Spring 2011 Faculty Meeting (Awards)

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Faculty Recognition and Awards Transcript In the Dean's office, we find out from all
the different departments the things that are going on, the awards that are being won,
but it's not always shared broadly. One of the questions that we asked a couple of weeks
ago as we were hearing different reports from the different departments is, how dominant
is the College of arts and Sciences when it comes to campus awards and other awards. And
so we just put the word out and we asked all the departments to give us the campus, the
state, the regional, the national, the international awards that had been won. And it was a bunch.
So I wanted to take the chance as we're closing up and moving toward the Q&A, a point to just
run through, just in the last half of this year, the awards that have been won by members
of our college. So let's start with this. In terms of the President s Council Awards,
there's three of them, two in our college. The President s Council Teaching Award Fang-Ling
Lu from our Speech and Hearing Sciences department and the President s Council University Service
Award Mike Nieswiadomy in the department of Economics. But it s not just the President
s Council Awards. The Top Campus Honors, the Citation for Distinguished Service in International
Education was presented Monday night to Alan Albarran from our Radio, TV and Film department.
The Shelton excellence in Teaching Award, our Nicole Smith from the English department
is this year's winner. The Provost Leadership Fellow was Marijn Kaplan from Foreign Languages
and Literature. The Creative Impact Award that was given was Bruce Bond in our English
department. We go on, on the research side, the Research Leadership Award that was given
was Wes Borden in our Chemistry department. The Competitive Funding Award was Jeff Kelber
in the English department and the First Lone Star Professor of Texas History, again a joint
appointment between the College of Arts and Sciences and the Texas State Historical Association,
which is now resident here on our campus was just announced as our Mike Campbell from the
History department. But then it went on, well beyond the department level in the university.
National and International Awards that we ve won already in the last year you can see
Angela Wilson went over to Europe and accepted the Promising Scientist Award, I'm not even
going to try [to pronounce that] with the rest of us. The American Chemical Society,
The James Flack Norris Award for physical organic chemistry was our own Wes Borden.
Again in chemistry, Angela became an American Chemical Society Fellow this year. The Lunt-Fontanne
Fellowship in Dance and Theatre was Sally Vahle of our Dance and Theatre department.
New Issues Press The Green Rose Prize in creative writing went to Corey Marks from our English
department. Continuing, The American Psychology Association Distinguished Contributions to
Research in Public Policy was Dick Rogers from our Psychology department and Dick was
only the third person internationally that has been recognized two different awards from
the American Psychology Association at this level. Going back to Radio, TV and Film, the
documentary You Shine received, we've got a bunch here, the 2011 Award for Excellence
and Technical Merit, the Award of Excellence, the Faculty Mixed Video Category at the Broadcast
Education Association Festival for Media Arts, again that was Jason Balas from Radio, TV
and Film. Also in Radio, TV and Film we had from the Association of Education in Journalism
and Mass Communication, the Emerging Scholar Award was Jiyoung Cha in our Radio, TV and
Film department. And the Chair of the department, Melinda Levin, working with Irene Klaver from
Philosophy New Frontier: Sustainable Ranching in the American West, a documentary that they
worked on together, was selected by our state department as part of the American Documentary
Showcase that they take internationally. Continuing national and international awards, at the
Sundance Film Festival in the Documentary Directing Fellow, again there are only eight
that are selected but our own Eugene Martin from Radio, TV and Film was one of those eight.
And Top Young Historian on the History News Network was Jennifer Wallach from our History
department. At the National level, offices in National organizations, President of the
Board for Harsh Environmental Mass Spectroscopy is Guido Verbeck from our Chemistry department.
The President of the American Association of Hispanic Economists is David Molina from
our Economics department. The Incoming President of the Broadcast Education Association that
we saw a few of the awards that they've handed out to our faculty is going to be Sam Sauls
from the Radio, TV and Film department. The Chair of the 2012 Research Symposium by the
Broadcast Education Association was just announced, that s Alan Albarran from our Radio, TV and
Film department. And Melinda Levin is the President of the University Film and Video
Foundation. Moving to state and regional level, the Texas Radio Hall of Fame just inducted
Bud Buschart from Radio, TV and Film. The Southern States Communication Association
gave the Performance Studies Scholar of the Year to Jay Allison, the chair of our Communication
Studies department. Again, the same association, Southern States Communication, the Top Paper
in rhetoric and Public Address was Shaun Treat, one of the junior faculty in our Communication
Studies department. The Associated Chemistry Teachers of Texas gave the Rosendo Garcia
Chemistry Spirit Award to our own Diana Mason from the Chemistry department. Continuing
on, the Arthritis Foundation of North Texas gave the Media Partnership Award to Karen
Anderson from Communication Studies. D Magazine, here in the area, Best Actress and Best Theater
Company for Sally Vahle in our Dance and Theater. The Dallas Observer also chose her as Best
Actress and the Dallas Critics Consortium Best Actress for the last year. Back to the
documentary You Shine, multiple awards in cinematography, music video, commercial/entertainment
categories at the Association for Marketing and Communication Festival Professional Awards
Ceremony, again that s Jason Balas, and again it wasn t his only one, for History: Take
2 he won the Gold Award from the 2010 Television Pilot Category. Continuing state and regional,
the Mary Jon and JP Bryan Leadership in Education Award from the Texas State Historical Association
was Mike Campbell of the History department. Richard Lowe of History was made a Fellow
of the Texas State Historical Association. The H. Bailey Carroll Award from the Texas
State Historical Association was Todd Smith in History, you would think because they re
here, it s just a coincidence, the awards are state-wide awards we just have that kind
of faculty here in CAS. IF we go on, our own Andrew Torget that just spoke to you was the
winner of the David J Weber Residential Research Fellowship from the Clements Center on Southwestern
Studies at SMU and his work on the Cotton Empire, he s a finalist for the C. Vann Woodward
Dissertation Award. The Bill and Rita Clements Research Fellowship went to Elizabeth Turner
of the History department and Elizabeth was also a Fellow of the Texas State Historical
Association. And in terms of state offices, our Brenda Jaskulske of the Radio, TV and
Film department is the President of the Texas Association of Broadcast Educators. We ve
got some international fellowships, Visiting Fellow at the Chawton House Library of Chawton,
England went to Marijn Kaplan from Foreign Languages and Literature. Dennis Mueller from
Physics, Visiting Fellowship at one of the top universities in Australia, Australian
National University, and the Robert Bosch Foundation Grant to visit the German National
Archive for Literature went to Christophe Weber from Foreign Languages and Literature.
So, a mouthful, but it s one of those that sometimes when you ask, you don t realize
how much is going to come in. But that s just an indication of the kind of awards and the
kind of recognition that our faculty in arts and Sciences has garnered since the last time
that we met. Again, quickly before we open the bar, if you want to be on the next list,
in terms of these scholars that get recognized, a couple of things that you might want to
keep in mind is we have a couple of more upcoming workshops particularly designed for Arts and
Humanities, a Brown Bag Lunch, looking at grant possibilities in Arts and Humanities,
Tuesday April the 19th, and Charting a Course Forward A Roundtable Chat about Fellowships
in Arts and Humanities is Wednesday, May 11. And again, there s the information if you
want to sign up, you can register online, if you ve got any questions about those, Christina
is around and she can answer any of the questions that you have related to these. So congratulations
to all of you, I went quickly enough that we couldn t clap for each one cause it would
have taken us until 5:30 but let s give all of ourselves a nice round of applause. {wsksgc
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