神刀 - The Sword of Swords (1968)

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During the Sung Dynasty, about 1 000B.C
a famed sword-smith Meng Yao Chi
took ten years to forge a sword...
from the best metal available
When China was invaded by neighboring Liao state,
Meng presented his sword to General Meng Liang
With it, the General won battle after battle
and the sword became a legend
After General Meng's death...
the sword was lost;
Until rediscovered in the Ming Dynasty
The prince of a nearby barbarian tribe coveted the sword
...and dispatched a trusted warrior to acquire it
This is the story of his mission
Master, master
There's trouble ahead
Master, what has happened?
My sword
Li Rung
Take care of madam and miss
-Master -Father
What do you want?
Leave the Sword of Swords
Scum and degenerates like you all
You want the Sword to betray your country
-Mei Liang -Mother...
Li Rung
Mei Liang
Mui Lingchuen
Your wife and child are in my hands
-Master... -Father...
lf you want to protect their lives
...leave the Sword of Swords
Over my dead body
Scums like you
For all you can do...
against my family
l'll not let you have the Sword
Uncle, let's do it
Kill his wife and child
Miss...Mother...Mei Liang
-Miss... -Mother
-Master -Madam
Save miss
Thank you for your help
l'll be forever grateful
So it's master Mui
l'm Fang Shishiung
l wish to be under your mentorship
Aren't you afraid...
you'll be discovered?
The Barbarians are after me for the sword
Have you got it?
l wonder where Mui is hiding it
This was all your idea
You asked me to get uncle killed...
to let you get into Mt. Jinghua ;
And yet we've got nothing
Don't panic
l've become Mui's senior disciple
His old sickness is creeping up on him
Once he dies, he'll leave me the Sword
l hope he dies soon
but l'm worried about one person
My fifth brother Lin Jenshiau
Teacher likes him
So l've got to do away with him
His kungfu is better than mine
The Sword mustn't get into his hands
l know how to deal with him
That's him?
Go quickly
Fifth brother
Elder Brother
l told you to practise
How come you're here?
l'm getting some pine nuts for teacher's medicine
You're the only one who really cares for teacher
You're a good student
Go back
Come here
Throw away the pine nuts
Throw it away
This is for teacher's medicine
What? You dare disobey me?
Teacher asked me to discipline you
lf you disobey me...
that means you disobey teacher
Elder Brother
Pick it up
Pick it up
Aren't you too much?
How can you give such filthy food to teacher?
Get fresh ones...
then come back and practise
Practise again
l remind you
The Mui Sword style emphasizes on movement...
to penetrate the opponent's defence
Do you all understand?
What's the matter?
From now on
l will not look after junior brother for teacher
l might have been too harsh
...and he bears a grudge
He wants to hurt me secretly
Elder Brother
l was only trying to save sister
l saw her at my back
How could l have hurt her?
You hate me and you want to hurt me
Why should l hate you?
You're disobedient
Didn't l reprimand you in the woods?
Yes you did
l also hit you, right?
Yes, but...
But you want revenge, right?
No, l...
Save it
Teacher, do you see now?
Teacher, l...
Stop, apologize to elder brother
Elder brother, l was wrong
Fifth brother, l'm so disappointed...
to be treated as such by one of our own
Jenshiau, l tell you
l asked elder brother to discipline you
You ought to obey him
He pretends to be honest and good before you
You're senior, you can punish him
Go to the arena
You'll kneel here for the night
All the while Fang is looking for ways to pick on you
You should explain to teacher
He is the elder brother. l should listen to him
Besides, teacher is sick
l don't want to upset him more
You are too good
Eat up
l've asked by teacher to discipline you...
to let you suffer from hunger and cold
Put down the bowl
Teacher, how are you?
l'm fine
What's your wish?
l have something to say to you
What is it?
The Sword of Swords
You plan to...
l have this one daughter
Before l die
l'll leave the Sword to one of you
Who will that be?
You're my senior most disciple
...and l should give it to you
-But... -Teacher
l'll do my best and not let you down
l'll not let it fall into others' hands
l'd prefer not to go by the rules
l'll let the best fighter of you...
get the Sword
Tomorrow you'll compete for it
Second brother, come again
Brother, attack
Teacher, the sparring is over
Your fifth brother has not come
l don't know where he has gone
He is preparing my medicine in the backyard
Fifth brother, you fawning sycophant
Now is your chance
What do you mean?
Don't pretend anymore
Teacher knows your kung fu is good, & so he...
wants a competition to determine who gets the Sword
This is favoritism
l'll not go to the competition
...nor do l want the Sword
lf not for the Sword
Why did you learn kung fu?
My dad was a hunter
Once he was almost killed...
by a ferocious tiger
Luckily teacher passed by and saved him
Which is why l practised under teacher
l only want to lead a hunter's life
Your words cannot fool me
l speak the truth
lf being a hunter is all that you aspire for
Your kung fu is more than enough
Why don't you go on home?
Teacher doesn't want me to quit half way
Besides, he is sick
so how can l leave?
So, according to you
You wouldn't go to the competition?
Then l'll inform teacher
Why aren't you at the competition?
You are aware...
l do not wish to possess the Sword
My father has written to me
Asking me to return and hunt with him
When teacher recovers, l'll go immediately
But your teacher has insisted...
that you compete
l'll get the sword for you
Uncle Chung
l really...
lf you don't go you're being disobedient
lsn't he coming?
Fifth brother said he doesn't want to compete
As such
Shishiung should get the coveted Sword?
Wait, Lin is here
Whoever's blade falls to the ground, loses;
And remember not to injure your opponent
l know you won't forget the Sword
Elder Brother
l can't disobey teacher
Forget the bullshit. Let's fight
Teacher, the sparring is over
What move did you use to drop his sword?
Mighty Sweep
Good. Show it to me again
Brother Bai, come on
Shishiung, is it the 'Mighty Sweep' move?
Why did his sword fly off horizontally?
lf one loses hold of the sword...
it must be hurled across sideways
Of course
So why has his sword dropped vertically to the ground?
What's the reason?
Jenshiau, you say
You intentionally let him win
and dropped your sword deliberately, right?
Start again
No need
l yield
l'll give fifth brother the Sword
You really acknowledge defeat?
Okay, give him the Sword
What a Sword!
At last l have it
What do you mean?
You old fox, you've been hiding it
but l am the better man
You never expected l came for the Sword
You're a treacherous...
shameless piece of scum
l'll kill you
l'll wipe you all out
Wait, Fang Shishiung
Don't harm teacher
Okay, let me kill you first
lt is a fake!
l had doubts about you
Jenshiau, kill him
What are you waiting for?
Why did you let him go?
As one of our own
l didn't have the heart to kill him
You let him go
Yet he won't give up the Sword
The Sword of Swords can mean a country's...
rise or downfall
Now it's yours
Your responsibility is great
Take it
l understand
Mark my words
Guard it well
Yes, teacher
When it's time for the Prince's coronation...
Go and look for hero Wang Puke
Wang Puke
Only he can send the Sword to the royal court
The Barbarians are determined to get the Sword
and have conspired with skilled fighters...
...to get the Sword
l'm afraid you...
Your martial arts skills may not be adequate
...and that you wouldn't be their match
You have to be patient in all matters and...
don't use the Sword unless absolutely necessary
You must think on all sides
Teacher, don't worry
l'll not let you down
Fang is a treacherous rebel
...you shouldn't have let him go
This way you've left room for future problems
You must be extra careful of him
Where's master?
He's inside
You dampen my fun
You're back?
There's some business
Suen Jiou, this woman is your reward
Sir, l have a wife already
Foolish fellow
Mui Lingchuen is dead
The Sword of Swords is with Lin
He is in the mountains, mourning
To get the Sword, we must lure him back
Do you have a plan?
Capture Lin's wife
Feng Er
lt's late. Who is it?
Who is it?
lt's me, sister-in-law
Miss Lin
Big problem
There's trouble
What has happened?
Brother is not coming back
Don't panic
Brother is mourning teacher over at Mt. Jinghua
...that's why he cannot return
You kid
You are naughty. You wanted to scare me
Your heart is with my brother
Come back soon
Aunty, sleep well
l'm going
l'll see you out
You may go back
Be careful
What are you doing?
Take her away...
Get lost
Master asks you only to capture Bai Feng; not kill her
Send for brother quickly
Master, Lin Jenshiau is back
He knows about Bai Feng
...and will come soon
Get the archers
Let him walk into our trap
Since you're back
and know about Bai Feng
...you can't just sit here and do nothing
You have got to think of something
What are your plans?
Please say something
You kid
You really get to me sometimes!
You should go to the Shang's and reason with them
She's right
Though we have split our assets
...we are still cousins
l feel bad for you
Mother, look at brother
Son, if you have any worries
...please tell me
Mother, don't ask
l can't go to save Bai Feng
What? You know martial arts;
Yet, when your wife is abducted
...you do nothing?
l can't explain it to you
l have to let Bai Feng down
-Never mind -Let's wait and see
No wonder father is mad!
The Shang's are so unreasonable;
They've caused aunty's death and abducted your wife
How can you just stand by and do nothing?
Alright, shut up
What should l do?
Don't use the Sword without justified reasons
What should l do?
l understand
You fear the Shang's power...
and if there's trouble
You'll drag us into it
Child, look at me
l'm so old already
how much longer can l live?
lf you ruin your life because of me
...l'll not die in peace
Since aunty has said it
What worries do you still have?
The Shang's are oppressive
While you and Bai Feng have loved each other so long
...this injustice cannot be swallowed
lf he comes he'll not escape
Let's see how good they are
Good kung fu
Give it to them
Take this
After it's all over
l'll reward you more
Someone from the Lin family is coming
Let him in
Go and hide
Go quickly
C'mon, quick
How is it?
l've provoked his anger
and he'll be here for sure tonight
Go quickly
Don't be seen
Brother, you've planned well
He has walked into our trap
How come nothing is happening?
He'll surely come
Who is it?
lt's me
You're back?
Just arrived today
How are you?
l'm well. Do come in
What's the matter?
l have an urgent favour to ask
that's why l've come at such an hour
l'm going away
Please tell father
l can't save Bai Feng
lt's not because l'm a coward
What's your problem?
l can't explain to dad
ln any case l'll be back in a few days
What is it anyway?
l'll tell dad someday
Useless trash
Okay, you talk to him
What are you doing?
You fear the Shang's so much?
Get out of my way
Please stop
Please stop
Please stop, don't hit him anymore
You beast
Why are you so angry?
Don't injure your health
Not to take revenge doesn't become a man
Are you shameless?
l am ashamed to have you as my son
Why don't you go to reason with the Shang's?
Why, oh why?
What is your problem?
Because of this Sword
This Sword impacts on national security
lt's coveted by the whole martial arts world
Teacher reminded me at his death
l am no match for them
and wants me to hide it
And then pass it on to Hero Wang in time
...to give it to the royal court
l'm thinking the Shang's have abducted Bai Feng
...to lure me to them
...as they want the Sword
My love for Bai Feng is sincere
However, if the Sword is lost to their hands
...how can l answer to the court,
...and to teacher?
Due to the gravity of the matter
l had to hide the truth from you
l wanted to hand over the Sword to Hero Wang
after which...
This must be someone from the Shang's
l understand
l was wrong to blame you
Since it's like this, give me the Sword
l'll hide it
...until you find hero Wang
lt's just that you and Bai Feng both had to suffer!
Beat her up
Why beat her?
We can't lure Lin Jenshiau to come over
...so she should pay for it
She still has some use
What is it?
lf Lin will not save her
He must know of our plan
l've found out that Lin...
wants to find Wang Puke,
and give the Sword to him
What should we do?
We'll use Bai Feng
Use her
Aunty, you are aware
...of my suffering
Rest in peace
Who's in there?
Bai Feng
How come you're back?
Who beat you up?
Don't ask me
Don't ask
Bai Feng
What is it anyway?
Tell me
Bai Feng
Bai Feng
Aunty, why is my life like this?
l know you have suffered
Why has the Shang family done this to you
Tell me
They beat me in the dark room
...then let me out
l have reasons for...
being unable to avenge you;
And aunty!
Please forgive me
l won't blame you
Though you won't blame me
Why didn't you look for me?
Why were you afraid to see me?
l dared not see you
l wanted to die
yet l wanted to see you
and speak to you
l...l am absolutely chaste
l believe you
lf you believe
...it doesn't matter if l die
Get up
Go back with me
Go back?
l want you
No, your family will not accept me
You are mine in the first place
My parents will forgive you...
when they know you've left the Shang family
People will talk behind your back
l care not
You will bear this for me?
Do l look good?
Don't cry
Bai Feng
l'm going with dad to sell leather in town
...please pack for me
You've always gone by yourself
Why do you need Jenshiau this time?
lt's because of the Sword
The prince is due for coronation
Selling leather is our pretext
...for finding Wang Puke
and giving him the Sword
Ask Jenshiau to hurry
...we must be on our way
He is using 'selling leather' as a front
...to look for Wang,
and deliver the Sword
You're so useless!
After so much time...
You still can't find the Sword
See, all efforts are wasted
He can't escape
Get the village Chief here
Where's Bai Feng?
Taking care of the children
Make the arrest
Get lost
Come out
What are you doing?
Come out...
Let go
Chief, what are you doing?
You ask me?
Bai Feng has escaped from the Shang family
l am taking her away
Come out
Don't scare the children
Please wait
What have you got to say?
Bai Feng is one of our family
lf you don't believe me...
l can show you the marriage certificate
No need. Take her away
Mother, what are you doing?
The Shang family abducted her
l saw it with my own eyes
...how can you confuse the facts?!
No, she is speaking the truth
l was abducted and beaten
...then allowed to go
Everyone in the village knows
lf you have doubts
...you can ask them
You commit adultery and break the law
...yet you want to argue
Take her away
Even you kill me,
l won't go with you
Bai Feng
C'mon, move
Get lost
Let me go
This is outrageous
Aunt...l saw what happened
Don't worry. l'll go right away
...and get brother back
l've come to get you back
What is it?
Bai Feng has been grabbed by the Shangs again
Father, don't worry
l can get her back
Where is Bai Feng?
He didn't carry the Sword with him
lt must be at home
l'll hold him, you look for the Sword
lt's brother coming back
You are...
ls this the Lin family?
Who are you looking for?
l am Wang Puke from Jiang Nan
Please come in
Hero Wang, you've come at the right time
You're Mr. Lin?
We've been looking for you for a few months
Please come inside and talk
Please sit
l know about the Sword of Swords
l was just about to give it to you
l'll bring it out
l am suspicious of him
Brother has not met him before...
so how could he know about the Sword?
Hero Wang, we'd better wait for Jenshiau to return
...then give you the Sword
Quick, give me the Sword
Your son won't come back
You can't escape
Surround him
Spread out
Surround him
Don't let him get away
Where is the Sword?
l'll dig it out even if you don't tell me
Even if you turn the place inside out
...you wouldn't find it
Alright then
l'll turn your guts inside out first
You can't...
Pierce me here
Even if you cut me into pieces, l wouldn't care
You think you are tough
Let's see how tough your heart is
l won't kill you
l'll kill your wife and daughter
Surround him. Don't let him get away
A reward for the one who gets him
Surround him quickly
Don't let him go back
l'll fight you to the death
Go back quickly. There's trouble at home
Save the child
Give me the child quickly
Leave me
Sister, take care of the child
Sister, tell me who did it?
This must be done by people from Shang Guangwu
He's wiped out your family
Second brother, you should take revenge
What are you waiting for?
l'll let Madam Wang take care of my child
Then look for Hero Wang to give him the Sword
Afterwards, l'll return and avenge my family
That's a good plan
l'm going now
You bury them first
and then look for Madam Wang
Fifth brother, long time no see
lt's you?
These are the eyes, noses and ears of your parents
l've cut them down to give them to you...
for the mercy you've shown me years back
Now it's your turn
You heartless cur
lt's all because of the Sword of Sword
l'll kill you today
Wait, you let me go once
l'll give you a chance today
Go and see your child
Don't think you can escape
lf l were afraid, l wouldn't have come
Magnificent Sword
lt's in my hands at last
l could have killed you
...but l let you live
So that you regret for the rest of your life
You still don't surrender?
My baby
Don't go away
You've got it?
Where is Lin Jenshiau?
l've killed him
And his son is frozen to death
Even better
Brother, good work
This is all Lin Bongyin's good work
You're too kind
l've promised you one hundred taels of silver
l'll get it for you
There's no hurry
Come men
Lin Bongyin
Here's a toast to you
Thank you
ln addition to hundred taels of silver
l want to give you this Sword
Why did you kill him?
lf he could betray his cousins
...he sure could betray us one day
Anyway what's the use of him?
Give me the Sword
With this Sword...
l'll claim my reward from the Barbarians
As long as this Sword is in our hands
...we control the whole kingdom
Why should we sell it at a low price?
You think of everything
Once l become King
l'll become the richest man
and l'll have countless beautiful women
Then l'll really enjoy my life
You know
l have liked Bai Feng for a long time
The Sword is difficult enough to get...
but getting a woman's heart is even more difficult
Let's do it this way
We'll take Bai Feng to see her child
That will take care of it once and for all
Where's he?
We can't let him escape. Search everywhere
Come here
What is it?
Have you seen a wounded man
...carrying a child?
He can't escape
Let's go
l'll help you to hide out in my home
Come on
Let me help you to feed her
l can't see anything
What's the purpose of living?
Don't feel bad
For the sake of the child
you should not grieve too much
l want to find someone
Does any blind man live in your village?
l suppose you'd find him in that cotton shop
Thank you
l've been looking for you for months
...so you're hiding here!
Old man
Come here
What do you want?
ls Lin Jenshiau hiding inside?
Lin Jenshiau?
l don't know anyone by that name
l've found out that...
there's a blind man in this village
You dare to lie to me?
You're mistaken
My nickname is Blind Cheung
lf you don't believe me you can search
Let's find him elsewhere
Let's go
lsn't it Fu Niu?
Give the sandals back to uncle
No, you play hide and seek with us
lf you can find us...
l will return the sandals
Uncle is blind and cannot see
But you have ears so you can listen
You can't catch me
Stop fooling around...
and give back the sandals
Stop fooling around
Go out and play
Let's go...
They're only kids. Don't feel bad
l'm happy
Why do you say that?
Old madam, you know my story
l thought l'll never find the Sword again
...nor be able to take revenge;
But the children have reminded me!
What are you talking about?
l still have ears...
so l can train my listening skill
Uncle, a mosquito is biting baby
Don't make noise
Uncle you have good skill
Bring me the cat
Uncle here's the cat
What do you want with the cat?
The cat has pretty light steps
l want to see if l could hear it
Where's the cat?
lnside the basket
He really is there
That doesn't count
You heard him jump into it
Okay, be quiet
You awoke the baby
That didn't count
Let's try again
Where's the cat? Say it
l don't think you can hear this time
There's still a lot
l've sold nothing
You're useless
Sandals for sale
Sir, buy a pair of sandals
Please buy a pair
lt's cheap and sturdy
Sir, you buy a pair also
Where can we find him?
Sandals for sale
Where have l seen this old lady before?
Take a look
Let me see
Here it is, sir
Not so good
lt's good, very sturdy
Only blind uncle makes the best sandals
The blind man makes these? How can they be sturdy?
No, l don't want it
This is the same one
...we saw when we went for Lin
We've found him at last
Who is it?
Come out
Why are you two hiding here?
Watching you practise kung fu
Blind uncle, you've got good ears
Can you tell how many people
...are behind the haystack?
lf you can tell by your ears then you're really good
Apart from the two of you, there are four more people
You've got it.
How do you know there are four more?
Yes, how?
Uncle has good ears
l don't believe you
You don't?
Give me your hat
Come over
Don't let me know where you hide
Uncle, where's my hat?
Uncle is great
Uncle is really great, right?
l didn't fool you
Uncle, teach us kung fu
You children
Teach us...
Alright, don't fool around
Why do you want to learn kung fu?
Then what's your reason, uncle?
l want to fight the bad guys
Please spare me
l have an 80 year old mother at home
Shang Guangwu forced me to come and kill you
Spare me, please
How's Bai Feng?
Don't yell
What do you want?
l'm here to save you
Save me?
Hurry, put on your clothes
Does it matter?
No, go
l've checked it out
lt's Suen Jiou who let Bai Feng go
We must kill Lin Jenshiau
l've to hand this child over to you
What about you?
l've to leave right away
The Shangs will not let me go
Don't be afraid. Open the door
My child! Old madam, where's Jenshiau?
You are...
She is Bai Feng ; wife of Lin Jenshiau
Bai Feng
l thought l'll never see you again
But l cannot see you now
l'll serve you for the rest of my life
Poor child
Leave immediately
At the outset of dawn...
the Shangs are likely to come for you
lf they know that l've let Bai Feng go
...they won't spare me either
l'll leave immediately too
Take your wife and mother
Hire a vehicle to Chunglam Slope & await us there
That's a good idea
l won't be able to stay here any longer
l'll take Fu Niu and go with you
You can all stay at my relative's home
l'll go and wake up Fu Niu
You go and pack
Don't be sad. We can stay together again
l can't go with you
Why not?
l've lost the Sword and have failed my teacher
l've shamed my country
and lost my home and family
How can l face my late parents?
l can't go
l must take my revenge and get back the Sword
lf you don't go, l won't either
l must stay with you
Be it in life or death
Bai Feng
You must plan for the child too
she's the descendant of the Lin family
He's right, Ms. Bai Feng
You must go whether you want to or not
When l get back the Sword, l'll look for you
You go first
lt's almost dawn. Let's go
Bai Feng
Let me touch the child again
Don't be too sad
Heroes don't cry easily...
but sorrow will overwhelm us;
And one is not without feelings!
Since it has come to this...
l won't blame you for crying
Don't worry
l'll take good care of them
Old madam
For this great favour l hope to repay you in next life
Take care
How is it?
Suen Jiou, Bai Feng and that old woman
...are in Chunglam Slope
Lin Jenshiau is coming this way
Guangwu, let's spread out
Hang him up
Surround him
Shang Guangwu
Tell me where's the Sword?
The Sword is...
Over here
Fifth Brother, how are you?
You are overladen with sins
Today it's either you or me!
lt shouldn't be too tough taking a blind man's life
Alright, come
Guess it's needless for me to kill you
Besides, l still have the Sword
They are the ones who killed your whole family
Today, they'll kill you
Do your worst today
Good swordsmanship
Now, it's your turn
Good, good work
No hurry
One by one
Bai Feng
Jenshiau, you're trapped
You've killed old madam!
l want you to kill your savior with your own hands
You've killed the wrong person
l will cut you into pieces
Watch my dart
Brother, you've suffered much
Kill Shang Guangwu and all his men for me
...and l will thank you heartily
Bai Feng
Bai Feng
Bai Feng
My child!
The baby is alright, Jenshiau
Where's the Sword?
The Sword is up on the tree behind you
You can reach out and get it
Teacher, now you can rest in peace!