How To Light Your Videos Outdoors

Uploaded by 5minvideomarketing on 21.09.2012

Inside this video, I'm going to show you how to light your videos naturally outside in
this outdoor setting that we have here, and also too, you're going to watch my face get
burned by the sun. So, check it out right now.
I'm sure you have times where you've wanted to go outdoors and make a video like what
I'm doing right now. And there's been times where the sun's too harsh and I'll show you
in a sec and there's been times where there's not enough lighting. So what I'm going to
show you right now is to explain how important it is to be able to have the right lighting
in different circumstances and different situations. And the thing is, is with outdoors, you've
got to make sure that you find a location where there's just enough light. If you have
it too dark, your videos are going to turn out really pixelated and also too, you're
going to find that it's very, very harsh on the viewer as well. So let's take a look at
the different places that I'm going to choose for you to see how lighting works.
Well as you can see, I'm talking to you with my eyes closed but not intentionally because
the sun is so strong here. Now this is the worst position you can actually set yourself
up to be. As you can see I'm standing right here and the sun's just right in front of
me so it's really harsh and Justin, my camera man is staying there. Ideally, if you want
the face to be lit up, you've got to have the sun behind the camera man but with some
softer approach where you can actually have like say for example a building.
Ah look at that bike. All right, I'm going to show you where I'm going to stand in front
of a building to cover my face up and to get natural light.
Right now, I'm still standing here in the nice soft lighting. As soon as I step over
here, there's really harsh lighting. It's too harsh for me so I'm going to step back
over here. But you can see right there is the distinct shadow. The shadow is because
of the building right behind Justin and that's the reason why you can actually film in a
place like this because it helps you block out a lot of the harsh sunlight. So that's
what you want to remember. At the end of the day, try to avoid being directly in the sunlight
like here, it's just too, too bright and I can hardly see. And best to stand in here
where there's actually hardly any lighting from the sun but you're still getting a lot
of natural direct light which is what is happening right now. So that's how you should be filming
As you can see, lighting is very important especially when you're outdoors. If you don't
want your subject to be burned or have a really hard time to see your camera man, then ideally
you need to film in a sheltered area with natural light coming from behind the camera
man. Now, takeaway tip for you is to check the light before filming.
All right, be sure to also check out the next video where I'll show you how to light up
your videos indoors.
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