DanceTube - Mike Song, Victor Kim, Nick Demoura, Tiffany Eugenio, Derek Mitchell- Vote Best Dance!

Uploaded by DanceOn on 29.07.2011


What's up, you guys?
Now, do you ever want to see the top
dance videos on YouTube?
All you have to do is tune in to DanceTube, all right?
I'm your fly host, Kourtney Richard.
And before we get started with the show, I have to announce
the winner from last week's episode.
Team Emily was going hard.
Y'all was all going hard on Twitter.
I love it.
Blind Fans went in.
Oh my goodness.
Good lord, you got a lot of fans.
The winner is Woe is Brian.
He had the most likes--
Good job.
Oh my goodness.
Now, when you finish touring the earth and the seven seas,
I'm going to send you something.
All right, Brian?
Now, back to DanceTube.
Now, I had YouTube sensation Tiffy help me out with the
first video.
This girl can sing.

Beautifully done.
Now, the next video I found is Mike Song.

Mike, you chose the perfect song.
And you guys did great.
Now, let's check in with my boy Nick.
Did you know he toured with Justin Bieber?

All right.
Good stuff.
Now, this song is my jam.
Check out the next video I found.

Get it, Rowin.
And I'm feeling the black and white.
All right, let's keep it moving.

I'm just loving this neo-soul pattern I got going on here.
And not to mention the dances are just so smooth.
Now let's check in with New York native, Derek Mitchell.

Well done.
And Tiffy, we enjoyed your song.
Your voice is amazing.
You know, I do a little singing myself.
[SINGING "1+1"]
All right.
Yeah, yeah.
I know.
Somebody gonna sign me.
All right.
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