out were
well over an hour again and stepped on whether podcast forced open my anything
that you want to talk about blair what you think is off
well uh... secretary went to the dentist
wanted much gramma
well muffler dentist appointment last six weeks so
i've had enough those people till
the uh... anti-tank media this all up
till next year it is a but at the now manuel
eleven four two
but for this week and i'm looking forward to it as you said you know him
into that uh... a plan
me and uh... setting up new ready for some holidays friend and and they had
people confirmed to us literally view that is we have a little bit alaska yeah
i don't know and i i i got
tel nine tweets
but uh... the uh... at blair smiling then system why a wire
and uh...
yeah the mostly a follower but uh... all clearance lowered their chance but if
you give irfan certain for signature rather be right back on it
edited ran off and start talking the area just yet
stalin elephants
progresses and you want for our parents yes storage the last four of the gunmen
on your mark
yet where you can find me on twitter um at into the great um... and for anyone
who's also needs a fantasy football if i saw you can't find my
parts where an american sorrento there
give out a little bit of hope maybe to the tennessee faithful office as i know
they have a great information
have a look it up at my coach of the matter
uh... this is a guy who when he was up on the statement within this size like
quote to make sure i get it right when foreign seven oakland st eighty five
nine four and seventy five
nothing that really jumps out there are several need you get into the meat
potatoes at a_b_c_ had some really keep its roots
becomes the l_s_u_ in two thousand five because ten one
jaws tennessee fans out there and i got a lot of love for they're looking for
the bodhi tree over the gaza party has excess less miles didn't have tremendous
success but what they saw was a guy ticket when the big game
so that's what they need to do a tennessee they need to
have my car
focus on the coaches when in the big gains maybe another conference i know
that i head coach out there believe mike riley organ state was thrown around
uh... in really take the time is is blair mentioned to find the right coats
picnic on the tennessee
in making a better program i don't think they are idon't think many people with
the exception of shame with basketball would say they would like to see
tennessee this all program again because as we all know
what we really look at the end of the year is to make sure that she had she
comes back the s_e_c_ work a lots um...
l_s_u_ failure i wanna make sure it's in our trophy case but as long as someone
who gets it the s_e_c_ i think
that's were most s_e_c_ pants reports
messages you game one of our teams in there we will bring it back
uh... allah how
spent not only my and volunteer commissioning bailey
uh... kind of plenty in the opposite of that that that i can agree with you up
to a single point and that is that
maryville tennessee everything and it's not just as the uh... yes not for me
how will be happy with any other programs there was a kentucky to be in
an effort to conceal except for tennessee
every f_c_c_ fanned out there has that team
for every dollar friend of alabama
for alabama installer and so
for mississippi state is home it's and vice versa soon everybody has that more
and team out there
and aside from that program i would i would agree with you but there is that
one program that no matter what
uh... you're happy when they lose than when your team wins at some point
newsman talk radio and uh... tennis shoes from last three years or more
entertaining terrible
and so fast
thank you all so much for listening and again you can catch his podcast on
accidents uh... do a search for s_e_c_ sports last time i look we were the
number one rated
uh... podcast on s_e_c_ sport so i think you all for listening or we could not
have been there without folks listening and download ning liking i've done all
the stuff that apple likes to get as their number one so we appreciate their
idea to bar channels s_e_c_ s artie
passing things they spoke in twenty four you can also get a podcast
uh... in video and audio version there on face book as well and with that folks
will recall this podcast at