TTMIK Talk - Interview with A-Prince (Part 2)

Uploaded by talktomeinkorean on 27.12.2012

The next question is about foreign languages.
Everybody has seen (your other videos).
People have seen videos where you were being interviewed and saying greetings in English and Japanese, so they know you speak them well.
So we're curious, who's the best at speaking other languages.
First of all, with English, Seungjun is good.
He's in charge of English.
And I'm in charge of Japanese.
He's in charge of Swahili.
I'm in charge of Arabic.
What about this guy? Korean. He's in charge of Korean.
Then are other members also studying English and Japanese?
Yes, we are all taking lessons and studying.
Minhyeok speaks a little bit of Chinese. / I've become interested in Chinese recently so I'm studying by myself with books.
Please say something.
Hello everyone.
I'm Minhyeok.
Since we are teaching Korean, it would be nice if A-Prince also introduced some Korean phrases.
In particular, please choose one line from the lyrics of your song, and introduce it to the viewers.
In my part, there's a line that goes "Even when you are crying and tired, I will help you online smile."
There's a line that goes "I am still thinking only about you. Didn't you know? I only loved you."
"I will look at only you."
It's such a pretty thing to say. "I will look at only you."
It means that even if there's a typhoon, waves, or a tsunami coming at me, I will look at only you.
I will look at only you.
It's beautiful. / Okay.
"I will not make you cry. Trust me."
"Stop pretending you don't know and come to me. Stop being a fool and listen to me."
I think the lyrics are all good.
Yes, all very romantic.
Finally, please give an encouraging message to Korean learners.
I'm sure there are many difficulties in the process of learning Korean, but please don't give up and if you keep studying hard, I'm sure you'll be able to master the Korean language one day. Fighting!
Please don't think that it's a difficult language to learn. If you think of it as an easy one to learn, I think you'll be able to learn faster. Fighting!
Korean is difficult, but in fact, no matter what language it is, if it's not your native language, it's all difficult.
But don't hesitate and don't give up. Please continue working hard. Fighting!
Korean is a very beautiful and cool language, please don't give up and keep studying hard. And I hope that many of you will come visit Korea and enjoy speaking the language. Fighting!
First of all, thank you for having interests in Korea. Korean is a charming language, so I hope continue loving it.
Please show TalkToMeInKorean a lot of love, and I hope you show us, A-Prince a lot of love too.
Then, you've been watching (Chant: "On TV") A-Prince. Thank you.
I will teach you some key dance moves in our choreography.
It's this.
Your hand has to move really fast.
I'll lose weight in my arm.
Good. Good.
I saw that Kyung-hwa is a very good singer.
It's a misunderstanding.
Then, my part in Hello... what do you call it?
"사비" (A music term that came from Japanese)
Right. The climax part.
Yes, you could call it the climax part.
I will sing that part for you.
Then you'll be learning it? The chorus part?
Do you want to learn it?
Yes, then I'll learn the chorus part.
"Today, too, my heart for you, Babe, I just can't stop."
"You know it well. You're my girl."
"Today, too, my heart for you..."
I think it's too high for Kyung-hwa. You're singers.
Something easy. Something Kyung-hwa can do.
In the beginning of the song, there's an easy part.
Please show us the easy part.
"Please stop pretending you don't know and come to me. Stop being a fool and listen to me."
"Stop pretending you don't know." / Yes, that's right.
"Please come to me."
You're good.
"Oh baby, take a moment to listen to me. I will open my heart to you. Look at me! Oh!"
I think Seokjin will be good at it.
Seokjin, show us.
"Oh, baby, take a moment to listen to me."
Thank you. I wanted to be on TV.
Seokjin, do you want to do the dance too?
The dance?
While you're at it.
This one?
Faster! Faster! Faster!