2013 Subaru Crosstrek XV at Patriot Subaru, Maine .mov

Uploaded by PatriotSubaruMaine on 29.08.2012

Rich Snow at Patriot Subaru here today to introduce you to the two thousand
thirteen XV Crosstrek.
This is basically Subaru's impreza on steroids.
It's an Impreza Hatchback
eight point seven inches of ground clearance
thirty three mpg which of course makes it
for most fuel-efficient all-wheel drive
crossover in the country. course this has the same two liter boxer engine that's in the Impreza.

Unlike the Impreza it does have a sixteen point nine gallons fuel tank
up about a gallon and a half from the base Impreza.
Amazing things here that Subaru has done.
Of course with the Crosstrek you get exclusive wheels,
standard Subaru foldaway mirrors, all the great things that come with Impreza's,
bluetooth, USB inputs that's available premium unlimited which means
you can get leather in this car and of course that comes with Patriot Subaru's
lifetime warranty would buy it right here at Patriot Subaru.