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and welcome to SEC sports round table this is your host shane bailey
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so uh... we are at the s_e_c_ sports roundtable
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so now you could stay out of late this could be a six hour podcast if we can
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especially with no usc fan are marquis inner normal
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he wished his short lived trip here did name and wasn't able to fit that and so
we had
we're going around without internal
of course
this is a are to a days we are in week six oh seven
uh... covering two teams from the s_e_c_ one east one west each week
uh... so as you are able
understand ur surmise we are doing usc and texas a and m today
uh... so that's the two teams were going to cover that just leaves
at the university of tennessee in alabama dot finishes up
so that's going to be next weekend
i will get to know we've got some alabama folks lined up and i think she's
going to get in for slate of
volunteers on there as well so uh... looking for work at the close enough
uh... to a days just before the season starts
and so were with that let's cover a coupla housekeeping issues so we've got
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today and
the way we normally do this a podcast expecially through the season as we
cover any news
uh... that's occurred in the week and so really that's going to be a great topic
for us to kick things off because
the uh... number warren
r_-rated team in the country by u_s_a_ today's hetal trouble
and so uh...
tour you though the number one a
what must you would say probably isn't went deeper supporter in the country
not gonna play football this year i think that's a pretty good story
obviously talking about a
tire and matthew the honey badger can stay off the
the uh... the wacky to back he and said that uh... yeah lead though he was uh...
the uh... last year this is the story of event newsletter that blows uh...
last year
you know the had the whole jordan jefferson and situation which i think
are fine
yeah but i think really ended up on you know what she does a big bullet may
actually did fine
working through that and then this year
i don't know how much work and three are going to get on still think their
defense is going to be good and i think bill
overcome those but losing
you know arguably your best player and them
you know what a lot of people say is
you know i think you can check for the mojave voting last reporter for the
heisman voting lives in a
a preseason all-american
uh... assist after is that uh...
handle that
yet know it's it's a huge step back for them in coming
heisman watch list is out and he would that he may may be the key enter
elapse for this year so on the defense player the year
last year
it's a setback but
he was even the best corner of thirteen he was at the plane maker obviously
i mean
losing clay was it mo claiborne yet more amorous labor's web on i think he was
he's obviously a bear lost
i mean
affix to four strike policy i don't know if it that come out so that's what it is
but i think that's his
wealth please it is his fourth or spit and a fourth or fifth time of did test
so you yes it's terrible that domain com my question is do you get to start all
over again what your suspended you get for more
you know it
and that's the thing about the s_e_c_ and the incidentally and generalist
each team has our owned drug testing
basically policy
late date s tumble
what they suspend foreign how many times i have to test
uh... there's no
and correct me if i'm wrong but there's no sense standard where everybody has
the same roles right
there's a
i think there's a
countless guideline and and i feel like i have upto sure vanderbilt has a little
stricter policy like i don't think you have that many a note to see in the four
strikes your out i think venables might be a three-year somethin
so they're going to some things that are a little bit stricter but uh... i think
is about as loose as you get is is four strikes nothing scehdule issues on the
same uh...
kinda rule they had i mean he was in trouble hill ashrita suspended for
before last year's well
so i say we know that he's got a little bit a problem with that uh...
he's not going on there anymore whether or not he goes to a mcneese state ur
or a a jackson state or something like that
who knows but yeah i think he calls himself some money in calls himself a
little better
spotlight by
you know once again not being able to stay off we'd more than likely
it definitely is costing some are
notoriety or
being in the spotlight if you say but
the does that really that really gonna cost him
when it comes down to the drafted as long as he he
goes to a plum
one one double a_ team in does okay
and i don't see that that's going to hurt us
draft document yeah co-pilot or a little heart is signing bonus i guess errors
upfront money but as far as playing in a failed melatonin are distressed but it
won't that much i mean now that everybody thought it
i mean you
you've you've got you've got the pay scale for the ricky pay wage
you or whatever trap a key is is what he isn't
and they've got the confines in the the cbd it's going to determine how much
he's getting theirs there is some leeway to that but it's pretty much you know
you know what you're gonna get when you're a eighteenth they're correct in
spinnaker thirtieth just won't have that
leg up in negotiations of you know being a standout citizen i mean i can always
hold that against him in in will instrumental orient of those
guaranteed uh... monies
i think it's kind of what jay said earlier i mean
he's not a claiborne type player where is shutdown corner he was gonna be a
first-round tight down i think he was
he's more of a play maker in stricken footballs and
being in the right place at the right time which can help but i don't think he
was going to be a a top ten pick anyway
but i don't i don't care what you say i think it hurts to ask her dress that
guy's status
here had a question mark money this guy couldn't stay in a school where they
gave you four chances
i think teams are gonna be a little more wary in and set of invest in a elite
first-round pick a m i drop into like a second third round
type layer will see what he does i mean v v goes out and there's just
gangbusters in yahoo depict early cuz
inability to play the lead
i've noticed a becomes where a guy gets kicked off this deal i can remember
anywhere they kicked off their team and they get drafted really early the next
candidate in the main he anybody heat when played another here i mean
you hair like yourself
had the luxury of being young enough to go set out that one year
and uh...
now that is
matthew any junior this year
this is a junior this year he was a
so he's got a sophomore he could realistically do that he could go to a
one double a
and come back corrode the reported right now but he might stay l_s_u_
and i just sent out here
and work is way back i would say now
l_s_u_ lori said you can actually stay in school we have to pay your own way
you've lost her scholarship
but there's no guarantees it will be opened football or not no i i would
think that if he stays there it's our year in
and stays in the good graces and works in
and works and i think that he would they didn't accept him back
you know might be the best plan if he's not going to be a
first-round pick
babysit now dear you can read shirt mcaleese's richer needed after years of
eligibility left can you return to the gym
yeah i think so
and i thought it was a sophomore here
i'm glad i made it made it may be an incorrect and that he can
and i don't know what it would be cameras rhetoric because he would be on
the team i think he but i know that you have five years to play for
so that he was at his economic team he would
it would just count as a red shirt tight year coca
but i could be completely wrong about that i did
odds that's the way uh... interpret them
who knows
well you can read tribune injury
three hundred from
parts not reluctant
my question though is
defensively we we all think teller she will probably be okay if it
really he was the biggest impact player
on special teams was enough
weird or what was going to fill that gap analogy
what is there
i don't think that uh...
just or what
sophomore wacom running back back then affect i got
just an abundance of talent yes that they got somebody that may not make as
of the great roads but that they're going to be
place solid
and also if their offense that talk about this uh... tis mecklenburg
that the yeah quarterback murder for mathematics art
but that he looks just like years ahead of
uh... you know where they
ended last year so
special teams may not be as important if they've got an offense
that can that be a little more consistent all against a new boss or
they just hit me but we've got the new pickup roles are taken
take affect this year too so
uh... who knows what's going to what that's going to do for the s_e_c_
inference to double a_ it did make a
impact on
but the professional level when the cake but moved that
uh... uh... or moved it back i guess
made it harder than those who ended up so they moved it up to him
so they're worth less for turned interest noticeably
a reduction in that so
you know maybe maybe in the big scheme of things that's not a bad thing for
yet to see uh... and lots more will come out of this
but uh... you know you brought up a point ru analytic touch on a percent
it reminds me of something else is that you know that
id morality and doing the right things and college football
and even professional football is is
is secondary to
and lane kitson
uh... made the news this week
you know i burma
are you keeping you guys just have to be so happy that he's not there anymore
for about a come out one week
i guess you're in the uh... states where win at all costs
now on on on the stance of you know i'm not going to be a
a huge lane given support or
and yes i i i like it when he puts with his mouth was not a uti but i don't
understand where it's coming from
you know that that
coaches bull if i'm a coach come close to the top it is advantageous for me to
vote my school number one
now i think he was asked a question do you think you're the number one team in
football he said idon't think you could say were the number one team in football
we have it you know how can you not make one the s_e_c_ teams as well national
championship six years in a row
you know we're just coming off a nominal play a bowl game
they've been there i don't think it's a were number one now with that being said
even if i if i was a coach in now if i was a
coach of tennessee i i couldn't
rightfully put in a season and wanted the nation but if i was a coach at
u_s_c_ even i think we were number one our boat is number one because it's to
our advantage
to start off the season hierarchical okay so that that's what we got caught
eight of the team i would check on it and you know that they don't normally
make them public and i did
so it was in a direct question did you vote usc number one not that i
understand how does that other he said i wouldn't notice number one which yes we
but i guess i just kind of two things one do you really think that you're the
motive the nation
to did you vote that way you know
it's like if i was running for class president
i would probably tell herb i am not a vote for myself because i have approved
of course on boat for myself way if that's the way it went down there and
that media she's probably misconstrued or outright and i bet i thought that he
was a past if he voted for them number one and he he said he didn't
and then you might have been
either way i don't think that that's
once again i just think it's
the media and and everybody speaks on little stuff that doesn't need to be
picked on
i think i know i think you can talk about
and i don't think i think it appears were ma point comes in is like
i don't think it's a big deal that these college kids ur
smoking pot i wish that they wouldn't do that i just know realistically they all
do it
where it gets me is you've got a counters player has tara matthew he's at
four times
patli ho at least yes exactly so
that's what i wanted to do a better clock if you can get caught one time
each year your college career he couldn't
avoid that because i mean
you can ask anybody that does drug-testing if if i went out and i
smoked pot today
and in a couple of days at the core random drug test
up probably are not going to show a positive result i've got a smoke on a
regular basis sure
uh... in are pretty evident that iran urine test not like blood testing their
so needed
if power to do that it's got a
really p a lot of uh... p_h_d_ in your system for that did to show up and then
it's not just
me casually smokin some pot with some friends on a friday night note for for
him to have this positive test you've got a actually work at mocking this part
of me if hit something you've gotta do what a regular basis because you gotta
think if they'll issue coaches or
trading staff
to some extent
they bought these players on the team of east lake for what are you going to be
pay you know next week's deadly drug testing you might want to watch out for
or there do not money be beat that blake it's like you know drug testing is right
around the corner guys right
and it's and that's probably being said to the individuals that they were in a
way of already selected it's funny that you say that because i worked with a
with a guy that was and alabama manager yeah there was a round of all promise
was allowed to use as two years ago she was aired national championship team
acid that specific question
what he said that
that the coaches and and the players they don't think about the scandals
nearly as much i mean is
fans do they just as they really
it's so intent on going in and put in work minister say it was like album it's
all about x's o's
but they would tell them they would not tell them hey you're gonna be drug test
as far as he knew he didn't know that but they would announce they were doing
random drug test
you know say undertows
he said it was a fairly random process but i mean for all i know a made so i
can say hey manager of richelle everybody they might element product you
have no idea that i think they let it be known that they're random drug test
especially if you have
a couple strikes again should they're gonna
yeah they're good sigit having a look you've got to shrug singer
you're gonna be suspended for three games the next time
he caught a decal for two hundred billion
here's what's crazy he said that you have
four years to get on it dot com two years no that's like a marcus goh
competency of years ago
that you know that god you know he even interviewed about into said it was huge
mistake it was you to go back in
change attitude
you know his career was so much different not gonna finish at your table
and he just couldn't stop smoking weed a man is all there is too
all right so
that we've run this window on the ground is a when he's gone
big here that they're still number water still probably they're still prolly atop
the report in the nation
and so uh... they've got pretty light couple of weeks
to kick off things do and i i
i've looked at it and slips in standard
their first couple games are
they they're not like alabama who's got
michigan and then they turn around and play arkansan two weeks you know now
office federal criminal think it's uh...
fan so i mean gangbusters of megan we looked at that last week this shit now
yet what i'm saying it's it's
not like we haven't looked pissed off more than once
it's something that
yeah i mean uh... yes i mean they've gotten north texas washington idaho
at auburn will be there first
test but i think that's an assessment alleles in
and end up at four oh eight i still think they are class in the first big
big match of his
uh... at home against south carolina october so they had a couple you tom
one last thing on this i just think it's kinda ironic ur funny we talk about
work deregulation mini-state out here that's remake otay that as soon as soon
as he goes there but he just gonna stop smokin weed
i think more times web-based you know that there's got to be some good players
are smart enough not to get caught out say that they may not be smoking weed
that lisa spartan s
to not get called that are ready to play somewhere player
if house next mid-may state obviously i would take him
but it's just funny to think that
you've been called four times here you probably do it on a daily basis
you can either meet me state
and in your career probably never get caught
court denied that drug test delay just i mean they probably and i don't know what
their policy is a minute could be
do you think he's going to take out of mini-state
in i would doubt that i think this really predict wake-up call foreman
i think he you're right i you don't hear a lot of people don't know you know the
honey badger was kicked off mini-state 'cause he'd still couldn't stop smoking
it's one of the things that's just weird amanda and i understand
once again i know how prevalent
drugs or enlace drugs emanates just generally marijuana an opera want that
is i mean it was around that you do when i was there aren't sure was around it
tennessee tech in and western kentucky
and i just take a math
yeah alright american western thought he would
it was
it's just a situation where
you get four jobs about just can't believe after getting caught this not
just do it twice after gettin caught twice you don't just go and being
suspended in the third time is gonna slowdown but what about junior year
you know as i can
i can imagine that
just at the courage to do it that much and i guess it's addictive but i don't
think it was like
as addictive and that is the professional states non-addictive
it's not habit forming that supposedly but
it must be just fall into this in the next decade yesterday
well let's go straight into our two days and we've got two teams to talk about
we want to do the east or west first review pick uh... let's start with the
of the tool for protects an m parent
yeah i mean this stuff i mean this is i'll be honest i watch quite a bit texas
a and m last year
but i think
you know this is a different kind of table i think the big news is
uh... you know they're corp explain in miami now of russia right any hill
and they're gonna have to they're starting looks like a soft more uh...
jim hill showers which i don't really know much about him
i know that they've their return in a couple their water saber jeff oregon
they saw brian swoop
and some ah...
na kichu mone www or some mike that's uh...
i was looking at right now
i don't know i think on offense though bill at the whole struggle a little bit
uh... their defense was
pretty bad last year view yemeni government like that arkansas game yeah
but a big liam had a couple of times religious let up a lot of points
i would think going to the west texas a and m is going to have kind of a rude
because they're going to have to play well issues an adequate alabama's
araceli arkansas on those are the games and figure me very very difficult for me
what the changes
is that now those who have played all roads in the city state which would be a
very tough game for them as well need to be looking at
i mean award-winning
s_e_c_ girl like a one or two s_e_c_ when season you know to whom
i think you'd better than that but i mean yeah i mean they could be on the
you don't get a break in the s_e_c_ no you don't but i don't think there is now
it is missouri
if you think missouri's immortality dogs get a look at the time of the fact that
that missouri's gotta a returning quarterback that's pretty strong idea
and i don't know anything
allowed to mills showers he might be great but i just know he does not have
any experience hit a neal conan backed up by the same voters
of missouri now the thing about missouri's misery plays in the east
and you don't have to play the alabama
i've never been about twelve analogy of arkansas game what you think
and then i would would say that
i mean they're ethnicity state that's going to be one that to be tough for
mckenna when an absolute that's a tough game
me up with florida
mono rug or through the schedule yet and and i have all berminat letter
and they will have
they catch their home schedules is l_s_u_ at home arkansas at home
and uh...
that that's the only two
home games uh...
for the in the west the rest of the plane rose over
missouri that what's a home game
that's at least you know so
either say got stuff a main
you'd wanna catch all burma city state of the committee can swing games in
and they're on the road as i mean i just think it's gonna be toughened
i would think if there's a team that could just got a
bottom out somebody's gotta finish
in fifth or six of the west
and i mean
midi pixma city-state erty pic
i've seen him
not knowing much about takes anywhere
yet maybe pick overall burn all bruno boldness is going to be at the body and
i think that
vineyard all burn
and an but but
they value artist so i thought it would be state or zip
met it is a them in you know i think that's a tough it's just very very tough
some women are coming in on the top enough thirty but
i think that they could be carro
you know you lose a few games and then we got new head coach kevin someone
perhaps what's gonna be fun to watch i mean
kids off its put up
average fifty points last year
uh... fifty one points almost six hundred yards again
not mislead every play much tougher case any of you know that when the best for
vaccinations are but i don't care if you're planning you know high school
kids that's a lot of point a lot of yard so when he does get you know the
quarterback in some good skill does is this could be fined you know a foot
addition to this cc
and also will resent what accused houston yeah
said they were turned their entire often civil on that's going to help
i mean really all their lives in
for their lives in their best for senator and they're losing their
and those on the net that's gonna that's gonna hurt but they've got a running
back to coming back to it
has it been healthy they'd like to every person kristin michael and other hand
somethin gray
was another one the running backs off it was really good but
uh... it's just once again the plan out west for playing the toughest division
in the toughest conference
so i think that's where
but that's where it could be uh... dot the hard part
and uh...
i mean yet look at their scores on in this last year i mean they had a
they lost thirty two twenty nine they lost forty two thirty eight they want
forty five to forty
and you know they they'd be baylor fifty five the twenty-eight
you know i mean i played some popular offenses but
and also given up thirty eight
thirty-two minnows come points were going on in this deport sick interstate
sixty one to kansas
yeah exactly
and all of you know thirty eight points to
our top story they they scored sixty what points versus yeah
but should i let you know delicate basketball scores the exactly it looks
like a basketball scorn
but this compact twelve
the big twelve big twelve that yeah
sorry yet of the twelve th was last was a very solid
conference yet
i mean you had kansas state and i don't care what you can say it's a good team
you had oklahoma state which is a great team last year oklahoma very solid team
texas a good thing baylor getting so they had a tough tough schedule last
but i'm sayin
there get up a lot of points
and they reply in they're not reveal a score
well i say that my score
thirty eight point since or cancel
i still think there's good as last year and i think they're in a tough
conference so i think that's what's gonna be scary form
i think you can
eve actually made a point to come on agree with uh... you know
when you actually put pen to paper
and take a look at their their schedule uh... you know i would give an edge to
mississippi state
over payment and so if you do that that's going to end up
he week i think we can all agree
that it's gonna be alabama l_s_u_ arkansas fight for the first three
positions whatever happens there's another discussion
so you're left with that second tier and you're talkin'
mississippi state texting him for the fourth and fifth spine whose
who's going to be that team and and and
i think mississippi state even their schedule lined up a little more
uh... than when a man has
so i think i can be mississippi state that can be gulberg
but now it is it's at mississippi state correctness we say in an hour
i'd give 'em all berbatov out
mississippi state that so that's an improved team they've got a lot of
pieces back that
para mi vida blair is going to tell you all about it uh... it aggregation i
think there in that here probably the lower of the second-tier tains arabs are
not down with told miss
right now but they can be mississippi state and already this offense click
save those
uh... that they can win both of those games and jump up there
you know in fourth i'd doubt is but it could happen but we have florida in the
right now which has left florida in the surrender
and that's what i think stuff i mean we told our actually talked about this game
we talked about for a
second game a season
we're playing at home against forty years open up against louisiana tech
which you you hope they take your business
and then your plan for a the second in the season
talk about swing gabe right there you win that game then you're looking at
s_m_u_ in south carolina say you're lookin star before dod
but the whole exactly you're you're lookin good
you lose the initials or free warranty when the rest of them but then your plan
arkansas and l_s_u_ and
and in that the other three games treasurer at auburn at mister same
eliminated it up
now that in said we're we're looking at
you know leadership for seven or eight winzip your texting him which i think is
doable yeah what what what what growth through that do that
so i think we are given a lot etc
yes yeah i think that it wasn't a mikey said weakly they they hosed florida
that's the first s_e_c_ game
and their first
real home game
what do we think
um... taken four in the game
got a great crowd
they aren't like you could there be hiked up olympic baggies i have to
i'm just not and note that there are so many people out there that is so hot
on floor to be in the sleeper team in the east and i'm just not binding
uh... i mean this is that that third offense of coordinator in three years
and and he dot he did some
amazing things up a poor easy prey
that offense just doesn't know what it needs to do yet i'm not taking further
offense shine
and they don't as i think they might have the the with top tier three defense
is in the country
you you could be corrected also picked that job really well the husband last
year only spot guess ah...
what the hell delano we're talking about for a but
from a freighter for still stands if i and i just can't stand does colin scared
but as a as a
defense team you're right they were one of pop up in the s_e_c_ bargain which
i'm pretty much everybody there
so from a defense is that i love all your correct fortis
is not gonna change i mean must ship was there is the defense of god
last year he's going to be able to put more things in place this year
you think that defense is going to be extremely strong csulb you write about
their defense adjust
you know you can have
all the defense in the world but the only way if you're off its can score you
can have to write your defense to score
now coming and a m
picky about that well
like you said
someone knows how to put up or if he did it he has done so
it's going to be an interesting game in a minute uh... and cheese and agonies
all right uh... s_m_u_ of victim say when i get very clean
south carolina state i think they when the game
pets are
all right here's a bizarre that are unhappy and i know i uh... yeah so you
know that uh... lucky what your words on paper the cell
uh... you know about them for you
arkansas at home and i think they're losing that game i think so as well
correct arkansas with alright
uh... than adl method think
at the same wins that game
all right and they've got l issue at home i think that's a loss yes
yes ahead
at all but i think they win that game attitude
i'm going to say eta
that delays at auburn then witness state where the other side of one of the other
i must say they uh...
unsettling they win at all
and lose at st
they switch that around i'd lose it uh...
no there is no elbert excited about
texas any
texas n_r_a_ after all this talk
i think they'd be
missive ise
adversity state decide i think their lives in a mississippi state
uh... an alabama got 'em was in that game
it's as sam houston state i got them within that one of the barber
uh... i rem without bike
i think it's gonna be a little more than a barn burner i don't think the fire has
to get let yeah
and then
at home against missouri i've got missouri win that game
i have out out taking in their home
i'm i don't missouri discussed everything i hear missouri has the
better today
i've got a mood of the realities
you got with three losses gaveled apparently a date and three
around may twenty commentaries
ya gotta i've got a mother
seven five
dayton four firming seven five eight four do you come out of the report
automatic bigelow
tier tickets what's funny that you know it's predicted states have a pretty weak
teleconference schedule mean at louisiana tech at s_m_u_ south carolina
state and sam houston state
so therefore
she before wind right there in the get the state of play on this sore all given
five guaranteed wins right there
and it's just the fact that change an unbeaten four days god even i've got
others for losses in there
yes an elevated for about seven a five pid l_s_u_ i've got a voicemail l_s_u_
and mississippi state i mean the big
the big games or you got all regain you've got to the city state game
you've got missouri
write those years three big any top floor you got four games i've got to go
into into in those rubber goin
i don't go one oh two four those games
no i don't i don't want to tell you
i got all burden revolver and as you say either i was in a father bob log iii so
it's just go to the big ones i mean how many can you win three that you can win
three or four those of us a great season if you lose all for those of bad season
those ear swing into my opinion if you look at the bank is over under
on tech say them
seven habits seven with uh... so you tell both go over
the money the money is a
is trained over a little bit but it's really close it's like the juice is
almost non-existent says months wanted for over a month one twenty for under
so i think you would be tom polity hard-pressed to find them
you're winning six games
it would be easy for me to have the morning eight games in only when it's
sick so i understand where that jesus coming from but
i think that's a good number two more likely to push it to add another win
another one that i would stay away from
if i was betty as would bet on them six to close
and passed a worthwhile
and what about or any of my i'd still there's
there's a couple that i think uh... and i and i haven't had to do more but
and will do it next week like tennessee and i just
uh... alike one side of that better than the other bulletins he finds that they
can't take that
albums but deny that just seymour
wins will get the next week but i know both your baking tenants
remind me
accent no it and they're a mascot is what their mascot is what is nice
let's look at poly admits
you know it's a rough
cali i believe
his name is a reveling in
reveille that's exactly right now
and it has a huge military presence i mean if you've ever seen some gameday
stuffed and they do a lot of stuff in israel hilly cool
uh... some of the stuff i do for the military down there cell
uh... that's probably where that came from our
uh... to be
honest i have no idea it's a colleague at the same as reveille they've got a
that's me traditions it than i am number one be interested
fall on a cancellation
that yet
you know after touchdowns
how was unaware that i a sensitivity aids with yet with
cows on the side longer that states tell you exactly
at least of all the soldiers just gotta well see i think is soldiers are liked
r_o_t_c_ does that bring their
breather girls with them and i'll get that yeah absolutely is go at it
and they used up bonfires that's that's done elsewhere
there's a big accident urself them at one point
bonfire corporates
well you do a lot of you to don't be correct in my dogs that have stayed on
for the podcast dumbbell sorry that's the home of the twelfth man thats
fraser goods great fan base here
uh... and i think that place is going to be electric that week to that's probably
the game i have circle that i'm most excited about watching
that will that second week of genocide against his
alabama placewest tacky and i don't think i can watch that
they had a life of this is weird admit to being a lifelong s_e_c_ fan i mean i
hope they come in at least everyday the that's bad
uh... imagine it's like i was saying de cc which will prove to you we really are
the best conference
let's just like uh... yeah i'm sure the newly allot of this but if you
ever watch like a
well as reality shows like the m_t_v_
challenge series are
but the bachelor they got like a bachelor pad or something now
if you've ever been on the show before it you're considered a veteran
you hate the rookies
and i think that's what we are is like veteran s_e_c_ fans
you know what i say to the governance bill asses great-grandson order placed
on other south carolina and arkansas they're no longer the repeat his
overtures incorrect they're they're off the job boy self okay
i can see that all their product out walking like they've been league for
twenty years
but i mean
i do remember when they came in with the way and it was but beverly isn't that
the democrats that long ago
late and
as measured in old saying rich that's and do that
out about the we were added to switch gears really we don't take sam
yeah let's let's close the book on the agee so i will say this for a quick
one thing about takes a minute to our jail for ryan slope number twenty five
little white raw water sewer protects and a m very fun to watch um...
wes welker alike
he's a player watches be fun the s_e_c_
could be what about a receivers in the s_e_c_
that's all i got on
the senate run swoop
and some weapon dot uh... i've just happen and i was
your quarterback yes i will settle a court right
what he was in the news again this week i don't know if you wanted to say
anything about that to defend
two defendants chickens ko are at this at this point just uh...
if you guys wanna
just go click on last week's podcast is listen mike taxing garments i wish it
didn't happen but
but i'd just kids being kids on blanketing kill himself ready body else
uh... when my uh... when the quarterback starts doing
arrested for
felonies i guess i a misdemeanor some fun with felonies are like
now really care off elyse there's a larger women
as the one i don't want you to be just a allright idiot filibusters the dome
kiddin them okay with it
freezing today
your uh... your donna
europe baby fay and that's not a tennessee hater of tree don't love them
then you're not a
supporter but you're not like
one of our other knows that
it doesn't bother me to see tyler brady coming
uh... that's what it jess keys made for my opinion is that i think that
the charge was hot dogging death mcconnell asked about that so that
that's what ones might try i'm guilty of it
but once again
these college quarterback space hab profile schools there may be more like
politicians take that
they have to know the cameras on them
the spotlight on the nike getting in trouble
so it it frustrates me to say that but no i mean that that's no big deal but
when you combine on that
with everything else
i start to add up to just get sick here the coaches say you know
such-and-such they've learned their lesson
you know they're not gonna do it again there really a team leader now
wildly worth another hot dog that left yet it is just kind of weird how that
came out that the high dollar was actually but before that is clear
it is a lot for his court date has happened uh... goma right
but once again eight
it to me it's no big deal uh... i think every college kid america it's been on a
at forget college kids amp
bingham thirty-six i thought was on a jetski that's what i'd be doing right
now is sap close i can get to another one and two spraying water on obscenity
ammas guilty as brave but work
just wake up guys here
i mean you're you're the quarterback covered at national level of former
national powerhouse
appointment service delivery history noticed
keep your nose clean just
stay outta trouble and i do think that there's a difference between
what talib raise doing and was like stephen garcia because stephen garcia i
don't think he was doing
huge egregious errors but he was just
he was the dog house for spa rear because
he was disrespecting sperry rand and i think it was just
that was more stuff or he wasn't doing be in a team leader on the field
and he was doing other stuff to utah father six
and i think it i'll break keeps all get in trouble if he went out this week and
they got
you know gotta be you are and then three weeks from now
you know
did something mess that mr
of practice meeting or something like that but yeah i think you got the key is
get to the point where he needs to watch myself a little bit more you you don't
need to have all these things but
eighty yet uh... couple incidentally have every right around when i think
that's but the negative but i think it's up in that it's not gonna put him
in a situation to loose that's right
well i think what
what we are losing what we lose sight of its fans is that
college student isn't the same as it was ten years ago
fifteen years ago i i i heard a retained on the radio
another former tennessee quarterbacking
you know he's saying that if he had to live under the microscope that these
guys live under
hate you don't need and he got in trouble that he probably wouldn't have
made stayed on the team here you can hear anything about air cage it he had
itself it may be that he was just did
your pain killers addict an alcoholic
the last year so to the city
and so
what you have it to me
everybody has a cell phone
that has a video camera
anytime yuri player
they know that something might happen so
everybody who has a bonus got it ready to set record
and so they're just waiting for something to happen and it's not so that
it's going to be bad but so that they could put on you too can still they can
get some hits online person all these are the things that they're trying to do
for for their own
self-preservation i guess of their social media and so
you'd they'd look we live in a world right now that
that that requires you to have to be careful and to think about everything
you do before you do it
and with always eighteen nineteen even
i didn't think they'd think about everything i did before i didn't your
mom was not face but checking out what you did earlier in the day known she to
know what was based book when i was thirty yeah
you know britain
you know i i would
good a school
that was
two hours away for my mom and dad because i did
what they're checking in on and now that i'm an adult i have some small kids
there's no way in hell monica check out my kids are not more important things to
using a father what they're doing i don't care ameen i get my life back you
know me their with their ecology ghetto but pretend that you you don't have been
and it's not that i don't want to george dependent allen my kids i did and i
don't want it this to sound like that but
i realize now that
you know that there's always certain things that page can provide to you that
you just don't get it eighteen to twenty five because you've not lifted and you
you can't be too cold and told in portland and through your actually had
to go through it
and and the problem is we live in a world that does allow them to do that
cell right so i'd bab
just give you our target is a yuki guy you know that nileen i think it's
exactly what they said
the emial
what it was anybody go to a jet skis i couldn't take the jet skis out different
twenty five miles per hour you know trolling for bass or anything like that
i mean there
maiden built uh... drop fast and
and turn quicken and go closed other things i mean it's like
it would have a motorcycle exited college-age kid had a motorcycle missile
because they just
you want to get the point a
point b dash my guest house there get there because
their badass driver motorcycle if they want to i think it
anyways enough of that was going to south carolina number of
like number eleven ur top ten eleven ten of the nation
uh... s_e_c_ east champions last year
got a lot of people coming back
i don't think they're coming
and i mentioned earlier that there's a lot of
support people i know feel still with high on florida
and he's not that he's not bind in the south carolina niches like
who would have a lost over last year that they they don't have this year to
make us think that they're going to be bad
uh... they lost a receiver they lost the best receiver in the than the s_e_c_
but but but they're getting their running back it was arguably the best
running back in the s_e_c_ possibly that they're getting back may be the best
running back in the nation
so i mean i think that was balance out when you if you wanna
one away those options by getting a lot of more back in
and he's been practicing he's got pads on and all indication that
he's going to be ready to go come week warning
that's out of court back up with their last year that that actually played
i mean i'm sure that you didn't think that you would get your stability from
commercial ast remember laughing we laughed about it when he came into the
couldn't throw the ball it rain in a few times that
and the doors in the year started throwing what decision upholding
and and your hawk so
also getting a coach boosting spoarer his actually
change his game plans to workaround connor shah strengthen allowing him to
have some of those options where he can talk that ball and run
where i don't think you would have seen that
a couple years ago firms burger he would have tried to make him the quarterback
that he wanted verses the quarterback o'connor sharpness
and so he's doing a better job of working with what he has
uh... and the work will look at their schedule here in a little bit but i
think it's gonna be a fairly favorable
schedule if you compare to florida and uh... georgia maybe can pull those to
uh... though they're the schedules in the heart of the drawers for sure
that's right georgia got lucky again this year but what about florida florida
marla west we said they have any any m united have a much tougher a bit of a
well-stocked relies got bill issue and or cancel
and so forth got a at him and whoever else they got
they'd would play l_s_u_
not the norm playlist you yes
yes i will have l_s_u_ and any other so they're they're gonna have a tougher
schedule than
than floral forgot for state as well of this lead
soccer article in the club
got a good thing
i think it's a tough schedule i think this is the big thing is is there a good
football team the return a lot
uh... the question marks or
i still think
what kind of aggression scar shobana make is marcus ladder more
back completely healthy i mean you know you generally at or a c_ o_ it's gonna
take it he's not going to sabrina becky was began last year that on defense hike
loser melanie herman's big forum uh... they're still they have stalled and
taylor and uh...
todavia cloudy
their second areas is somewhat new
uh... with only one returning starter
i think they'll be strong i mean it's not going to do a mccree classes they
bid sawmill defense allows
five years
so i would say that they or the team to be in the east
but i don't think that's a huge gap between
battling a huge dept allies at all between them in georgia a separate
george's all the players are suspended
uh... or opting or obtain and therefore i think is thing for a return just
i get that
it's more fun to pick a sleeper train like floor that it is depicted in one of
last year
yeah think might quit a concept caroline i think there are margins the last
couple years is not because they have gotten so much better i think the e_c_'s
you know come back down to their level
uh... i'm not a south carolina hater but i've never just been overwhelmed
you know within the obviously solid they're gonna win
it's funny have them saying that they don't think they're great team in that
in the wind
ten games
at nine or ten games but
altec lata more will be the same his style running
i don't think any runner really aptly skilled position is ever the same after
they have that that injury
uh... he's going to be very good but i don't think he's gonna be the same
running back uh... you know that we saw last year in an office for the year
i guess that's my quick take uh... i think that's a good point
i've never had answer tree like that but
i think what you get hit and realize you're okay
things start to change your startup to go back to what you're used to what
you're comfortable with
you realize that you need is ok that you are able to take the does the pounding
in the abuse
otherwise these players would come back and perform as well as they do
now i do think he's going to be tentative and i think it's going to be
you know soften them i play well for you
since they get that just to start off with vanderbilt seventeen days
seventeen days so you'll be there jazz i will be there an extra ticket
uh... act right you want
distinctive assignment there too
i won't have assigned i'll probably their game day will be there on
the let some people there and i think he is seriously and i guess i don't know if
it's like the gamedaygames at you've got uh... you'll have a park street make in
the the fifteen minute drive all day history our street amesbury you'll be
uh... uh... album not assign
person so i will not have a sound alittle away their kar will will and
probably obstruct lovee u
he still same size
colwell bassett about
thirty rows behind caldwell caught on the second road almost close yeah i
think he is on the second row i think our carrere was forty eight donald act
i got to remember that self
uh... i've gone in the states what have you done so
not not bad state ne variances i'm not that uh... it's a
nominee bad seats in a
thirty eight thousand seat stadium the azar
forty one thousand though
sega's ceremony
and they don't deter seventeen
new c_n_n_ terrified i guess i don't really didn't understand all that
obviously you always hear back injuries occur fan
uh... that they went to that too so they could practice
year-round all kinds of whether or not have to worry about uh... the field
the jumbotron is up apparently that set
is our new so what i don't know the new additions to
the and the north end zone innovate
they fooled around the head bleachers
and they brought intense interest however plot is
uh... i think that's what it yet wary the g_o_p_ state exam is going to be big
yes about my owns where people can just
sanitary urs idea said in a chair with that
that state of the art jumbotron says right behind them right behind
uh... ten franklin getting
getting what he asked for is also what you can do with a forty one thousand six
eighty like is it but
uh... what he needs in exhibit is any depend on the road forty one thousand
c stadium if the problem is that she really has about twenty six thousand
mineral things in the area
and i would say that the answer
sixty a sixty percent of a murmur just all people don't stand up and is being
very generous
did they all have twenty six thousand levers that
no kids that might never do that but half of that's going to be the opposing
the absolutely
uh... coming out of the ballgame last year memphis
he really got out he he i'm going to borrow
one of my
least favorite you take out his embrace perot and what a great salesman he was
transferred to a stake in the same approach
he had that that delivery bulk why don't i don't know how many fans were there
vanderbilt brought their share of science
and i really expect this opening night for it to be absolutely jam-packed with
minimal france so suck a lot a lot to have their section of the planet people
but the you know it'll be a full site and they'll be
it'll be is good good first came from a friend standpoint
is a problem ever saying
after we open would notre dame uh...
fifty years ago it was we'll have more notre dame fans and they had quite a few
but they looked black and gold as well as uh... is uh... lichtenstein what you
had in the past for preventable is debt
international we've talked about this on podcast before is that
national with such a blended
uh... city for s_e_c_ amino tanah bt fans in kentucky fans alabama
some l_s_u_ with uh... with katrina move a lot of those guys up this way there's
a lot more of those around here these days
a lot of mississippi state no mess and so what you have if you have all these
other schools buying season tickets to vendor felt so they can watch that one
game of theirs
and so is i think you're sort of see less of that
i think it also just goes with the fact that
if they're both had
you know ten years in a row winning i think that the fans would get a little
more fanatic about it
healing is
you're not gonna get draco was not a bigger available fan dhananjay
but i'm
numerous times i all of our tiago incident highest paid
to get into warren vanderbilt sporting
event in my life
and up in a hundred dollars for uh... tennessee verses bamboo basket what they
want a gator about three years ago and it is the other bolick forty and they're
not like twenty twenty eight a three f they're going to put a hundred dollars
to get into
freedom a morial
in a horrible cdu is that second road were like
it looks like you watch it on like a butterflies redo these horrible states
just over six section but i mean
jetty out go in with jay here
his he his family ur his brother-in-law not going to
fifteen of its
injectors and a half tickets and healy's happy just gives me a ticket
you know ameen
to the city was available fan living in knoxville it's like
hey let me give you know
just wouldn't do that it'll be too hard to come up with
just think that
that it was a hundred and twenty one thousand feet
yeah not soldiers that are a hundred and five soviet under twenty one used by
little argument but for the lords of the nation a problem of seven summit that's
like ninety
ninety-eight now it's over
i need is to get their leave it up at a greater capacity they include let the
player and stuff
officials and
people under their butt
i know we've gotten way way off topic and we're probably run along but
that took ryan
remit we are talking about week one games now yeah long-term
we want to go in a week one with south carolina and mandy
working you know it's going to do the schedule
uh... j you can't solve what he thinks of bill and then built anchored down
you got a win for the world
god i went to south carolina mellon idea too
alright east carolina think abt scare lana
uh... agri
angered so that's for sure of the season that's it
uh... you avery i think that uh... you if you know i think that when that game
as well correct yes
uh... missouri
at south carolina think they beat missouri as well
yes out yes
at kentucky i think they when that game to go farther
j i can't read promoting on this one so i'm gonna cheese stuff too
i'm gonna go south carolina's well alright
that might georgia at south carolina count that was a loaf they got some
losses somewhere on the pic that was a loss
yet uh...
i'll say a loss and i might change your mind when i get there here
i might go south carolina's right
uh... adelle issue i think they lose at l_s_u_
yes loss you know what i'm taken aback that counted at that
i said something on would be l_s_u_
last week
on the podcast
someone will stick with that
or movement five into their
at florida think they win that game
i think so as well
i'll go with the gators
in knoxville often tennessee was that gave
ucla i
hijack a lot of acually to see what i have the disease record that caroline
alright arkansas all
and arkansas uh... going to give more wind again sort of soft pedal south
it that uh... that's out there on a
it's still a loss yell also
what he had uh...
about that arkansas is going to be as good some course upto
alright uh... wofford
item when it gets warmer itic as he said bar burner
patel off her
etc lives and i got them lose an ac limbs and think you know when this year
on the middle of the way of
if i got an eighty four annemun nine and three
and a twenty dash damning overhear yet a blizzard vanderbilt start season
with your under
i think i got about mandatory
so ride on it again
i mean that's i think that that could be could be right i think they're braniff
wheat as talking about the swing names
there i mean i think you know i think that the vanderbilt gains a swing game i
don't think
i never have missouri swinging georgia
florida order tennessee i i do think that is the and clinton
are those games to go you go
you afford to and those games and international to play
arkansan l_s_u_ that satan four yeah
and i think that go on for into in those games pretty realistic
i think it's much more likely that they want all of them and they lose georgia
and florida
i would love it if they want all the other ones and lost
tennessean vanderbilt today monday so
we've all got a gun to the same
the same range i i think that i did
i think that they've got a good squaw i don't think that they they could built
into the thinking also inform
let's let's talk about this now that we're
basically done with the east and west
do you think tenant to is going to get them number one of the east
cuz i i'm no i'm not gonna cap what your record is on tennessee his you might
have untainted
now it has a beating george last year
yeah i mean it depends on if they go to to do with a loose to georgia and
then celebrated their twenty s arkansas and that the usual issue yeah i mean i
mean if they lose against darlin again is one of those someone said well lately
so they look at what's a good story let's say it was a good day last year
there was a construed
uh... certificate await against florida
tivities georgia for them with a look at it we look at george's
scheduled for just got like although joy would have to lose three s_e_c_ games
to not go
that means they have to lose georgia i mean they're already went south carolina
which is their toughest game
poster schedule buffalo missouri
f_a_ you vanderbilt
south carolina kentucky florida old miss or burn
towards southern georgia tech
i would say no if if that was the case of i don't see
if they win that south carolina and that means
they might have one or two would have to lose
won't happen to have tennessee on the schedule
well i can assure you that late in the season
the schedule and look at it from wendy's website is incorrect
thanks dot have a battle had a game in there they got all the other ones in
that jordan would have to lose too
a missouri and i have to lose to florida
battle is over and it could happen but i would say if they go to an end to the
when they lose the georgia than they do
would need some help but have benefited tennessee et
hold back the back-to-back
menorah tennessee the netzer south carolina yeah
so i mean i guess danger question should the pens only listed
they go ten until they lose tell us your arkansas think yes there in the catbird
seat they go to do they lose to a george or florida
then their needs more help
part of went to target
when s_c_c_ losing two games and one of those games being against
as much as he always filled returns the always wet
when i was growing out there always only lost one ec c game that was before every
force that tripped up the need for us to lose two games
because at the top recur right
every year some this could be a pretty big
s_e_c_'s season because
i mean you you really don't know about georgia
tennessee maybe uh...
and i think that's a
description is a stretch for a minute could have a moment look at the season
like phil former sec last year
hasn't had a great year but they
their losses were in the warehouse and they won most their games in the eastern
they were able to compete and they made this decision at this moment to say you
know south carolina in georgia kind of activity that went to didn't indiana had
to be kentucky that's the game that wanted to
like double overtime daniel had andre woodson
totally unknown to for the person to win the game just got tackle remember that
at like three
across a with georgia south carolina being the frontrunner for the favorites
was surprising various test florida
won the east
and it was really surprise you are couldn't see florida
for the women that he said i know that would not surprise it wouldn't surprise
me either i mean
i think for does just busting never parameters
spares no longer there correct uh... afraid of motors histochemical
all right
well eight let's i guess that's it we've
we've looked at south carolina we've looked at
how how they might finish in the east i don't think
a_d_m_ deserves any type of we were trying to figure out where we think they
might fall
in the west in the middle road there so
next week here to make sure you tended to be a
fun-filled afternoon ah...
tennessee alabama
uh... for future peace and good conversation there on the podcast
uh... what is the time of the podcast where we go in and we do our open mic
and uh... drew buick cucusoft yeah absolutely uh... audio equipment your
view assaulted a
the campaign will ferrell zag alf america's movie
on friday definite worth the price of admission i mean knocking a winning
oscars or anything like that but very funny
leave your kids at home
also that the pet peeve too
if it's a in oc if you bring a fourteen-year-old kid that's fine but
leave your
and overhear carper
or your six month old even better i mean
if you can't afford a babysitter can't find what you should have it in the
first place
not mean agree or disagree
he can't find your any situation where so k to take a
less than one year old baby to a
laila ldo rated movie
well at ten o'clock at night
mock boats are
itis wouldn't go to the movie exactly but i would still have the kid if i
couldn't afford it know what i don't mean at that website you made a decision
on saying if you just have to go to the movies then
d_b_ cooper adoption or something this is cumberland from someone who's dog is
a a
eating at a skill that it is uh...
instead of call you know skillet that her anybody else when it does it does
uh... listen my job in the movie can ever shot colorado together deserve to
have a dollar so shocking allard
so you enjoyed the movie there was a good movie uh... worth the price vision
like i said funny movie crew though
but just to give them is worth
what looked eleven dollars worth the paper moving outside
no double feature
no double feature on the say that for
christmas break i'll go see like a triple feature or something
but uh... down-and-out excitable football
in the water some pro football right now
mundial troubles on right now it's at oakland eight after you watch in
football games are on baseball fields of
you know when they're lookin thirty or violence is terror is the shortstop area
isn't the only stadium left that's
so miami centrist
now miami's got their own baseball club the consent process change you're right
as it is ok in france and for sales are a look at them know that we like it
pacbell dot then
they've got their own albert
because they pass it's just go plays a column erica or whatever
with the code then
barry bonds
they don't play candlestick anymore pacbell
but they don't play that the football touching doesn't play their skills and
cisco fourteen honors
but before we met with the people's miami san francisco
and oakland
cincinnati did it for a while
i don't remember that
rights as they played candlestick park
it's like new candlestick
they've built a new one for the football
yell you'll start talking trickle nfl stadium
baseball uh... and so we are
the refused to have it cuz they had inside faint cookie-cutter white realm
building you know what the saint louis
uh... cardinals hand right
you know but they all had at the seventies that same
same layout basically for the reds played in the bindles played on it but
that's been
it's been a while back i think it's nothing broken the away team left
that we do that while he's looking at that jaded anything you want to work
about the open mind uh... kerry mentioned it kind of in a twenty earlier
today i'm kinda bummed at the olympics are over ever that's also the two weeks
flat-out you know are retreating
u_s_a_ actually dr
area pic amina and i'm really become an expert at badminton ping-pong archery
the javelin i'd feel like i know
every sport now sits just a it's a fun time football will get me over my head
sadness of the the olympics being through
just kind of a fun time it's said we don't we only get everything four years
but that's probably what makes it so great uh... but i think it is and
also a what arm so outcome
i'm a little upset that added watched near as much of is that i would like to
uh... but what i'm going to be more excited about is what what happens in
four years do you have the information
yeah i think uh... the raiders of the one thing to ride in miami
my needed but this year uribe i moved into a new
stadium so that in the end of the at san francisco ever planned a baseball
federal making that i did so that's really too
notebook before they had the the new baseball field they all played a candle
stick in them
san francisco built a new candlestick park
or a date completely renovated the one that was their cast member woodka
there with the wind was awful and
long awful placed applicable
but um...
go back to the olympics i'm more excited that what's gonna happen in four years
uh... i'm a huge fan of
cooney st delay
you know i read one state that this stuff
took to watch it at prime time let me
stream it loud they they did a good job at that but just short on t_v_ done with
uh... if you want to do your for peace is that's great but
i'd like you said he had to stay off twitter basically for two weeks so we
would know what's going on and it's not just what are you can go to any
website but strictly
and and next year it's not gonna marry in four years of stock in a matter
because rios going to be an arkansan
so they might be in south america but they're going to be in our there is
still have that
eastern com zone or
maybe they might be in the caribbean time zone or something but
they're basically going to be
where the majority of america is going to be able to watch it in prime time
and give it to going to be prime time so all this talk in and turmoil that people
this year because
you know four years ago when i was in beijing we didn't have twitter the way
it is today and who knows what what is going to be like in four years but uh...
the advantages it's all of its going to be laf we're gonna be able to see it and
it's not going to be an issue
so that's the one thing i'm excited about the olympics but i did i did enjoy
watching that even though
uh... you know i i i would sit at night and watch some of the paper away
even though i knew the what was going to happen but
when i get my doesn't take away it's uh... it's currently
there to do ours ahead of us
so that it had one hour ahead of easter said yes other one-hour heavy sir
senator tom so the eastern mighty fine and i don't know what they'll do but if
they have stuff that's going off it seven
out there and show at five o'clock
i don't know
i would see that it would
there's gonna be that what that
that closer going to do it
i don't know so at nine o'clock i mean they're not to be
and if you notice it right this year's a lot of the big stuff they were shown in
at about nine thirty
either way it's gonna be easier because you can still stay on the internet you
can check stuff until
if it's now
she's been our forum a little more okay with that you can you can still go a lot
of the vote would be workday and check the internet akeli will actually there
are good listened to sports talk radio the way i want to check my email unless
it was on the phone
rhinitis i'd stay with everything tha and so much better main
deliveries are fun to watch
i dono u saying bowled one hour watch you know
see how it did it but
is so much better not knowing reminded gymnastics and swimming
religious it was night and a difference by not knowing and michael phelps
into into michael phelps he's gonna retire here supposedly we back
adult except they'll tell you this you know there some girl it was going on
in london but uh... jay and his son his co-workers they they uh... they have
their own olympics they
beginner could be so what you see i want you to the the triple jumps done at the
within the triple jump we put together sixteen pound
hammer for the hammer through
we do have doubles and badminton in the back parking lot
blessing alaska although we have several rest sumo wrestling affects us on the
alone only works when it's still a good sport
the snow creek a roman ref
uh... we've had to steeplechase just that
the roads around the office so but with the finish line the tapes that we've
we've got a little bit of a rethink their you gotta make this like a
decathlon or you get an aggregate of points we haven't believer now we've had
major discussion about what haven't selected the events here but we do have
that'd but self
we've got enough competitive people at our office this is an engineering office
by the way so very successful engineering off its there is the body
parts of fun place to work obviously
well hot
i think we've covered all the bases i'll use my olympic office mein
freak out if you can follow me if you choose to and
dri on twenty on twitter
j_a_ terrace twenty-two
and i'm at peace chain bailey on the twitter sphere so with that guys will
call this podcast down